Health Care for College Students

Students Health Care Continues

Do you have a child in college who is over age 22?  if so this article is for you.  The proposed Health Care Bill will be great news for all of us who have children that are over 22 and still in college. This is one of the largest groups that have no insurance coverage whatsoever.

The other day my college student who is 21 had an asthma attach and had to go to the school clinic. Since she is under 22 she still has access to treatment based on my insurance. She will turn 22 in February. At that point she must either get health insurance through the school which is another added cost for college or she must get health insurance on her own. Under the current system she may not be able to get health care at a reasonable costs because the asthma will be considered a pre-existing condition. As she is still in school and is not working fulltime yet, she will not have access to health insurance through a job. We already know as parents that we are going to incur this added expense as she will not graduate from college until May. Even after she gets her bachelors degree she is planning on attending graduate school. If she does not get a stipend or scholarship, she may have to leave school because she may not be able to afford health insurance. I am telling you my personal story just so you will know how important it is that the new health care bill is signed into law.

I was talking with a college student about this and she indicated that college students were not paying much attention to the proposed health care bill because they were too busy with school. I urge students who are old enough to vote to pay close attention to this bill and write your Congressman and make sure you tell them you want them to vote to approve this new health care bill.

I also urge parents of these college students to read this bill as this will be a major costs in additional to college costs if your child gets sick or has an accident after their 22nd birthday.

Pre-Existing Conditions

If someone who is over 22 years old has a health problem which started during their childhood, they will probably have a hard time getting affordable health insurance. Under the proposed health care plan, the college student can stay on the parent's insurance until their 27th birthday. At least this will give the student time to graduate with an upper level degree. This will give this student a chance at a better job which means a better lifestyle. I believe that the new health insurance reform bill is really good for college students.  See the news articles at the bottom of this post regarding some college students support of the new health care bill.


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