Hangover Prevention

Cysteine for Hangover Prevention

Most of us, at one time or another, have knocked back a few too many drinks and paid for it the next day. It's easy to do when you're having a good time and not really paying attention to how many drinks you've actually had. There are a few things you can do to help you feel much better the morning after.

Being a bit of a lush every now and then, it's safe to say that I've had my fair share of the "oh man, this day is gonna suck big time" or " I'm never going to drink this much again."

Enter Cysteine. Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid, which means that we humans can synthesize it. Citing from Wikipedia, "It directly counteracts the poisonous effects of acetaldehyde , which is the major by-product of alcohol metabolism and is responsible for most of the harmful effects of drinking. Cysteine supports the next step in metabolism, which produces the relatively harmless acetic acid . In a rat study, test animals received a LD50 dose of acetaldehyde (the amount which normally kills half of all animals). Those which received cysteine had an 80% survival rate; when thiamine was added, all animals survived. The actual effectiveness of consuming cysteine as part of a hangover remedy is unclear.

Cysteine is also found in eggs. If you search the internet for hangover cures, you will come across eggs as a source for hangover cure and prevention. So, if you are gonna eat something the morning after or the night of drinking why not make it eggs!

After doing a little research of my own, I went to the local health food store and picked up a bottle of NAC or N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC is produced in living organisms from the amino acid cysteine). You are supposed to take one capsule every hour while drinking (I was taking a product made by the Jarrow Co. which was 600 mg per tablet).

I tried out the NAC a week ago when I went out with some friends. I figured that the libations would be abused a bit more than normal this particular night. I ordered a beer around 4:30 and some nachos so that I wasn't drinking on a empty stomach and took my first NAC 600 mg supplement at the same time. We continued bar hopping until about 11:00 and decided to call it a night at that point. I grabbed a cab and headed home. I felt pretty darn good, like I wasn't going to have a hangover in the morning. I definitely should have felt bad the next morning but miraculously did not. I took one 600mg NAC supplement every 1.5 hours and a b complex vitamin before bed that night and that was it.

I talked to my friends who had been out with me that night and they both had horrible hangovers. We ate and drank the same things that night only I was the one who came out the next day feeling normal. Maybe there is something to this. I will surely try this preventative measure again someday.

I highly recommend consulting a physician and doing your own research before taking any supplements. There is not a lot of research out there on NAC so if you do use it, use it wisely. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.


Bottle of N-A-C

How to cure a hangover

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justbrenner 8 years ago

I'll test your methods next time I have a few too many beverages and get back to you with the results. We shall see.........

coreyd profile image

coreyd 8 years ago from Seattle Author

Cool, I'd love to here how it works for you. Remember to eat something substantial beforehand and to take the supplement every 1.5 hours.

larryz 8 years ago

they need to put this stuff IN the alcohol!

Jonny 7 years ago

www.the-hangover-cure.com is a product that uses a lot of NAC in it. I swear by it!

Jonny 7 years ago

Sorry, the website is www.the-hangover-cure.com and it is loaded with NAC and other amino acids. I really liked this article because NAC really does work!

James 7 years ago

I have been using this product called Zaca and its an organic hangover patch. From my research you don't need high levels of NAC but it does work better with Vitamin C. Time release is the way to be most affective..


coreyd 7 years ago

Thanks for the comment James! I'll look into Zaca for sure. I recently started taking vitamin C before I take the NAC and it certainly does seem to help out.

hangover cure 7 years ago

Good article, thanks for the advice!

Hangover Pills 6 years ago

Good information on hangover prevention, thanks.

hangover cures 6 years ago

Great info on hangovers!! thanks

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