Healthy Teeth are Important for Our Health

Healthy teeth are determined by lifestyle, dietary habits and how an individual take care of his teeth. Procrastinating in doing periodic inspection and only visit the dentist when the teeth are in trouble will affect one’s overall health.

Why Healthy Teeth Are important?

Well, do not expect frequent brushing in the correct manner is all we need for healthy teeth. Many people would think that dental problems are minor issues as it will not result in a variety of any other chronic diseases. Thus, most of us will take the easy way and neglect the actual care for oral hygiene.

In actual fact, good oral health is of utmost importance as our mouths are where the food enters our body and where the speeches originate. If oral hygiene is not given careful attention, thousands of live bacteria in the mouth can cause tooth decay, periodontal diseases or gum diseases. Researchers have found that periodontitis (gum inflammation) is associated with systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and pneumonia.

It is a fact that most chronic diseases can be caused by the problems of harmful germs that grow in the mouth. Many of us are not aware of this due to the lack of exposure to the importance of having healthy teeth. By looking at the relationship between periodontitis and systemic diseases, prevention can be an important step in efforts to maintain oral health for overall health.

This sounds trivial but those who do not take care of their teeth and mouth might have to undergo surgery as a result of the infection in the lungs, spleen and etceteras. Therefore, oral health problems should never be underestimated.

How to maintain Oral Health?

According to the experts, healthy gum should have the following characteristics: pale, firm texture and should be in a position close to the teeth. If our gums do not show such features, it may be indicative of inflammation of the gums; however, do not worry because this condition can be overcome by taking good dental care. We need to brush our teeth twice a day and follow by the use of an effective antiseptic mouthwash to penetrate the plaque bacteria. Nevertheless, this will only help to clean up to 50 percent of the mouth. If there is dirt remains, such as tar and tartar, it cannot be cleansed easily by simply brushing our teeth. Permanent stains can only be removed by our dentist. Thus, regular visits to the dentist are compulsory for good oral health.

Many of us do not know that the human mouth or tongue also contain many hidden germs. That is why most of us only brush our teeth everyday without cleaning the tongue. In order to get a healthy mouth, we should use tongue cleaner to clean up the tongue regularly after every brush in addition to using a mouth wash to clean the whole mouth.

Most studies have found that the bacteria in the mouth can enter the body easily and cause a person to be susceptible to disease. So, let us start giving more attention to oral health as it will directly impact our overall health.

In a nutshell, there are six things that need to be addressed for overall oral health:

1) Ensure the teeth are cleansed of plaque and food debris.

2) Ensure the teeth are free from the effects of dental tartar (which is usually caused by nicotine in cigarette smoke).

3) Maintain healthy and soft gums.

4) Ensure the teeth are free from cavities (holes).

5) There is fresh breath from the mouth.

6) The teeth are naturally healthy.

These six things can be achieved easily through the following four steps:

1) Brush our teeth twice a day.

2) Clean up food debris in between teeth with dental floss.

3) Gargle using antiseptics mouth wash.

4) Undergo periodic dental examinations at least twice a year.

The use of antiseptic mouth wash can help:

1) Elimination of germs that cause mouth problems.

2) Strengthens tooth enamel.

3) Maintain healthy gums.

4) Reduce dental plaque.

5) Freshen breath.

6) Makes our teeth look clean and white.

With clean and healthy teeth, we will have healthy body couple with nice smiles!

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calvinlau88 profile image

calvinlau88 5 years ago from Malaysia

thanks for sharing

martinyz profile image

martinyz 5 years ago

Good sharing. My dentist recommends using soft toothbrushes to prevent gum problems.

ilitek profile image

ilitek 5 years ago

just visited the dentist last weekend.the oral hygiene product price has increased tremendously.

ghiblipg 5 years ago

this, need discipline as well =)

idex231 profile image

idex231 5 years ago from MY Author

Yes, ghiblipg, discipline is required for success not only in oral health but overall health. ilitek, inflation is the major factor for price increases.

beginners-dslr profile image

beginners-dslr 5 years ago from Malaysia

Antiseptics mouth wash can make our tongue and gums feel fresh and clean, but I suffered from allergic reactions using Listerine. Need to seek alternatives besides antiseptics mouth wash. Thanks for the article sharing and voted up!

My Footprints profile image

My Footprints 5 years ago from MY

It’s important to maintain oral hygiene. Regular visit to the dentist is a must. The recommended steps are rightly to ensure strong and healthy teeth.

abacus2000bc 5 years ago

I used to think that brushing teeth is all it needs to keep my teeth clean. This article really teaches the more appropriate ways of taking care of my teeth. Thanks.

GT Ooi profile image

GT Ooi 5 years ago from Penang, Malaysia

Your article will attract the tooth paste and tooth brush company to participate in your recommendations

klyyong profile image

klyyong 5 years ago

Taking care of the oral hygiene which you share here is very important to maintain healthy teeth. Besides this, eating habit of a child can cause tooth decay in early adulthood too. As parents, we should equip our children with these knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

kidsworld profile image

kidsworld 5 years ago

I think there are still a lot of people who will just brush the teeth without cleaning the tongue. But, I think this will change after reading this article ! Thanks for sharing.

Ky 5 years ago

Healthy teeth means healthy person.

happyyeo 5 years ago

Select a tooth paste and mouth wash without hazardous ingredient are also very important. Great hub, thanks for sharing.

MMelody profile image

MMelody 5 years ago from Malaysia

We should never neglect the health condition of our teeth.

mrcan profile image

mrcan 5 years ago from Malaysia

The bottom line is that brushing your teeth at least twice daily, flossing once daily, and seeing your dentist at least twice every year for regular cleanings and oral exams—the American Dental Association’s basic recommendations for staving off periodontal disease—might also be heart-healthy strategies.

Thanks for sharing!

Chin 5 years ago

My son's school dentist is giving out 'Oral ok Kare' toothpaste for help kids in efficient brushing. It basically leaves pink stains on uncleaned teeth & gums. Try it!

idex231 profile image

idex231 5 years ago from MY Author

Chin, that sounds like a really good idea. I should try to find this here. Thanks!

idex231 profile image

idex231 5 years ago from MY Author

Just to add, good habits need to be started from young, including practicing the good oral hygiene. So, parents will need to set good role models for young children to follow.

assagitan profile image

assagitan 5 years ago from Malaysia

Wonderful !

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