Health Care Bill

Senate Health Care Reform

It looks like the senate is finally going to get a health care bill passed through their chamber. The problem is that the Democrats have defeated themselves on the health care issues. Too many of the senators wanted what they wanted and basically held the voting process hostage. The health care reform may not really be reform if the only thing that is accomplished is that more people can get insurance. If the cost of the insurance for these people and everyone is increased a great deal then reform has not been accomplished.  I would rather have seen an actual debate take place between the Democrats.  Maybe this way I could understand the process and decide for myself whether or not the health care bill is a good one for Americans.

Senator Nelson has only agreed to vote for this bill after he got changes he wanted for his state. He is on record as saying that he reserves the right to not vote for the bill if his changes to the senate bill does not remain intact. This is ridiculous. Where are the senators that we sent to DC to govern for all the people in the United States not just the people in their state. It was bad enough that Senator Lieberman who is an independent used this tactic, but to have a Democrat Senator use this same tact is just wrong.

One thing we can say about the Republican senators is that they are sticking together,. Granted they are sticking together mainly because it creates a better political climate for the Congressional elections, but they are still sticking together. This is still playing politics with our lives because there does need to be health care reform in this country.

I tuned in to watch what I thought was going to be a debate on health care reform and instead was a complete reading of the amendment (all 366 pages) by the clerks. The Republican senators requested this reading so that they could slow down the process. I think that it is just rude to request a reading of the bill and then leave the chamber rather than listen to the reading. If the reading of the bill was requested then the senators should be required to stay and listen to the reading.

I keep hearing about how this bill is bad for the American people but I don't understand how we can know this if the bill has not been passed yet and changes are continously being made. All this criticism should be reserved until after the bill is completed and is ready to be voted on. I think most Americans as well as most Senators are just confused about what is really in the bill. The Senators on both sides come out periodically and give their points on the health care reform bill. Of course the Democrats give the best points to the bill and the Republicans give the most negative aspects of the bill.


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