Hayfever Cures and Remedies

Hayfever Cures and Remedies

Hayfever ruins spring and summer for millions of sufferers throughout the world every year. It is thought that hayfever affects around one in four people, and can cause runny nostrils, headaches, constant sneezing, itchy eyes, tiredness, blocked nostrils, and more unwelcoming symptoms.

Luckily for hayfever sufferers there are now lots of cures and remedies available, that can reduce and even stop hayfever altogether. Here we will explore the many cures and remedies that can make summer a much more pleasent experience for any hayfever sufferers.


As strange as it might seem it is proven that mint can prevent hayfever. One of the old and most famous ways to stop hayfever is to have two mint plants either side of the back door. This will encourage the mint to flow into the house, and you will be inhaling it. Some consider this to be an old farmers tale, but if you ask anyone of the older generation then you will find that they swear by it. After all they didn't have all the modern remedies available to them back in their day.


This may seem like a really strange option for preventing hayfever, but it is one that hundreds of thousands of people claim can stop your hayfever altogether on a permanent basis. Not quite too sure how this works, and I suppose it depends entirely on how suceptible your are to hypnosis. An unusual remedy yes, but also a living one. Hypnosis will cost you anywhere between £70 ($100) +. Therefore it is not a cheap option but in the long run could save you some real money and discomfort.

Nasal Spray

Nasal spray is a real and a simple solution for many victims of hay fever. The sprays come in a small consealed capsule that you can place inside the nostril, or just underneath. When you inhale the liquids you will notice the different and will clear blocked and runny nostrils. Sinuses will clear up and you can really feel - a whole lot better quicky.

Tablet form

There are many tablets now available from supermarkets, pharmacies and you are not required prescription to obtain these medicins. A simple solution for curing hayfever and has become the most popular cure on the market. The most popular brands are Benadryl, Claritin and Zyrtec.

Local Honey

Eating local honey before hayfever season and during it, is also believed to stop the local pollens from being able to cause you hayfever. Perhaps this one is a little supersticious, but there will be people you cannot argue this one with!

Vitamin C and a Healthy Diet

It goes without say that a healthy diet can prove to prevent most types of illness. A highdosage of vitmamin C is supposed to strengthen your defences against pollen. Therefore perhaps trying with another remedy to give yourself that extra chance of beating the pollen!

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