Healthy For Life - 4 Small Health Changes You Can Live With.

4 Healthy For Life Tips!

>>>> Healthy for life change number 1...Quit drinking diet pop, my mother has osteoporosis, and her physician told her to stop drinking soft drinks since they could undermine her bones. I also have a daily diet soda habit, and would like to fend off the same circumstances.

Your game plan should be to become healthy for life...1st, loosen up. No cold turkey! Getting rid of these gradually is the most beneficial method to stop any dietary habit. Begin by substituting a different brand for your accustomed fix. How come?

You won't like it quite as much, making it easier to cut down. After a couple of days, stop at one-half your usual. After another week has passed , go to every other day for a while. After this point, your habit has been soundly broken and you can drop it totally.

>>>> Healthy for life change number 2... Run in a 5K Race. Your game plan: rather than running until you are pooped and then quitting...Which only gets you in the habit of throwing in the towel.

Try mixing shorter intervals of running with walking 3 times weekly to help build your stamina up. Loosen up with a 5 minute walk, then alternate 30 seconds of running with 30 seconds of walking for a mile.

Add 30 seconds to the running times and a half mile to your length weekly. In a month, you will be up to 3 miles, running the bulk of the time. Add the exhilaration of race day, and you will zip through the 5 kilometer run in no time.

>>>> Healthy for life change number 3...Get more sleep.  Cozying up to your favorite TV show  may appear like the ideal way to unwind, but abstemious light from television and computer displays interrupts your internal clock and makes it difficult to fall asleep.  Work out what time you need to get up and go back seven or eight hours...That will be your bedtime. An hour prior to that is your TV's bedtime...The same for laptops. Spend that time winding down or reading instead.

>>>> Healthy for life change number 4...Stop smoking. 40 percent of smokers say they're only [casual smokers] but even that increases your chance of cancer and heart disease. Drugs and patches are overkill for light smokers...Here's what works. Choose  a quitting date and tell your friends about it. Then, when stress happens, ask yourself what, besides lighting up, may help. A quick stroll? Text a friend? If the craving does not go away, have a piece of nicotine gum or a lozenge...But no more than twice a day. Once you've hit 30 days, your chances of quitting for good go up significantly.


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