Hemorrhoids Treatment in a Nutshell

External hemorrhoids are those that occur at the opening of the anus whereas internal afflictions are on the inside of the rectum. External hemorrhoids are generally more irritating although no less troublesome than the internal type. You will notice swelling,itchiness,some pain and irritation. Apart from surgical remedies for the most uncomfortable situations where the hemorrhoids has grown to the point where there is simply no other option, there are more natural treatments available to lessen the effects of the affliction and even reverse it. Hemorrhoids, though not necessarily life threatening may alarm some people with the type of symptoms that this affliction exhibits.

These symptoms can be confused with more serious conditions like abscesses and anal melanoma so it is always a good idea to get yourself checked out before jumping to conclusions. Your doctor will use device which is a hollow tube with a light at one end that allows him to see the rectum wall and check for an enlarged prostate in males and tumors, polyps or abscesses. This is not as detailed as a colonoscopy but is merely to confirm a hemorrhoid affliction requiring either internal or external hemorrhoid treatment.

Hemorrhoids Treatment - Where To Start

For many people hemorrhoids are mild and short lived and eventually heal of their own accord. There is no specific medicine for hemorrhoid treatment to the point where it heals completely. The best hemorrhoid treatment you can find will merely alleviate some of the symptoms. Perhaps the most alarming symptom is seeing blood in your stool which is usually a sure sign of an internal affliction. In this case you may want your doctor to perform an anoscopy to further check out the situation. An external hemorrhoid is something that you will typically feel before it gets too large. You will usually be able to sense the large painful lump around your anus where a blood clot has formed. Warm sitz baths, a cold pack and applying some kind of analgesic that doesn't contain any kind of steroid are all good places to start.

Health Habits For Hemorrhoids

Some good common sense habits to adopt that would ease the pain and get the healing process started in the treatment for hemorrhoids would be to start drinking more liquids and staying away from diuretics like coffee and tea so that your body remains hydrated. This will help speed up fecal transit time and reduce strain during your bowel movements by allowing less buildup of solid waste matter in your intestines. Including a fair amount of fiber in your diet from fresh fruits, raw vegetables and whole grain starchy foods like brown rice and bran breakfast cereals will also help ease bowel movement difficulties by stimulating peristaltic with increased roughage .

An effort should be made to avoid tight fitting garments and to include aerobic exercise as part of a daily routine. These both will help to improve existing hemorrhoids and ease bowel movements by increasing the resting metabolic rate, keeping the bowels toned and staving off obesity which is known to increase strain in the bowel area.

Over the Counter hemorrhoid Treatments

Over the counter hemorrhoid treatments like preparation H can be used to provide immediate relief of hemorrhoid symptoms. This medication comes in a variety of formulas from basic gels with some witch hazel in an attempt apply astringents and moisturizer to the afflicted area. Other formulations include more prescriptive medicine type ingredients like phenylephrine and hydrocortisone which both have the effect of constricting blood vessels for reducing inflammation. Since inflamed blood vessels is what fuels hemorrhoid symptoms, preparation H with phenylephrine can help diminish their size and can be a good bleeding hemorrhoids treatment as well.

Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids

For the treatment of hemorrhoids there are also medications that are made from more natural formulations since many people stay away from hydrocotisone because it is a lab derived version of cortisol, a hormone produced in our bodies in the adrenal cortex. Some of its potential side effects are increase in blood pressure, weakening of immune system activity levels and increasing the chances of osteoporosis because of it tendency to negatively affect intestinal calcium absorption and correspondingly, bone formation.

This does not mean that medications with natural ingredients won't have their side effects but many people swear by them and will go out of their way to avoid pharmacological treatments and instead go for products like Pilex or formulate their own hemorrhoids home treatment. Pilex is unlike most commercial hemorrhoid medications in that it is not applied topically but is taken orally in easy to swallow capsules. It contains only natural plant ingredients without any fillers, artificial colors or sugar. Some of the ingredients include various parts of the Neem tree, barberry and other plant ingredients often used in ayurvedic medicinal preparations.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

It is often the case that the best hemorrhoids treatment for afflictions that have reached the stage where it becomes acutely thrombosed external hemorrhoid (TEH) shown in the image above. Usually the hemorrhoidal tissue will be characterized by a discoloration best described as black and blue, like a bruise because the blood vessels have become distended due to the pooling and clotting of blood. This condition is often painful to the point where the sufferer is not able to continue with their normal daily function. In this case, for complete hemorrhoids treatment the best option is usually surgery which involves excising the hemorrhoid. Although crude it is nevertheless effective. The only problem is the painful recovery period and the possibility of incontinence late on in life. Lasers can also be used in a similar procedure to excise the hemorrhoid as well as cauterize the blood vessels.

What Causes Hemorrhoids

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