Hair loss, why is it most common to men?

I have a personal interest on the topic. Every male in my husbands’ family had hair loss problem. My husband was experiencing hair loss even when he was just in his mid 20’s, although comparing to his brothers his hair line is a lot better. His siblings kept on asking him on what his secret might be and we just laugh about it. Now that we have a kid of our own, I wonder if it will pass on. We haven’t had a baby boy yet but I just can’t stop thinking about it especially now that I have seen this topic in the weekly HubMob.

Why is hair loss common to men?

Hair shedding is just a normal thing. We usually shed up to 100 hairs a day, so you should not panic if you see a lot of hair in the sink, in the floor, or in your brush. The hair that sheds is just the 10% of our hair. Actually this 10% rest for a couple of months before you actually seen it shed. So it’s a continuous process, 90% keeps on growing while the 10% rests for a few months then shed as the end of the resting stage. When we see that the hair that sheds is pretty abnormal then at that point we may say that we might have an excessive hair loss. Some of the women experience this problem too but it is most common to men because of the effects of the male hormone which is the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on hereditarily prone scalp hair follicles. DHT shorten the growth of hair causing it to decrease in size then totally disappears as the time goes by. Hair Loss can be inherited from both parent, can be from one of them or both but the ones from maternal side matter most. (Hmm now I worry less.) Now this is what you call the androgenetic hair loss. To sum it up the Androgenetic hair loss is affected by three mutually supporting aspects; the genes, hormones, and age.
sexy bald - Bruce Willis (
sexy bald - Bruce Willis (

Psychological effect of hair loss

The effect of hair loss to a certain individual varies, but mostly it has a negative effect especially on psychological aspect. Many can’t just accept it that easy; it usually resulted to low self-esteem or worst it may even lead to depression, anxiety and social phobia.

Accepted, now what to do?

Some who accept it wholeheartedly bare their heads totally. Why not!?! A lot of girls think bald guys are sexy. My husband let his head shaved especially during summer season. If you don’t want to go bald then you can do the “comb over” thing wherein you can cover your thinning hair with some of your extra hair somewhere. Or maybe you can wear hats just like my husband always does. A wig will do as well or a hair piece.

Hair Loss Treatment

If you want something permanent then here are some of the medications or medical treatments that your doctor may prescribe: (source: wikipedia)

  • Minoxidil
  • Antiandrogens such as Finasteride, Dutasteride, and Ketoconazole
  • Copper peptides
  • Spin labels
  • Hair transplant
  • Hair multiplication
  • Scalp Massage
  • Low lever laser therapy
  • Unsaturated fatty acids
  • Hedgehog agonists
  • Plant remedies such as caffeine, black cohosh, saw palmetto
  • Daily, vigorous aerobic exercise (as opposed to short workout periods designed to raise androgen levels and build muscle, or more sporadic exercise) and a diet which is adequate yet more moderate in terms of fat and total calorie intake have been shown to reduce baseline insulin levels as well as baseline total and free testosterone.

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pizza man profile image

pizza man 7 years ago

I have personally used minoxidil and rogaine and neither have worked for me. The only thing I received was more hair loss from applying the medications... LOL

Fortunately I am a confident man and comfortable in my own skin. If I was just slightly uglier, I may have had a bigger problem... LOL

Hopefully a more permanent solution will become available... at least that is what I am holding out for.

Thanks for the article...

Pizza Man

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

LOL pizza man! As I've said being bald can be sexy. Why don't you try laser then; but then I don't think you still need it. Being confident is enough. Thanks for commenting! =)

Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

I did some translations for a site offering hair transplants... I really would'd liked to see the long term results of such treatments.

Philipo profile image

Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

I have always believed that being mad is sexy. It however depends on the individual. Please read my hub on Bald and Sexy.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona

Bald is beautiful, Baby !!! My favorite Telly Savalas quote...I think that may have been a consideration when he hired me...Larry

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 7 years ago

Interesting topic--bald can be sexy,sure, it's all in the eyes of the beholder but I think the man who dares to bare (that's his head) and is confident will exude sexiness--whether he knows it or not.

Of course, there's a whole bunch of old wives' cures--allow a cow to lick the bald head, rub it with brandy, eat seaweed--you're probably laughing now, so I'll leave it at that.

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

Hi all! Thanks for reading! =)

Oh really Pricessa, no wonder you have an interest on the topic and on the outcome of hair transplant. I would love to see the long term effect as well. =)

Hi Philipo, yeah maybe being bald and mad can be sexy too. LOL! I will be visiting your hub. =)

Hi Larry, Did I understand it correctly? You are working for Larry Talavas. That's cool. Maybe he has a heart for bald men, being a bald himself. LOL =)

Hey you anglnwu, thank you for the interest. You made me laugh my friend, I wonder what's in a cow's tongue that make a bald head grew some hair when licked by it. You know a lot about the topic, LOL!

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 7 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

Hehehe nice hub here... pretty interesting too and nice pix. I could men loss their mabe becuse of their lovely and romantic wife wakikik...

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

You are so naughty Genereal, it took me a while before I could decipher what you mean LOL!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

My brother already has receding hairline..he shaves his head regularly. LOL But one of my uncle has a hair transplant or a wig. He looks so different.

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

It would really make a big difference teacher Michelle. Our hair is our crowning glory. You know when my hair is all mess up, I don't feel good about myself, so pretty much sure that the hair really matters. LOL!

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Good article. I have been losing hair since my 30's, never worried about it though. :)

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago Author

Good for you earnest, well I don't think you should worry at all! LOL! Thanks for reading. =)

Property-Invest profile image

Property-Invest 6 years ago from London

Great hub Charia. A subject which causes men and some women a lot of anguish. Do you know that they are proto-typing hair cloning? Basically, taking some hair without causing damag and then multiplying the follicle 100's of time and then reimplanting it! Fascinating. It's still in the trial phase, but I think that's going to help some people!

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