Halitosis, Bad Breath and Gingivitis, Oh My!


Causes of Bad Breath

The causes of bad breath can be as normal as "coffee breath", one ot the worst in my book. Morning breath, another ick. Eating onion, garlic, tuna, etc. will stink you up also. You get the scenario. You have a Subway tuna sub and then the President of the company comes by and you stink to high heaven. Up goes the hand to your mouth and he thinks you lost a tooth, or at the very least are not proud of your smile, maybe a pimple. Not a good opportunity to make an impression.

There are health issues that cause bad breath. Bronchitis, sinus problems.pneumonia, and acid reflux are the least of these worries. Kidney failure, liver disease, untreated diabetes and cancer, even eating disorders and/or their treatments are far more serious. These reasons warrant a doctors attention as treatment for the underlying disease. Some of the treatments can cause bad breath. Fuzzies can help those cancer patients, etc that have a bad taste in their mouth or are too weak to use a toothbrush.

Gingivitis comes from food and bacteria getting into the gums, thereby rotting the root of the tooth. Can't feel good. Makes you stink, too. Any place that is wet and moist is a breeding ground for bacteria and not only the good but the bad,. A good way to clean your mouth completely, and this works great before bedtime, is to use a spoon and hydrogen peroxide. Now you don't have to use an inverted spoon if you have a tongue scraper, however it will appear much more stylish. Scrape your tongue all the way back and pull forward all those hairs of bacteria, yuck. Once you do that, floss and brush your tongue with pure hydrogen peroxide on your toothbrush. Than use your toothbrush normally. Helps with morning breath so when you wake up with your love of the moment he/she doesn't gag when you kiss them. Rather unromantic, that. I am sure any combination of the preceding will work. The thing is to get the bad stuff OUT.

Now, you have have a clean mouth and that tuna Subway is calling your name, loudly. Fuzzy Brush to the rescue! It cleans your teeth, deodorizes your breath and kills plaque and gingivitis. The brushes get into your gums to fight gingivitis and the xylitol kills the germs and plaque. WOW! Chew it for about 10-15 minutes and your teeth are clean and your mouth kissing fresh.

Kids love them. When they stink and you have to visit someone they will have to hug or speak to you can at least get the teeth clean. They won't mind a bit.

Teenagers, those lovely years. They like them for after lunch and dating. some like them because they are different. Don't forget those braces! After lunch kids with braces really need to brush, Fuzzies are great for that, they get between the braces! And for older young folk, they work with dentures and bridge work.

Those with illnesses that cause inability in the hands are fond of them because there is no handle to deal with. The bedridden and hospitalized find them wonderful. When you are hooked up to IV's and heart monitors and the like, brushing your teeth with all that handing off of you is almost impossible, not to mention you feel like crap anyway.

Where can you get these you ask? Why just type www.fuzzybrushfl.com into your browser and you can see more about these bad boys, order what you want and the quantities you would like it in. they will be mailed directly to you in a discreet wrapper.

"They work, they really work" is the feedback I normally get. Try them and see for yourself!


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Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Fuzzy brush looks like it's worth a try!

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 6 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

It is. Just go to my website at fuzzybrushfl.com and they will be there. Great for the kids when they refuse to brush!

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