The way you visualize yourself greatly influences your well-being.


A person who sees himself as a confident worker and believes that he has tremendous chances to learn and improve himself is taking steps not only towards advancement of career but also for the development of himself as an individual.

However, a person who feeds his mind that he is incompetent, nervous, dependent individual who just go with the flow according to the whims of other people is more likely to remain a stagnant, negative and non-improving individual.

The first one is a proactive individual who works on the things he can do something about. His energy is positive, facing reality and taking initiative on how to solve problems. Taking initiative however does not mean being obnoxious and pushy individual.

The second one is a reactive person who thinks that his fate is dependent on outside influences such as the people in the environment. The energy is negative, evasive of reality and dependent on the comfort zone. Comfort zone is that part of our mind that absorbs and accepts thoughts on which we will not work hard and think hard to do a particular thing. Comfort zone accepts that you cannot do something about a particular situation because you don't want any hardship in accomplishing anything.

How you personally see yourself the next day moulds your subconscious mind on how your performance will be and give you a pattern and guide how you will accomplish your work and treat any obstacle that may come into your way.

I will give you the simplest example of how visualization can help boost one's self confidence and help one person to be highly effective.

A working lady who before bedtime has already prepared what she will wear on the next day and who has visualize herself on how she will look like wearing that particular dress, is more effective and confident than a working lady who did not plan ahead about what she is going to wear tomorrow.

The first one knows concretely what she will do and how she will look like, and can manage her time preparing herself for work and will reach her office with poise and confidence. Upon reaching the office she starts work with calmness but with positive energy, working at her own pace. When talking to superiors, she can manifest herself confidently. Of course, for a lady, knowing she looks look beautiful is a great plus factor.

The second one jumps out of bed, spends several minutes in front of the closet, tries several clothes, and spends further time in spoiling herself looking at the mirror and, gets crazy of the bulging love handles around her waist. When finally she has decided what to wear, then she leaves the room topsy-turvy as hell. In reaching the office she blames taxi driver for slow driving, and even blames the world why the word traffic is in the dictionary. When the boss calls her in his office, she is nervous and mindful of her appearance worried about the unsecured false lashes that might fall off, or the trace of lipstick at the corner of her mouth.

Visualizing is feeding your subconscious mind how you want yourself to be and how you will work on it.

It is as effective as the old adage that "practice makes perfect".

Whatever is your field, category or rank, thinking how you will be and practicing it (literally) will greatly influence your performance.

Visualizing is like planning and drawing pictures of what will happen according to what we want. Of course, many outside factors shall greatly influence our activities everyday, and problems are more likely to come along the way. But if you have visualize how to treat these problems, then, chances are you will solve them confidently , with flying colors, and with laurels on your head.

Visualizing can be done according to our short, medium and long term plans.

Immediate plans involve what is to be done for tomorrow and in the coming days this week, medium term involves visualizing how we will progress in a span of months or a year, and long term involves what we really aim in life, when we will get it or when we will become and what are the steps to achieve it.

It is important to write down our short, medium and long term goals before visualizing it. It is giving ourselves the right direction and making our own personal constitution. Constitution is fundamental laws.

Personal constitution is a person's fundamental law for himself. Writing your own laws is important. Watch out for my hub, on HOW TO WRITE MY OWN PERSONAL CONSTITUTION.

When you tend to incline and depend on your comfort zone, go over the pages that you have written and remind yourself that you are a proactive individual who causes things to happen, and who makes things happen.

This will keep the flame burning.

So before you sleep tonight, start visualizing how you want your day to be tomorrow.

Start on how you want yourself to look. Know what you are going to wear tomorrow.

If you are to attend a meeting, visualize how you will talk with confidence in that meeting.

Practice the way you talk, and have the idea of what types of words you will use. Who will be in the meeting, by the way?

See yourself before a mirror as you confidently make your presentation, and how you confidently handle annoying questions that may come out.

Learn and practice the power of visualization, and you can feel that you are not just walking with confidence. You are gliding!



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