Health benefits of carrots and carrot juice!


These aren't just good for the rabbits, they are highly nutritious and protective for you too.

Carrots and carrot juice are so rich in beta-carotene that just one reasonable-sized old carrot provides enough for your body to convert into a whole day's dose of vitamin A. Old doesn't mean one that's been lying around your kitchen for a month; it means not one of the new, very young carrots, which are paler in colour and contain less beta carotene.

Many studies have shown a specific link between a high consumption of carrots and a reduction in the risk of cancer. Carrot puree is an ideal early food for babies and an excellent treatment for all forms of diarrhoea in both children and adults.

And it is a fact that eating carrots is good for your skin and eyes - and they do help you see in the dark.

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