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Maintaining a Healthy Body

 When your body is in good shape and healthy, your next challenge is to maintain that level of health.   Many people have found a formula for this maintenance by joining a health or fitness club.  Others find that they prefer to workout at home and purchase a machine that fits their need. 

Another alternative is walking or performing exercises at home without the help of expensive equipment.  In fact you can download the Army Field manual on physical fitness training in PDF form for free from the internet!  This manual goes through the entire process of taking a basically unfit person and turning them into a fit person.  Remember, this is a military manual and there are many references to military preferences. 

The Army Field Manual FM21-20 has many different kinds of exercises you can do for free without the use of equipment.  It also describes challenging ways to test your fitness and stamina in obstacle courses.  So no matter what your level of fitness is today FM21-20 can guide you to a healthy body with little or no cost. 

Check it out today!

Organic Herbal Supplements

If you are considering improving your health without using over the counter or prescription drugs, you may want to consider herbs and herbal supplements. Every medical condition known to man (and probably some of those not know) has been treated using specific herbal remedies.

When you go to a doctor and she prescribes a particular medicine, she is trying this medicine to see if it works for you. If it does not work, she will drop this and prescribe another or maybe even combine a couple to determine their effect on your unique body system.

So, if you are wanting to try herbal supplements to treat a particular condition, just remember that the first thing you try may not work well or may not work at all. With a little research and willingness to try new things, you could find a herbal supplement that will help you with your condition.

I am not telling you to ignore your doctor's advice. Especially if you have a life threatening condition or a particulary worrisome one. I am saying that you should look at alternatives to help break the cycle of depending on someone else to manage your health.

Take control of your health and Get Healthy and Stay Healthy. Visit for more information and links to providers of healthy products.


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