Health Care Hopes by Paul Krugman NYTimes 9-21-07

For the latest on DEM and GOP presidential candidates' heath care proposals read Paul Krugman's op-ed in today's nyt.

"There won't be a serious Republican alternative. The health care plans of the leqading Republican candidates, such as they are, are the same old, same old: they principally rely on tax breaks that go mainly to the well-off, but will supposedly conjure up the magic of the market. As Ezra Klein of The American Prospect puts it cruelly but accurately: 'The Republican vision is for a world in which the sick and dying get to deduct some of the cost of health insurance that they don't have--and can't get--on their taxes.'"

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 8 years ago Author

Our country is a poor place to be chronically ill!

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