Healing And Cooking Properties of Anise

Botanical characters

Plant from the stem round and hollow inside, can reach one meter in height. The leaves are not very numerous and appear different in shape depending on the position they occupy along the stems: those located at the base of the head, rounded to ovate, toothed, lobed have a long petiole, forming a small sleeve to the base, the upper ones finely carved and have feathery stalks shorter. The anise flowers are small, whitish, and arranged in umbrella-shaped inflorescences. Flowering occurs in summer. The fruit is an achene.It is a herbal plant



It reproduces by seed to April or May, because the seeds are small, cover with soil should be light and the soil seed must have been finely milled. Takes about a month to germinate, after which the seedling grows rapidly with the anise. If the seed has been carried out too thick it will be necessary to thinning thinning out the seedlings when they reach about ten centimeters in height, should try to avoid transplants because they are not well tolerated. Include the development of weeds by hoeing and watering if necessary. It prefers a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind.


Collection and storage


Collect mature umbels in August-September in the early hours of the morning when the dew prevents fruit drop. Let them dry in a cool, ventilated and, after drying, gently beat them and collect achenes.



And 'one of the oldest spices, spread among the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans who used it primarily to flavor dishes with chicken, pork, vegetables and spicy little cakes that were served as a digestive. Charlemagne had put the plant in its Capitulare and made her grow in gardens. Known in England since the fourteenth century. Was used in the preparation of cakes, breads and pastries including the famous gingerbread sold in village fairs since the Elizabethan.


Environment: This plant is of Asian origin but is widely cultivated in Euroopa and widespread in Italy, much to be considered a wild plant

Healing And Cooking Properties

Anise has an oily substance, anethole. It is used in confectionery, liquor, pharmacy. In the composition of many sweet and aromatic breads and sweets and various alcoholic beverages, including absinthe and anisette.

It is used in Europe for cakes, candies and liqueurs. Among the anisette liqueurs remember, the anisette, pastis, the pernod, raki, ouzo and many others. In the East it is used in soups, meat and bread. In India, water is used as a perfume of anise

Medicinal:anise acts on the digestive system, it is the prototype of the plants that exert a aperitif, carminative, digestive tonic and stomach. In the case of gas or foul smelling diarrhea among children and infants, the infusion is extremely effective. Also acts as an expectorant, facilitating the removal of bronchial mucus and is recommended for those suffering from asthma and bronchitis and is recommended to those who follow a program to stop smoking: the anise is, in fact, a real antidote to nicotine. And finally galactogogue action, increases, ie, the production of milk. The preparation of the drug: the umbels are harvested in late summer and dried in a shady spot and ventilated after comletamente essicamenteo must gently tap the seeds.

The chew, a meal, lightly toasted anise seeds acts as a digestive and breath smells

Therapeutic Properties: carminative, stomachic, antispasmodic and balsamic.

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