Health Care is Really a Problem for Middle Class

Health Care for Working Families

This is a personsal story which brings home the point about health care reform.  I wished that the people in Congress and the President could see this post as well as several others posted about this issue on various article submission sites.

I did not go to work today because I have a scheduled doctors appointment.  There is just one problem.  My doctor will only see me if I have cash to pay an upfront payment of $25.00.  Times are tough right now although I have a full-time permanent job.  There is just one problem with keeping this appointment.  I will not have the $25.00 to pay the doctors office until tomorrow which is payday.  In the meantime, if I cancel the appointment now, I will have to pay $50.00 because I did not cancel the appointment more than 24 hours before the appointment time.  There have been times when my appointment was cancelled by the doctor after I got to the appointment and I was not paid $50.00.  

It is not as if I am a new patient.  i have been seeing this doctor for the past 15 years.  It has been just recently that he stopped taking checks for treatment.  The $25.00 is a co-pay for Blue Cross Blue Shield.  This amount has increased from $10.00 over the past 2 years.  i would probably be able to find $10.00 in change laying around the house if it was still $10. As you can see we really need health care reform and as soon as possible.  If I am having a hard time finding just $25.00 to see the doctor just think about someone who does not have a payday coming to at least change the appointment date.

I understand that every politician has an agenda because they want to be reelected or they want to have history remember them in a favorable light.  But they must realize that what is just politics for them is real life for the rest of us.  I am one of those people who for years thought that Washington did not really affect my life that much.  Boy was I wrong.  Now that I am older and watching more of what is going on in Washington DC I realize that we are all just living  by thier rules.  All this talk about abortion is irrelevant if you don't even have money to see the doctor for basic health care.  The Administration really needs to get on with this so that they can concentrate on other things such as getting Americans back to work.

I do not consider myself pro-choice nor do I consider myself pro-life.  I do however consider myself an American citizen.  This issue of abortion should not become the center of the debate for health care reform.  If it does we all lose out.  We need to think about the children and families that already exist. This is a really big distraction since there was already language in the laws regarding abortions.

I am sorry for venting so much but the country really needs to get a health care bill in place that will prevent someone having to cancel appointments because they do not have a copay to see the doctor.  i pay $325.00 per month for health insurance for myself and two children.  I should not have to pay a copay in addition to this amount.  I should be able to see a doctor without any other payment at least 3 times per year.  This is not the case however.  I am one of the lucky ones because I have the Government Employee Health Benefit insurance.  If I did not have a job, I would be forced to go to an emergency room or not see a doctor at all which would lead to an even more severe health problem.  Some of the politicians think that the cost of health care reform would be too much, but if people like me, middle class people start going to the emergency room, the taxpayers would really see an increase in health care costs.  In fact I recently went to the emergency room, the bill was $400 plus dollars but I did not have to pay one cent upfront because it was the emergency room.  My insurance will pay for this, but what if I had no insurance.  The taxpayers would be paying this $400.00.  This is why we really need a public option where everyone can afford to get health insurance. 

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fetty profile image

fetty 6 years ago from South Jersey

There is only the two of us. We are self-employed. We pay $1,005 per month. To use the emergency room we are billed at the minimum $100. My co-pays for my GP are $25 per visit; a specialist costs $50 per visit. I pay this for the doctor to talk to me. Sometimes this is a total waste of money and time. I recently was billed for a thirty minute procedure $27,000. in the hospital but in the same day surgery section. I had to pay $1,250. for the co-pay. Last year we had an 18% increase in our premiums. We are insurance poor. Had I gone to the same day surgery center next to the hospital the charge would have been much, much cheaper. My doctor did not tell me this. Great hub!

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