After I had my first child, my heels began cracking and looked dirty. I think it was because I had gained so much weight. It was nasty. I was totally embarrassed to go barefoot. I went to a podiatrist, who prescribed a cream named Lactinol-E. It was a heavy-duty cream with lactic acid as the active ingredient. It didn't cure the problem, though. And neither did the cheese grater-type tool they taught me to use in nail school. I tried everything. I was a licensed pedicurist at one point, so I felt like I should know the answer to this problem. I didn't.

A couple of years later, I started getting pedicures from this cute little girl from China. Turns out that the problem is actually that my feet were dry. She used a callus remover (with an actual razor blade on it!) at first to get a lot of dead skin off. I was a little freaked out by that, and it made my feet pretty tender. Then she used a pumice sponge with some lotion to smooth my foot. Not a pumice stone. Those things are useless. The pumice sponge worked miracles. She gave me one, and I took it home and used it with lotion once a week for a few months. It finally broke in half.

I ran across the pumice sponges in the dollar store and bought every single one on the shelf. Now, I moisturize my feet after my entire body is done. In the shower, I use body scrub on the pumice sponge to do my feet after I am done with everything else (ESPECIALLY shaving...OUCH!....but that's another story...).

Now, I have learned a neat little trick. I buy one of those round boxes of sea salt and pour some of that into my hand. Then, I add a bit of any kind of cream, and I rub it on to my foot before using the pumice sponge.

My feet are smooth again, and I am no longer embarrassed.

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Paradise7 7 years ago

You certainly gave us an assortment to chose from, advisor. This is a helpful hub, it's nice to know what works. Thanks!

advisor4qb profile image

advisor4qb 7 years ago from On New Footing Author

Glad to be of service. It just occurred to me today that someone else might benefit from this information. Thanks for reading!

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

What I found most helpful in your hub is the things you were told to do that didn't work! Including prescription cream!!! I will look for a pumice SPONGE for my Hubby. He's working on the same problem and making headway with daily moisturizing (so cute to see a big bear of a man doing self-feet care!).

Anyway, glad you got your pretty feet back. Thanks for the hub. MM

advisor4qb profile image

advisor4qb 7 years ago from On New Footing Author

No problemo!

mega1 profile image

mega1 7 years ago

I have the same problem! (so we do have like minds) The only good results I've had so far is to remember to put the foot lotion on and wear socks to bed each night. But I often forget. I'll look for a pumice sponge - and maybe I should just go to a pedicurist! Thanks for this info!

advisor4qb profile image

advisor4qb 7 years ago from On New Footing Author

One of the best creams I have ever used is Weleda's Skin Food. I use it on my feet everyday now!

Thanks for reading! Glad to be of service.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Thanks for the sound advice. My once gorgeous heels are looking kinda crusty. I'll get one of those sponges.

advisor4qb profile image

advisor4qb 7 years ago from On New Footing Author

Put a little cream on your foot first!

Higgins11 4 years ago

My feet were cracked and my heels were rough enough to tear nylons. I ordered Lady Soma Skin & Nail Treatment because my mom swore it can be used on feet and helped her with her cracked feet.

3 nights ago I started applying the Skin & Nail Treatment after my shower on my feet. Its very thick which is great. Tonight being the 4th night, as I sat down to apply it, I noticed my feet were as smooth as a baby's behind. All Calluses were gone. This is the best and I can't thank Lady Soma enough. I will be buying more.

If you have tried other products for your feet, you have to try this. It will work. It is also 100% guranteed to work. I have spent a small fortune on lotions and cremes and I am sure many of you have too. Give this a try, you won't be disappointed.

advisor4qb profile image

advisor4qb 4 years ago from On New Footing Author


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