Herbal or Natural Medicine

Alternative medicine is the most widely used method to prevent or even possibly treat diseases especially in the philippines. In the philippine market, many herbal supplements have been out and have been featured on Television ads and on radio. Many have doubt their efficacy. Many stipulate that it effects on them and have experienced better health.

Among the hundreds of herbal supplements, I can only provide the best 5. Each of these products are known to provide health benefits.

1. MX3- is made from mangosteen fruit. It's benefits are to prevent cancer-related diseases, cardiovascular diseases, lower blood cholesterol, lower blood sugar, etc. For prevention, 1 capsule a day. For Treatment of certain diseases, 3 caps a day.

2. Chro-Plus- Previously known as Roch. They changed their name probably due to arising imitations in the market. This product is made from various herbal plant such as Moringa ( horseradish ), Ampalaya, Garlic, and Soya beans. This also provides protection from various illness like Mx3.

3. Vita Plus. This is called as "vitamin in a drink" because it's a juice. The original flavor is Calamansi which is very delicious to drink. I have an experience drinking this juice and it was really tasty but healthy. Healthy because 5 various plant concoctions are in this juice. These are Moringa Oleifera ( horse radish ), Capsicum Frutescens ( a leave of the red pepper ), Corchorus Olitorius ( Saluyot, aka Tossa Jute as an afro-Arabian herb ), Amarantha Spinosus ( spinach ), Ipomoea Batatas ( from sweet potato ). This helps prevent Diabetes, Anemia, cardiovascular disease, Leukemia, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Cough and cold, psoriasis, fever, difficulty defecating or urinating, UTI, Arthritis, Ulcer, dyspepsia, and others. Other flavors are available also. Visit www.firstvitaplus.net for additional information.

4. Inner-G capsule- Each serving of Inner-G has nutritional equivalent of two pounds fresh vegetables. Inner-G is an important step in assisting the body to alkalinize! It contains the anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phyto-nutrients, enzymes, essential amino acids, and "friendly" intestinal bacteria your body needs to function at optimal levels. This mega-greens formula is combined with the important and powerful nutritional supplement MethylSulfonylMethane. MSM is of the body's chemistry and extremely rich in alkaline forming properties to encourage a healthy pH-balanced state. MSM also preserves the vital life force of the Inner-G formula so that is has the same resonating energetic frequency that it did when it was harvested.

INNER-G is available in both capsule and powder, is mixes with water and absorbs quickly into your cells. It is recommended that the powder is mixed with HydraH2O Structured Water for maximum assimilation. Some benefits this product assists with are increasing energy naturally, improving mental acuity, support strong immune system function, converts and absorbs fat, fights acidity in the body and detoxify and rejuvenate the cells and the colon.

5. Jimms 5 n 1 Coffee- it's a good tasting coffee that is less in caffeine and high in fiber and antioxidants. One powerful ingredient is the korean ginseng which is widely known to increase libido.

I researched on these 5 and found them helpful so I posted this on this blog. I hope the information is helpful to you.

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judit 6 years ago

i am so interested about this product coz' my mother is suffering of "kissing tonsils" it is so swollen. I hope we can find relieve out of this capsule.

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orlanemic25 6 years ago Author

@judit, I found that your comment was posted 6 weeks ago and I just saw it today October 24, 2010. I am sorry that took so long for me to approve it but thanks for the comment. Well, I am sorry to hear bout your mother's condition but I believe that by with faith, along with doctors prescription plus MX3 or Vita plus, which I only recommend, your mother's condition will be relieved. Mx3 or vita plus are just secondary to the main medication. It's one's prerogative or choice whether or not to stop his/her medication and continue self-medicating on herbal products. But I will still best recommend to follow the prescription given by a doctor and use any of those I recommend. Those are herbal products which claims to have no side effect and no adverse overdosage effect. That's according from the sources I got. I wish your mother all the Best. Take care.

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gerrish 6 years ago

Here in the Philippines we have this 10 Medicinal Plant we use as an alternative and it has been working since my lola's time. I guess this is community health workers, nurses tell to the people in the communities in case they can't afford to buy the medicine.

Follow the link.


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orlanemic25 6 years ago Author

@garrish, I strongly agree with you. When I was in nursing school in cebu and everytime we would go on a community health nursing, that's what we used to do telling people to make use of available medicinal plant to cure any kind of illness.

Thanks for dropping by to make a comment. I appreciate it a lot. By the way, this is unrelated but if you have time, drop by my blog page at http://zenophil.blogspot.com

gajanis786 profile image

gajanis786 6 years ago

Very good hub....nice information.Keep it up.Thanks.

TIna 6 years ago


Where can we buy MX3 food supplement /herbal here in manila. I just moved here and currently working in makati. I hope there is a nearby store that i can buy package of MX3. My colleagues said its effective.


Joy 5 years ago

MX3 cured my 3 cysts.. one in my eye, and 2 in my neck.. in just 2 months of intake

yam 5 years ago

@joy...how did u take mx3...did u take it 3 x a day?

salve  5 years ago

Thank for more info i found out i have multiple myoma and feel my stomack bigger and sometimes my mestrual delayed and also i have back pain.i was too worried i browse the net to look some herbal.first i used DXN which i feel better but in 3 months no result.so i decide to used MX3 capsul i used once a day since i open ur web.thanks i have idea 3x a day.my dr advice me to have operation as soon as possible the problem my heart beat weak and im animia.yam do u think MX3 capsul can cure myoma thnx and more power,,,,

may 5 years ago

wish this mx3 will work. co'z i'm going to try it.

gurlie 5 years ago

hi,,,i wanna try also MX3,,do u think it will help cure my hepa b?

JV 5 years ago

Hi gurlie! I think I may have a cure for your Hepa-B. Please contact me at this number - 09177004773. Thank you!

g,, 5 years ago

my husband have lympnoids,, do u think mx3 can help?

annie 5 years ago

@ JV, do you have a cure for hep b?

ana 5 years ago

hi i have a hyperthyroid problem i am taking tapdin for my maintenance it is ok mx3 and tapdin conbined ?

mizzy 5 years ago

pls help me coz i have a left ovarian cyst can mx3 help me??

Ann 5 years ago

Werei can buy this mx3

don 5 years ago

hi i have a prostatic stone and im suffered from pain in my lower back. is this mx3 can cure me and the stone on my prostrate could be disolve???? pls give me advice...

tet 5 years ago

where can we buy chro-plus?thanks

elena ardiza 5 years ago

do you think this good for high blood pressure and rhaeumatizm

MA.NONA NANIT 4 years ago


queen 4 years ago

can we take chro plus and mx3 everyday?

mia 4 years ago

is mx3 recommended for prostate related problem?

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

Hello I am very sorry for my late reply. It's been too long since I last opened my account here on hubpages. Ok, you can buy MX3 in most pharmacies. I just don't know exactly how much it is now per box or per blister. Please inquire it at Rose pharmacy, Mercury drugs (maybe), and other nearby pharmacies in your area.

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

It's so good to know that you have been cured. MX3 is truly one of the nature's wonders.

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

Yam, you can take it 3 times a day along with your medications. I don't recall it has negative effects though. If you are on tight budget, you can take once a day.

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

You are very welcome Salve. In your case, you can take 3 capsules a day once in ever meal. I hope you will be better soon. Just don't forget your medications too.

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

Hi May, MX3 can help you achieve optimum health condition along with proper diet and exercise. Try it. :)

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

Hi. Yes, I think so along with your doctor-prescribed medications. If you take both, this will expedite your recovery. So in your case you can take 3 capsules a day. :)

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

I think so too G. Let him take 3 capsules or 1 capsule a day.

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

Chro-Plus or Roch herbal capsules can be bouth at pharmacies..

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

Yes, I heard many good testimonies from users that they have been cured from their hypertensions by using MX3 regularly along with their medications. Make sure too that you will complement it with proper diet and exercise...

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

Yes, it can if taken along with doctor-prescribed medications for your mother's myoma. it can help expedite recovery. Medication is still the best while mx3 helps only to speed up the healing process..

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

Both? I haven't tried. I think it's better you chose which one is cheaper than the other and take it regularly. :)

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orlanemic25 4 years ago Author

I believe so. Make sure you consult a doctor for prostrate related problem for him to give you medication whatsoever and take mx3 for faster recovery. :)

MedTopList 4 years ago


Some manufacturers also make extensive use of low-quality published research to promote their products – overstating the significance of their findings and failing to disclose severe methodological weaknesses of the research they cite.

Such weaknesses include the experimental use of these products on mouse, rat, and other animal models for which have not been tried and tested on humans.

henry postrero 4 years ago

i was diagnos lately that i have a polyps on my gallbladder. The doctor adviced for removal of my gallblader. Due to financial problem i tried mx3 capsule and coffee. Is it ok to take it together? Is it possible that mx3 will remove the polyps? Thanks and i hope u could reply.

Arl 4 years ago

Can mx3 cure hyperacidity and ulcer?

czhyrha 4 years ago

i jaz want to ask if mx3 cAn help me. Em chubBy b4 buT wen i g0t pRegnant after gving birth to my 1st bAby i g0t thin and they said na BINAT daw aq, and im always chilling evn at n0on tym, im chilLing at dsame time im sweating. D0 u think if i wil take mx3, i wil get my bAck my healthy health. And cAn i take mX3 even i have CoNgenital heArt disEase? Pls reply! Tanx

lani 4 years ago

can i take mx3 together with green barley? i have multiple nodules in my neck and breast

beth 4 years ago

i was diagnose 1 month ago dat i hav hepa B..can mx3 help me to cure my hepa B?

bang 4 years ago

Can mx3 help my menstration back regular coz its starting iregular in 1 yr 2x only.

jean 4 years ago

Can MX3 xure my gallstone and hemorhoids?

evelyn 4 years ago

hellow, i just want to ask if chro-plus is very effective for the heart?because he is sick.i need to know ur answer,please.

Rowena Gagula 4 years ago

My Aunt was cutting stems of mango tree when electric wire grounded the entire tree and she fell down from the tree which causes her backbone to totally dis inline. She's bedridden for a year until they discovered mx3 capsule, she is taking 3x a day and now she can walk, she can do the long distance travel again, back to normal. Now I am taking it for my allergy rhinitis and it works.

elma 4 years ago

hello MX3 can take a pregnant women?

chai 4 years ago

Can pregnant woman take mx3capsule?

cel 4 years ago


cel 4 years ago

i have 13 years old son & he has almost 2 months catarrh (sipon). he already take a 7 days claricort & amoxicillin & continous spray his nosetril using nss,prescribe by his doctor last year. also he has a low vision,he is now wearing eyeglass. he can take a mx3 to eliminate his cold and return his normal sight?...also can u recommend a vita plus for his age?...if it is recommended for him,how many mx3 capsule can he take a day?....thanx

Zen 4 years ago

Hello, can pregnant woman takes MX3 capsules.. please reply ASAP

katrin 4 years ago

hi im katrin...i just wanna ask if mx3 plus can cure TUMOR,?tnx reply ASAP...please tnx....

kris sevellina 4 years ago

hi im kris..i just wanna know if MX3 capsules cure lump??..kc po my bukol ung left breast ko :'( ..reply ASAP..thanx

Cynthia 4 years ago

When are you MX3 people going to answer all the questions of those very eager to start taking the capsules?

gen 4 years ago

hi gud day....i have problem like gurlie,

can i call u too?tnx gen...

lala 4 years ago

hello guys...iv'e been drinking mx3 capsule for almost 2 years now...i was diagnosed of HYPERTHYROIDISM- multiple nodes. the herbal capsule works effectively for me. never had problem with my heart anymore...and thank God the nodes never grow bigger. please try it! FOR PREGNANT WOMEN ITS NOT ADVISABLE. you can purchase them in all pharmacies nationwide! MERCURY, ROSE, GENERIC etc...

che 4 years ago

hello po can mx3 help me kasi po my goiter at bukol ako sa brest pls. reply me.tnx

joel 4 years ago

santi cadalso 3 years ago

I am an mx3 user, may i know your address correctly I want to buy and sell mx3 products. thank very much. santi

Rea 3 years ago

Mx3 no age limit to take .

line 3 years ago

yung uncle ko po nag da dialysis every other day plus diabetic at may high blood. do you think pwede sya mag take ng mx3


Theo 3 years ago

I just bought Inner-G Herbal Capsule, its quite expensive P67.50/capsule.

Cassy:) 3 years ago

hi, ive been using MX3 capsule before i got pregnant, i have a hyperthyroidism. My goiter got smaller and also my 2cysts, but wen i got pregnant i stopped taking it, my daughter is now 1year and 5months. im again starting to take MX3 capsule because my right thyroid is getting a little bigger again and so is my cyst. I hope it will work again like before :) but im confident, i trust MX3 capsule. i will take it continiously from now on :)

redge 3 years ago

Is mx3 coffee safe for breatfeeding?

bhel 2 years ago

I had a polycystic ovaries, can mx3 will cure this?

BELLE 2 years ago


Kim 2 years ago

I am 1 month delayed now.my question is should continue take mx3? What's is the effects of mx3 for pregnant woman?

myla 2 years ago

Can mx3 cure Venus insufficiency I will try it and I will post you my update if it works tnx

MJ 2 years ago



JL 2 years ago

MJ, i know something that could help you.:)

JL 2 years ago

MJ, just leave your contact info.;)

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elpedio 2 years ago

To: Author, only a month my hypertension, hyblood and blood sugar of mined is up....i take MX3 capsules 3times a day....do you think can help me a lot? Thanks.....

chelle 2 years ago

Hi.. I wanna ask if MX3 can cure eye problems ? like myopia?

violy 2 years ago

hnow to tke mx3 ,ater eatng or before?

choi 2 years ago

Can MX3 clear spot in lungs thanks...

Lovely 2 years ago

Hi my antie has goiter on her neck which was schedule for operatipn but then due to financial crisis she decided to maintain ROCH herbal capsule or that CHRO PLUS capsule. She only spent 2000 peso bcuz one stab cost 120 pesos. Her goiter is gone amd everything bck to normal. Now I wonder if roch or chro plus is good in medicating ANEMIA top???? Author let me know thanks.

alex 2 years ago

Can mx3 treat hypertension? Thanks.

miles_liza 2 years ago

Hi! I just want to ask about the mx3 capsule do really can help for conceiving, I had a thyroid problem how many should I take for one day, so far now im drinking once a day before meal pls help me out thanks and more power....

glormary 2 years ago

Hi..does. mx3 cure a goiter? Plz help me..

lyn 2 years ago

helo po..i hve uti,can mx3 capsule cure it?

Thet 2 years ago

Hello po, ask ko LNG sa mga May hyperthyroid , ilang capsule ba a day ang dapat I take na mx3. ?

Shavi 23 months ago

Bakit hindi sinasagot yung mga tanong? Reliable ka ba? Please pakisagot naman ang mga tanong. Hanging.........?????????

sheryl landicho 23 months ago

hi saan po b nkkbili ng vita plus ..merun po b xa mercury drug

Melvin 17 months ago

Add Your Comment..Saan makakabili ng Inner G capsule

jane_@yahoo.com 17 months ago

hi I have a breast cyst can mx3 cure this?

Gemma 3 months ago

With all the hype and craze about MX3 coffee... I know, I couldn't blame Mommy for drinking it. Unfortunately it almost ended her life!!!

After 15 long days, she is now out of the hospital and God willing, she will regain her strength back soon!!!


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