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A Poop a Day

Regular bowel movements are one of the single most important functions that our bodies perform.

If we do not poop on a regular basis our systems feel sluggish, slow and quite simply, full of poop.

Nothing says health like a good daily movement!

Poop Chart

Where does your poop fall on this chart?
Where does your poop fall on this chart? | Source

Healthy Poop

Healthy poop ought to be brown in color, with a consistent and basically uniform cylindrical shape.

Poop ought to hold together and fall into the toilet in one long, slightly curled and uniform width,eight to ten inch long hunk.

Unhealthy Poop

Unhealthy poop comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and it does not come very often.

Unhealthy poop can look like little hard round rabbit or deer turds. Unhealthy poop can look like it was forced through an accordion.

Unhealthy poop can also come in the form of loose, messy stools with little or no structure.

Severely constipated folk can go for days, sometimes weeks and not have a healthy and effective poop.


Constipation means that the body does not eliminate poop properly on a regular basis. When one is constipated, pooping is often at the cost of a lot of straining and the end product looks like little pellets or is twisted in a long thin and sometimes dark shape.

Many things we ingest cause constipation. Some medications are notorious for constipating us. Codeine, a prescribed painkiller, is one of the worst medications for constipating the user.


Relax for a healthy pooping experience
Relax for a healthy pooping experience | Source

Creating Healthy Poop

It is relatively simple to keep your bowels moving regularly and smoothly.

First of all, you need to relax and believe you are going to poop.

There are many fiber filled products on the market when taken regularly, assist the body in eliminating poop.

Metamucil is the one I use. Metamucil will add bulk to your poop and give you more satisfaction in the bathroom.

I delight in a healthy, easy poop if I have been constipated.

The feeling of emptiness in my system after a good poop feels like pure health.

Pooping Hint

When I am having trouble pooping, before I go to sleep at night I plant the idea in my head that I will wake up and have a healthy poop in the morning. I was in disbelief the first few times this method worked, and it really does work if you believe it will.

The one TWO three's of Pooping


Runny Poop

Runny poop, or diarrhea as it is commonly called, is a very un-fun issue to deal with.

Diarrhea is caused by many things that we eat or drink.

Stress can also contribute to diarrhea.

Stress can contribute to tying out intestines up in knots and turning our bowels into liquid.

Food poisoning and illness can also make our bodies produce diarrhea.

Increased fiber in your diet will give poop bulk and firm it up.

Road Map For Healthy Poop

In an ideal world one consumes sufficient fiber, does not take prescribed medications that cause constipation, and lives a stress free life.

This definition probably covers about 1% of humanity. The rest of us occasionally have issues with pooping regularly.

To help your body perform well and eliminate toxins through regular bowel movements, eat and drink sufficient fiber and remember to take mini Zen moments during your day to relieve stress and have healthy poops.

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ShyeAnne profile image

ShyeAnne 23 months ago from Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada Author

And that is the truth! Thanks Jodah, for your comment.

Jodah profile image

Jodah 23 months ago from Queensland Australia

Informative hub. No one can say they can't relate to it :)

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