Help your body recover after quitting smoking

So you've finally quit smoking. Congratulations! Now you want to try and reverse some of the damage that has been done to your body. While not all the damage can be reversed there are ways you can certainly get your body back on track to wellness. The following tips will help with a lung cleanse to get rid of the excess gunk that has been piling up in your lungs, a kindey and liver cleanse to get rid of toxins cigarettes have introduced to yoru body and stress relief! This is the most important because if you can't find a new way to manage your stress you will start lighting up again in no time.

1. Time and Fresh Air. This is the most obvious. Give your body time to recover from cigarettes. You will experience better lung function within 3 months and near-recovery of full lung function within a year. This of course is dependent on how long you smoked, how many per day and if you have any serious illness as a result of smoking. This tip helps to cleanse your lungs, kidneys and liver.

2. Mullein Tea. Many herbailist believe that this alternative remedy is a powerful lung cleanser. Mullein is an expectorant, or in other words it is an agent that brings up excess mucus from your lungs. Naturally it is also used as a cough medicine. This tip helps to cleanse your lungs.

3. Licorice. A lot of people smoke in response to the stresses in life. Those stresses may not go away after you quit smoking so you might be tempted to light up again. Reach for some licorice instead. It is thought that licorice helps to improve stress. Like Mullein it is also an expectorant. This tip helps to cleanse your lungs and reduce stress.

4. Exercise! Keep up that exercise regime you started when you were quitting. Exercise reduces stress and keeps you preoccupied so you won't be tempted to light up. This tip helps to cleanse your lungs, kidneys, liver and reduce stress.

5. Green Tea IsLove. Green tea has powerful antioxidants to kill off the free radicals that smoking has introduced to your body. This helps to reduce the chances of developing cancer. But watch out! Greentea has lots of caffine so don't drink this before going to bed.

Most of all be kind to yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you slip and have a cigarette. Every day is a chance to turn it all around. Goodluck!

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Trsmd 8 years ago from India

I never smoke.. anyhow good page to learn...

Marlboro Ultra Lights SUX 8 years ago

I just love it when people make those kinds of comments (why make that comment) :) But for me....these articles are GREAT words of wisdom and health benefits. I smoked for 33 years (started at 12 years old) MALE. Got pneumonia in my left lung about 2 months ago.....So I found time to QUIT. So should I be more proud of NON-smokers (for never smoking) of for "MYSELF" and others that have gone through all this troma and suffering to quit and get healthy again :) That answer is an easy one. Hehe

Marlboro Ultra Lights SUX 8 years ago

I just love it when people make those kinds of comments (why make that comment) :) But for me....these articles are GREAT words of wisdom and health benefits. I smoked for 33 years (started at 12 years old) MALE. Got pneumonia in my left lung about 2 months ago.....So I found time to QUIT. So should I be more proud of NON-smokers (for never smoking) of for "MYSELF" and others that have gone through all this troma and suffering to quit and get healthy again :) That answer is an easy one. Hehe

Marlboro Ultra Lights SUX 8 years ago

Even after 2 months it's not all fun a games. I still have about 5 urges a day. These are not hard to remove. I just remember how BAD the smoking was for me. I have noticed that I don't "hack" around all day now. That's nice :) WOW. Posted first comment twice. Sensitive page settings....................or my FAT fingers!! LOL

all ciggs suck! 8 years ago

i am currently trying to quit, i started because of stress, i have been smoking for about a year, anyway i find myself not having any for 3-4 days then wanting another pack, i get marlboro ultra lights because they are at least making it easier to stay away from them, i doubt i will find myself never smoking again but i think i will be able to at least cut back because i smoke ultra lights, so "Marlboro Ultra Lights SUX" you suck because ultra lights still gimme a relaxing plesure and are easier to do without, lol

myself  8 years ago

I agree with you,

why are you telling me you have never smoked, what you need us to tell you, " Oh you are so wise" Shut your mouth.

jonathan Marshall 8 years ago

you guys are over reacting maybe this guy just came here to get info to help a buddy quit

Relieved 8 years ago

Just one name - Alan Carr - Thank you wherever you are. RIP

Thank you for the handy tips Vanessa R.

Relieved 8 years ago

Correct spelling is Allen Carr, sorry.

IQuit 7 years ago

Yes! Allen Carr! Everyone go read his book!

IFinallyQuit 7 years ago

When i quit in Feb 09 i allowed my body to gain weight and do what it needed to do for withdraw. Within 3 weeks and 20lbs heavier, i found living on a raw diet has cleaned my body and soul. I no longer crave nicotine! feel the best i ever have, and working out. I smoked 23 years.

I dream about smoking cigarettes... 7 years ago

I recently quit smoking cigarettes. To be more specific, I quit on February 22nd, 2009; two months ago. I had smoked for 7 years before quitting. Quitting smoking is by far one of the best decisions of my life.While being a smoker, I noticed that my lung capacity was horrible (it did not that I am asthamatic). I could not walk up more than two flights of stairs before becoming out of breath. Now that I have quit, I notice that my lungs feel pretty darn fantastic! I now run up the stairs and more than two flights! I also notice that my snoring has ceased since I've not been smoking; at least that is what the ole lady tells me. Now that I am a former smoker, I still crave cigarettes all the time. Sometimes while I'm sleeping I dream about smoking cigarettes; hence the name. I truly miss the action of smoking although I much more enjoy the benefits of being a non-smoker once again. I have found that cardiovascular excerscise helps the body to recover after a period of smoking. It builds lung capacity, keeps the mind occupied, and gives you a reason to not want to smoke; all of which builds confidence and boosts the level of self-esteem. Also, tea Oolong tea from China is great with breaking up the gunk left in your lungs from cigarette smoke.

I found the forum and thought I would leave my two cents. Take care until we meet again...

The man who dreams about smoking cigarettes

I dream about smoking cigarettes... 7 years ago

oops.. let me fix correct those typos! the corrections are

5th line - (it did not help that I am asthamatic).

18 - 19th line - Also, Oolong tea from China...

I hope that's all of the needed corrections. BYE!

All u need is the power of your mind!  7 years ago

I'm very happy for and proud of all of you who are trying to or have quit. I'm on my 5th day without a single drag of a cigarette and I feel great. I quit cold turkey before and it lasted 5 years.... I started again 2 years ago and I'm not making that mistake ever again.

For anyone trying to quit I have these few words of advice. It worked for me and I can honnestly say that i'm not really suffering through withdrawl... here's how...

Some people will go to a hypnotist go get rid of the craving for cigarettes... I say why pay for someone else to mess with your mind. You have the power to re-program yourself.

Before quitting I... Set a definite moment for quitting... for me, It was when I finally smoked the LAST cigarette in the pack. While I was finishing that pack I made a list of all the reasons why I didn't want to smoke. Including, not wanting cancer and emphysema all the way down to white teeth and less wrinkles. I posted it as the background to my PC, on my phone, printed it up... and the more I looked at it it sank in... I wanted to be a non smoker.

Now that the last smoke is gone, when the idea comes to mind that I might want one. I remember that it's not me talking it that little nicotine monster ... And I tell Myself.. Hey.. I'm a non-smoker... non smokers dont want or need or even like cigarettes.... So why would I even take a drag... It also helps to remember that it only gets easier with time.

And never give up trying. You have to be 100% ready to quit in order to be successful and you have to do it for yourself... No one else!

It has helped me. Maybe one of you will find something I have said usefull too. I wish you all the best of luck in your quest to rid yourself of the # 1 killer. Be strong.. and healthy! 7 years ago

good hub ,really well written too,the info is really accurate...

I did it too! 7 years ago

really good tips on here, so proud of you all, i gave up as the doctor gave me a massive wake up call 3 days before my 24th birthday, i had been smoking since i was 10. i think what got me here ( a year on and not a single craving) was letting my stress and emotions come out. instead of lighting up i threw tantys, bawled my eyes out and even though it seems immature i got through and have actualy learnt to control my stress better for it.after a month being smoke free i tried patches to help , using them and a ton of gum i also didn't stop my social life i hung with my smoker mates and in all my old haunts , and let myself go through the transition. ill admit the patches made the triggers easier. in my third month i kicked the patches and have gone cold turkey ever favourite moment was smelling second hand smoke on my partner and not getting that craving but truly smelling it for what it is and feeling sick!

CO 7 years ago

I quit on May 20, 2009. I've smoked for 25 years. I'm usiing nicotine inhalers to help with the withdrawl symptoms.

Zubair  7 years ago

Is there some one who make changes in your life while you quite smoking for good??? I think yes I know some people have the power to quite smoking but once they try to quite they gets a lot of problems comes in to their life. And they do start again... am I correct ;) WHEN IT COULD BE THE END???

rasta 7 years ago

I have been smoking for fifteen years before i came to usa from africa,i did not want to quit coz i wanted to smoke usa cigarettes,i quit in june of this year,i feel good about myself coz i realised that they are have the same content of toxins whether from home or abroad.I can now hold my kids without them having to bear with a nasty smell

Jordan 7 years ago

I have been smoking cigerates and weed for nearly 5 years. im 18 now and have had a heavy weed addiction for about 4 years, every day, all day even bonging but i have realised that its not worth it, weed is messing with my head and i know i must have done some damage to my lungs. I havnt smocked anything for 2 days and hope to give it up. i cant keep on smoking tobaco and especially weed because im close to fucking my life up, and smoking isn't going to help. I hope i do quit smoking for my health and wealth but i may need some guidents along the way good luck

Trigger smoker 7 years ago

I am currently in the process of quitting the most disgusting habit I have. It is quite helpful to read of others' experiences to reinforce my willpower not to smoke the evil sticks of death.

five days 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips. Im on day five and still satan to be around. I've noticed taking a five minute jog or so fights off the urges for a good length of time...also drinking a lot of water! Reading my Bible helps too. The urges don't go away but there's definitely a mental block there.

1 week 7 years ago

Chocolate, candy, and gum works good for me. I smoked for 10 years (29 now) and have been smoke free for 8 days. Exercise is good, but hard to do at work/school. Bags of dumdums, jolly ranchers, little sweets help a lot. Taking overly deep breaths and holding it can help too, kinda simulates the initial headrush of smoking. Whatever the case, DON'T BUY OR SMOKE ANY MORE. I know you want to (beLIEVE me!) but give yourself enough time and the cravings WILL stop. Good luck!

Yoshi 7 years ago

24 hours free of cigarrettes and ill admit it SUCKS!!! I have no will power but i'm trying.

jerrry 7 years ago

i,ve just qite, after 43 years of smoking the secret is to want to give it up, otherwise if you are still in a place of desire for smoking then you will ultimately bring it back into your exsperiance. i final,y didn't want it anymore!!! good luck guys

tryn2savmne$ 7 years ago

Hi! Just wanted to say there is a lot of good advice here for those trying to quit, HANG IN THERE!

This is my umpteenth time I've tried to quit,have never gone longer than 3 mnths at a time but now on 3 1/2 months!(I've smoked 31 years.) Yeah! ME! But not easy. Finally at the point my body is trying to detox itself, have been sick for 4 weeks. Don't want to despair anyone from quitting but be on the lookout for this. I've read everything on this subject,(Mr. Carr included.) but not much talk on this subject. Been to the doctor twice fianally got antibiotics which I really didn't want but don't want a secondary infection, having pain in eustachuin tubes in my ear, it is inflamed, throat sore, and sinus draining ALL the time. What is happening is the cilia are starting to grow back and are WORKING doing the job they are supposed to..WOW, the human body IS amazing. I know this is long winded but be on the lookout for your body to cleanse itself and treat your self, spoil yourself, this is one of the hardest thing anyone that smokes has ever done and KUDO to those that have never started, keep supporting those that have. I am drinking lots and lots of herbal teas and trying to stay away from junk(not easy either at Xmas time)a little exercise but with being sick haven't felt like it so decided to just chill...yes, just chill....let the stressors go, my weight will be there to deal with, my house will be here for me to clean, my job will be there for me to go to..etc.

Emotions are another thing to, get ready to deal with whatever you've been hiding behind smoking, it is a crutch,I've never cried this much in my life, but it is cleansing to the body as well.

Good luck!! God Bless!

Newport Princess 7 years ago

I finally realized what i was doing to my body and with a lot of mind set and support i made it through YAY!!!! :)

maebee 7 years ago

i started smoking when i was 14, and i'm 32 now. i've been going to the gym for a couple years now n have just quit smoking so i would do better there (plus im tired of being out of breath, n all the other pitfalls $$$ etc. It might actually stick this time tho, i quit once before for bout 6 months, n i've found that dark chocolate is by far the best remedy for the cravings, followed by exercise. Caffine makes the cravings worse, i've found that the worst is after about the third day, through the 2nd week. A big part of what i'm afraid of is the smoking gets rid of excess energy, i have severe a.d.h.d. and the nicotine helps a lot, going to the gym just isn't nearly as effective, i can go twice a day and still have way too much energy, when i don't smoke i drive everyone nuts, i quit once for about 6 months and it was horrible, my behavior was appaling, and offensive if not downright dangerous, i embarrassed my friends and family on multiple occasions, and no matter how hard i tried i couldn't control myself, i feel like i'm like i'm chasing a bunch of five year olds around and i can't keep up, it's the biggest reason i started smoking again, the lack of nicotine seems to exacerbate my a.d.h.d. I can't seem to control my impulses and my intensity is through the roof, and i hate the pills for the a.d.h.d. i've only been a non smoker for about 3 days now and it's already starting, i'm experiencing severe depression and fits of rage, and just a general feelin of self loathing and apathy, it almost seems as if the smoking was preventing me from realizing how much i suck at life, and now i can't seem to stop thinking about all the failures i've encountered along the way, in about two weeks i'll be so obnoxious w/ boundless energy that no one will want to be around me, (it happened before, i ruined several friendships and lost some family) so i'm locking myself in my room to avoid stress, people and any situation that might make me prone to lighting up, right now i have a blind hatred for my roomate/best friend for no reason at all. I hate being like this, i hate that it's going to get worse, i hate that i feel alone. this sucks

New York Suzie 7 years ago

I'm 50 years old. I'm on Day 5 of being smoke free also. I got a strange feeling ( a pain) that scared the daylights out of me - that was my motivation! Cravings are worst in the morning - not so bad at night. My sleeping is back to normal after only 4 days. Also, eating a lot of carrot sticks and celery sticks. Wow - this may be the hardest thing I've ever had to kick!

how to quit smoking cigarettes  7 years ago

Good information thank you for posting, good information can be hard to come by kudos to you.

maebee 7 years ago

well i'm goin' on day 10 n the psychosis is ending, but i still have way too much energy, n having serious trouble focusin'

dave 7 years ago

I am on day 17 of smoke free. I have found the hardest aspect of the habit to drop is the routine cigarettes that I smoked. On thinking about it more I found that I smoked at the same times or undertaking the same thing each day i.e driving to work -2 each day like clockwork etc.

This may not apply to you but it may be helpful to analyse your habit to try and break routine.

Sarah 7 years ago

I just started quitting smoking today.. It really sucks. I honestly didn't think I was that addicted. I'm not too sure on how to continue quitting smoking.

Macky911 7 years ago

Here's my story


I started smoking at collage when i was 16(now 32) but was a partial smoker..never smoked a pack or something in a day..when am away from family (wife n Kid) is smoke 6-10 a day...but i don't smoke friday and saturday when am with my can say more likely when am at office.


Many time in last 16 years i quit smoking sometimes for years,months and even for a week...


Many of my friends stopped smoking,feel like am the only guy who cant control i took a decision to quit for ever..its been week..feel like smoking but am stick to my mind...


1-We are humen Being and everything is possible if you think

2-remember and learn to control emotions and feeling,if we can control our self then no where we cant compare our self to an Animal

3- when you feel like smoking?think this your friend or relative who has more problem and stress then you controlling and managing him self without smoking or drinking..Why i cant be like him

4- why i should depend on Cigar to control my emotion..where go has created in a such way our mind has ability to control and forget everything very easily

May god bless you all and me for being away from smoking today and forever-Ameeen

I WILL do it this time! 6 years ago

I'm almost 24 hours out since my last cigarette and it sucks, but I WILL do it this time! My head is fuzzy, but I can already feel a difference in my throat and lungs-I'm not wheezing as much. I think that's why my head is fuzzy because I'm getting enough fresh air and my brain doesn't know how to handle it after nearly 20 years as a smoker. It sucks and I really, really want a cigarette but I know I can do this. There are so many benefits to quitting.

cyrle 6 years ago

i wnt to quit starting now..i will do my verry best to quit coz its the only gift i cn give to my son the baby in my tummy and ofcoures to my self....thax 4 all the advice i always pray i can do it....wish me luck..

I choose to live! 6 years ago

I have tried to quit in the past and been successful if it weren't for the emotional support that having a cigarette gave to me. I've found that that is the most difficult obstacle. I want to cry about everything. So my plan is to process, journal, allow the tears, and hopefully work through the 10 years of turmoil I've been suppressing.

maebee- try this for your energy:

get an egg timer. wake up in the morning and set it for 10 minutes. Write in a journal for 10 minutes. Write a list about what you want to get accomplished. Set the timer for ten minutes to clean and every time it goes off, start or continue another project. You will find your mind to be more active and engaged, and that you're incredibly productive. If you want to show affection for a friend, make them something, build them something, instead of demanding their attention. Walking even around the block takes 2 minutes and can refocus your mind. In the car, get wipes and wipe down your interior when you're at stoplights to busy yourself in moments that may have been spent smoking. These are tips I've found to help with the energy. If you want you can do my homework too :) Energy is a lucky thing to have if you can learn how to work with it!

jo 6 years ago

I quit soking 3 days ago and I have a physical ache in my stomach... pack a day for 20 years .. however im done with the filthy habit .. the expense.. can i class myself as a non smoker yet cos dammed if im ever going through withdrawals again.. lets see

marc 6 years ago

i have smoked for 30 years. quit because i did and ekg and it showed ischemia / myocardial infration, although i have been active in the gym for the last 10 years i quit. its been 50 days since but not a day without thinking for having just one and then i think do i want to inhale 500 plus poison gases into my lungs? how stupid i was to do this in the first place. imagine winning a lottery for say even 1 million and not having the health to enjoy it

usman 6 years ago

Smoked for 7 years, now im 22. Had bronchitis and that was an alarming bell!!

its my 10th day. i need all the good luck.

Not to mention, today i ran to the bus stop and dint run out of breath.. its already showing good signs.:)

Earl 6 years ago

I am 53 years old. Smoked for thirty years. I am on week three of quitting. Felt a pain in my chest and decided to live instead of dying. Quit clod turkey. It has not been nearly as hard as I thought it would be, it's all in your head. Just remember 1 is too many and a million is not enough.

Best of luck

Blaze 6 years ago

Im 16 and I've recently quit smoking. Obviously I haven't smoked for as many years as you have but my story can relate.

I've been smoking for about 3 ina half years, and Im not talking "lightly". I literally smoked everyday since I was 13. I was a heavy smoker. Several attempts were made to quit starting when I was 15. It didn't feel right. I noticed my lungs were becoming weak and unable to absorb as much oxygen as they used to. I can only play basketball for so long, then, my lungs begin to give up on me. My speed decreased, my swimming skills have decreased, and worse of all, my brain de-smarted. I'm a very smart person, as people told me. So much talent in a wide variety of sports, so much art drawing ability, and tons more. It's unfortunet that I made that decision to smoke, causing a loss of countless brain cells. Another great talent I posses is my musical ability to rap. A lot of people think rap is garbage but hey, it's what I love to do. (Story Continues)I used to freestyle off the top of the head without writing anything down so good but I took it for granted. In the beginning, the weed made me freestyle better because it made me open-minded and made me rap like 10x better. It was unbelievable how NICE I was at it. However, as time passed, it doesn't even help anymore. I smoke a blunt and it doesn't make a difference anymore. It's funny because now, I actually rap better when I'm sober, talk to girls better when I'm sober, and just clearly do EVERYTHING better when I'm sober. As I mentioned, I've made numerous attempts to quit but the most I've lasted was 2 months and I would just keep giving in! This time I'm for real. I'm not gonna waste these important years of my life to a stupid, brain-controlling plant and I hope you dont either. Smoking weed is not attractive, and it's not something I recommend you to do. It caused more problems, caused more stress, and caused me to realize that I'm not gonna make it if I continued it. The good news is, now I'm focusing on getting back in shape. I do jogging everyday plus participate in gym everyday. So hopefully I get back to how my life used to be. I don't talk to a lot of people about this but, you all seem to have had the same problem. I dont want to be that 35 year old smoker. I want to be that 35 year old, intelligent, and successful Dad with a loving wife and family. I have a dream that Im going to change the world one day, and everyone will know who I am. I just don't want something like this get in the way... SAY NO!

Tim123 6 years ago

I've been smoking for two years.

I'm currently in Australia back-packing and have completely run out of money. Luckily I am staying with relatives. Even when I was down to my last $20 I went out and bought more cigarettes to deal with the stress of my broke situation.

It's so stupid, what makes it worse is that if I think back to how long I've been travelling and how much I've smoked, I've inhaled about $1000 - totally ridiculous.

I'm stopping today, I've got two cigarettes left in my pack and although I should flush them down the toilet, I'm setting the last one as my 'that's enough point'. I'm going to turn my attention to exercise and diet, I'm not out of shape but starting to get quite thin and I know that I can't breathe as well as I should be able to.

I found some great websites detailing what happens to your body when you stop such as lung recovery and circulation and apparently you can actually feel them happening. I've tried to stop before but I just end up getting really stressed out and angry but if I can break through that and focus on physically feeling better then I know I'll do it. It helps that I don't have much money left to buy more.

I'll let you know how I get on. Great article.

Tim123 6 years ago

I've been smoking for two years.

I'm currently in Australia back-packing and have completely run out of money. Luckily I am staying with relatives. Even when I was down to my last $20 I went out and bought more cigarettes to deal with the stress of my broke situation.

It's so stupid, what makes it worse is that if I think back to how long I've been travelling and how much I've smoked, I've inhaled about $1000 - totally ridiculous.

I'm stopping today, I've got two cigarettes left in my pack and although I should flush them down the toilet, I'm setting the last one as my 'that's enough point'. I'm going to turn my attention to exercise and diet, I'm not out of shape but starting to get quite thin and I know that I can't breathe as well as I should be able to.

I found some great websites detailing what happens to your body when you stop such as lung recovery and circulation and apparently you can actually feel them happening. I've tried to stop before but I just end up getting really stressed out and angry but if I can break through that and focus on physically feeling better then I know I'll do it. It helps that I don't have much money left to buy more.

I'll let you know how I get on. Great article.

Marcy 6 years ago

I quit smoking 3 weeks ago, and do feel great, but there is one question i would like an answer to. Does anyone else feel sleepy during the day? I'm finding myself always wanting to sleep. I try to keep myself busy by running with my dogs or going for walks etc; but i still feel sleepy.

Thanks for any feedback.

jeanie 6 years ago

Day 8 of the second time to quit. first time lasted 6 years and then I picked them back up (thought I could take a puff!)ha! Now I know, one puff and I am a smoker again, period. I had to write a confirmation on what an earlier post said. I also have my eustacian tubes in my ears inflamed and had to take antibiotics so understand that you body will go through some mending and be ready. Eat healthy, I don't crave sweets, which is a blessing but do find I could do some "I'm bored" eating and put on some pounds if I don't watch it. I have a small set of weights next to my chair and do some light lifting when I watch TV or just sit to keep myself occupied and to get air into lungs and blood flowing. I am better up a flight of stairs already and can't wait to go to my friend's house where I won't have to sit out on the back porch by myself after dinner as the only smoker in the house. I heard a great remark, "smoking is so 20th Century" and realized that I was actually way too smart to still be smoking so with me I am trying to intellectualize the experience by taking notes and watching myself like a scientist would with a science project. it is pretty funny sometimes but so far, no crying although there have been a few occasions where it was probably a good thing I was alone as I could have really gone off on somebody when I couldn't get a bottle opened or something like that. My fuse is a little short! But, the good Lord is helping me and I know that I am not alone in this battle. Good luck to all of you and God Bless you too. Here's to a better life for us all.

Johnny 6 years ago

been about 24 hours since i stopped smoking. feeling strange, way too much energy. ive been a pack a day smoker for the last 3 years, and smoked on and off for two years before that. my skin got really bad and red so have decided to stop, plus i was just sick off it.

this sucks, but ive been having a green tea every time i get a feeling to smoke, had about 10 today!

I agree what someone said about writing down reason to quit. One I wrote down was 'I %120 want to quit, don't let the nicotine trick you.' seems to help with the f**king nicotine trying to persuade me to go and by a pack...

good luck to everyone else.

max 6 years ago

43 hours without smooooooking!

Moe 6 years ago

i quit a month ago and then cheated last sat. i have been having heart palpitations ever since. Anyone eles ever go thru this??? i smoked for 26 years about 2 pks a day.


Alive & Kicking! 6 years ago

Had a Heart Attack / MI aged 46 now sporting some sexy metal stents in my heart. Nicotine 1975 - 2009 RIP and I am very grateful that I am typing RIP and not my family.

Due to smoking and what we eat destroying arteries it was a triple whammy = Give up smoking, low fat diet, no processed foods & daily exercise.

Lost a stone in weight the first 2 months. 4 months feeling allot trimmer and healthier.

If its any help to others giving up I did allot of research on heart these Vit supplements can help. (Those on meds check with your doc first)

COQ10 - Energy and cell repair.

Vit C - Smoking reduces these levels.

Vit E - Don't take if you are on blood thinners

Vit B complex

I'm off to try some Green Tea!

Good luck giving up, there is a better life after it ;)

KATCOLE 6 years ago

Hello, Last year I read Allen Carr's book, and I quit for 5 months. (i've been smoking for 8 years). Year later, 4 days ago I got that book again, but it didn't matter anymore, I knew the content, it was the fact, that being 25 I can't lift my legs up, while exercising to not to feel blood pressure almost blowing up my head. I also felt pain in my chest nearly all the time. As my dad just got the heart attack i got scared that I'm going to kill myself very quick, so I just stopped. After two days I picked Allen's book again, just for a nice kick in the a***. Last year I failed because I wasn't patient enough, I thought that something is wrong with me, to have those horrible cravings after 5 months, this time I know that was the NIC MONSTER, and yet it tricked me, well, not ANYMORE! i will KILL IT. so tired with it! Every time I have the CRAVING i think of this creature in me dying. How sweet :)):):):)

Allison 6 years ago

Hi every one!!!

I have been a smoker for 14 years and realised now was the time to quit smoking!, Its been my 3rd day and it hasn't been easy, cold turkey!! Im engaged and we want to start a family! luckily i have a close friend who is 7 days ahead of me who keeps me focased and keeps me on the road to quit! together we bounce of each other and she is my rock! I have already felt such an improvement in my health, a lil bit fuzzy, headaches, and yes i have has the urge to grab that smoke but its soooo not worth it!!!!! If i can do it so can u guys!!!

good luck every1!!!!

Troyboy 6 years ago

hey i've been smoking for about 6 years and can honestly say it sucks. but i know in time ill thank myself. im feelign some pretty funky withdrawals though lol. whoever is trying to quit keep it up, you'll feel 1000x better//

chad 6 years ago

30 hour man i didn't and this sucks didnu know this had so much control on me

Robert 6 years ago

Male: 49 years old. I quit smoking a year and a half ago after smoking for 34 years. I've tried to quit before, but only made it for a few weeks or so and then I went back to them. Why? because of things I did triggered me wanting to smoke: coffee, a beer or 2, friends who smoked around me. How I quit: I was at a Christmas eve gathering in this huge house. There was about 40 people at the party. I was fighting a cold at the time, but made it to the party anyway. After a few cocktails, it was time to smoke. I went outside in the cold wet rain and stood under a covered awning. I lit the cig and started to puff away. I peared into this large window in the back of the house that spanned for one end to the other and saw everyone having a good time, eating, drinking and just having fun. I realized then, that I was the only one smoking and thought how stupid this is. I looked at the cig and wondered how this thing can have so much control over my life,my body and I am feeling like S@%T and I'm outside in the cold rain with a cold and I am smoking. Right then, I decided to stop smoking. I threw the cig away and I haven't picked one up since. For anyone who is trying to stop, this is how I did it.: 1) you have to stop the things for a while that go hand in hand with smoking. example: no booze, no coffee,etc. for a while. I stopped these things for 6 months, and now I can really enjoy coffee without cigs. Be careful with the booze. You can easliy slip if you drink. I am a social drinker, so it was easly to stay away for 6 months. I didn't go out and if I did, it was to the movies where you could not lite up. I stayed away from bars or any place where people might be smoking,etc 2) any friends that smoke, stay away from them. That is the only way. I wrote off 2 friends and told them the reason. They respected that and we still communicate via email, but I didn't want to be around them. Funny thing now, they don't contact my any longer because I am not a smoking buddy anymore 3) Chew gum or suck on a mint after eating. This is how I did it. tick tacs, sugar free mints. I did gain 10 lbs. but that is normal. I am tall, so it doesn't really show. The benefits I've noticed since stopping smoking: 1) I sleep so much better. 2) I can taste food again. I really never knew what cheese cake tasted like until I stopped smoking(not that I eat that all of the time, but you know what I'm saying). 3)Smell- I smell clean all of the time.My clothes,hair, breath and skin. I can smell things I have never noticed before...a true smell of flowers,etc. 4) I treated myself to a bright smile teething cleaning and now my teeth are movie star clean! Bottom line, and you've heard this before, If I can do it, anyone can!! I suggest having a friend or family member take a video of you while you light up and smoke the whole cig. Then, whatch it and look at yourself. See how wrong it is not natural at all. I am not one of those ex holy roller non smokers, but if I had seen myself in a video smoking years ago, I would have stopped right then an there because when I see people inhaling and exhaling smoke now, they look like a dragon and they are letting that little cig control there lives. -end

cprice 6 years ago

Congratulations everyone who has quit or is in the process of quitting....they say quitting cigarettes is more difficult than heroine!!!

i started smoking at 12 and quit at age 35, it's been about 5 years now that I've been smoke free. It took me a solid year to get past the day to day hard cravings temptations ( used the nicotine lozenges for help).

Try to avoid for as long as possible situations that will trigger you to want to smoke, such as cocktails, coffee after dinner etc.

I ate a bag of chocolate mini's every night to help me, I gained 20 lbs, but also started running to help clean out my lungs and fight the weight gain. It was worth the few extra lbs to be smoke free, and now I can run for a solid hour!

Withdrawals wont last for forever, once you get through it, you will be done for forever!!!! Keep it up!!!!

frenchguy 6 years ago

4 months without smoking but still have craving and a sensation of burning stomack and out of breath...

bruce 6 years ago

I am 42 male I have been smoking for 29 years. I have been smoke free for 2 weeks. Yes it sucks but I believe that I can quit this time. I was I a motorcycle accident 2 years ago spent a week in the hospital smoke free. Well when I came home my brother in law was there cigs in hand started up again. Woke up one morning having hot flashes blood pressure 171 over 104 the hole left side of my body numb. Talk about some scary stuff people. Went to doc next morning they did there tests took x rays.well I got to see the x rays not good peeps. So I got to thinking I got a wife 2 kids 15 and 12 only been married4 years. The cravings get better every day I go without nicotine lounges tried them they were the worst things I have ever had. So cold turkey it is. Hang in everyoneand stay smoke free and live.

Md.Jameel 6 years ago

I started smoking a few weeks ago and I have used nearly 30 packets but after reading this passage i have decided to quit smoking.May ALLAH save us from the evil things.

Anna 6 years ago

I am free from the enslavement finally after 20 years. I stopped 6 days ago thanks to Allen Carr. Thank you so much Mr. Carr, my little (2 yr old) boy will also thank you one day. May you rest in peace knowing you have helped so many of us break free from that farce of a habit.

Gill 6 years ago

Gave up 4 weeks ago feel as if I've lost my best friend miss it terribly I manage to get over the urges but I am struggling with my moods things that didn't really bother me before annoy the life out of me have trouble trying to control my temper fly off the handle at the smallest thing

Any advice appreciated

Naomi 6 years ago

I am in the process of quitting also. I stopped once for eight years went through a divorce and started again. I have been smoking for almost five years now, and I know that the chemicals that are in those cigs are ten times worst then it was eight years ago because it is so hard to stop. Nevertheless, we all will kick this nasty habit one way or another.....God Bless!!!

crystal 6 years ago

have had 3 cigerettes in 50+ hrs. feel like this could be the beginning of a wonderful transition...not sure if it's a good idea to smoke 1 or 2 cigerettes a day until I can go a day without any or not but it's how i'm going to try. Still feeling withdrawl symptoms, stomach pain, coughing, dizziness, anxiety. I will stick with it though and hopefully succeed. Good luck to everyone in this battle with me.

cody 6 years ago

i quit today after reading this cold turky f it...... thanks for all the post this has helped me...

baris 6 years ago

Well i am smoking since 2003 ,it was actually just to be cool and than i tried several times to quit.I notice it that it effects my health,my relation more than i thought.I want to have a long life.I am talking sometimes to myself and asking what are the benefits of smoking.And i got the same answer NOTHING.I read all the comments and and i saw that many people suffer like me and find an excuse to quit.I am gonna quit from now on and reprogram my mind.thank you for those comments it helped me a lot.

cheri 6 years ago

Day 48- no butts!!! Still have cravings but they go away quickly!

Am wondering why I have not expelled mucous. I smoked for 30 years! I figured it would happen by now.

Feel so much better without butts. If I can do it ... So can't you!

Dianne Hunt 6 years ago

I smoked for 42 years and just celebrated 4 years of being a non-smoker. Never felt better - love my life now. Life is so much more relaxing then it ever was when I smoked. My lungs are clear - no more coughing - no more stressing about when I can have my next cigarette. Love it.

Rob 6 years ago

I am coming up on my 4th month of not smoking. I took the Chantix route for the first month and have been smoke free since. One thing I did was not announce it to the world that I was quitting. If people noticed me not smoking, then I told them how long it had been. I figured it was one less pressure point that I had to deal with. I also didn't take myself out of places that I associated with smoking. I faced it heads up.

I smoked for 5 or 6 years before quitting for about 4 years. I then started back and smoked for the last 13 or 14 years. I felt like a complete dumb ass because all I had to do is look at my oxygen needing mom who is in the condition she is in because of cigs.

So now here I am, a 43 year old non-smoker. I have been exercising to keep from gaining weight, and it has worked. I replaced one addiction for another... except the new one is healthy and doesn't leave a nasty smell.

Congrats to all you other newly appointed non-smokers and good luck in your journey. While its not easy, it does get easier day after day.

Paul 6 years ago

I'm on day 2 of not smoking, I have been smoking cigarettes for 2 years now, but prior to that have been smoking weed (mixed with tobacco) for 20 years. During that 20 years smoking weed, I never smoked an actual fitered cigarette, I had to stop smoking weed 2 years ago for a medical and starting smoking roll-ups with filters to satisfy the nicotine craving.

I have decided to quit for a couple of reasons, Cash, Health (I play football and i'm sick of the poor lung capacity) but the biggest reason is for my 3 boys, I remember being in their shoes as a child asking my own parents to quit, and vowing that I would never start smoking when I was older! The irony!

I'm finding that it's the habbits I had developed that are causing my cravings now I have quit, especially after food or with a cup of tea/coffe etc, I think for myself it's about breaking those associative habbits, it's going to be a struggle, but i'm determined to do it.

For anyone seeking inspiration, just do a Goolge images search for 'smokers lungs', that should be enough of an insentive for you!!

Good Luck people!

Who says quitters never win 6 years ago

I quit 3 weeks ago after smoking for 15 years. What has worked so far for me is I psyched myself up to it over a period of 4 weeks. Everyday when I smoked I asked myself why am I doing this. I reminded myself how my clothes and hair stink. The need to always have gum or my breath would stink. Then finally one night I finished a pack of cigarettes and told myself I would not be buying another pack. The next morning I felt good and I kept reminding myself all the things I hated about smoking. When I felt like I needed a cigarette I ran with my dogs (felt great) or took them for walks. Doing any physical activity is great, it's the only thing that I found to really take away the need for a cigarette. Even when I smoked I never wanted a cigarette after doing something physical. I always keep busy trying new things, new recipes, anything to reprogram my old habits. After 3 weeks I feel great. I haven't been able to take a deep breath in I don't know how long. That alone is what is keeping me going. It's a drug stronger than nicotine.

Good luck!

Linda Bev  6 years ago

Hi I have been Smoking since I was 12 Stopped when expecting my son who is now 21 but started again after I gave birth

I am now 42

I bought the book stop smoking in 1 hour by Susan Hepburn (has a surgery in Harley Street ) with accompanying CD.. I read the 1st half of the book and put the CD on my Ipod took it to bed and listended to it on Monday night.... got up Tuesday didn't even think of having a cigarette its Thursday now and I still haven't had one or wanted one I recommend this book but as she says have to want to stop smoking for yourself not someone else GOOD LUCKKK

For Yoshi 8 months ago 6 years ago

I quit about 10 weeks ago after about 20 years. Iam 58 now.

While I can say I went cold turkey I really was preparing myself unkowningly for months with my decesion. I don't remember the exact date but it was around midday I smoked my last cigarette. My reason for smoking started with stress and then became a physical reward habit.I completed a chore---I had a cigarette. Then the two hourly clock kicked-in. My waking hours were governed by these two hour intervals and strangely enough its how I've stayed off the cigarettes. I took each two hours and and did not light-up. Repeated the whole ritual every two hours. The two hour intervals soon added up to a complete day. I still get the urges but they are only fleeting. I realise everyone will use different ways to quit but if you haven't thought of this then I hope I've helped. Don't think of a whole day without a smoke but just maybe one or two hours.

For Gill 6 years ago

ill, you haven't lost a friend. You kicked the ass of something closer than a friend--an enemy. Hang in there. This forum is full of successful people and their conquests myself included.Accept that few things will happen. Moods and tantrums are not half as bad as the habit YOU ARE GOING TO KICK! Fortunatley, most of us were not told about the withdrawals. If we had then we may not have decided the quit. The road is hard but the rewards are great. You'll see. Be strong and use your experiences to assist others.

For Gill 6 years ago

Gill, you haven't lost a friend. You kicked the ass of something closer than a friend--an enemy. Hang in there. This forum is full of successful people and their conquests myself included.Accept that few things will happen. Moods and tantrums are not half as bad as the habit YOU ARE GOING TO KICK! Fortunatley, most of us were not told about the withdrawals. If we had then we may not have decided the quit. The road is hard but the rewards are great. You'll see. Be strong and use your experiences to assist others.

Sorry, I misspelt Gill's name the first time

Sugar 6 years ago

I am the person who quits smoking for 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months; I can never hold it together. I've smoked for 6 years, and for the past 2 years, I have wanted to do nothing but quit. I hate smoking, and I hate everything about it. The way your hair smells, your clothes smell, your breath smells.. its repulsive. Although I hate it, I can never seem to make it long term. There is some great advice on this website! I feel that after reading other peoples personal experiences, that I can now quit too. I have been "quitting" off and on this entire year so far, why Just the past couple weeks I went without smoking, but the last couple days I lost my cool. I will go from today, 8-18-2010, and see what I can do for this time. Hopefully it's a permanent thing!!! Thanks for all of your advice!

For Sugar 6 years ago

Congratulations on making the effort to try again.The best of luck. Keep on remembering and repeating all the bad stuff about smoking that you have already mentioned. Don't beat yourself up about failing. To jump farther you need to back-up a little more.....

Bruce 6 years ago

Well I am on my 90 day anniversary of being smoke free ye haa. Feels good peeps. Congratulations to all of u who are fighting the good fight. Keep it up it does get better. The cravings are still there ya just got to stay strong. Just talked to a friend that had a battle with cancer. That is some stuff peeps. Good luck to all hang in there.

Don't give up giving up!!! 6 years ago

Hi I am on my 3rd day of not smoking altho I have just been to the shop to get some gas and electric and came home with 10 cigs I did not smoke them I felt stupid for buying them but then Bout 15 mins ago I had one and now feel really guilty like iv just let myself down I'm going t get rid of the rest and try again. The 1st day was so easy I did not Evan think about it but the 2 nd day was so bad and so is today hence the slip up but I'm determind not to slip again I don't want to give up giving up.

Se7eN 6 years ago

Hello everyone, I am 20 years old (turning 21 in 2 days) and I've been smoking for over 4 years now. Smoking ruined my life. My girlfriend broke up with me because I started smoking behind her back. We've been together for 3 years and she is the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I quit smoking for 5 days now and I'm feeling great. First 2,3 days I felt like crap. But it gets better. Your lungs improve by a lot and your taste buds makes food taste better. Only 5 days and I'm like 10 pounds heavier. Munching on everything thing in sight. LOL my mom thinks that I'm smoking weed now. OK that's enough, didn't think I was gonna write this much. But good luck to everyone that's on their way to smoke-free. It's a difficult task but with enough willpower you can break free of the habit and become a healthier person. May God Be With You.

Cold Turkey 6 years ago

Am 40, smoked for nearly 20 years, I quit smoking 7 days ago COLD TURKEY with NO-SUPPORT, very hard indeed, but hey i just found a different way of coping with the urge, may sound crazy but here it is, whenever i feel some kinda restlessness (due to smoking URGE) i just make myself believe that there is no such thing as cigarette (and i almost , I say ALMOST, believe it for a moment) and i am feeling this coz of hunger or thirst, then i feed my urge something healthier, AND THE VICE URGE IS GONE

Addict 6 years ago

Hey guys I'm 23 now and I have been smoking Ciggarettes and weed since I was 11. Mostly due to the fact that I grew up with a family of smokers of both evil substances. It became a habit that was accepted by everyone around me and this has definatley made it harder to quit. I did manage to quit for 8 months back when I was 19 but I turned to drinking then an it became a substitute for everything else.

Anyway that didn't last and at a moment of weakness I started on the smoke again when I was with a group of friends. The joke is they didn't even pressure me into it I just started up again. At this moment I'm trying to quit the weed and the fags. I have started exercising regulary and have noticed that I struggle to run at pace with lads my age. This is ultimately wat has inspired me to quit. After all I was fit and health once. I just hope instead of another substance that is bad for me I can replace my stupid need for fags and weed with something healthier like exercise.

Thanks for everyones posts. It helps to know that your not the only person who struggles

18 days and counting 6 years ago

This has been tough, I didn't quit because I wanted to quit, I quit because I was sick with Pneumonia and during that time didn't want to smoke nor have the desire to smoke - now that I'm better I am finding myself REALLY wanting to smoke but figured I went 12 days without smoking so I know I can do it - right now though it's just so very hard not to....good luck to everyone out there trying to quit and be healthier for it - look up some pictures online for "smokers lung" that right there should give you a little motivation, I know it did for me!

peesncarrots 6 years ago

I'm a 23 year old female and this is my 5th day of not smoking after 5 years of smoking. I have just been trying to pretend that nothing is wrong, like tobacco isn't an option. Today driving home from work I was afraid I was going to get pulled over because I was crying and screaming so much. I'm just trying to pretend like cigarettes aren't an option and i'm remembering how disgusting and difficult it was to actually get addicted. I'm taking some serious time out. My body feels like I just did 5 years of manual labor, i won't go so far as to say torture. But hearing everybody's stories make me feel a lot less crazy. It's been an intense day, that's for sure!

David Lloyd 6 years ago

i have tried quitting smoking lots of times and not done very well, this time i have kept a notepad on me everywhere i go,i'm on day 44 now without smoking which was costing me £5.33 per day, that adds up to £234.52p.When i feel like smoking,i look at my notepad to look at my savings and that helps me stay soon adds up,try it and good luck.


Day number 11 and going strong! Didn't smoke a lot, but smoked and black and mild and/or cig just about everyday for 10yrs and I'm 28 now. A positive mental attitude will keep the drive thru the process of quitting. F*%k smoking! We can do it stay focused and stay positive.

Qwerty 6 years ago

I've smoked for about 8 months I think...and not too heavily except maybe a 1/2 to a pack a week... Is that gonna have a huge impact on my life in the future. People in my family have smoked especially the older relatives and they never got problems from it.


18 Days and counting...all your your stories have helped. Thank you all.

jaycee 6 years ago

I am on my 15th day of not smoking. Yeah. I wanted to quit but never tried hard enough. If the ENT doctor hadn't told me I had to quit I probably would still be smoking. I just go day by day. When I want one, I take a walk. hearing what other people go through helps make me push on to stay quit. hopefully I will be able to come back in a few weeks and say I am still smoke free.

baz 6 years ago

4 days clean, tomorrow will be the 5th.

Its difficult and i'm already thinking i should back to them but i know its the addiction turning itself around. Stay strong everyone :D

Robert 6 years ago

40 year smoker here, about two weeks reformed. Decided not to precisely count the days quit because I want to be quit for good(stubborn in a constructive-application). I no longer smoke and will never do so again, no matter what. I think a little mantra helps!

Tough going the first week but no slips and much better now. The terrible coughing, congestion and wheezing I had developed has now cleared and my lung capacity has substantially increased. I can walk further and up inclines without being winded. It's really very amazing how quickly the body starts healing but please don't put off quiting because there is a tipping point for each body's chemistry that is a point of no return, just too much damage to rebound from. I've known 3 smokers that crossed that line and the last years of their life's were pure hell. On a brighter note; most of us have time and can do it if we commit and except no excuses from that nasty voice of addiction with-in. It does relent.

My headaches and sweats stopped after the fifth day. The hand shaking stopped by day 5. The heart palpitations I experienced abated by day 6. The joint aches ceased on day 6. Some instestinal distress remains through today as I believe my body is essentially cleansing and resetting. My cravings are down in number and intensity.

Good distractions have been;

1)Actually saying no to the cravings as they occur.

2)Saying yes to the victories, smiling and celebrating the wins throughout the day.

3)Inhale-ing from a tiny bottle of camphor oil when cravings are bad.

4)Going on brisk walks.

5)Chewing on a toothpick or a 3 to 4 inch section of a plastic straw saves me from eating extra foods.

6)I made a written list of all my reasons for stopping and quickly committed the top 5 to memory, I mentally run through that list when a strong craving with imagery sets in. I also viewed online images of smoking damaged lungs and people permanently damaged by smoking deseases, commited those to memory (ugly) as craving defeating thoughts to turn to.

7)I quit coffee and alcohol until such time as I believe is needed to remain successfully smoke free.

8)I identified the biggest triggers for my habit and have avoided as many as possible in the early going. I threw out all lighters, ashtrays, etc.., if there had been a physical bridge to burn I would have set it a blaze! No going back!

8)A few slow deep breaths feel good and kill cravings.

9)I try to keep my mind and hands busy. A good book is a nice distraction. I also walk around and take loads of digital pics and appreciate the world.

10)I pray.

That's how I'm doing it and it's working for me. Taint' special easy but it's working and getting easier each day.

God's help and a strong will be with you. You can do it!

Steven 6 years ago

I greet all the ex-smokers here !!! Never start again ! We don't need that sh*t, now we realize how stupid we are. My life is 100000000 times better without these cigarettes. Never never never even think to start again ! Forget it, just go on !

You feel boring? Just start inform yourself how to RECOVER your lungs, because it might takes years to improve significantly. Start your recovering NOW, focus on it. You know that most of the EX-SMOKER die from lung diseases, so quitting cigarettes is not the FINAL STEP !!!

Focus on your healthy life and decrease the damage inside. Visit your doctor periodically. The lung diseases are silent, so check your lungs periodically !!!

Don't even think to start cigarettes again. This had been the worst step in our lives !!!! The fastest way to die young, to get ugly, to smell like ashtray, to get old - this it what we pay about !!!! Do you need so expensive way to destroy yourself?!!?

Being a smoker is the worst thing you can do in your life ! It makes the stress and heals it, it makes your weakness and heals it, it makes you feel very bad and then give you a 5 minute of peace. Smoking is SLAVERY !!!! If you don't quit now, you will smoke until your last day, so DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE !!!!!!!!!

Mary  6 years ago

I smoked for about 30 years. I quit almost 3 months ago and used a therapy that really works. Accupuncture Laser therapy. If you go on Youtube, you can watch the Omega Laser videos. It worked for me first try and have not had any withdrawals that I had when I tried quitting cold turkey a few years ago. Cold turkey is really difficult to do; I took a chance, spent the best 300 bucks ever on this therapy. For those of you who are struggling, try this, it works most of the time. I used to smoke 1pack and sometimes more, per day for 30 years. If it worked for me, it will work for anyone! Good luck to all of you.

PS: Aside from sleeping more or wanting to sleep more and gaining a few lbs, can't say it's been really hard...

martin 6 years ago

I agree with you Steve....fantastic that everyone here is giving it a go...and succeeding by the sound of things. Giving up smoking is the first step...undoing the damage that has been caused by the cigarette companies is the next..never even consider lighting up happy to be free of the sucks!!

Lung Detox 6 years ago

Good hub, cleansing your lungs after quitting smoking should be a top priority because all that tar and chemicals will still live in your lugns for a long time afterwards!

Marguerite 6 years ago

The guy at the top of the page can go fuck himself. Every person on earth has addiction weather it be to food, drink, or drugs. That's why its so hard to not eat. Our body can live without food for 2 weeks before not dying so if you wanta know what its like for a smoker, stop eating for 3 to 4 days and you might become more sympathetic to what a smoker has to go threw. I quit today.

kayfare 6 years ago

Where can i find Mullien tea?

Florin 6 years ago

My 5th day without smoking. Pretty proud of myself,hehe. I still feel the urge, but I wouldn´t smoke again, no way - it would mean that all I´ve been through was in vain!!!

No freakin´way. Good luck for all of you who´re trying to get rid of this horrible vice.

BREATH WELL 6 years ago

I have found something that made my cravings a lot easier to handle, and don't laugh, it works for me. It is called Breathe Well. You know that stick with the menthol and peppermint oil you sniff through your nostrils when you have the flu. Well I quit smoking 6 weeks ago and I just could not handle the need to inhale something, it did not have to be nicotine because I don't think I'm craving nicotine anymore. I thought I was going crazy. But This little inhaler helped me so much! I have them around everywhere now. At home, in the car and at the office. Just thought I could share this cause I know it sucks to quit and maybe it will also help you. It is worth a try...

shireen 6 years ago

Congrats everyone!!I haven't had a smoke for six months.I smoked for 36 years and decided enough was enough!!I used the champix and they wroked well for me but you still have to fight the Nasy Nicotine yourself.

I still dream I have a smoke or that Ive bought a packet and am SO disgusted with my self when I wake up.

I feel great and my skin is better I never want to smoke again.Good luck to you all

Happier Now 6 years ago

First off I would like to say to everyone Hang in there!

My husband and I are currently on day 4 of our journey to being smoke-free. I have read a good majority of everyone's posts and seen a lot of good information. But I would like to add some of my helpful tips.

Temporary smell(aka smoke) blocker: Use any kind of vapor rub. Now what you do is, if you have a family member or friend who is a smoker, put a small amount of it on your finger and dab it on the outside of your nostrils. (I'm not talking a glob,and cramming it into your brain) Just a light film to help fight off the smell of smoke while said person is around you.

Have a clean home. Start cleaning area's of your home that had the most attention while you were smoking.(Then work on the other areas)Re-wash clothes, bedding, and curtains! I'm not saying you have to do everything all at once, but it all needs to be done eventually. Fabreeze or any other kind of spray can be used on furniture.

Try starting a new routine: Morning's are a killer for me with cravings. I wake up and brush my teeth. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down and drink it slowly. (Breath deep). My craving for a smoke is gone after 5-6 mins. I just needed to "re-program my brain. Instead of the first thing I think of is "Man, I need a smoke!" I think, Wow, I need to brush my teeth and get a cup of coffee!" (Mind you not everyone drinks coffee, but I hope you get my meaning)

And remember, just take it slow. Take deep breaths often. It will get better. And you will feel better. Don't have the mind set that this is going to happen over night, because sadly you will be letting yourself down. You need to keep daily goals. Because those are a lot easier to full-fill and less likely come short on.

We can do it! ROCK ON!

Dana 5 years ago

Hey. I'm on the day 3 of not smoking. I feel ok. I tryed last week for 4 days and it was good til my boyfriend came home and he made me smoke again. He is a smoker too. Because of him I start to smoke. I been smoking now for 4 years, from a silly thing ... I tryed to make my bf to quit smoking and I said to him if you don't quit smoking then I will start smoking too. LoL! that wasn't a very good idea to make someone to quit smoking. anyways ... now I really want to quit smoking. i'm a bit scared cus I don't want to be fat but ... I'll deal with that later. I wish you all good luck and take care. :) cheers

shahab 5 years ago

guys its been 3...4 days since i smoked my last cigar. and im not looking for smoking again .. i registered myself in gym and i run about an hour a day but yet i have a thirst for smoking .. do any of you guys know how long or yet better to say how many days does it take till this thirst would be gone ?

Kelly 5 years ago

I quite 19th Novemebr 2010 after i watched a program concerning a mad who had a stoke caused by his excessive smoking, he later died in hospital. He was 50. This horrified me!!! I had been smoking for 10 years previous to quitting and had attempted to quite many times.

One little bit of advice, as im sure most have heard, you have to really want to quite for yourself.

I can honestly say it has been so easy for me! I smoked the most when i was out drinking so that weekend i went out with my friends to the local watering hole to test myself. Not one puff!!!

I just kept asking myself i was a 'non smoker, why do i want a smoke'? I'll be honest and say i have had a puff, only a few days ago and it made me so so sick! Really just set in stone how glad i am i quite! I am so proud of myself, and already feel better!!! Those of you who are in the process, DON'T GIVE UP!!! It may seem hard now but hear me when i say it is SO worth it!!! Not just for your health but also for you bank account :)

the muse 5 years ago

Dear Camel Lights it's been only 5 days without you and I miss you like crazy. The mornings with coffee,those drives to work and back You were always there when I needed you most like when I felt Accomplished,Aggravated,Alone,Amused,Angry,Annoyed,Anxious,Apathetic,Ashamed,Awake,Bewildered,Bitchy,Blah,Blank,Blissful,Bored,Calm,Complacent,Confused,Content,Cranky,Crappy,Crazy,Crushed,Curious,Cynical,Depressed,Determined,Devious,Disappointed,Discontent,Drained,Drunk,Energetic,Enraged,Envious,Excited,Exhausted,Frustrated :(

faffon 5 years ago

I stopped smoking in November 2010 after 35 years.

I belive it took me almost a year to take the final step.

I read the Allen Carr book but believe what helped the most was I listened to the book, I downloaded the audio book and listened to it every night just before sleep.

I had tried so many times but it only lasted a few days at most.

The book is so right.... when it finally clicks in your head, you will be ready.

I sometimes think that if I have a smoke right now, then I wont feel so cranky, mad, annoyed, who am I kidding? It is sometimes difficult but let your brain be the power and think like a non-smoker. Non-smokers dont crave cigarettes.

Good luck to everyone and keep trying, you will succeed.

Hakan 5 years ago

Hi Guys,

I can not believe that I made it too :)

I stopped smoking 4 days ago after 23 years I will never start again.

Indeed, I have decided to stop smoking at 30 years old and was postponing since 9 years :) But never tried before and I am feeling great...

Dont know what to say because was planning and waiting for this from a long time, hence a bit confused.

Good luck everybody, We will do it !

Jo manda 5 years ago

hi y'all.. yes, I also quit smoking cigarrettes... actually, quit smoking, period.(can't really quit the other stuff--just yet, though, that will come later, I guess..) Its been a whole two days. And I already feel so proud of myself. After smoking for so long, and chain-smoking the weekends, or whenever Im on my nerves(quite frequently lately); I can finally say I quit! yup! Big Momma finally quit smoking them cigs...

but now, Ive noticed, Ive begun craving other things. Or should I say.. jonesing? Ever since I smoked my last cig, on sunday early mo, after leaving Latisha's crib; I've been getting these wild thoughts about getting passionate with complete strangers... for free, too.. I was wondering if these thoughts were a normal phase of nicotine withdrawal.. any of y'all having these issues?

Could have been all the wine and all that other stuff we did, that has me juicing around, wild; like a bitch in heat. But I was thinking it could be the withdrawal syndrome from no smokes.. or maybe the moon? sheeshh...

Susan 5 years ago

I have been smoke free four months today.....I had smoked for 18 years. This is the hardest, most challenging thing I have ever done.

For me quitting hasn't worked until now. Before, I never treated it like an addiction. Within my first week of quitting I had the idea that I would not want an alcoholic to go to a bar during their struggle with sobriety. That thought made me realize that before when I tried to quit I wasn't giving up all my trigger habits (especially cocktails) that go with smoking. I have done this now, I've been out for dinner/drinks a few times but most of all stay close to home.....this has helped me a great deal. I have also learned to close my eyes (and picture my favorite caribbean beach) and take a deep breat until the craving passes....this is helpful because I can do it anywhere. Also I have been very candid and open about my struggle and this has helped my non-smoking friends understand what I'm going through. And lastly I read the website or .com I can't remember which one. For anyone who is trying to quit, go there, its a website built by families who have lost loved ones from lung cancer at a very young age. It is a real eye opener.

My husband has quit along with me and these things have helped him as well. I hope by posting this, it may help someone kick the crap out of this deadly habit.

btw-over christmas I watched my best friend bury their brother due to lung cancer...he was 41.

Jason 5 years ago

I quit 100 days ago! I will never smoke again. Anyone who makes that same decision, will quit forever. Unless your superhuman you will not quit. So decide to be superhuman and healthy. I did. I'm 33 years old and i smoked for 19 years.

Costas 5 years ago

I stop smoking two weeks ago

mark 5 years ago

I am 6 weeks without a smoke now. After smoking for 20 years, i am 35. Its been great to read all the stories of others doing it too.

The best way to look at i thought was that everything in my life was a trigger for a smoke. Waking up, walking somewhere, etc.. etc... so just dont worry about it. and it turned out that i got free drinks on day 1 and i got through it without thinking about a cig really. ANd its been plain sailing from there.

You know when its your time. You smell other people smoking and it smells bad. that's when you know.

Best of luck to you all. See you in the pool or the gym.

That's the other thing. I didn't really get any cough after. But have started some fairly serious swimming in the last 4 weeks. 3km squad session twice a week with an extra 1 or 2 on my own. And its after these sessions that i cough up some white stuff, not sure what this is. Cant wait to have full lung function back. Wonder how long it takes and i also wonder hard i should push it in training, given that i have only stopped for 6 weeks.

mark 5 years ago

I am 6 weeks without a smoke now. After smoking for 20 years, i am 35. Its been great to read all the stories of others doing it too.

The best way to look at i thought was that everything in my life was a trigger for a smoke. Waking up, walking somewhere, etc.. etc... so just dont worry about it. and it turned out that i got free drinks on day 1 and i got through it without thinking about a cig really. ANd its been plain sailing from there.

You know when its your time. You smell other people smoking and it smells bad. that's when you know.

Best of luck to you all. See you in the pool or the gym.

That's the other thing. I didn't really get any cough after. But have started some fairly serious swimming in the last 4 weeks. 3km squad session twice a week with an extra 1 or 2 on my own. And its after these sessions that i cough up some white stuff, not sure what this is. Cant wait to have full lung function back. Wonder how long it takes and i also wonder hard i should push it in training, given that i have only stopped for 6 weeks.

Daybyday 5 years ago

Today is day 16 for me. I never reallly had the urge to quit as all of my older relatives were smokers and healthy, I was in denial that smoking was really that dangerous. I started smoking socially with friends at 12 y/o, and am now 28 and smoke 1/2 a pack a day. What finallymade me see the light was that I caught a really bad flu which kept me in bed for 4 days sleeping day and night. When the flu started to subside I started to experience withdraw symptoms that I thought were just the flu lingering. By day six It started to get really hard as the nicotine was completely gone, but looking int the mirror my eyes looked brighter like I was a teenager again, and that was encouraging. The next few nights I couldn't sleep through the night without waking up every two hours in a sweat, or with nervous twitches. That's when I really began to feel discusted with smoking. I was in shock to see how much control a stinky little stick had over my entire body and life and I finally wanted to quit more than ever. The want is what will get you through it. I still struggle every night after dinner not to give in, because that's usually when boredom let's me think about smoking, but The cravings have become shorter and after thru pass I am so thankful. Since I started so young I don't even remember what it was like not to smoke, and it's really empowering. The biggest help for me is taking it one day at a time. I have a wedding next month in my hometown where all my old friends smoke and when I think about it it makes me nervous that with a little booze and everyone else doing it, I might cAve. I need to remind myself that it's one day at a time, and google a Ny quitting smoking article I can and it puts me back in perspective. Thanks everyone for sharing all of your stories, its been a lot of help for all of us through this life changing battle. It does get easier over time, but after smoking many years or even decades, it will require a lot of focus and commitment, but WILL be worth it in the end. Keep it up

17 been smokin for 5 5 years ago

i been smoking for 5 years and im 17 i started smoking cause of stress, i recently went to jail and i quit after i got out its been almost 2 months and ive only smoked about 4-5 times to me this is good cause i used to smoke a lot before and after football practice but now i am clean for atleast 4 days without the urge to take a puff now im about to start on my physical exercises so i can get back into shape

ravi 5 years ago

i am 48. i have been smoking for the past 8 years..i know its absurd to start smoking at 40. i have since then have two heart attacks and have had an angioplasty and find the habit really ahard to kick....i have been through periods of couple of weeks..this time though i am determined. i have stoped smoking. this is my 5th day. i know its not much. i just felt perhaps sharing and all you good folks standing by me perhaps will held me..its 9pm in the night now and i have an incredible urge to smoke :)...stupid eh? however i am determoined to resist...

lena 5 years ago

Dear Ravi: Hang in there, it gets easier. today is my 13th day smoke free. I am 40 years old and smoked for 22 years,about a pack per day. congratulations!! it's the best thing you could do for your health. be strong and never take another puff. You can do it! for now deep breathing seems to help a great deal, think about what it has done to your health, take a few deep breaths and let a couple of minutes go by.. the desire for a cig will vanish..I know the first couple of weeks are very hard(this is my 3rd and last time quitting) but it gets better eventually the cravings for cigs will go away with time, it will get easier and easier. You will be very glad you did it. good luck! congratulations. God Bless you.

john 5 years ago

Smoked for 10 years . Had pneumonia which led to a stroke . Makes you think deep about life . The anguish you fell as your breath is robbed from yours lungs . Still today 2 years on I still have the side effects . Boy I can tell you how life is precious as am grateful to have had a second chance ,thanks to the doctor who fought to save my life. To those who say one day i will quit this is wrong. Quit this sinking ship now. Come on people there is so much to do in life. Its in all your mind . Resist awake people .

barry 5 years ago

I have not had a cigarette now for 24 days! I will turn 62 this year and have been smoking since I was 12. That's 50 years of smoking! My wife and I quit for 3 years about 16 years ago when we bought our new house.

But one puff, at a party and we were back to smoking again.

The Allen Carr audio book The Easy Way to Quit Smoking is wonderful! As a result of smoking, I have had a serious dental problem that is causing me to loose my teeth. My dentist says 80% of smokers get gum disease and can lead to gum infection, bone lose, and tooth lose.

I feel sick,kind of like a low grade flu but I think that is my body repairing itself. Breathing is wonderful! A little shortness of breath during the first two weeks, but that is gone now. Dark chocolate kisses DOES help dispell the cravings!

I will not be a drug addict!! There is a video on u tube on how they make US cigarettes created by the history channell that will really piss you off! It shows how they concoct a cigarette to be more addictive, and how to deliver the nicotine to the brain quicker! Watch this video and it will help with quiting.

"Philip Morris acknowledged it used ammonia to change cigarettes taste and marketability and boost the absorption of nicotine. "This disclosure is an important step in our ongoing effort to work constructively with the government, the public-health community and others to address issues concerning tobacco use in our society," said a statement from the company."

"Internal tobacco-industry documents noted that adding ammonia is just one of seven methods used to increase the "nicotine kick" and addictiveness of cigarettes. "Methods which may be used to increase smoke pH and nicotine 'kick' include use of alkaline additives, usually ammonia compounds, removal of acids from the blend and special filter systems to remove acids from or add alkaline materials to the smoke," said one industry document."

Praise the Lord and keep his temple clean.

William Pacelli 5 years ago

I quit cigarettes cold turkey 7 days ago. Am I going nuts with the withdrawal process? Not really. The benefits are so fantastic so quickly, ie. better lung function, normal blood pressure,hacking stopped, breathing improved so much I can't believe it. Mucus gone. No more wheezing. When I get the cravings I just think of the wonderful benefits and the cravings go away. You can do it if you really want to. I smoked for 30 years and I'm doing it. I asked the Lord for help and He is helping me. He will help you too. Just ask Him! Good luck and God bless you all!

IsThisMe 5 years ago

I quit smoking Nov 2, 2010. I smoked about 1.5 packs a day for 27 years and the past few years I pretty much chained smoked. I used the Commit Lozenges and the patch for a while. I have been completely nicotine free for about 6 days now. It has been hard. Physically I detoxed some but never had any coughing or mucus. I slept a lot for the first couple weeks and still feel a little sleepy. I can't believe that the fogginess has not gone away and the ADD kicked into high gear. I heard that after you quit smoking you could have hidden health problems show up. I have felt like crap and been in pain all over for a couple months now; the doctors haven't found anything yet (I think it's mostly an auto-immune problem - like arthritis). I will not let this make me smoke again though. I pray a lot. It's weird - some days I get up and really think that I want to smoke but then I go to bed amazed that I didn't. I bought sugar free candy, bought a Thi Chai video and am trying to eat healthy as often as I can. This health stuff will pass.

I'm glad I found you fellow x-smokers - it makes this very challenging change a little easier.

go me!!!! 5 years ago

37 yrs heavy smoker---1 week proud of me.....easier than I thought but had a rough craving last night, would have smoked a butt in the street if I could have.felt like a junkie..made myself go to bed and was soooooo happy when I woke up.

I am doing it!!!! 5 years ago

been smoke free for 3 and half months, since jan 4, 2011. feeling great. Now april 14, 2011. chewing gum and sucking on mints. attend smoking groups on thursdays 3:30pm to 4:30pm. it is working. craving less severe, dont have everyday or don't notice. year will be here before i know it. don't smoke that goes for me and you people trying to quit. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

Dont wanna die 5 years ago

Well i mad up my mind last night, well i was finnishing off my last cig in the pack! Ooohhh Nooo!!! is what i was really thinking..A little about me i started smokeing when i was about 13 years old, i am 35 yrs. old now. I remember going to carnivales and the cig. co. giving free test packs of cigs i think they would only hold about 3 to 5 cigs per pack, that's how it all started! I have tried to stop smokeing for the past 15 years and i could not do it, the longest i have ever whent in the past was 3 days.." I SUCK"! i have a 12 yr. old girl, and a baby boy on the way in about 2 months to be exact. yayaya so i need to stop for my family but most of all for me. i am a male, slim, and i have always been very athletic, but my lungs can not last anymore, i hate it. i have not smoked all day and my lungs feel better already, my lil girl coughs all the time, i know it has to do with that stupied tabbaco! i hope i have the will power this time. cuz this guy wants to live and be tabbaco free

best thing i ever did 5 years ago

I am on day 10 of being smoke-free, after being a smoker for 30 years. Hardest thing I have ever done... yet one of the things I am most proud of. I can't believe how resfreshing it is not to be controlled by cigarettes!

Great tips, and personal experiences!

Best of luck to all my fellow quitters :)

former ciggy fan 5 years ago

hello ppl,

nice to read the giving up truth, i m on my way, i have left smoking for 2 weeks now, i m finding myself very refreshing all the time. i never used to smoke until i was 27, now i m 29. i think the biggest part for me to start smoking is my surrounding. all my friends used to smoke and i just started smoking just for fun.

I smoked for 2 years now, but i want to stop smoking.

I wanted to cleanes my lungs from all the chemicals and tar.... u knw it...

does anybody have tried to detox lungs? can you advise me the best way to do it,..

thank you and keep u all

jara7 5 years ago

i've been smoked for 20 and Now Free smoke

i hope everyone take it off and Enjoy his life Nature

sweet 5 years ago

hi..i jus started smikin a year before..n hav 2-3 a day...i quited fr a mnth in april...didn't smoke fr 20 days...nw jus 1-2 a day...jus wan ma lungs n throat to be perfect...but hw???can nebdy suggest???

Know Why You Smoke?? 5 years ago

Hi, What helped me to quit smoking was the Allen Carr Audiobook and dvd. It shows you that smoking does not do anything at all for you, including relieving stress, boredom etc. Give it a try. Today is day 6 for me and I feel more healthier than before.This is the first time I quit for so long , 6 days and counting. Try the Allen Carr, it helps a lot.

smokes suck 5 years ago

The Allen Carr book - 'The easy way to stop smoking' is amazing! If every smoker should read that book, then there would be hardly any left. The book teaches you about how smokers create a fear within themselves and it helps remove it so when you quit there is nothing to be afraid of, just a healthy life to look forward to :)good luck

a little humor 5 years ago

I heard you quit smoking 2 weeks ago. How's it going?"

"How's it going? Is that some sort of rhetorical question? What are you? Some kind of joker? Fuck you! THAT'S how it's going. Oh. You're being serious. Ummm...not too bad. Could be worse. Hey, hand me those potato chips, will you? THOSE potato chips! Damn, bitch, are you blind? Oh, sorry. No, it's just nerves. What were you saying? Something about smoking? No, really, it's going great. Couldn't be better. Cold turkey? Hell no! Where'd you hear that? Fuck that! No, I'm using the patch now. Yeah, it works great. Can't you tell? Hey, you going to eat the rest of that burger? No? Well, pass that over here, bitch! How about those fries? You just going to stare at them or you going to eat those too? What was I saying? Oh yeah. The smoking thing. Well, to tell you the truth, I thought I'd feel healthier. No, no, I'm still glad I quit. Definitely glad I quit. Hey, you want to go get some ice cream? No? Well, fuck you then. Edgy? Me? I don't think so. But thanks for asking, asshole!"..

Good Luck everyone!!!!!

SmokeBGone 5 years ago

Im on day 8 of no smoking. I've had the headaches, cold symptoms, nausea, cravings, dizziness, etc. But I've prayed for a long time to be smoke free. Those prayers and my faith have brought me this far, so I'm sure God will see me thru to the end.

nini 5 years ago

Allan Carr book The Easiest Way to Quit Smoking i recommend it absolutely brilliant please have a read if you are struggling xo goodluck i feel on top of the world

rajanj1n 5 years ago

I quit smoking last sept 2010. Been a smoker for 30+ years. Quit smoking cold turkey. Its been 10 months smoke free. There are headaches, aches and pains at times but able to fight it. Put on weight 3kg and exercising daily taking brisk walks. Drink plenty water it helps. Be positive everything will work out fine.

rajanj1n 5 years ago

Its been more than 11 months since I quit smoking.Headaches are less.Exercising 5 times a week to keep fit.Withdrawls are still there but just able to handle it. On mediacation for hypertension and diabetes.BP reading improving but sugar reading not consistent.Just waiting for the 1 year mark. Intend to celebrate

thanks for the tips 5 years ago

Im 13 now, been smoking cigarettes since im 10 and smoking pot since im 11. I have horrible lung capacity and im in my school's hockey team and cant even skate fast for 2 minutes without getting out of breath. I had quit for 4 months, from january to april. I was sooo craving a joint all that time that i let myself go and smoked on the 20th of april (marijuana day). I then restarted smoking and have been smoking since the end of school. I then went on vacation for 2 months and promised to myself I would stop, but I smoked a joint with my friend on my vacation and everything restarted. I came back 4 days ago, and have smoked 2 joints since. I had a badtrip on my last joint yesterday, my heart started beating really hard and fast and I was real close to throwing up. I really, really want to stop. I hope god will help me with this, amine.

gaurav 5 years ago

please tell me how to use lcorice fir cleansing lungs . eg tea , powder etc.

Al 5 years ago

Yea I would be interested like the guy above. Just what can you do/take to clear the shit in your lungs?

5 years ago

First of all thank you to everyone who has posted about their experiences. I am too, a smoker who has smoked for 7 years and am now 22 years old. I managed to quit for about 4 months last Christmas 2010 but started again for reasons unknown even to myself. All it takes is for that one drag on a mates fag and it opens the door again. Next thing you know, you have gone and bought yourself a pack of 10 and that 4 months hard work is wasted. I am now in the same position I was 10 months ago. I cannot walk for 2 minutes up to my local town without becoming breathless. For a 22 year old this is bad. It is also affecting my relationship, I want to be able to please my boyfriend intimately but don’t have the energy or the fitness to do so. I have decided enough is enough. It has been 27 hours since my last cigarette. I know this is going to be so hard but reading some of the comments on here gives me encouragement and inspiration. I cannot wait to be able to start exercising and get my fitness back to what it should be. Wish me luck and I hope that one day I will be able to post my success story on here.

JimRob 5 years ago

I appreciate all of the posts Above me; I've read the majority, from a few years to a few days ago. I've been smoking cigarettes and on occasion marijuana for around 7 or 8 years. I'm 22 now and the last couple of years have been rough. I smoke from the time I get out of bed until I lay back down at night, and usually around a pack(20) per day. I was always an athlete playing most sports growing up and through school. I was also a track runner and still hold a couple of high school records in the 1 & 200 meter sprints. Not trying to boast, only describe myself.. I didn't really have a reason to begin smoking, other than I wanted to. About 18yo I started smoking hard and heavy, by hard I mean really pulling on it. Some call it hot-boxing. Anyways, since then smoking has really taken a toll on my body. Since I got out of school I'm not near as active as I used to be and where I work I can smoke throughout the day. I've managed to quit for a few days 2 or 3 times before but I've always given in. I now lose my breath walking to the mailbox and cough continuously durning the day. Sometimes I forget how awful the hacking and hocking sounds to others, but I know its disgusting. I also write acoustic music and lyrics, and perform in public locations, so I try to cut back a couple days before a gig so my voice isn't so raspy and so I don't cough as much between songs. I'm sorry to keep going on and on about this but I have no peers that understand the situation or my circumstances so it's actually helping just to type this.. I'm currently still a smoker but I've been wanting to permanently put it away for a while. I'm pretty strong minded and can usually succeed in whatever I put my mind to, so I'm going to take this head on. Cold turkey will be my first true attempt and I'll post progress if I can find this forum again. Thanks to whoever may be reading this & I wish the best of luck to all!

susan 5 years ago

The hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life was quitting smoking. I smoked exactly 20 years,one and a half-two packs a day. It has been just over 11 years since I have had a cigarette. It took about 14 months before I no longer had urges or thoughts about smoking. For me the smoking dreams just nudged me even more to saty away. I am writing to those of you who teeter totter on the fence of craving vs. quitting.....yesterday I was diagnosed with COPD. All related to smoking cigarettes. I told my doctor that's I quit 11 years ago so my lungs should be all better, not in a COPD state. He said cigarette smoking damages the lungs, period. Sometimes your lungs heal all the way, and sometimes they only heal to a certain point. My only point is to those of you who struggle and struggle and struggle with staying quit. I did that for 7-8 years. Believe me I know the struggle. I also know you cannot scare someone into quitting. My 17 yr old daughter lost her dad to a smoking induced heart attack one year ago. Yesterday I was given this dx. Although I am in an early state of COPD, it is progressive. Both of us lose to cigarettes. You have the power and the strenghth and the ability to quit. You CAN do it. Sit through the IS the hardest thing in the world to do. Sit through that antsy, crazy, come out of your skin buzz. You are way more powerful than smoking. Prove that to yourself anf then watch what else changes in your life once you discover your true strength. I wish you complete success to every single one of you who read this. One minute, One hour, one day, one night at a time. Peace to all of you

finallydidit 5 years ago

Finally quit smoking 5 weeks ago after 20 years. I figured my 40th birthday was a good occasion. I found it was way easier to quit than I had feared to, but I set myself up for success as much as I could. This is what worked for me:

First of all I went on a long weekend trip with a friend, away from home, away from the coffee/cigarette and dinner/cigarette routines, and then being with another person to be distracted and supported for the first three days. It was not fun. But, by the time I came back the worst was already over (temper tantrums, being irritated, getting emotional about the most ridiculous things - make sure to select your supporting friend wisely...)

Come Monday I was actually ready to not smoke back inside my old routine and I haven't touched a cigarette since.

I still have cravings about 3-5 times a day. They come in a flash and I get up and do something to distract myself and like a flash they're gone again.

I have gained about 10lbs., I amped up my exercise, but I guess my body needs to do what it needs to do.

I have to say that I was THINKING about quitting for about a year and a half, trying to imagine scenarios that would work for me, imagining how nice it would be not to HAVE to smoke, trying not to smoke when being around non-smoking friends and I think it just finally came to the point where I was ready to make all these wishful thoughts reality and just "Let Go" of the smokes. I was stunned how easy it was all of a sudden not to smoke and how happy it made me.

I might add that I never believed in nicotine addiction, nicotine is a very short lived substance, the physical part of withdrawals is nothing compared to the mental part, the habits, the feelings, the associations that every smoker creates during years of forming habits.

This is just my personal experience, hang in there everybody - you can do it! You will feel like a slave shaking the chains!

mind/body 5 years ago

Just do it.

do not give in to whatever emotions that you had, have and will have. at least do it for yourself, you owe that obligation to yourself.

last stick means last stick.

hang in there!

canche 5 years ago

All I did is ask my 9 year old son, to give me a list why he want me to quit, and he came with more than two pages, I always work out and keep myself fit, but always smoking Now I will do it for good, nothing is imposible is you, or your rich supliers whom make a fortune of an addiction and dead. think one pack a day is a great money for vacation to the end of the year. I see you Jamaica in a year.

UsaWarbound 5 years ago

help me stay a quitter! only 3 weeks here come thi saturday!

Help me control/resist the urge to smoke again!

Jenny 5 years ago

I quit smoking on 31 December 2011 and so far so good. Has been smoking for 10 years first time I am trying to quit. Reason for quitting: I get nightmares the past month that I am going to die soon of lungcancer and this has really given me the jeepers so now I am all done. Now to detox and get my body clean!!

Alexandra 5 years ago


Very proud of all you who have quit, or are thinking about it. I quit smoking cigarettes 11 days ago. I am using the patch and it is the only thing that has helped me. I tried Chantix, hyponsis, cold turkey, funky herbs, each their own.

Patches keep the urges under control. I was also put on a mood stabilizer (Daxitrol) by my naturopath.

What keeps me from smoking is reading forums like this and also reading about propaganda from the cigarette companies. Such as "cigarettes are a way of population control." It's terrible to find out what they really think of smokers. I come to find out that my true motivation to quit smoking comes from the fact that it controls me, they (cigarette companies) control me as well.

I have gained some weight (3 pounds) but I'm not worried, I don't give a crap about what people think. This is about me and my health and my recovery.

Good Luck & Good Night!

Alexandra 5 years ago

Btw...I smoked for 10 years, heavy heavy menthol smoker. And, smoking actually made me gain a ton of weight. Stopped exercising, ruined my thyroid, hung around the wrong people who smoked and then got into drinking-trickle down effect. Cigarettes killed my father, grandfather, grandmother, and uncle. Quit when you can! And don't be too hard on yourself, keep trying because one day you will quit for good. You will remember what it's like to use perfume again and not for covering up the stinch, you will be able to taste food again, you won't have to get up from a conversation to go have a cigarette, you won't have to constantly worry about where you can smoke-when you can smoke or even if you can smoke (airplanes public places, peoples homes, restaurants, bars, etc...)-if your out of your last cigarette and it's midnight and your at home and don't feel like going out but you have to because of the addiction-you won't feel like a criminal anymore who has to hide in the corners to go smoke-you will hold your head higher.

Don't give up! Those b*stards want you to smoke because they think your an idiot with no class, no education and no standards (which is not true).

Tom 5 years ago

I'm sure all quitter's have browsed and nearly memorised the 'benefits of quitting smoking timetable'. If we do slip and have one cigarette, does that reset our road to recovery to day one? Do we reverse all of the good effects of not smoking by having one cigarette?

Laurie 5 years ago

I am a former smoker of 23yrs! When I thought about how long I have been smoking, it truly made me sick!! I have been smoking more than half my life! Anyway, I have quit in the past due to pregnancies, but went right back to it. I tried other times and failed. This time I have gone almost 3 weeks, and I feel dedicated this time. I feel awesome!!! I know I am not going back. I can't. This time, a friend (whom loved smoking as much as I) quit with me. It started out where we were talking 20 times a day! It was a challenge! Now we keep in touch over a text maybe once a day, just to see how we are feeling. It really has helped to have his support. We both agreed to run a 5mile marathon in March...a goal to strive for. Our spouses and friends have also decided to join us in the race! So bottom line, support and setting small, manageable goals for yourself may be helpful! Best of luck to all of you that are on this journey with me, or that are trying!

Oh ya! I also went out and bought a new bedding set with all the money I have saved!! My friend went out and bought running sneakers! Treat yourself!

xnellie83x 5 years ago

I am 28 and have smoked for nearly 11 years now. I am 11 days smoke free and use nictotine patches to help with the cravings. Reading all these posts has definitely helped and I find that if I have a craving for a cigarette, reading how others cope helps immensely. This is the first time I've tried to give up and I'm determined that it will be the only time. Good luck to all you quitters out there and hopefully we will all stick to it :)

JK37IL 5 years ago

I quit on 12/30/2011 and haven't had one since. I was a 23 year smoker. I am 37, so, at 14 gave my life up to cigs. Guess what? No more. I am not feeling all that great. I have been sick since I quit. Runny nose, draining sinus', coughing up all kinds of weird stuff, sore throat, sore ears...even my freaking teeth are breaking!!! 2 teeth have crumbled since I quit. WTF?! I thought it was supposed to get BETTER when you quit. I feel like a car that's breaking down. Oops! Bumper fell off! There goes a taillight! Damn! Watch out!!!! The hood just flew up. Come on, I need some positive reinforcement from my body that I did a GOOD thing. I don't want to die at 48 from whatever disease my dreams told me I would die from. But I need my teeth! Why is this happening to my teeth? Am I going to lose limbs too? What about my hair? Oh yea....should tell you hair has already started falling out in big chunks, just like when I was pregnant. is weird.

newlifer 4 years ago

hi all

im 45 and ive just quit after 30 years of smoking copious amounts of weed and tobacco.told myself i would quit when my son was born.hes now 4 !

christmas day 2011 a friend died of cancer leaving a wife and 4 little children.i am NOT gonna put that on my family so here i am on day 21

ive gone cold turkey and to be honest i miss my spliffs in the evening.i cant sleep and i cant believe the amount of crap i am coughing up everyday.

but when you do this u must view it as your body detoxing

and healing.i have noticed big improvements in my breathing already.WELL DONE FOR TRYING EVERYBODY.KEEP IT UP.oh yeah got made redundant last week and didn't reach for a smoke.if i can do it YOU DEFINITELY CAN

ItHasBeenAYear 4 years ago

One year ago for me. Good luck to all who fight the fight

i finally quit smoking cigs (brace yourself this may be long you're going inside the mind of a ex-smoker) 4 years ago

Hey guys i'm pretty late on this hub but my story is i smoked for six years and now im done with it...and staying that way. but yeah it's very hard at first but then you get in the rhythm. how i started smoking was occasionally once in a while socially, to after drinks socially, then on lunch breaks socially, after meals smoking and then maybe not eating smoking, then for stress..with the excuse of being a social smoker, to stress of job not hitting the sales goal and your manager is being a total douche about it even though you were recognized as the best salesmen back-to-back but not today chain smoking, and then a pack a week chain smoking with or without company, finding an excuse to chain smoke, to smoking a pack a day chain smoking. "alright i'm quitting today...nope, not today ..maybe tomorrow" "nah, maybe on my mom's birthday, something significant...nope i'm too pissed off or stressed, besides i'll just have one or 3 today and start quitting tomorrow...yeah besides it's almost the next day anyways so i basically quit for that day " Then there was the phase where i tell a smoking buddy that "today's the last day" and he reply's "yeah right!" or "ok, sure. we'll see" for the next year, and the next day after that "you want one?" and i say "yeah sure, what the hell?" or "oh hell yeah! give me one i've been craving it all day", to alright just til tomorrow, my birthday's the last day" "oh what it's a party", to "oh my cool smoking buddy gotta have the last one with him!", to new years resolution "ok one more month, no next year, wow another year..I'm still smoking? 5 years..God damn!...well maybe one more day?, to "ok today seems like the day...oh what?! i got a ticket; i'm overdrawn?!; something bad happened?!..oh'p need one now!", "yes! i quit for almost the whole day" and the next day "one last one" which turns to a whole pack to replace the amount of nicotine you consume on average, to buying a pack smoking a few and giving the rest to a smoker and then buying another pack right after when you get another craving with no one to bum off of in sight, to no possibility of a smoke shop nearby or left the wallet and "God, i'm so craving one, hey! Do you have an extra cigarette? ..ok, thanks anyways..oh hey do you have one.. no? ok! you hav-no? don't smoke? good for you, dont start!(God i hate asking)..oh thanks man, so much appreciate it man (great American spirits these takes forever to smoke them...cant be picky), to another day of that but no smokers around this time...and cravings are so killing me now and i'm willing to smoke a 'short'-a used cigarette-off the ground but got to look for one that seems close to a regular size.."well i guess i cant be picky about that either"...and now i'm thinking (god, i feel like i'm at the stage of being like dave chappelles crack addict character exchanging head for rocks except in this case it's cigs), to then i looked online for forums researching the pills patches and gums kind of on and off but never really went for it, then i read stuff and called 1800nobutts which kind of helped but the thought of not being able to smoke once in a while seemed drastic, and then i saw the movie supersize me and also read somewhere about the 3 day rule where you quit for three days you can quit for a lifetime but you still get cravings which aren't nicotine based but they're psychological for a little while. So i finally tried it and first day seemed to drag on but rather easy..i thought about smoking but kept busy, to second day somewhat easy but little light cravings, next day didn't think about it. I quit for 3 days! On the 7th day had the most intense psychological craving for a cigarette..but i called a friend-who's an ex-smoker-right then and there told him "i'm tempted to buy a pack" he said "yeah its a bitch but you know you dont need it, you'll regret the minute you finish it" i asked him how he did it he said "you have to be comfortable saying no around people that smoke and just say 'no man im good'"and i agreed not to, to finally to no smoking. i have had periods in between where i unconsciously quit for 1 day or 2 max then run back for it and chain smoke amounts to replace those 2 days. The only difference from back then and today is that I don't want to smoke..before i missed it thought about and was reluctant to quit but now like really dont miss smoking and i realized it when i started being smokefree, i ignored the urges. Not just thinking "oh it's bad for me, i should really stop" sort of thing. I mean i truly didn't want to inhale smoke. you have to be comfortable saying no and not missing it or at least attempt to develop it. After you're last cigarette you technically quit smoking its just you get physical nicotine cravings after that but after a day it's all just psychological and for me it hit me hard the 7th day after all the nicotine already left my body the first day. the best advice is honestly try your best one step or even baby steps. and you really have to do it for you, doing for your partner or children/family is great but it's more rewarding and powerful when it's selfishly for yourself. it doesn't mean sh*t if you apologize to your family for lighting up today in your head when you're in that dark corner. just simply being honest about not wanting to(meta-thinking) smoke. try subsituting i.e. with deep breaths instead of cigs. dont 'think' about "quitting SMOKING" your brain filters it out to "..SMOKING" and doesn't recognize the negative "quitting.." Think about deep breathing for example, think about sex, think about food, think about working out, see a better picture of yourself ..maybe with a sixpack..who knows it could happen, think positive (not trying to sell you new age bs) just telling you what works..for me. Drink citrusy drinks or pills with vitamin c, the natural the better but whatever. sorry about the length the run-on sentences and the grammer and syntax stuff, i want to cover all the bases of smoking as best i could and i was going to edit this but got lazy. anyways final thoughts, after you're smokefree your body will try to cleanse the damage there so it'll seem discormforting with the hacking mucus and you'll question why you're not lighting up but it'll start getting clearer and than normalizing the smokefree lifestyle. *if you are tempted to drink alcohol socially do it without lighting up a supplementary comfortable with that many people are. You want to smoke thc ingest it edibles don't smoke it. Hookah is a challenging for me i haven't done it for a long while and i'm tempted to do it but on that i can apply moderation i don't believe that's addictive although if you crave for a cig after a hookah session then don't for a while or at least if cravings are severely reduced if not gone. Is water vapor considered smoke?...hmmm..maybe a little biased there but keep in mind i haven't touched a hookah in a year. i haven't smoked for a month. You see someone smoking look at someone else or don't process the cig in your mind, filter the cig out, meaning don't see it there, its not important. You see the smoking in the movies remember now there smoking herbal cigs which the stars say it sucks. Movies in the 50's where they smoke the real thing remember the twilight zone guy rod sterling had lung complications later. You'll find justifiable excuses to start again but remember a meth addict would find the same excuse. Manage addiction related stress with positive stuff and you should be fine. God bless.

JK37IL 4 years ago

I don't miss smoking. Matter of fact, I can't stand it when I see or smell others smoking. I want to tell each person I see smoking how bad it smells, and how silly they look. I want to video them, and show them their pictures and how ridiculous they look like a chimney and unnatural smoke billowing out their mouth. I want to tell them they can quit. I want to tell them I WANT THEM TO QUIT. Not because I know them, but because we are all human, and I care. I am on a mission now. Young people smoking absolutely gets me enraged. There's no excuse for it. I want to say SHAME ON YOU for starting. But none of the above is what people need to hear. Smokers need to hear that it's not that hard to quit. All the propaganda out there is set up so that we believe it will be terribly hard, and painful, and impossible to get rid of those cigs. Countless web sites, books and people have made tons of money selling us the B.S. remedies, patches, pills, hypnosis, books, etc. We don't need all that cr*p. Decide to quit, and do it. That's all! There's nothing to be scared of. There's nothing to worry about. Hey, everything on me is falling apart, but I believe it's my body tearing down so it can rebuild. You can't abuse your temple for any given amount of time, and expect miracles just cause you quit. When I see a smoker, I want to approach them with love and genuine, sincere caring. I want to tell every smoker I see that it's very important that they quit, and quit now. I hid when I smoked. It was awful, and I didn't want to be judged. We need to help those who are still enduring the struggle, be available for chats, support and love. We need to tell smokers that they need to get it in their minds that it's their time to quit. It's not the health risks, or financial ruin, or family that doesn't want them around that will make them quit. They have to have enough. Say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and be done. They have to want to quit, and have just a shred of hope that they can do it. I am going to say a prayer for all smokers and ex-smokers, every night, please do the same. Power of prayer is amazing, and I would not have quit if God wasn't at my side. But I'm not shoving that down anyone's throat. Let's all get on the same side, and fight back against big tobacco, and even little tobacco. You know them, those guys who set up shop in mini malls, and you can RYO. They're no better than the big guys. Worse even, cause they're mom and pop places, and should be concerned about the health of their community. Anyway, that was my rant. I'm ranting a lot since I quit, but I feel like I've woken up from a slumber. I feel NICER. Who feels nicer after they quit smoking? I like my kids more! I like myself more. I like people in general more. I am on a mission to speak each and every day about this subject, somewhere, somehow, and change the mind of 1 smoker to become a non smoker. It's a great life! It's WONDERFUL to feel free of criticism, judgement, addiction, cravings, worry about where I'll get the money for the next pack, brush my teeth 20 times a day and keep Eclipse in business, lie to people, steal time away from family for EVIL cigs, cheat myself out of a healthy body and mind, the list goes on and on. QUIT NOW! thanks, and God Bless. Keep up the good fight people. As smokers, we have made many, many bad people very very rich. Put that money back in your own pocket.

mary "The non-Smoker" lol 4 years ago

This week 3. Hard? you bet. Worth it? you bet. Wish I had had the courage and will power to do this 50 years ago. Yep im an old one and smoked 2 and 1/2 packs a day for all those years. No way I could stop I loved smoking too much. Those who quit before me said all I would have to do is change routine and I would be able to quit. Well everything I did had a cigarette with it. Couldn't talk on phone, couldn't drive, couldnt read, couldnt have drink, couldnt sit and enjoy nature, couldnt exist without a cigarette. Well fast forward, now 64 love life (hehe) what's left of it, August 2012 mild stroke, still smoking. January 2012 really bad chest pains for solid week think its my lungs talking to me, sayin "hey lady wake up and smell the roses". Nope it was heart attacks. Well that got my attention. Dr. said "Got ahead have another cigarette and die or quit and live". Been 3 weeks, guess if I can go this far then you bet your bippy i'm gonna succeed. Gettin on sites like this helps cause u all in same boat as me lol and we are all trying yes the urge is there, but I'm slowly winning. The water and walking help a lot also. Good luck all you fellow easy breathing people. Stick to it. We will overcome lol

Carol - Proud of myself - Tyson 4 years ago

44 yrs old - yikes! And smoked for 30 years ..... I stopped mid-November last year - it was time for me after 4 smear tests over a year with pre-cancerous cells. Wish I'd done it years ago - keep a positive attitude; don't feel sorry for yourself and believe you are missing out on something. You are not!!! I wont smoke again - big thanks to Allen Carr and Champix.

A better life 4 years ago

I have been smoking for 9 years (17-26)Female. I formed bonds with other smokers in almost every setting and truly enjoyed it. I always though it was a "phase". I told myself, "I couple years is fine, its not like I will be smoking when I'm like 25." I am a self described "closet smoker" with ginormous denial issues. I have had very little will power to quit, backed up by my thoughts of denial. Everyone says to right a list about why you need to quit, which I have, and ignored, in the haze of a nicotine fit. Here it is everybody. I need to stop living in the proverbial clouds and make it happen.

1. I gained weight (30 lbs) because while working out, I can't breath and my chest hurts, so I just don't exercise.

2. I'm constantly pouring on perfume at work after smoke breaks. Even in a professional setting, no matter how brilliant they think I am, I am "the smoker". How smart can I really be?

3. I have made myself late for seriously important things because I need another pack of smokes, or I don't have enough to last through the day, and need to buy some.

4. People don't respect me as much, because I clearly don't respect myself.

5. I feel terrible that I lied to my parents about quitting about a year ago. They live 1800 miles away and would probably never know, until I drop dead of a heart attach at age 26.

6. I hide outside and smoke my relationship and money problems. Nothing is fixed the next day, but I do need a cup of coffee to clear my sore throat before my morning light up.

I now have officially admitted that I have been living in a nicotine induced fantasy world. I am turning 26 in a month and I have wasted my years as a young adult smelling like ass, becoming overweight, throwing my money away and hurting people close to me. I'm done. 4 cigs left. I'm going to smoke them while looking into my hand mirror, and stop lying to myself. I CAN have cancer/heart attack/stroke/low self esteem/death. I will make my life better, today. I have my inhaler all lined up and ready. I can do it, and so do you.

A better life 4 years ago

Sorry for the misspellings. I love the other stories on here and cannot wait to be proud of myself too. I kind of already am. I CAN do it and so CAN you!!!!!

sophie 4 years ago

i stopped smoking 7 weeks ago,after 44 years of smoking,only reason i stopped was i was having pains in my chest which turned out to be angina.i have since put on 18lbs which am miserable about,so am gonna join gym tomorrow, also i have been told to drink green tea as it can help while i cut down on calories,it doesn't taste so good i wonder if i could add anything to it.any suggestions

jeannie 4 years ago

actually, Sophie, if you put raw honey in the green tea, it taste a lot better. I can relate to everyone of you and it helps hearing all the stories. I, too, have been smoking for 36 years and am on day 3 of quitting!

I also quit because I am having chest pains and have thought the worst, of course, that I have a deadly disease...been crying all the time. I've been trying to quit pretty seriously for the last several months, just having 1 or 2 a day, but Friday, Feb. 17, 2012, I said I gotta stop, went cold turkey.

It's so hard because it's such a big part of your life; it's like your best friend, in a sick way, always there for you but I'm over that crap. I want to LIVE!!!!!

Ready for a new healthy start, been walking every day, eating carrots, celery, green tea with raw honey, just eating a lot of fruit and veggies...and praying every day!!!!! Definitely need God's help!

I'll pray for all of you and I wish you the best!!!!!

This really helps reading about others going through the same thing! Take care!!!

oh hai johnny 4 years ago

alrighty. so i quit today. i read this book how to quit the easyway. the guy did not tell me i was gonna be this jonesing. i really feel too much energy. i am going to get all godzilla and pick the mutha fuckin ceiling throwing fireballs. something about destroying yourself with cigarettes...self medication for twisted souls. i feel like there's too much energy and life to contain in my body. think that's why i smoked. srsly feel like my soul is bouncing around the room about to explode.

sophie 4 years ago

hi jeannie,i relate to you when your saying it's your best friend,your so right it just domineers your life,its always on my all i seem to do is diet and think of ciggies,so sad.hope you manage to quit,take care x

jeannie 4 years ago

Hey sophie, yeah, I know it's rough but I still haven't had a cig but I do think about it all the time. I do everything to distract myself but it's always on my mind.

But i'm trying to keep positive and pump myself up cuz I'm really freaked out about this chest pain thing. Did you ever get it checked by a doctor?

Hopefully it will go away after I've been quit for awhile!!! I try to keep busy and walk a lot and eat right, etc. This really helps talking to others cuz you just don't want to bother friends and family.

Anyway, best to all!!!!!!

sophie 4 years ago

hi jeannie,hope your still quit the ciggies,i dont want to scare you or anything.i went to docs about chest pain and she think's its angina,but am waiting to go for a scan to find out exactly what it is.anyway ive never had any pain since stopping smoking,just been eating like there's no tomorrow,never mind keep up the good work

Lisa 4 years ago

Hi all I quit on jan 1/1/2012 this time I done it cold turkey and have to say gone much further this way than NRT..I'm still smoke free today yippee but I still get my up and down days which is quite normal..good luck to everyone doing this hard thing it ain't easy but we will all get there...Lisa age 32yrs

4 years ago

I'm 15 day's today smokefree,20 year smoker got my ass kicked by bronchitis and it kept me in bed for 2 weeks and being a server that's epensive!!

Anywho wasn't too bad when u feel like death....i try and take epsom salt baths to pull out toxins and change up routine in the morning with my tea i go online and play solitaire to keep hands busy and Tic Tacs have come in handy too :) Its a lot of mind over matter and fight the urge!! Good Luck to all it won't be easy but it can be done .Peace

Shirls 4 years ago

I've been smoke free since 3 Jan 2012 after smoking 10-20 a day for 17 years. I used the NRT patches for the first 8 weeks and they really helped. Strong cravings are few and far between now, but I keep some NRT lozenges handy for those moments. I've tried to quit many times before but never made it past two weeks. I think what gave me the edge this time was joining gym because it has given me a welcome distraction and is a great stress reliever. The only major downside so far is that I can't stop eating, but I'm hoping that gym will counteract the additional calorie consumption.

Good luck to everyone just quitting, it definitely gets easier as the days go by. Oh, and try to avoid the 'I'll just have one' trap.

Klearose 4 years ago

I'm a young woman who started smoking at 13. I had smoked a pack a day for over half of my life and I just quit about 2 months ago. I could never have pictured myself as a non-smoker just a few months ago. I hated non-smokers and envied those who were quitting. Everyday I still get a little urge but I remind myself- there's no such thing as just 1 cigarette. I look at my 2 children and ask myself if I could live with the idea of someone else raising them because I died from my addiction. The obvious answer is- NO!

It was Allen Carr's (sp?) book that saved me. I was a lost cause, was going to be a "life time smoker"... READ THE BOOK- Allen Carr's Easyway to stop smoking.

I tried pills, patches, e-cigarettes, gum, etc... this was the only thing that worked for me.

This book literally saved my life.

S.A Kevin 4 years ago

I lost my dad earlier due to him having like 2 heart attacks. the Last one killed him . i started the horrible habit gave it 23 years of my life. coffing suffering to really get fit i sumbitted to champix but also started to smoke weed. gave up ciggarettes for 1 month now and not looking back still smoking the weed thou. congrats to all the cold turkey guys takes a lot to quit like big bro did it that way.

leigh 4 years ago

start chewing cinnamon gum when i quit cold turkey. It helps and I quit 5 1/2 months ago. Or chew on toothpicks.

emc 4 years ago

I need a little advice...may be a little crazy but I've been a smoker since I was 17(26) now. I'm deathly afraid of having a heart attack. With being a smoker and a female would any of you know if I could still be in danger of a heart attack?

P.s. in the process of quitting!

emc 4 years ago

I need a little advice...may be a little crazy but I've been a smoker since I was 17(26) now. I'm deathly afraid of having a heart attack. With being a smoker and a female would any of you know if I could still be in danger of a heart attack?

P.s. in the process of quitting!

Jeannie 4 years ago

Yes, been 44 days quit for me, and yes I count the days. Hasn't been easy and quit cold turkey, following my first bout with pneumonia. I seriously thought I was going to die.

When the doctor asked me how much I smoked at 52 I felt like a fool knowing that what I was doing to myself was insane. That moment I said no more, went home and coughed my lungs out for days until my meds worked to get over pneumonia. And here l am pleased as punch that I keep going. Started to cycle everyday in the morning and feeling great. Still crave but desire better health instead. Smoke free and lovin it.

Marie 4 years ago

34 & smoked since 14, had a lot of stress & too much energy & thought like a lot of people it calmed me down, now @ 34 I realise what an illusion & for the 2nd time in my life I'm giving up the Baccy tho this time I'm going to succeed! 2 days now & is a lot easy than last time 10 yrs ago, I have 3 kids to help keep me busy & focused & my partner has given up with me so that really is helping too, would love to have one last child together but the way we've been shmoking it up in this recession it's hardly supprising we skint & too tired too! Hoping we handle life's stresses better & keep it up as don't want to die a smoker & don't want to give up our dreams! infact going to chuck this Nicorette inhaler in the bin @ the weekend & just move on & get on with living life's too short & known too many peeps with cancer, only 1 regret I didn't do this sooner!feelin more stupid that I ever let a bit of a smoke ever get a grip on me for all these years, don't want to get down the road & still b feelin that with more smoking yrs behind me! Kids r chuffed even tho never smoked around them & partner supportive even tho he's doing it too all I can say is keep quitting those bad smokes & believe u can do it that's what I continue to do after reading all these helpful posts today many thanks for sharing all your experiences x;)

Kim 4 years ago

Hi All,

I just read each and every entry here =) I am 17 weeks smoke free today... which is 119 days almost 1/3 of a year smoke free. On 1/18/2012 a spot that was seen in my sisters lung was found to be active. Well when I heard that the carton of cigarettes that I had bought the day before went in the trash... no thought just reaction to the news. To this day I fuss at myself saying... well you should have at least smoked one final cig...

I am 49 and smoked a total of 25 to 30 years... approximately 20 cigarettes per day... that means 2380 poison sticks have NOT touched my lips. My sister has had the lower part of her right lung removed... diagnosed with Stage II A lung cancer... the chemo is the mop up but at 51 her chances of it coming back in the next 5 years is 60/40. She quit smoking the day they said YOU HAVE LUNG CANCER...she is now 16 weeks smoke free. She is so brave and strong... 2 more rounds of chemo we pray that all will go well and that that will be it.

I believe that I had what I have seen people refer to as smokers flu after I quit...dizzy, queasy, sleepy... and lethargic, these symptoms followed me for months... the nicotine monster hops on my shoulder often... I have flick him off often, some days he clings on tighter than others...he will use whatever is ailing you to try and get you to go back to smoking.

To replace the zing from not smoking I became hooked to jelly beans... in 6 weeks I ate 6 to 7 bags... gained 15 pounds and liver enzymes sky rocketed from 17 to 93 which equals a fatty liver... I suggest water, vegetable and fruit..because even though I am watching what i eat and walking my butt off the scales are stubborn. Remember that your body is already detoxing which uses your liver...

I will continue to watch what I eat and exercise and enjoy the BREATHING.... I now feel like I am in control instead of a poison stick...I thought of my cig as my friend...old faithful... would your friend poison you? I think not.

Good luck all!

aira 4 years ago


i m 5 days smoke free.i smoked for 5 years.i m female of 28 of age and i have the problem of missed periods before 3 years. i think it is due to smoking.i consult doctor and took medicines and got periods but only for 4 to 6 month regularly..after that same problem weight is increased.hairs are grown on my face.and that looks very bad and ugly. now finally i quit i have not gone through periods from more than 3 months.

plz suggest me what should i do to normalize my periods?

plz help me.

Khuram khan 4 years ago

Read all comments, we all will die one day, but let's start living, educating ppl, place law suit on tobacco company's for making ciggs in the first place! Me36. Male. Smoking since 14 . Can't breathe properly, having heart problems, will try all remedies! Wish we all quit smoking! And meet one day in heaven in ex smokers lounge! Love u all. U all have BIG hearts! Call me 92-301-4500069 me bored , have quit smoking 12mins ago... Wish me strength!! From Lahore, Pakistan. (hell on earth ) here cig is food for ppl.

mag 4 years ago

hi day 4 off the evil weed after 35 years. cold turkey and i must mean it this time because i dont seem to have the cravings. a bit restless at nighttimes so far.

aira 4 years ago

i am 25 days smoke free now. very happpyyyyyy. no more cravings now.

Dennis 4 years ago

I have been smoke-free for almost a year now. I run 5-6 mile per day, walk and bike ride. I did these things while smoking(I don't know how). I smoked for 35 years. I gained about 12-15 lbs after quitting. I am toned though and in very good shape at 54. I smoked for 35 years. 4 months ago I tried to take a drag of a cigartette and I choked, could not stand it. I'll never go back to smoking again.

Devender Kashyap 3 years ago

I tried to quite it but I am helpless because my friend circle is known as a chain smoker . I use more than 10 cig in a day.I feel that smoking kills me,my life,my emotions & my relations.

So plz do not smoke or if you have,tried to quite this worst habit.

Johnk956 2 years ago

You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I'm looking forward for your next post, I'll try to get the hang of it! keddebfbedcd

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