Healing Remedies for Your Body

Herbal healing remedies

Herbal healing remedies
Herbal healing remedies

Healing remedies

Have you heard about these? These are natural remedies that can help you during everyday illnesses.

Healing Benefits to you:

Reduce headache: Lavender and Fennel

Promote sleep: Lettuce Juice

Calming remedy: Oatmeal

Strengthen hair/nails: watercress, cucumbers, zucchini

Acne: Tea tree oil

Purify blood: Lemon

Circulation: Ginseng

Teeth whitening: Baking soda

Prevent cavities: Grapes

Cleanses teeth: Apple

UTI: Cranberry Juice

Sores in Mouth: Honey

Lower blood pressure: Banana's, grapes, cucumbers

Coughs: Lemon and honey remedy

Lower cholesterol: Oats, apple

Boils: Eat raw garlic (cleanses body)

Nail infections: Tea tree oil

White spots on nails: Not enough zinc and vitamin A

Hiccups: Suck on lemon wedge

Cramps in legs and feet: Take lemon and salt at bedtime

Constipation/diarrhea: Flaxseeds

Nausea/ morning sickness: Ginger

Stomach ulcers: Cabbages, potatoe juice

Varicose veins: Citrus fruits

Migraine: Silicon


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