Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower Seeds

Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are highly nutritious food that we often supply to our parrots and chickens, yet neglect it in our own diets. Sunflower seeds are power-packed with healthy fats, proteins, fibers, minerals, vitamin E, and phytochemicals - all important to the nutritional quality of the diet and of fundamental importance to human health. They can be eaten raw or roasted and are available both hulled and unhulled.

The sunflower earned its name because its flowers resemble the sun and because they twist on their stems to follow the sun throughout the day. The seeds are a dark gray and green in color and covered encased in an oval black shell. They have a slight nutty taste and a tender texture.

Sunflower seeds can be used to enrich any meal. They can be sprinkled over cereals, salads, soups, mixed with vegetables, used on desserts or as snacks.

There are many health benefits of sunflower seeds. They contain high levels of vitamin E, choline, betaine, and phenolic acids. Vitamin E may protect against cardiovascular disease, lignans may protect against some cancers, and choline has been shown to play a role in memory and cognitive functions. They are also among the best foods you can eat to get cholesterol-lowering phytosterols.

Sunflower seeds should be a part of any diet, especially of those people who are seeking economical, easily digested, youth-protecting proteins.

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Hugo 7 years ago

I Just love eating seeds and I always fee llike a true Seeder.

Edward_luvv 7 years ago

These seeds ruined my smoking buddy. I blame the ugly ass flowers.

bella 7 years ago

how can we use sunflower in medicinal purpose?

Nicky 7 years ago

Sunflower seeds have a higher fat content then a mars bar.

Mars bars are 17% whereas Sunflowers are 45-55%.

Vizey profile image

Vizey 7 years ago

Thanks for info. sunflower oil is easily available in the market. but sunflower seeds are hard to find. Well, thanks for great info on benefits of sunflower seeds.

Lindsey 7 years ago

This comment is for Nicky who posted a comment 2 months ago. Just to let you know, the fat content in a Mars bar is bad fat. In sunflower seeds, it's a good fat that everyone needs in their diet.

Anywho, I have to say, I am a sunflower seed addict. I go through a 5.25 ounce bag of seed in almost a day. Thank god that bag only costs .75!

nicky 6 years ago

nikcy - comment is too simple, fat isn't just fat. there is good fat, seeds, and bad fat, mars bars. so you can continue eating mars bars and I will continue eating hulled unsalted sunflower seeds.

see who is healthier

Gunther 6 years ago

every once in a while I dress up as a sunflower seed and it makes me feel pretty.

Klarika Nettleton 6 years ago

Sunflower Seeds are a wonderful protein source - the public should be more widely informed - there is still a huge misconception that animal proteins are better! Animals are raised in factory farms and chicken batteries - they are disgustingly abused and exploited - they are injected non-stop with hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics etc. and chickens are fed with GM grain. It's easy to see that consuming these tortured creatures can give you any disease under the sun, you are also guilty of participating in the continued brutal abuse of the animal kingdom.

jerry 6 years ago

you know Klarika Nettleton I never looked at it that way before. You are right we are helping for the abused animals. thanks for that tip.

Apostle 6 years ago

Who was it that said something along the lines of do not discriminate among what you eat....?

Oh yeah. That was Jesus.

Sleppa Swirvy 6 years ago

Sunflower seeds are just groovy. And let's keep Jesus out of this.

BIG DADDY D. 6 years ago


Helena 6 years ago

Sunflower seeds are a very good source of Vitamin E which is great for your skin.

Sunflower Jesus 6 years ago

i go through 16 oz of these damn things every 2 days. DEY BE GOOD AS HELL, and for health too. i love eating chicken 2.

me 6 years ago

Sunflower seeds are healthier tham mars bars and Jesus is King.............. face the facts ......not the fiction

Mike 5 years ago

I recently switched to sun flower seeds after i quit smoking to help keep my mind busy. They taste excellent and have helped keep my smoking urges down. Although I haven't found a very good way to contain the seeds when I'm out somewhere...

Celtic63 5 years ago

Me and Jesus split a bag of seeds every now and then, its casual.

concerned 5 years ago

all seeds and nuts should be eaten raw and whole to get the maximum benefit.if we soak our nuts and seeds for 1 or 2 hours in fresh water,they are easily digested and more nutritious.all seeds and nuts have good they say too much of a good thing is it is a good idea to take them in moderation.

Lyle 5 years ago

I keep the hulls in a plastic cup and then use them as mulch.

ROBB 5 years ago

I eat sunflower seeds all day every day for the last 17 years they help me lose 50 Lbs. and keep it off by eating smaller meals. I use empty 2or3 liter pop bottles to spit the hulls in, it helps a lot but there still all over the house. Then I use them as mulch. get your spit on bitches

texasdaye profile image

texasdaye 5 years ago from Castroville, Texas

Great information! I didn't know you wrote on here! Love the article!

guest 5 years ago

I know it may sound weird, but eat the seeds whole. I find them better that way. No mess, no work, more sunflower seeds =)

DAVID 5 years ago

Just go shell less its so much easier to enjoy!

gordita 5 years ago

soo they can help if u have an eating habbit to?

My sunflower seeds look different 5 years ago

"if we soak our nuts"

Yeah i giggled.

Tx 5 years ago

Salted or unsalted?

Hulled or unhulled?

Pal 5 years ago

Is there somebody to buy sunflower seed?

bird lady 5 years ago

wow1 there are some interesting facts! and really funny stuff on here! i like the reviews! have a great day world!

daniel tetteh nii aryee 5 years ago

i've never regreted felling in love with my sunflower seeds. praise God for the heslth benefits.

manny 4 years ago

sunflower seeds keeps me young looking.

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