Health Benefits Of Parsley



Parsley is the world's most popular herb. Derived from the Greek word meaning "rock celery" (it's a relative to celery), parsley has been cultivated for 2,000 years, and was used medicinally long before that. Highly nutritious, it can be found year round in your local supermarket.

Health Benefits Of Parsley

Parsley has many health benefits and has been used as a cure for many ailments. It contains more vitamin C than any other standard culinary vegetable, approximately three times as much as oranges and about the same as blackcurrants. The iron content is exceptional (twice as much as spinach) and the plant is a good source of manganese, calcium and potassium. It also contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants.

Parsley is also rich in vitamin A, well-known for its effects on vision, plus can mitigate risks of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Raw parsley cleanses the blood, dissolves sticky deposits in veins, maintains elasticity of blood vessels, facilitates removal of moderately sized kidney and gallstones, treats deafness and ear infections, and benefits the sexual system. Chewing parsley prevents bad breath!

Parsley is also good as a topical remedy for bruises. Next time you have a bruise, crush up some parsley leaves and apply straight to the affected area.

Parsley is one of the most important herbs for providing vitamins to the body. It's like an immune-enhancing multi-vitamin and mineral complex in green plant form. It grows in most climates and is readily available throughout the year.

So next time you get some parsley on your plate, eat up!

Parsley Video

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whitneyawhite profile image

whitneyawhite 8 years ago from Northern Idaho

I can't watch the video at work (no sound) but I will make sure to when I get home! Great hub! Many people don't know the health benefits of many veggies like this because they are usually considered just decoration or something small like that. My husband has a potassium problem (not enough) and when it was at its wrost, I would make him spinach, Kale, and parsley salads with the kale and parsely diced super fine. It really hlped keep his potassium and other vitamins and minerals up, and it tasted great!

Thanks for the hub!

Yv-One Edwards 8 years ago

Very good assessment of this wonderful herb. I did not know that it is so rich in vitsmins and that it helps diabetics. From now on, it is parsely all the way!

Thanks for the info.

judy 7 years ago

i am a bit addicted to parsley lately, i love the bitter. the bitter the better. a bit worried about overdoing vitamin k, though but its not like i am eating bunches and bunches just one bunch.

its an amazing green, raw and steemed. divine

Teresinha 6 years ago

Is it tru that it also is poison?

stacey 6 years ago

Parsley definitely works to prevent bad breath, and to get rid of it! My system doesn't tolerate garlic well at all, but now I thoroughly chew about 1/8 of a cup with a garlicky meal, and my husband can't even tell that I had garlic! Works far, far better than mints, mouthwash or chewing gum.

parsley 6 years ago

It really is amazing how much vitamin c is in it. i grow it and include lots in many dishes.

Eunie222 6 years ago

I am addicted to Parsley. I crave it like chocolate. I have always had problem skin with breakouts in my adult years. Since eating Parsley daily my breakouts of the skin have basically 99% disappeared. I suggest trying it. I love the Italian Leaf Parsley.

Camelia 6 years ago

My favorite parsley juice: blend 1 bunch of parsley with 1apple, 1 peeled off lemon, 1tbs greens plus, 5 drops vit D3, 1/2 cucumber (you can always add blueberries, pomegranate or grapefruit) and water. I use a Vitamix blender but any good quality blender should do it. It keeps me going well into early mid afternoon. Refreshing, energizing, detoxifying.

Ann, acne treatment specialist 6 years ago

Parsley is a good source of Vitamin A, C and K. It also has iron and folic acid. It is very healthy. Maybe that's why it is one of the most famous herbs. But like any other foods/things, you can't have too much of it. Parsleys contain oxalates. Too much oxalates can cause kidney stone formation.

Kuldip 5 years ago

I am confused, knowing that Parsleys contain "oxalates" which cause "kidney stone", since sometime back a friend of mine had sent an email saying that Parsleys and Mint, boiled for ten minutes in water, then cooling the water, and taken about a glass daily. This would clear the kidneys of "all salt and accumulated poison" through urination.

Any one to add/contradict the above two claims?

M.Y. Cheong 5 years ago

Can parsley cure vitiligo?

shah 5 years ago

To Kuldip.... I've too heard of this simple formula to get rid of kidney stone.... actually I knew it from those who have used it successfully. However, most of the articles say it shouldn't be used in case of kidney inflammation... well, if you're sure you don't have the inflammation, don't hesitate to try it in moderate doses.

Kathy Ward 5 years ago

Does one parsley leaf have more taste than the other?I put parsley in my dogs food for her breath.Wondering which leaf is the strongest,or if it is all the same.

Mia Hubpaka 5 years ago

I started eating parsley about a month ago now and I don't suffer any more hay fever or allergies! I started eating a small amount three times a day with a meal and then lost my itchy eyes and sniffles I used to get morning and night for the past 10 years....go figure!

Marie 5 years ago

Hi! is it true that Parley is very effective on regulating monthly period?

jeje 5 years ago

parsley is the best hearbs ever to losing weight and i have agood resipe 15 root of barsley,lemen,and a cup of water then we mix it in the blender in 2 weeks you will lose at least 7 k

Tinnitus Help 5 years ago

I have heard that some of this may help ease Tinnitus symptoms. Keep up the good hubbing!

Ray 5 years ago

I came across this page after adding a tablespoon of parsley to my fruit/vegetable smoothie every morning. It's a nutrient dense food which leaves little taste in my smoothie. A great way to add parsley to your diet everyday and it also helps that it's relatively cheap.

Franck 5 years ago

Friends have recently told me about drinking a parsley concoction. Just boiling the leaves and bottling them up, store in fridge and have a glass every day. I wanted to hear more about it so googled it. Definitely trying it after all the positive comments found here...Thanks!

warren 5 years ago

does parsley help with arthritic symptoms

diana 5 years ago

does parsley have any dangers

mike 5 years ago

How much parsley do you chew for bad breath

wyatt 5 years ago


loretta 5 years ago

My favorite way to consume parsley is in Tabouli,a mid Eastern salad..It is addictive and so so good.

It is mixed with bulger wheat,green onion,tomatoes,cucumber and various spices also olive oil.My friends have all asked for the recipe after trying mine...

charmaine 5 years ago

is it true that parsley can abort baby?

Sal 5 years ago

I'm gonna boil up some now.:)

Inquirer 5 years ago

Is it fine if someone is addictive to raw Parsley? I mean to have several bunches of it at a meal? And if I don’t have it in home I will go to supermarkets to look for it and feel as I am missing something. What shortage does it constitute in the body?

sisca 5 years ago

Can't wait to try it.

Don Young 5 years ago

God is Good Amen to this article

Art 5 years ago

Thank you for this article it might solve all my problems thanks a lot

Helena 4 years ago

Being portuguese, I grew up eating parsley in almost everything, from salads to soups. Never knew of all the benefits, so it's nice to learn about the advantage to incorporate parsley in our diet.

profile image

wwolfs 4 years ago

Very interesting and many healthy benefits to parsley that I didn't know about. Will definitely have to use it more often. Thank you for sharing this information.

Voted up and useful!

ofelia andrada 4 years ago

I like parsely because its a very useful plant.

Liz 17 months ago

Parsley I add it in green drinks with kale spainish and a little wheat organic powder with strawberries rasberries and protien with water keeps me full and great for energy

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