Healing My Body Naturally Through Diet, Exercise, And A Move To A Friendlier State


Do you see what living in Florida for two years did to me? I had been struggling with my weight for years while living in Florida previously, and had lost a lot of weight after moving up into the Blue Ridge Mountains. But, I unfortunately had to move back down to Florida in January 2014, and by the fall of that following year, I weighed a whopping 271 lbs. (the heaviest that I had ever been in my life).

And, it wasn’t because of my diet either. I had already eliminated nearly all processed foods and had been exercising regularly as well. So, this weight gain was not from a lack of trying. It was because the allergies, chronic sinusitis, and migraines that I have always had worsened and were joined by asthma, cluster headaches and vertigo.

I was miserable, and in order to alleviate those symptoms and survive throughout each day in Florida, I had to take daily dosages of Topamax, Fioricet, Amitriptyline, Albuterol, Dulera, Claritin, and Sudafed PE just to make it through the day.

Among many other things, I am allergic to palm trees, and the heat and humidity didn’t help either. I was sicker than I had even been in my life. But, getting others in my household to understand and accept that one person’s paradise can actually be another person’s nightmare was almost more than I could take. My boyfriend just could not understand how I could be so sick when I rarely went outside at all.

It never occurred to him that pollen travels or that the mold that had built up into the walls from the humidity, the marshland that Orlando was built upon, and his overall lack of proper lawn care and household maintenance were a good chunk of the reasons why I was so sick. But, eventually, after several fainting spells and trips to the ER, my boyfriend finally accepted that I was right. We were going to have to move out of Florida before I became any sicker.

So, in December 2015, we made our way up to the Roanoke Valley of Virginia, and that is when everything began to change. Before we left the house in Florida for the final time on December 10, 2015, I took one dose of everything but the Albuterol and Dulera, and those were the last doses of any of those medications (including the inhalers) that I took. But, we somewhere inside of North Carolina before I even began to breathe and to vocalize better than I had in a very long time (and it was my boyfriend who noticed the changes first because I had been constantly talking to him while he was driving, just to keep him awake).

Stress was also a factor while we were in Florida, because I use my voice to earn a living. I speak close to forty hours a week. So, the biweekly asthma attacks that I was having every Monday and Thursday (when the neighbor closest to my office mowed his lawn) really took a toll on my vocal system, and on my paycheck. I had just started to attempt to file a claim for intermittent FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) when I had the fainting spell that finally convinced my boyfriend that it was time to leave the state.

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We have been living in Virginia for eight months now, and in that time, I have remained off all of those medications, and have managed to lose 60 lbs. (20 of them in the very first month). And, I have been able to to get this far with my weight loss, because I am still eating more fruits, vegetables, and grains than processed foods, we live in a three-story house (so lots of stair climbing), and I walk up and down the hills in this neighborhood for at least four to seven miles a week.

Currently, I still have about 110 lbs. to lose before I am back down to my goal weight (which I haven’t seen in 32 years). But, I am bound and determined to do it, because the remaining eyesight that I have left depends on this continued weigh loss to survive.

I have low vision because of bilateral choroidal folds (i.e.: parallel grooves or ridges in the interior surface of the eye opposite the lens), which may be idiopathic or associated with a variety of conditions. In my case, there is a possibility that I have intracranial pressure that is causing the choroidal folds and making my vision worse. But, we won’t know until my neuro-ophthalmologist gets the CD of the MRI that was done in Florida last September, and has a chance to take a look at it and find out. But I may have been born with the choroidal folds as well. If they are due to intracranial pressure, a spinal tap, a daily pill, and a smaller body mass will increase my ability to see, and even if there isn’t any intracranial pressure, the weight loss will still help me with my eyesight, because the folds will at least somewhat heal.

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