Happpy New Year - 10 Ways To Make This Your Most Successful Year

Hey!! Lets Celebrate! Its 2009, Big Ben has chimed, fireworks lit up the London Eye and folk gathered together to sing Auld Lang Syne.

At this time of the year, in the heat of the moment, it is easy to make New Year Resolutions. Sometimes though, it isn't always easy to keep them going through out the year. How many times have you said "right, this year I am going to quit smoking, save more money, get a better job?"

To help you make 2009 your best year ever, I would like to offer you ten simple strategies to encourage you to stay on track and focused.

1. Smile. When you wake up, spend a few minutes in bed, quietly Giving Thanks for your health. Smile and shake your shoulders, wiggle your toes and be Glad to Be Alive.

2. Stroke your body. Sometimes, we need a little bit of TLC to make it through the day. The best place to start is to take a few minutes every day just to stroke yourself. Nothing funky - just a few gentle strokes to give yourself a mini-massage. Try shaking your hands for 30 - 60 seconds then when you have finished, use your right hand to stroke down your left arm, do this three - five times and changes arms.

3. Breathe Deeply. Throughout your day take deep yogic breaths. Breathe in slowly and fully through your nose for a count of three and slowly breathe out through your nose. You will feel energised, calm and refocused.

4.Open your heart. Take time, every day to look in the mirror and say "I Love You" to yourself. Say it with conviction and pride. Remind yourself just how special and worthy you are. No one else in this planet can achieve your goals the way you can - the world is ready and waiting for you to succeed.

5. Listen to your heart. As you take time each day to breathe, to smile, to love yourself more and say I Love You, your ability to keep going and follow through on your goals increases. The more time you invest in your self-care, in your health,  the more energy you have to navigate the ups and downs of family-home-work- life.

6. Trust your self. No one knows more about you than you. You are your own  keeper and guide. Have faith in your ability to touch the skies and follow your dreams. For they are yours and no-one can take them away.

7. Meditate. Find a quiet space and each day sit there. Sit quietly and visualise yourself living your dream goals. What does that feel like, can you feel people congratulating you on your success? What does it feel like to smile in the mirror and say "Well Done! I did it"?

8. Romance. Find time, every day to treat yourself. Enjoy relaxed informal breaks in the park, go to the cinema and see a movie, buy yourself flowers, sit outside and watch the moon, wear a top which makes your heart sing and brings colour to your cheeks.

9.Embrace others in your dream. Join a community of like-minded souls or enlist the guidance of a coach. Someone, or a group of people to inspire you and help to keep you accountable and on track. Someone sensitive to your needs who will give you that gentle reminder or kick up the back-side if needed.

10. Have Fun. Enjoy the adventure. Enjoy the journey. Be proud of yourself and know that every step of your journey takes you a step closer to your heart's desire.

So, there you have it. Ten simple steps to support you as you work towards achieving your goals.

Let me know what your goals and aspirations are - I would love to encourage and support you achieve them. Smile and Have a Great 2009. Namaste.

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tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 7 years ago from South Africa

Thanks very much for these simple ideas - much better than "New Year's Resolutions!"

Happy New Year and love and peace to you and yours


Sinead at siomha 7 years ago

thanks for these Ntathu - beautiful, simple and profound all at once. Here's to a happy, harmonious 2009 all round X

Whitelighter profile image

Whitelighter 7 years ago from Greater Seattle Area

Super stuff and thank you.- Joanne

Ntathu Allen 7 years ago

Bless You Tony, Sinead and Whitelighter - Thanks for your love and support. Stay in the flow. Namaste Nx

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