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Health Insurance No Health Insurance

Let me start by saying that this article is written from personal experience.   I went to the local hospital because I had flu-like symptoms one morning before going to work.  My cousin went to the same hospital the week before I did with a possible stroke.  Who do you think received the better, faster treatment.  Oh yea I forgot to mention I have health insurance; she does not.

I arrived at the emergency room and told the desk clerk I thought I might have the flu.  She asked me if I had insurance and gave me a short form to complete.  Within 15 minutes I was seen by a doctor.  The doctor then sent me for x-rays and several other tests.  It was almost as though i was being admitted for surgery.  I was put in a room with the television remote control and wheeled from place to place on a gurney for testing.

My cousin who had no health insurance was admitted to the hospital for the 2nd time in less than 9 months.  She has multiple health issue and her blood pressure was extremely high.  They did admit her, but she was only in the hospital long enough for them to bring her blood pressure down and quickly give her some medicine.  She was told when she was admitted that if she had not gotten to the hospital when she did she might not have survived. 

I was in the hospital for flu like symptoms for almost 8 hours.  My cousin was in the hospital after having a mild stroke for about 12 hours.  The only difference is that I have health insurance and she does not. I thank god that I am still able to work and have health insurance, but something really needs to be done to insure that all Americans get the same healthcare.  The only way to do that is to insure that everyone can afford some form of health insurance. 

As it is today, if you do not qualify yet for medicare, you really just don't have any means of obtaining health insurance.

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Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

It is sad to hear that people gets medical treatment based on their financial status rather than on their needs.

cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India

I agree with Princessa. Unfortunately the situation is the same in India. Here they actually need you to deposit the doctors fees in the reception before you can get access to the private practice.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas

It is sad that the quality of your health care depends on whether or not you have insurance, but unfortunately it does. I feel for the doctors and nurses that wish they could do more for their patients, but the hospital establishment and insurance companies dictate the guidelines for patient care.

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