Precautions to be taken by the diabetic patients during blood test

Wasim Akram was a diabetic

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Precautions to be taken by the diabetic patients during blood test

Precautions to be taken by the diabetic patients during blood test
Precautions to be taken by the diabetic patients during blood test | Source

Precautions to be taken by the diabetic patients during blood test

Diabetic patients are asked to undergo periodic blood tests by their doctors. These tests are very important to monitor the sugar level of the patients. The patients should cooperate with the doctor and take these tests whenever called for. But there are certain precautions the diabetics should take while taking the blood test. Basically there are two types of blood tests for them. One is taken in empty stomach and the other one is taken after food. In both kinds of tests the patients should take precautions to make a success of the tests. By success what I mean is the true observation that is recorded. The following precautions should be taken while giving blood in empty stomach:

  • Usually the patients give blood in the morning as soon as they get up. They should have finished their diet before 10 pm the previous night
  • The patients should eat the previous day whatever diet they have been prescribed. Some patients eat less due to anxiety or intentionally to obtain favourable results. This should not be done. Whatever the patients eat every day should be consumed on the previous day of the test
  • The patients should take all the prescribed medicines and tablets the day before the test. They should not report to the test if they have skipped it for some reason
  • If the patients have been prescribed insulin dose, the patients should report for the test having taken insulin the previous day in the prescribed dose
  • For some reason if the patients have not taken the prescribed medicines or insulin or both continuously for several days, they should not report for the test even though they might have taken the medicine and insulin the previous day of the test. In other words, continuity in medicines and insulin should be ensured before taking test. Otherwise incorrect results will result and the doctor may be mislead
  • Patients should not skip the exercises they take on the previous day of the test
  • As far as possible the patients should come to the test with empty stomach. But consuming sugarless coffee or tea or water does not matter and will not alter the results of the test drastically.

For the test that should be taken after meals, the patients should observe the following precautions:

  • Take all the precautions that have been stated above for patients giving blood in empty stomach
  • Give your blood for test within two hours after taking your meals
  • Time of counting of this two hour should be from the start of the meals and not from the end of the meals
  • The food should be normal food – that is what you take everyday
  • All the medicines should be taken in the morning of the test also
  • Insulin doses should be injected on the day of the test also without fail
  • Exercises prescribed should be done on the morning of the test also
  • If the patients feel uneasy or have some other ailments, blood test should be postponed and the ailment should be attended first in consultation with the doctor

Fast bowler Wasim Akram was a diabetic

If the patients take all the above precautions, then the tests will show the correct state of affair in their body and the doctor can give correct treatment. Any wrong reporting because of the patients failing to adhere to the above precautions will complicate the test report. An incorrect diagnosis followed by incorrect treatment will worsen the matters for the patients. But if the diagnosis and the treatment are correct, the benefit will go to the patients. Patients should realise that diabetes is not a disease. It will not kill. It can make complications only if the patients do not cooperate with the doctor or do not have self discipline. Otherwise, they will lead a happy life till the end without any trouble. I have seen healthy diabetics and also unhealthy non-diabetics. The Pakistani bowler Wasim Akram was a healthy diabetic who delivered thunderbolts to torment the batsmen without allowing diabetes to bother him.

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vnsatakopan 4 years ago from Chennai, India

Very interesting and useful article.

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Thank you

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