Healthy Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

10 Healthy Tips for Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

ADVICE: Always consult a health professional before changing your daily diet and exercise routine.

A Modern Weight Problem

In the modern world many people gain weight because of their sedentary lifestyles and the lack of hours available to exercise (because of increased commuting times and additional work done at home in front of computers). The following tips (although relevant to all) have been collected for people who live this modern lifestyle.

  1. Always Eat Breakfast

    People who eat breakfast are less likely to snack before lunch. Eating breakfast is seen as a method to “kick-start the metabolism”. When the metabolism is high you burn calories more successfully and efficiently. This means you are fuelling your body's system and burning fat.
  2. Try a Food-Drink

    If you are one of the many people who cannot stomach breakfast (and we were surprised that so many of the successful and unsuccessful dieters we spoke to complained of this) then don’t give up. Try a food-drink instead. The favourite among those that we asked was Complan Strawberry. This can be mixed with either water or skimmed milk. This and other food replacement drinks provide essential vitamins and minerals – if your body and mind currently do without any breakfast at all, they could thank you for this and one method is losing a few inches off your waist!
  3. Drink Water

    Drinking water has many beneficial effects and its easy to prepare (if you are fortunate enough to live in an area with good quality tap water). The minimum quantity of water suggested varies but those we spoke to were drinking 2 to 3 litres a day. Drinking sufficient water helps to maintain a satisfied feeling and wards off early signs of hunger.
  4. Change Some Habits

    Don’t go at this like a thing possessed and give yourself too much to do as you are likely to fail and in so doing will reinforce bad, old habits. Start slow and build up is our best advice. For instance, start walking DOWN stairs instead of taking a lift or elevator. Later, once you are used to the walk downstairs, add a couple of walks upstairs – build up until you never take the lift or elevator again. Other habits you might consider working on are drinking less alcohol and the habit that many of us get into at some time of our lives – never going for a walk in the fresh air.
  5. Get into Power Walking

    Walking is good for posture and so many other health related issues. To power walk you must stride out – swing your arms – don’t be surprised if someone shouts “attention” and “up, two, three, four” as you march by. Vary the speed you walk at for maximum results and try to maintain a good pace when walking up hills. As with the changing some habits tip – start small and build up. Power walking is a free exercise – no gym membership required! This aerobic exercise is good for the heart and lungs and does (eventually) produce good waistlines and even the suggestion of a four-six pack with abdominal muscles.
  6. Get into Power Walking Plus

    This is for people who have discovered power walking, stuck at it, have started to see some beneficial results – i.e. flatter stomachs. Power Walking Plus is the same as power walking but the walker adds weights. They can add wrist, ankle or both weights. The best weights for Power Walking Plus are those you buy that strap onto wrists and ankles. Power Walking Plus can have excellent results in sculpting body shapes – particularly upper arms, abdominals, waists, calves and thighs.
  7. Buy a Lateral Thigh Trainer

    For days when you are really unable to get out and power walk or Power Walk Plus you should have an alternative exercise routine in place. Lateral thigh trainers can be used while wearing the weights you may use for Power Walking Plus. Additional Tip: Many people buy these and never use them after the first few weeks. For this reason do not buy a lateral thigh trainer until you have brought in some of our other tips. Also, look on ebay or other auction sites for lateral thigh trainers for sale in your area. Expect to pay about a quarter of the price of a new trainer.
  8. Use Vibration Technology

    Slimming pads and vibration exercise machines are very effective forms of exercise. They take very little effort but give excellent workouts on muscles attended to. The great thing about these devices is that their users can do other things – make and receive telephone calls, watch television or a DVD, think – while they exercise.
  9. Use Visualisation

    Yes this sounds a little 80s pop psycho babble but many who successfully maintain a healthy weight, good exercise and diet routines said they used some form of visualisation. They recommended that you do this for five minutes every-other day. Some liked to imagine themselves on a beach, sunbathing and looking stunningly good in their beach-wear. Others liked to see themselves running in a marathon – going through some beautiful landscapes. Whatever you chose to visualise should feature you with the body and shape you aim to achieve in a positive setting. Try this for a week (more information about methods of visualisation are available on-line) you will feel the difference.
  10. Eat Well!

    Don’t limit the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you consume. The Slimming World Plan which encompasses this into all its suggested meals and daily eating plans was the most popular among the people we spoke to.

If you have used any or all of the methods and tips we have compiled above, please comment below about their effectiveness. We would also like to hear about what worked for you.

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