Health Insurance Reform - Good or Bad?

I know at this time health insurance reform is a very hot, and important topic; which is why I want to be clear that this hub is not to convince anyone one way or the other. I know there are some who will be reading this outside of the United States of America, and you are welcome to comment as well, but this hub is primarily aimed at those who have an invested interest in health insurance reform in the United States of America. Open and honest dialogue is key to the best framework for reform. We, as a nation, will not agree on every specific item that's up for reform. While that is, for the most part, true, we should not bring our 'fears' to bear on the process with such force that it takes away from our key objective. I believe our key objective is to provide good health care to 'all' of our citizens without it becoming an unreasonable burden to the rest of us. In order to do that we must be properly and honestly informed concerning the 'PROPOSALS' that have been drafted to achieve that end. From what I understand there is at least 1,100 pages committed so far to this effort. I have not read them all, but am in the process of doing so. One of the tools that I have found somewhat useful is the 'New' website the White House have created to address some of the most misunderstood parts of the reform proposals. This new website is equipped with videos and transcripts that I believe could be useful in understanding what could be in the final draft. I am including a link to the website below:

I found this site helpful, I hope you will too.

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no body profile image

no body 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

thanks for the website. gotta check it out. Love ya brother.

LPinky profile image

LPinky 7 years ago

Thanks this is good information and I love the way you presented this hub.

God Bless

Abrushing1968 profile image

Abrushing1968 7 years ago from USA- Florida

Wehzo, You said "we should not bring our 'fears' to bear on the process with such force that it takes away from our key objective."

I would add to that our anger and outrage as well.

Thanks for helping us stay informed.

In Christ


James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Thanks for the link.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 7 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you no body, LPinky, Abrushing1968 and, James for visiting this hub, and for your gracious contributions. I think, as christians and americans, we have a responsibility to exemplify right behavior, and a sound mind. Showing the world that we are not rabble rousers or agents of division. Whether we agree or disagree, we should do so respectfully.

God Bless

triosol profile image

triosol 6 years ago

Very good information. Thanks for sharing this information.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 6 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you triosol, for your gracious comment and support.

It is my pleasure and duty to share whatever I can with my brothers and sisters in Christ; and with my friends of other faiths.

God Bless You.

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