Chips Yes - Guilt No

The easy way to a healthier diet

When I first saw the Tefal Actifry advertised I was a little sceptical. We live in a modern house so we don't have that much space to play with in the kitchen. My wife informed me that the kettle, toaster, microwave etc. were enough so any thoughts I'd had about owning one were quickly dashed! But a while later I saw it advertised on special offer so I decided to get out my tape measure, do a bit re-arranging and beg - that sometimes works, and on this occasion it did. I rushed down to the store and came back the proud owner of a brand new Actifry. The good news was that we both agreed it looked very nice and it didn't take up as much space as we thought. Now, however, I had to justify my choice so I got to work in the kitchen that night and after consulting a few recipe books - there's one that comes with it, as well - I made some chips. If I'm honest that was the real reason I bought it. We try to eat healthily in our house but I was getting really fed up with boiled potatoes, oven chips, baked potatoes and so on. I was craving real chips like my mother used to make.

The method

  1. Peel the potatoes
  2. Cut them into chips - quite large ones are good
  3. Wash them
  4. Dry them
  5. Stick them in the Actifry
  6. Put the timer on
  7. Finish reading the newspaper

O.K. I know it's sounds complicated but honestly, the results were worth it. We have 2 grown-up children and after tasting my cooking they gave me extra pocket money.!

Now before you go rushing out to buy one of these wonderful inventions there are a few things you should consider.

  1. It doesn't make chips as nice as my mam's - nothing and no-one could.
  2. Making real chips takes a while so now I also use frozen, oven chips I don't add any oil - they come out much nicer than when done in the oven. (That was a tip I got from my dad, Homer)
  3. Do your own measuring up to see if it will fit.
  4. Ask around for other people's opinion.
  5. You are allowed to be more adventurous than me and cook complete meals - I won't be jealous.

Feel free t ask any questions - Max

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