Hair Loss Is 100 Percent Reversible

How Hairloss Happens

Knowing the Cause

It is highly important to know the cause before you can start with the cure. In the case of hair loss, you are dealing with many different factors and each person is different. If you are interested to know what your specific cause and related treatment is let me give you a brief overview of the general cause that will later on become more specified. In general: it's about the formation of DHT on your scalp.

What Is DHT

DHT is a very concentrated type of testosterone. Testosterone is a masculine hormone, but both genders need testosterone to perform necessary functions. Men use more testosterone than women. It is responsible for male characteristics like facial hair, coitus drive, and aggressiveness. Men only need a small amount of DHT. Women do not need DHT at all. However, both genders have the ability to create DHT.

Reasons for Hairloss

When your physical body is too rich in testosterone, it sends the excess to the scalp for storage. Throughout your body there are tiny enzymes which normally interact with testosterone and transform it into more useful chemicals. In your scalp, a unique make up of enzyme (5AR) combines with this extra testosterone and converts it to super concentrated DHT. DHT is a very strong chemical and is not supposed to be in high concentrations on your scalp. While DHT is sometimes present on all people’s scalp, your hair is having an allergic answer to it. The change of testosterone into DHT is literally choking your hair follicle. The tissue around the follicle is swelling, choking out the blood supply which ought to bring nutrients and anti- DHT enzymes.

Over time, the follicle begins to become smaller and decay. Hair growing from these follicles get thinner and weaker and at. a certain point in time hair stops growing altogether. Testosterone is produced by all bodies male and female and even DHT. This is why any man or woman is usually producing enzymes which counteract DHT and also the reason why any healthy man's or woman's body doesn't generate enough excess testosterone for DHT to be converted and stored at a significant level. Essentially, a healthy person does not ever have to worry about DHT related hair loss.

There are several factors which play a role in the problem, but for one reason or another your body has a DHT problem. You are over producing testosterone and the enzymes which turn testosterone into DHT. At the same time you are under producing the enzymes which balance out that problem. If you also are having an allergic reaction to DHT within your scalp, your hair is falling out. It is self evident that if your problem comes from being out of balance your cure comes from regaining balance. That is the true solution to hair loss. And in the same way anything that throws your body further out of balance is going to make your hair loss worse.

Interested to know what your specific cause for hair loss is? Read the full story on reversing hairloss here: Reasons for hairloss


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