Cannabis Extracts for Treating Cancer

Cannabis Extract Medicine and Disease

Learn about the overwhelming evidence of cannabis extracts eliminating cancers and controlling serious diseases in the updated 200-page report (originally was 100!) linked to below. It features extensive analysis of dozens of scientific studies, as well as anecdotal results from patients, doctors, dispensaries, corporations, and caregivers. Large-scale developments are also included. For example, did you know CBD is designated by the FDA as an orphan drug to directly treat glioma, a form of brain cancer? See all that and more in the report!

The Comprehensive Report on Cannabis Extract Medicine

Kindle Version of Above Report

Enhancing Your Endocannabinoid System

Cannabis extract medicine, or cannabis oil, is a concentrated formulation of cannabis that is ingested orally. By consuming adequate quantities of the oil over a three to six month period, most diseases can be put into remission or completely controlled. This is possible because cannabis medicine works fundamentally through the endocannabinoid system, the superregulatory system of our bodies that maintains homeostasis in the other systems. While the medicine does not work in all cases, it is remarkably effective. As research continues, ways to enhance efficacy will increase.

You can see the reality of cannabis medicine's effectiveness in all the things that smoking it is good for. It is widely known and observable that people with cancer, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, and other conditions smoke cannabis with great efficacy. When you think about that, it's pretty crazy that setting something on fire and inhaling the resulting smoke (thus getting the cannabinoids in a low-concentration form through the lungs) works better than many expensive pharmaceuticals.

With cannabis extract oil, there are two primary differences. First, the cannabinoids are much more concentrated than with smoking, so it has a more powerful effect on your system. Second, the oil is ingested, not smoked, meaning it is digested through the system that is meant to absorb nutrients. Essentially, you are feeding your body the pure molecules that enable it to stay balanced. Since all disease is an imbalance of some kind, this medicine is effective against nearly anything. At least, that's what the bulk of science and real experience show.

The prohibition of cannabis medicine is a crime against humanity, and as more human trials are conducted into the efficacy of cannabis extracts, the truth will be revealed.

History of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is by far not a new medicine. For thousands of years, it has been used by cultures all over the world for a wide variety of applications. Just like cannabis is recommended for dozens of conditions in modern times, it also was throughout history.

The earliest reference to cannabis was in 2900BC by Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi. Over the next several thousand years, cannabis was found to be effective for pain, inflammation, gout, rheumatism, malaria, and even leprosy.

Despite the safety and efficacy of cannabis, it was criminalized in the 20th century due to politically and economically-motivated factors. The American Medical Association spoke out against this criminalization in 1937, but were quickly shot down.

As early as 1213BC, cannabis was used for glaucoma. This condition consists of excess pressure buildup in the eyes, which damages nerves and leads to blindness. The first medical cannabis patient in the United States was Robert Randall, who courageously fought the federal government for access to cannabis, the only medicine that helped reduce his intraocular pressure. While Robert passed away in 2001, his wife Alice O'Leary-Randall continues to fight for medical cannabis. She wrote an extremely touching, interesting, and informative book called Medical Marijuana in America: Memoir of a Pioneer.

The THC Molecule

Scientific Evidence

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of scientific studies showing that cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), as well as whole plant formulations, are effective against nearly any disease you can think of. LetFreedomGrow hosts an incredibly extensive list of peer-reviewed scientific studies and news reports about cannabis medicine. Here are just a few conditions that science has proven cannabinoids are therapeutically active against:

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Crohn's
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heart disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's

In regards to cancer, studies show that phytocannabinoids kill or inhibit virtually all major forms of cancer. As importantly, studies also demonstrate that our own self-made endocannabinoids like anandamide and 2-AG also kill cancer. Both endogenous and exogenous cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors and induce programmed cell death. It is because we already have endocannabinoids protecting against cancer that phytocannabinoid supplementation works so well.

BIG News!

Want to convince people fast that cannabis extracts can fight cancer in humans? The most convincing evidence is below. This will encourage people to look further into this matter.

  1. FDA approves CBD as orphan drug to treat glioma
  2. Peer-reviewed study finds cannabis extracts abolish leukemia in human patient
  3. Doctor reports brain cancer remission with only cannabis oil
  4. Another doctor reports brain cancer remission with chemotherapy + cannabis oil, with results far more profound than expected with chemotherapy alone
  5. Israeli doctors are treating skin cancer with cannabis oil according to a Washington Post article
  6. Cannabis ingestion associated with brain tumor regression in two child patients

And that's all just the start!

Real People's Experiences

The primary importance of the science is it backs up all the real experiences people are having. There are currently three documentaries about curing cancer with cannabis oil. There are dozens of home videos of people using the oil for cancer, Crohn's, diabetic ulcers, burns, rheumatoid arthritis, cyclical vomiting syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and more. While most of these videos are somewhat old, you can view new ones by searching YouTube or Google. Since the end of 2013, the amount of testimonials has dramatically increased. Here is an extensive list of classic videos you can watch: (AIDS) (Cystic Fibrosis) (Cured: A Cannabis Story) (Cured Too: A Cannabis Story; various) (Vitamin Cannabis) (Skin cancer #1) (Crohn's [Shona Banda]) (Crohn's #1) (Crohn's #2) (Neck cancer) (Leaf, Lupus and Brain Cancer) (Gout, arthritis, assorted) (Third-degree burn) (Burn Part 2) (Jack Herer diabetes) (Man standing up from wheel chair) (Cancer and Lupus Success) (Back pain) (Gerard) (Ashley) (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome) (Diabetic Ulcer) (Michael McShane and another woman) (MS, RA, mesothelioma)

Prostate Cancer Eliminated

Crohn's Disease Treated

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vik 6 years ago

nice article


Damien Hannah 6 years ago

Hi, this article is amazing!! I'm a smoker of now 20 years, and recently, I worry about my health. It's been so long, I fear I am at a very high risk for cancer. My friend at work happened to mention this, he had once seen a video about oil curing cancer. I searched on my own and found this page.

Thank you for this, but I have further questions, how do I contact Rick???

Someone with an answer please email me Thank you. Awesome article!

sharen hansen 6 years ago

My throat bothers a lot. Doctor ignores me.

profile image

Hemp Jewelry 6 years ago

Thanks for posting this. I don't have cancer but I'm glad to hear about cures should I ever get it. I'm totally against mainstream practices.

profile image

onenordic1 6 years ago

Why would any sane person or government be afraid of hemp? They are afraid of losing control. Look at how many drug commercials are run every hour on American TV...I am sure Candian TV is similar. I don't do drugs. I don't even drink alcohol of any kind. But I am interested in the benefits of a natural plant that the good Lord above provided for us to use for medicinal purposes.....we don't need to numb ourselves with dope of any kind. But this ostensibly will cure billions of people so lets produce it and get some "honest scientific" studies.

nickandersonm profile image

nickandersonm 6 years ago from Antigo, WI

I think that it is important to mention that America is the only country that prohibits industrial hemp crops. Marijuana and hemp have become to different entities. Check out this Hemp movement!

BaBaBooey 6 years ago

Take it for what its worth.. I gave some Cannabis Oil I made to my younger sister for Cold Sores. She applied it the night I gave it to? her. She called me the next morning ecstatic because it was practically gone... By the 3rd day it was totally gone. In her eyes, I am her hero.. I just couldn't believe it worked, and so fast!

Love me Cannabis..

profile image

wolfman711 6 years ago

How and where can I purchase or obtain hemp oil? My Wife's oldest Sister has been through a living hell with stage 4 breast cancer. They recently sent her home with a bottle of morphine pills and told her there was NO HOPE! She had to go to the local burn unit a couple of months ago as her last cancer Doctor almost cooked her alive with radiation. 2nd degree burns all over her body. She has just given up and has resigned to the fact that she is going to die. They wont tell me any of the three Doctors names because they are afraid I may do something to each and everyone of these idiots. If anyone knows whom I can contact about receiving the oil of the Gods email me a

Thank you

Wes Wolfe

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 6 years ago from Maryland Author

I'm sending you an email Wolfman. Hopefully I can be of assistance in helping this person you speak of, for the pain you have described sounds terrible indeed.

Haroon Rasheed 6 years ago

very nice information regarding cancer...

KingIV20 profile image

KingIV20 6 years ago

Hemp is the answer. It's not only medicine, but food, clothing, shelter, fuel...what else am I forgetting? It's the best crop we could ever grow and yet here we are not growing it.

Hemp for victory, and well, as far as WWII is concerned, we won:) The drug war is a different story however.

af 5 years ago

my father was diagnosed with lymphoma late 2009. went through chemo and has been in remmission since june 2010. feb 2011 recent PT scans show that another tumor developed in his body. not sure if it's lymphoma again until biopsy results come in.

can someone PLEASE tell me where I can obtain hemp seed oil (the "standardized created kind")? I have done a lot of research on the internet but don't know enough to know which to buy. there are several sites claiming to seel hemp seed oil but I'm not quite sure if they prepare the "medicine" correctly.

Thanks in advance!!

You can email me at

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Hemp seed oil does not cure disease, although it definitely is great for the body and can enhance the power of extract medicine. I will email you some more information about this.

someonewhoknows profile image

someonewhoknows 5 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

I watched the video "Run from the cure" I wonder why he used Naptha or Alcohol to render oil from the hemp?

Why not use a strong vinagar instead.There is no danger of explosion with vinager.

There is a recipe called "Three thieves oil" made with vinagar.It was used by thieves during the plague to prevent contracting the disease while they stole things from the people who died from it.

Also,I'm curious If,chewing hemp might have the same effect.

sofia 5 years ago

Can someone please help me?

I have a relative with a serious cancer.

I live in Portugal and i want to buy the hemp oil, i just don´t know how!

Please email me to

Thank you!

Carlson 5 years ago

Can you buy hemp seed oil, medicinal, from

I went to the website but they say they can only sell the oil, not the concentrated medicinal. Can I use the oil at the health food stores? email with info. I keep getting basal cells on my face, over and over.. many surgeries that are expensive.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author has shown to be somewhat unreliable, so I wouldn't trust them. Email me by using the contact button on this page and I will give you advice about how to move forward. You can do this! And I will do my best to help you!

profile image

nickeej 5 years ago

i been taking small amounts of the oil i used lemon juice to strip buds, the first night i felt a difference as for i had belly problems dont know if its the liver or what ever my belly was decened out and i felt bad all the time everytime i eat even small amount i felt so bloated and couldn't even bend over, now it has changed i need to make more oil dont have money or place to make it anymore anyone else know how to strip hemp with out using dangerous things that can blow you up? let me know please thanks guys

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

I'm not sure what else you could do, besides purchasing more oil or making it yourself. It's possible you could find someone to donate oil to you. Send me an email if there is anything specific I can help you with, by clicking the "Email" function at the top of this page.

profile image

Rikonyan 5 years ago

Please help. I'm worried and in California but am too scared to make this with the solvents. Where can I get this? Since medicinal marijuana is legal here can I get this from a dispensary? Please help. Thank u.

PETER 5 years ago


Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

I'm not sure how to get it there but you can make it yourself using Shona Banda's technique. Look her up and all will be revealed, or contact me.

Mark 5 years ago

this video is a must if you want to make the oil

nickeej 5 years ago

i was looking for the e mail you said was at top of page, cant find it can u e mail me please i have tryed the oil people and it is great, i felt a difference the first night . I have belly problems i think it may be liver problems , i only made small batch, my insides felt like i was 25 again, i felt good inside for a change anyone need any info i have please e mail me we love rick simpson in w .va what a healer not a dealer, god sent you to us, thank you overe and over for your info, this stuff is great, iam a walking evidence ... i need you to e mail me the person down below my name nickeej

The Health Cure 5 years ago

Great site! a big information and video site. Lot of people all over Europe have also experience the THC Oil.

Great Results and soon a documentary and interviews with these wonderful people.

The Health Cure 5 years ago

Go to the website for information or questions.

Much Love,

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Hey The Health Cure! I remember talking with you a couple years ago, and it's great to see you are still active with this. It's also awesome to hear that you are making a documentary and helping to spread the word.

TYRONE GREEN 5 years ago

I have a lady friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. After vigorous chemo therapy she has been given no chance of a cure. I need to know where and how the hemp oil can be obtained. I live in Cape Town South Africa.My e mail address is

I hope to hear from you soon.

umair 5 years ago

i need to know how can i get this oil i am in an urgent need of it please let me know as soon as possible i live in karachi pakistan

Shanelle 5 years ago

Hello, my aunt is now battling lymphona for over a year now. The doctors have once again said that there is nothing that they can do for her. she had cancer prior to this one and I really believe that the hemp seed oil is the cure or will give her some life. I am Jamaican and we jamaicans believe in the natural cures. she has done chemo and another form of treatment which is not working any more she is weak and can barely talk. I am studying abroad in Hong Kong right now, I am trying my hardest to find some way to help her all the way in New york ... Please tell me a reliable place to buy the hemp oil. her life depends on it... my email is

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Shanelle I was not able to reach you through that email, it didn't go through. Can you give me another way to contact you? Your aunt must be saved!

Mary Jo 5 years ago

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and would love to know how to get the hemp oil. MY desire is to live to be 100 years young!! I am now 56 so only a little half way there (:

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Contact me at and I will help you figure out a solution.

Clayton 5 years ago

My mom's husband has been going thru chemotherapy for the last 6 months on and off for lung cancer which had spread to his other organs and it is making him sicker than you know what, and now my mom has skin cancer and is terrified of what she might go thru. Any help would be greatly appreciated....thanks. Contact @ if you can help.

Michelle 5 years ago

I have a family member with a brain tumor and would love to get access to the Hemp Oil...

Can you email me:

Thank you...

Krissy 5 years ago

You can get hemp seed oil at any whole foods supermarkets or any natural foods stores...

Tony 5 years ago

Hemp seed oil and the oil they are referring to here are NOT the same. Hemp oil is created from the resin from the THC.

kathy 5 years ago

my best friends mother have just been diagnosed with cancer the one that spreads through your body it doesn't look good for her we live in the uk can i get this hemp oil anywere please i could save her life thanks my email address is please if anyone can help we would be eternily gratefull x

Mary 5 years ago

I also sent a mail to you!

I live in Toronto, Canada. I need the hemp oil, to cure my aunt from back home who's only 35, and has uterine cancer. She has 5 KIDS! Please help, I need  to get the oil asap. She was sent home from hospital. I researched about it, and heard that only good high quality THC makes curable hemp oil. I need ur help, she needs ur help... She has 5 kids...

Thank you

Debbie 5 years ago

Please tell me where I can purchase the

medical grade hemp oil, I know 4 yr old with rare cancer. I can be reached at

Thank you.

Diana 5 years ago

I had stage 2/3 breast cancer at the age of 27. Can any of you please give me the information how to buy hemp oil?

Email: cs_diana(at)yahoo(dot)com

fauzia 5 years ago

My mom has squamous cel ca of tongue diagnosed in March this yr and later excised. But it appeared again. half of the tongue is also getting harder. On top of it she has developed post pnumonia sever muscular aches and pains which might turn out to be some poliomyalgia for which only steroids are recommended.

She is bedridden these days and scared because of her condition as she is a patient of severe depression and anxiety too. Pls help me in finding the best treatment for her. do you think Hemp oil can cure her? and from where can i get it.Thanks

fauzia 5 years ago

My email is I live in Pakistan . Please let me know from where to get Hemp oil you have mentioned. How to be sure if it's the right one?

Gayle 5 years ago

please send me where I can buy the hemp oil.


Zlatka 5 years ago

Where may I get a good Hemp oil for brest cancer treatment . Thank you

Julie 5 years ago

Hi I am in need of help to find where I can purchase hemp oil. My dear friend has been battling cancer for 5 years now. Recently her liver started to react to the cancer dumping too much into it and she became jaundice. Her billirubin is going down but very slowly with steroids. Please email with info at

Tina 5 years ago

In need of hemp oil to fight cancer. I don't have the time to make it. This is for my brother-in-law who is fighting cancer of the esophagus he is in bad shape. thank you!

Cristiano 5 years ago

Hi, i´m searching for this oil too. My mother-in-law is in a natural treatment and I beleave the hemp oil will help her. If someone know here i can buy please email me ( Thanks

Chanelle 5 years ago

Hi, my mother has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which has spread to her liver. Would someone kindly email me details of where I can purchase the hemp oil, I am desperate to help her as she is understandibly very frightened about her diagnosis and from what I have read, this could be a huge help.

brenda 5 years ago

My husband has sinus cancer with no hope from doctors. He would really like to try the hemp oil can you email me to let me know where I can buy this?

profile image

skaundal 5 years ago

Could you please tell me from where to buy hemp oil to cure cancer..many thx


Rosy 5 years ago

Hi, I am writing from sorry for my english..

I ask you to have some information about the hemp oil.

My mother has an ovarian cancer, 4 stadio.

It would be my last chance to help her, please contact me at:

Thank you.

Rose 5 years ago

Hi I would like to know where to get hemp oil for breast cancer gone to bones and liver also my brother in law is next to his death bed with asophigus cancer gone to nodes in chest . This is his only hope . Please help us. Send e-mail at thank you

Amy Hake 5 years ago

I have a friend with brain cancer stage 4. Can you tell me where I can purchase the oil? I am in Pennsylvania?

amy hake 5 years ago

Sorry forgot to give you my email need to find out were to purchase high quality oil in pennsylvania for a friend with stage 4 brain cancer. THank you

Lizette 5 years ago

Urgently needs concentrated medicinal for lung cancer patient - aggressive cancer growth. Cape Town South Africa

profile image

bg49 5 years ago

Kaabi: please advise where in British Columbia I can buy authentic safe hemp oil...I had surgery for bowel cancer and now I have liver cancer. So appreciative of any help you can provide. My email address:

ly 5 years ago

please advise where to buy hemp oil in Toronto, Canada. thanks very much.

Rob 5 years ago

I need to find some hemp oil for my brother inlaw. Please send me some information on where I can get some thanks

robert 5 years ago

i have gone through all these mails here and most of them are looking for a source to buy hemp oil. it would be great if someone can tell me where this medicine can be found. i would need it for a cancer patiend in my family who is in very seriouse condition. i appreciate if i am contacted under rleitenberger(at)

many thanks

Rebe 5 years ago

My Dog has cancer, Could someone tell me where to buy this?

aude 5 years ago

Hi, absolutely blown away with your vid... have watch Rick's video and I now want to become much more active and help you spread the word... I want to desperately make my own or buy this oil but have no idea where to go, who is genuine... can you help me with this... thx so much.. people like you are our modern day hero's xxx My email is

profile image

netida 5 years ago

can someone , please, tell me where to get this hemp oil , my grandmother has breast cancer stage 4, I really want to help her .please email me


Elise 5 years ago

My exhusband has been diagnosed with stage 4 spine cancer. I want to know how I can access hemp oil for him, not just hemp seed oil which doesn't have tmc. please email me at

Vica 5 years ago

Could anyone tell me where I can get the natural hemp oil, because my mum got ovarian cancer. Please help us!

Kara 5 years ago


Looking to purchase this natural hemp oil. Could you please let me know where it can be purchased. Please contact me at


alex 5 years ago

can u please tell me where to find this oil..thank you very much

alex 5 years ago

sorry my email is if u can tell me where to find this oil please..thanks

Gaoming profile image

Gaoming 5 years ago

Hi, I have a disease called Behcet's, which is a rare but very debilitating disease. I also would like to give hemp oil a try as I am convinced that mother nature must have a herb to cure my disease. If anyone could tell me where I could by natural hemp oil, as in rick simpson's video, I would be forever grateful. My email is

Thank you so much!

Edwerdo 5 years ago

How come there are no comments from people who used this oil and were cured or were not cured???

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

This Hub simply doesn't get a lot of direct patient traffic, mainly people looking for the oil. I didn't intend for it to be that way or to not be that way, it's just how it happened. If you want to read a lot of great, direct experiences, visit

Laura8721 5 years ago

Hello, my mom was diagnosed 2 months ago with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. We are very curious about the oil. How can I get information?

Hemp Oil 5 years ago

You can get hemp Oil from Ronnie Smith 678-362-3245

Gaoming profile image

Gaoming 5 years ago

True Edwerdo, if many people used hemp oil successfully to cure their disease you would expect a lot of media coverage, there should really be a hell of a lot more...Anyhow I will certainly check out for a start...but really there should just be a whole lot more coverage if Hemp oil is such an effective cure against cancer..

Glenn 5 years ago

Hello, can we get hemp oil in Malaysia, Singapore or Japan? If not, where is the closest to these countries we can get it? Please email me at

I thank you in advance.

manda 5 years ago

please can you help, my friend has terminal stage 2 breast cancer please email me at many thanks :-)

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

I can explain the media coverage phenomenon. The reason you haven't heard about this in the mainstream media is because the information has to pass through too many levels to be approved. No station would risk its credibility on saying that marijuana cures cancer without hard scientific evidence. There is also little doubt the pharmaceutical industry would be against this, as it would destroy the majority of their business. Some local stations have done stories though. Also, below are a list of testimonials that I will soon incorporate above in the primary content: (Parkinson's) (AIDS) (Cystic Fibrosis) (Cured: A Cannabis Story) (Cured Too: A Cannabis Story; various) (Vitamin Cannabis) (Skin cancer #1) (Crohn's [Shona!]) (Crohn's #1) (Crohn's #2) (Neck cancer) (Leaf, Lupus and Brain Cancer) (Gout, arthritis, assorted) (Third-degree burn) (Burn Part 2) (Jack Herer diabetes) (Man standing up from wheel chair) (Cancer and Lupus Success) (Tonya Myers Cancer Recovery) (Back pain) (Michael McShane skin cancer) (Gerard) (Ashley) (Heather) (Heather update) (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome) (Diabetic Ulcer) (Michael McShane and another woman) (MS, RA, mesothelioma)

This is as real as it gets, and I promise the day will come soon when this all ends. I also urge you to check out, the website of a publicly-traded firm that has already cured skin cancer with the oil. Think about it; individuals are curing cancer, businesses are curing cancer, doctors are confirming it, and there are literally dozens of studies showing that the main constituents of cannabis kill cancer cells. It all fits together so perfectly. I'll definitely be posting this up soon for sure!

Gaoming profile image

Gaoming 5 years ago

What you're saying makes sense, Kaabi. Thanks for all the Youtube links!

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Thanks for the intelligent discussion, Gaoming! This is a complex issue and the only way to get to the bottom of it is asking questions. I can say that no matter how much you read on this issue, it does not replace the power that comes from speaking to patients directly. When you actually talk to people who've used this medicine, or used it yourself with success, the reality of how much this medicine can accomplish really hits home.

mudge 5 years ago

Can this oil be purchased over the counter say at Whole Foods? If not can someone please email me information on how to purchase it? Thanks so much

Andrea 5 years ago

My uncle was diagnosed with larynx cancer, can you please let me know where I can buy the oil. Thank you so much

Seetal 5 years ago

My dad has stage 4 cancer and has been undergoing chemo. He is feeling very low and does get some uncomfortable pain. I I currently live in the UK and would like to know where can I buy this oil from.

Thank you so much. 4 years ago


I am very interested in getting some of the medicinal hemp for my mother who has skin cancer.Also for someone who has cancer with diabetes.

Can you help me to aquire some in the USA?

Who can I call or write for this?

Thank you for sharing this valuable info!

Mrwyldjamaica 4 years ago

So I can be a blessing to others please email me where I can purchase this oil for my family members who are in need. 4 years ago

Could someone please e-mail me and tell me how to get or buy hemp oil as my wonderful father has just been diagnosed with liver cancer and has been given 3 months to live - he has so much to live for and we would gladly try anything to save him - please help if you can

Brad 4 years ago

Hi, my dog has cancer. Would this hemp oil be safe to give to a dog?

Shenzi 4 years ago



We all need a place for believers in TRUE HEALING to gather and share information and support each other and pass the truth along to those still suffering in need of TRUE GOD GIVEN CURES FOR CANCER AND MANY OTHER CONDITIONS.



They just found a cancerous lesion on her chest.

The rest of my family don't get the big picture at all..YOU KNOW...THEY DON'T KNOW THAT CANCER IS PERECTLY REVERSABLE THROUGH NATURAL MEANS.


I cherish her with all my heart and will do anything to help her, to save her precious life.

Please email me:

Thank you so much.

Anyone else feel free to contact me as well with your success stories.

Is it possible to buy the oil anywhere w/o having to make it yourself?

Seems a bit complicated, the homemade stuff.


profile image

minalumo5253 4 years ago

I too, am looking to purchase high quality hemp oil for my husband with stage 4 stomach. We live in Santa Monica, California where cannabis is legal. I just don’t know where to purchase this product from, even though we have many dispensaries. I know some have better products than others. If anyone can help please email me at Thank you

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

I am very glad to say that I have given this page a badly needed update. This movement has evolved since I made this page in 2009 and it's important for the information to reflect that. There is now a link to hundreds of scientific studies, more key videos, lots of testimonials, and a specific way that you can help to end this war!

BARBARA 4 years ago


Lane Taylor 4 years ago

Please tell me where I can get the real deal I have a friend with neck cancer

Dawn 4 years ago

Like everyone else, we all have family members with cancer....which is sad. Where do we get this medicinal hemp oil? and God bless to the people helping others.

ercist 4 years ago

Edwerdo 5 weeks ago

How come there are no comments from people who used this oil and were cured or were not cured???

Here ya go

RN 4 years ago

OMG who writes this drivel. Which study, which university, which oncologists and which hospitals have stated this. I can also say "oh look if u eat this and that it will cure this or that. I work in Oncology and i can tell you that more people do harm to there bodies in going the route of alternative medicines then staying the course with Chemo. Such articles should be banned

Taylor 4 years ago

RN - you are an absolute fool!

You work in Oncology? You are the problem.

You help fuel the billion dollar industry that is cancer with the butchery you call treatment. I have personally spoken to a dozen people who have cured their cancers with hemp oil, and guess what dummy? The science backs it up too.

Here are just some of the studies.

Do a little research and try to engage that right side of your brain that you turned off years ago to repeat the barbarity and bullshit that the pharmaceutical companies told you and your ilk.

People do more harm than taking chemo? Jesus are you that deluded? It's a known fact people with cancer live longer if they do nothing at all.

Just piss off back to poisoning, burning and cutting people you arse-hole - and one day try to grow the balls to have a look at what you're really doing to people.

Bob 4 years ago

My wife has lung cancer and after seeing the Rick Simpson film I would like to get her some hemp oil. Can you give me any information on obtaining this oil? Thanks.

Bob 4 years ago

Please send me some information on hemp oil, my wife has lung cancer as I mentioned before. Here is my email address:

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Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

I will reach out to those in need shortly. In regards to RN, I understand where you are coming from but of course wholeheartedly disagree. Chemotherapy and radiation are not the future, they do more damage than good and are only effective on a small subsection of cancers. Doctors regularly prescribe chemo and radiation in situations where they have no chance working, and all they achieve is making that person's last moments filled with pain and despair.

On the contrary, cannabis extract medicine has no terrible side effects and works more directly on disease itself. It has been proven to work through people's experiences and fundamental scientific studies. There is even a publicly-traded company called Cannabis Science which has cured skin cancer with this medicine. But it seems that so many people are reluctant to connect the dots, and until an official study comes out showing that this cures cancer, they dismiss the mountains of patient and scientific evidence. How many people have to die because others cannot draw the simplest of conclusions? It's sad...

ed 4 years ago

I have a carcinoma on my lip. I'm worried about how big it actually is (under the surface). I would like to try hemp oil but don't know where to get it. I thought hemp seed oil was the same thing. Wish it were b/c then I could get it at the health food store...I'm very scared about what's happening to me. If anyone can email me and let me know how to get hemp oil in Toronto or Ottawa, I would be grateful. I'm at . Thanks. I don't know where to turn and don't want to do anything foolish.

Kimberly 4 years ago

Is hemp oil legal? Where can I buy it? I have severe advanced RA and all meds have failed, I'm desperate, the pain is awful. Its to the point I'm not sure I can continue much longer, and I know the distortion and pain are only getting worse each year. Thank you, God bless

Kimberly 4 years ago

Please email me if you have any info on my above request! Also, does anyone know if a wamer climate really helps?

netida 4 years ago

I do not think you can buy it , you have to make it yourself.

Craig 4 years ago

I have a relative who has been diagnosed with pancreas, liver and throat cancer, at early stages, have read this article and very intrigued, can anyone help me in locating hemp oil??

lupie 4 years ago

Hi, i was wondering where could i get some of is hemp oil i have an aunt thats has cancer.... If can please let me know..... Thanx and God bless...... My email is

Marilyn 4 years ago

If you know where I can get the hemp oil with the THC please let me know. Thank you You can email me at Thank you

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minalumo5253 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

There are two sources for the oil that I’m aware of-- have heard he’s legit. Phone # (678-362-3245) Ronnie Smith. Also, check out AZCS, they have a YouTube video on how to make your own oil much simpler than Rick Simpson’s method, called “Shonda Banda Method. There is one more source I have, I just need to ask his permission before posting his info. I will begin to use the oil this week when I receive it for my husband with stage 4 stomach cancer.

All the best

Robbie 4 years ago

Not only Hemp Oil can help with cancer. There are very active and working herbs which can also not just calm it down but cure it and its for real. Herbs from China, India and Africa. I want to help others who are struggling for their life. You can contact me on

Its really a pity why all these disease exist but thanks to God some people have the remedies.

Best of luck 4 years ago

My sister has been diagnosed with terminal cancer ,she has 6 tumours on her brain , please if someone could tell me where to buy this hemp oil I would be eternally greatful ,time is running e mail is

Bhatia 4 years ago

My best friend's dad is suffering from oral cancer. It got diagnosed 3 months back and the doctor told it was in phase I and everything is under control. He started his chemotherapy and told that he was responding well.

About two days back he suddenly told that the cancer has spread to the lungs and the spine. We are in a state of shock.

I read about the Hemp oil and at this point it seems as the only remedy. Chemo seems to be worsening things.

Please let me how I get purchase it at the earliest because time is running out. His cancer is spreading fast.

I have a question also: the hemp oil which we purchase, does it contain THC. I have read this is the active ingredient which acts against cancer and also that the government wants the oil to be manufactured without it as the drug is illegal.

I request to please contact me at as soon as possible.

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minalumo5253 4 years ago

Another source for the oil is Hope this helps, best of luck.

gail 4 years ago

Email me @ my son has stomach problems and I need hemp oil for my skin. Tell me where to purchase the best hemp oil. Thank you.

Tom 4 years ago

Please advise reliable sources to purchase hemp oil from

Thank you,

moganesh 4 years ago

My mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. She is at stage 2. I was hoping to get hold of this hemp oil with THC to cure her cancer but unable to find where to get it. My email is Thank you.

Mina 4 years ago

My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer which has possibly spread to her liver and lungs. I need a reliable source to get the hemp oil with THC. I have read articles and watched videos on how it's made etc, but I need ready made. Please Please contact me at:

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dgalal 4 years ago

is the oil good for lupus????

Sabina 4 years ago

My father was diagnosed with colon cancer 1 year ago. Doctors tried to remove the tumor surgically but tumor was so big already, that they just closed the cut and suggested to make a course of chemotherapy, and if tumor will shrink in size they will try to remove it again. After each course of chemo my father got severe abdominal inflammation and it didn’t work. Now he in palliative care, he cannot eat almost 4 weeks, and vomit even water.

Doctor said that it is a terminal stage and now we count days.

Information about hemp oil I’ve got only yesterday, but as I understand it is not the same oil that I can reach in marihuana stores in Toronto. I sow the video in youtube about how to do it by myself, but I afraid that we have no enough time to purchase all stuff and prepare it. So please, if somebody can help me to buy it or prepare it for me I will really appreciate!

My e-mail is I’m living in Toronto.

God bless you.

Linda 4 years ago

Have cousin dying of tumors throughout her body - she a young woman. Need to know if this oil can be obtained anywhere. My email address is I am

living near Edmonton, Alberta

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genieric 4 years ago

Where cam you get the oil from? I need some.

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minalumo5253 4 years ago

For those looking for the oil please see above post from minalumo5253 3 weeks ago. 4 years ago

I've been researching hemp oil for some time now and am appauled that this natural healing modality is so difficult to secure. I am in need of this. Can you help me? How can I be assured of the purity and safety? Thank you so much for your help, Lisa

Jack Robins 4 years ago

A lot of people are a bit confused as to what this oil actually is.It is not Hemp oil that you find in health stores,which is normally made from very low THC hemp seeds.Although this oil has incredible health benefits it is not the same oil that rick simpson has been producing and giving to people with cancers.The hemp oil that you need is made from high THC cannabis flowers and leaves,it is banned globally under UN conventions and in the UK is considered a class A substance and not class B like herbal cannabis.You can purchase it in medical cannabis dispensaries in the US but it will cost.For the recommended course that Rick simpson advocates you need about a pound of cannabis flowers which will cost you £1,000's to buy.If you can grow tomatoes you can grow this plant and it will cost you pennies and will take 3 months,dont bother trying to buy it-make it!

Jack Robins 4 years ago

Also,not meaning to divert from the topic of hemp oil but i feel this would be relevant to a lot of people here.Mushrooms!Mushrooms such as reishi,Shiitake,Cordyceps and even the humble button mushroom have proven anti tumour properties that have been studied and peer reviewed.These are a lot easier to purchase as they have no psychoactive properties and are not scheduled drugs.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Please can you email me on where to get the oil from? i am in the UK, thank you :)

my email is rob[at]neocult[dot]com

athang 4 years ago

I am from Greece, Thessaloniki and i have my wife with breast cancer (2001) and now with lung metastasis .

I know that many people like me bothered you with thousands of emails but believe me we are desperate with chemo and radiations and we want to live !!!

My wife is only 49 years old.

Please if you can't send me the oil at least tell me where i could find it because i think that myself is difficult first to find the plants ( about 500 gr. of marihuana) and secondly i don't think that i'm capable to make it properly.

My email is : athang2 [at] yahoo [dot] com

If you know somewhere in Europe (like Holland) please tell me again and i will go there to get it.

I read that the dosage is 60 gr. for 90 days. Two times per day, starting with small dosages.

Thanks for everything

eileen 4 years ago

my sister has a bad skin condition and mom has breast cancer PLEASE tell me where I can get this in NJ, my email is

Thank you so much

Tom 4 years ago

Where can you buy it?

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Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

The oil can be purchased at various dispensaries in the United States, as well as through underground networks. However, it is very preferable for one to make oil themselves, as that ensures the highest quality straight at the source.

Heather 4 years ago

Please let me know where I can find this, a friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. I want to help her and would like to know where to find this hemp oil. I live in the USA, in a state that doesn't legalize the use of marijuana. Thank you for your help!

Email me at

mandazz 4 years ago

can the oil be shipped to europe? In desperate need for it, a loved one has tried chemo but its too aggressive,she has the most painful type of cancer, unable to eat, sleep, etc. she is desperate for hemp oil. any response would be much appreciated. my email is

Brian 4 years ago

Since 2009 i help the people make the HempOil. See for more information Or email

ricky hanson 4 years ago

My mother has Overian Cancer and the doctors are pretty much just feeding her pain medication saying there is nothing else they can do for her. I have been looking for natural ways to help her. How much extracted hemp oil should I get?

Ieva 4 years ago

I am fighting against psoriasis 10 years and got really tired from it. I hope hemp oil could help me. I live in Ireland. Could i purchase hemp oil there? Could you please contact me at with information how can I purchase it. Thank you.

David Ridgway 4 years ago

I have cancer of the oesophagus after three courses of chemotherapy and 21 days of tablets after each one it has now spread to my stomach . I'm now on a different type of chemotherapy which is not to cure me but to try and extend my life as I was told I had 6 months to live 3 and half months ago. I would love to hear off anybody who could help me get hold of the extract that Rick Simpson makes I haven't a clue where to start my number is 07773342482 I live at 28 Richardson court chapel St burntwood staffs England ws71nd

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Cassie232 4 years ago

I don't wish to trivialize the people on here who are desperately trying to find cures for cancer and I know my problem 'cold sores' are far from serious, but I found this site on a trail after reading that hemp oil can cure them. Unfortunately the cost of the oil or the plants to make your own are out of my price range. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for alternative cures for the dreaded plague as I get them bad and often, mayb a less concentrated version is available which would work on the herpes virus but not as strong as for cancer and the other more virelant diseases? I would be grateful for any suggestions or info - thanx

gina wilson 4 years ago

hi im looking for the website for cannabinoids for cancer i know its expensive to buy but you cant put a price on life my dad has lung cancer and i know you can only get cannabinoids from us does anyone know the website for this

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Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

Cassie, you should make the oil in small quantities using the Shona Banda method, detailed here:

Gina, you should look into making the oil yourself or trying one of the sources someone mentioned above. I truly wish things were easier!!

Alice 4 years ago

Gina, its not easy to find store that sells cannabinoids for cancer. if you can make oil yourself then thats fine if not you can contact me on and will show you a source to contact. Good luck

Holli 4 years ago

I wish with all my heart that Hemp Oil was more readily available. You can make your own, however, that is not an option for most of us. Many times you can get great information/leads and the "hemp oil" itself from your local medical marijuana office. If you are concerned that it might not be the right strengh, or you want to make sure it is made just like Rick Simpsons Hemp Oil is made, you can have it analyzed by CW Labs, Oakland, CA. CW Labs are on fb: be well...

Angel 4 years ago

My father has advanced pancreatic cancer. He's taking hospice now.. He has the morphine bag now and still experiences pain. Will this oil help ease the pain? Plz email me at if you can help. Thank you

Dusko 4 years ago

How and where can I purchase or obtain hemp oil? I had two operation on my voice box. Now I develop some type of skin allergy that I can not get rid off. Doctors don't know how to cure it. If anyone knows (maybe Kaabi) whom I can contact about receiving the hemp oil (from Rick Simpson) email me a

Thank you


Colleen 4 years ago

Could someone sent me information where I can get this HEMP for a friend with cancer. USA.


Julie 4 years ago

My aunt has been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Have been reading all the comments and watched the videos on you tube about hemp oil. We live in the UK and are trying to find somewhere that we can purchase from. any help appreciated. email

IR McConville 4 years ago

my son was in an accident 2 years ago, 3 surgerys later he is still in much pain, a bad knee break, more surgerys to come, once the deceide if it is a new knee or more pins/screws he is taking no medication for pain, but tried a cannabis ointment a friend had and it was wonderful, the friend has had it a long time and the label is worn off...any ideas for me

Ed 4 years ago

Anyone knows where in Colorado i can buy this oil?

Thank You

sagnik 4 years ago


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James Blunt 4 years ago from PWB Health Ltd 2 Thorne Road Thornton Lodge Huddersfield HD1 3JJ

your post is really really informative. things clearly and properly written in post regarding cancer. you have left nothing in this post. It's a complete package.

( cancer symptoms

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lsnider 4 years ago

I am so thankful to have found this site! I need help FAST! My mother has stage 4 breast cancer that is spreading to her bones. The docs gave her morphine and nothing else because she wont go through chemo again. I am trying to get the supplies I need to make this oil, but I am scared because it is illegal. At this point I am willing to do whatever it takes to save my mother. I guess there is no way to aquire the hemp oil itself??? Please anyone help me, I am open to your advice. Please help me... we dont have much time. Thank you. my email is if anyone would prefer to email me directly

Mandi 4 years ago

Hi all, I have malignant melanoma I've had a neck dissection but the cancer came back only 4 weeks after my op.... I got 2 kids and an amazing husband that I want to live for..I can get canabis but not sure if I could make the oil can you buy it? Also is the only way to take it to smoke it? Will it get me very high? Any help would be greatley appreciated thanks Mandi

Michael Hoey 4 years ago

I was getting the oil from the uk for my sick father when i decided to sent on 300 sterling to get a larger amount but the money was collected by the supplier from the post office but has not sent on the oil or can't be reached by phone so please be ware

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lsnider 4 years ago

Yes please be careful. I also got an email from a scammer.

Rudy Volkmann 4 years ago


I was a child of the sixties; haven't done drugs (other than alcohol) in thirty years. I've been diagnosed with prostate cancer; where can I buy cannabis oil?

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mercinabba 4 years ago

I have RA and degenerative arthritis, and i am in pain constantly. The put me on vicoden, and oxcy's and anti inflamatory meds. I have been on them for 5 yrs, i am disabled and i am tried, this sounds like something i could use and quit the other meds i take. Can you help me find anyone that can help me with acquiring pure hemp oil? Please, i am so tired of living with this pain.

kjl 4 years ago

Dear Kabi, where can I get hemp oil in US? It will need to be ordered by mail. My father has advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. My e mail is THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP THAT YOU CAN PROVIDE. GOD BLESS!!

Tom Adshead 4 years ago

For those looking for oil... MAKE IT YOURSELF...

You grow the weed yourself, turn it into oil yourself and then cure yourself.

Weed is only expensive to buy, it is cheap to grow... you might even say, it grows like a weed.

The oil you buy from dealers, will not be top quality oil... it will be made from leaf and scraps instead of the good bud... Why? Because you can sell the bud for good money and make oil out of the crap and there is NO WAY for normal people to know the difference.

Do a search online for marijuana seeds... buy pure indica strains and do it yourself.

It is simple... The Run From The Cure video shows you exactly how to do it... or use Shona's method...


If someone offers to sell you Rick Simpson Oil, they are trying to rip you off. Rick does NOT support, or endorse ANYONE selling oil to anyone.

craig 4 years ago

could sum1 let me now wer i can get hemp oil from as i av realy bad crohns disease and could realy do without all thes ops msg me at

many thanks

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censation 4 years ago

Anal cancer survivor and sure don't want it to come back would love to try some of this to keep my immunity strong.

Alice 4 years ago

i will write this again. After being cured by this hemp oil, i have my life back again and can't keep all to myself. First i thought it was a scam but, i just got the oil, used it and now i am fully fit now. I will always recommend him to others in need. my email is

contact me and will recommend him to you. life is precious, lets protect it, both ours and our friends..

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billjko 4 years ago

i have stage 4 lung cancer, had one round of chemo. i'm in the uk where cannabis is illegal, so i smoke it illegaly, seems to be keeping me fit and healthy. i have my property for sale so ii can go to california, the only place i know where its legal, i need to know if there's anywhere in europe i can get it legally or, in california, can you just walk in the shop and buy it? thanks, bill

alyxx22 4 years ago

can u please tell me where i can get hemp oil?

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alyxx22 4 years ago

can u please tell me where i can get hemp oil? I live in Texas. my email is

Raj 4 years ago

Hi I really need to get hemp oil for my dad his got cancer please. E-mail me on

Motheo 4 years ago

Stop it man everybody as I go through this page is asking the very same question and they all want to save their loved one's and it seem like you are in a spree of playing with their emotions so please stop it because you are hurting people

And if you are so sure that this medicine of yours really work why all this secrecy of its whereabouts

Haze 4 years ago

Is there a site where we can buy hemp oil for cancer cure?


Haze 4 years ago

Hemp is illegal in almost all countries, in Australia you can grow a couple of plants yourself, but not in the quantity one would need to make the oil, the Isopropyl alcohol is legal to buy but only in greater quantities by the barrel. People are having difficulties of obtaining the plant in such quantities and extracting the oil Rick Simpson methood

Very easy!!

All you need is:

-plant sap

-isopropyl alcohol

-rice cooker.

Isopropyl alcohol is Combustible Liquid and caution should be followed!

Metheo! :) i would like to say that big pharma does not allow for any cure of major diseases!! They will loose profit and defeat their purpose of minimizing the population!


Since cure is illegal anybody caught selling the cure is put to jail!

Mammi333 4 years ago

Need oil for myself and two others. Mother of three, my dad and a friends mom. Where do I get the oil? I'm just outside of Toronto.. Who can I contact? Please post with information. Thanks

lexicopento 4 years ago

Mammi333, contact me on for a legal source and would take few days for you to receive the oil.

~TheMidniteRider~ 4 years ago

Hemp seed oil only will act as a great vehicle/carrier in the same way almond oil does. In other words it helps expediate other remedies through the body... If you want to be CURED you need to get "Essential Hemp Oil" That is extracted from the flowers and foliage material. The oil is then distilled in a cold filtration method that takes just enuff THC out to be LEGAL, Yet leave enuff in to be VERY EFFECTIVE as a cure/remedy for all. It is also a great preventitive! I find putting 3 to 4 drops in the bath/whirlpool do wonders for the skin and body in general! What a Great Govt. we have that wants us dying young hugh? Screw them! Hemp till i die! TheHellfireClub 4EVER! thc! Thc! THC!!!

Luckiny 4 years ago

My last resort! Greatly appreciate any help. Where I can get Medical Grade Cannabis Oil within the EU? Million Thanks! Please email me at

iseenothing 4 years ago

I am 47 years old. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer when I was 19. It was bad, I had tumors everywhere. In my chest cavity, on my neck, and a tumor more than 9 inches in diameter in my abdomen wrapped around my spine. I went to one of the worlds leading cancer research centers. After nearly two years as an inpatient at the hospital I was sent home cancer free. I was maimed but alive.I have spent the last 25 years with consequences of my treatment.

I have been feeling especially poor recently and a large lump appeared on my neck. A friend gave me about 1/2 gram of the oil. I took only small doses because I had so little however I did notice that my appetite returned and that I felt much better. I cut my high doses of morphine in half. After four days I thought the tumor was smaller but I couldn't be certain.

I ran out of the oil and told my friend to get me more.

It took three weeks for him to bring more.This time he brought me three grams. He told me that if I wanted more I would have to get the material to make it.

During the three weeks that I was without the oil my health got worse. The tumor grew double in size. It was pressing on the nerves. It hurt so badly that I could not move my arm on that side.

When I got the three grams of oil I took higher doses. In two days the tumor reduced by half. In four days the pain was completely gone. It has been 10 days and the tumor is 1/4 the size it was when it was discovered.

As I sit here I have had my life savings stolen by someone who was supposed to get the material to make more medicine.

I don't know what to do now.

When I look in the mirror I see the truth. Please, I would not under any circumstances give "false" hope to anyone. This is real.

Danny 4 years ago

hi can anyone tell me where i can buy the THC hemp oil from thanx

email me

Nick 4 years ago

I am from cape town. Making oil for two and half years. U want to learn how to go about it here i will gladly show u. E mail

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

Iseenothing, that is an incredible story and I'm glad the oil has worked well for you, but it is also heartbreaking to hear how you've been cheated while trying to save your own life. Whoever stole from you is truly scum of the earth. Please email me at and I'll try to figure out a way to help you!

Nick 4 years ago

Is he in my part of the world? I will help.

Lexi10 4 years ago

Hi all I would just like to say how amazing this page actually is... My dad of 52 got diagnosed with colon cancer just 2 weeks ago he has had MRI and ct scans and have found out it has spread to his lungs, witch is known as secondary lung cancer! He is due to have an operation in the next 2 weeks to have the tuma removed from his rectum, before they can do anything with the lung cancer they want to operate, once they have operated to remove the tuma he has to wait 6 weeks before they do anything with the lungs ie chemo,, I have read so much on the chemo and none of it sounds promising it only seems to make the problem worse,, my dad is very active at the moment his illness isn't causing any problems apart from going to the toilet he doesn't look lyk he's dying as 1 of the doctors told him,, to get to the point I have managed to get all the ingrediants except 1 to make the oil that 1 thing being naphtha or the 99% iso alcohol I don't really understand what this is or were I could get it from time is running out I want to get this all made so that as soon as he's out of hospital he can start taking it before he's ment to go for chemo that is leaving aprox 6 weeks to c if this stuff has worked I would be very very grateful if any 1 can email me if any 1 can give me any info on the solvent I would be very grateful as this could save my wonnderful dads life it is ripping r hearts out to think he could die I just want to be able to help I am a true believer in this hemp oil I've done lots of research and if this works for my dad I am defently going to be spreading the word the more n more people no the more lives people lyk all us can save thank u so much and I hope some 1 ne1 can help

Joe 4 years ago

My partner is battling bowel cancer and is receiving ongoing chemo and Antibody drugs. Could someone please email me at to tell me where I can buy hemp oil. Thanks

Health And Cure Talk 4 years ago

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And after you finished reading that one and follow exactly what it said, you can also read about this simple cancer treatment plan at: Please subscribe also for a greater cancer treatment plan has been recently discovered, but there was there from and very long while...

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ysz 4 years ago

i really believe in rick Simpson oil , my friends father in law has just started his course of the oil for his cancer i will keep you posted on his journey.

kbs 4 years ago

Hi, my fiancé was diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma about 5 months ago. 8 weeks ago he had his first bone marrow transplant - his donor was his fraternal twin sister and she was a near-perfect match. 2 weeks ago we learned the results of his BMT: Graft Rejection - another BMT is not advised. Doctor recommendation: more aggressive chemo/radiation treatments as soon as he's regained some strength - which seems like such a joke.

Since his diagnosis, I've watched my fiancé go from a happy, healthy, active 28 year man -6'6", 230 lbs - to a skeleton. He weighs 182 now. He's so sick, he can barely stand without needing to rest. He can't even crawl to the rest room. He's currently using a feeding tube. He's so sick. I can't even believe how different my world was just 6 short months ago. I just know another round of chemo and radiation are going to kill him. We have a 2 year old son who doesn't understand what is happening to his daddy and I don't know what to tell him. I am so terrified (not in front of my fiancé of course as it's important to stay positive and strong for him). A friend of mine told me about hemp oil about 2 months ago. I've been researching nonstop for some time and feeding my fiancé (and everyone else I know) nutriva hemp oil, which I've learned is not Rick Simpson's oil. So, I need to make the Rick Simpson oil. I need to make it or buy it but I can't find where to buy it anywhere and I have no idea where to get the supplies to make it as I've never had any experience with anything like it but I will learn! Please before his next chemo/ radition (set for sep. 1st), can anyone please help me find out how I can get supplies to make this or how I can buy it? Please and thank you! Kbs

Sharon G. 4 years ago

I have been diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer. I have taken 13 rounds of chemotherpy and would like to find out how and where I can purchase the Hemp Oil. Would you please contact me at with this information. thanks.

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Lexi10 4 years ago

Kbs if your in the uk email me my address is on my post a couple above yours about my dad names lexi10

sonia 4 years ago

Looking for purchase info please. I need it for my dog

sonia 4 years ago

Little 4 years ago

yorum bandy seems too good to be true, watch out...

Donna 4 years ago

I am trying to find some where I can get THC or the Hemp Oil for my Brother In Law, He has lung cancer and now sign's of it in his liver & he is really suffering & it is tearing my husband up to see his brother suffer like this. I have been trying for months now to try to find something to help him. If any one can help us please contact me at

Lora 4 years ago

thanks to you, i just received the oil from the man, you recommended to me. God Bless you. Thank you too Admin for providing this medium.

paula 4 years ago

another one need for mum and me now ouch where to buy in tassie australia heyerp@bigpond,com ta all

a's 4 years ago

please any on that can tell me how do get and use the hemp oil,my father has lung cancer stage 4 and i want to try this with him ,we live in Orange Country , California

NS 4 years ago

Could you please suggest where can I obtain hemp oil from? One of my family members is suffereing from Brain Cancer and we are desparately looking for natural treatments as a cure. My email address Thanks!

sharon 4 years ago

please help i know spomone with cancer and she has been told they wont give her more radiotheraphy its terminal i want to help her using alternative pure hemp oil been scanning online sites in the uk but they all seem to be selling hemp seed oil which this is not the same as the the pure hemp oil im i live in birmingham in the uk does anyone know on here were i get some from please email me a supplier i would very much appreciate it my email address

profile image

treetracker 4 years ago

I wonder if this will be able to stop the progress of cerrhosis of the liver and possibly help cure the liver of scars. I have this and not from alcohol. pls contact me at

Ronnie Smith 4 years ago

I make Hemp oil for anyone! call me Ronnie Smith 678-362-3245

here is a Parkinsons Patient I am working with.

and here is a girl who WAS epileptic

dgalal 4 years ago

does this help with Lyme disease?

profile image

jim4123 4 years ago

How do I git this oil,my step dad is in hospus care,he is a mirricall he gits up and ois fully alurt,this might be just what he needs.If you could let me no it would be verry apreshated,ty and GOD BLESS!!!

Bcgb34 4 years ago

How can I get my hands on this oil?

LS 4 years ago

Hi i live in the uk can someone tell me pls where i can get the oil from to help my dad with lung cancer who has been in hispital for the last 3 months.!! Thanks

Lynette 4 years ago

Can anyone tell me where to but the hemp oil. I live in Melbourne , Australia. Thanks Lynette

Ron Chandler 4 years ago

I am a cancer patient. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Where can I get this medicinal hemp oil?? You can contact me at Thank you!!!!!

marilyne 4 years ago

Hello, my mother has ovarian cancer . She underwent surgery and had a malignant 6 and a half inches by 6 and a half inches tumour removed, as well as a hysterectomy . Her type of tumour is responsible for an unusually high amount of ascitic fluid that has accumulated in her lower abdomen. I really need to find this oil at all costs.. Please reach me at :

Thank you!!

Mike 4 years ago

Just found out my grandmas kidney tumor ( that was completely removed and doctors said it was gone) has moved into her liver... I would love some videos on extraction methods because I already have the cultivation skills down( lived on a farm all my life). I can't see her go, there isn't much time from what I've read about the cancer! I am strongly suggesting she dosent do chemo as she is 82 yrs old! Anything will b appreciated

David McDonald 4 years ago

Hi, do you have any testimonies for MS?

Jack Robins 4 years ago all seriousness stop asking where you can get this oil will get scammed and if you dont to get a legit amount will set you back a few thousand $$$ for enough to be effective.You first of all need to grow that evil plant that is cannabis,you know the one that will destroy your life and make you paranoid and psychotic-GROW THAT PLANT...make sure you have about 1 pound of dry material and then make the oil yourself using rick simpsons guide.This is the quickest and easiest way to get this cannot buy it in most countries as the powers that be have banned cannabis for your own protection,no one will send it to you in good faith as it costs a lot of money on the black market and people will rob you f your money.GROW CANNABIS AND MAKE IT YOURSELF!it will take 3 months and you will then be sorted-it wont kill you,or make you crazy or any of that other bs that the government indoctrinates you with-it could however save your life,just grow it.

Shawn 4 years ago

Hi there ! This site is a blessing ,I have a mother that battled breast cancer 18 yrs ago and has been in remission and now she thinks she has lung cancer and the drs here in Canada are complete A holes and refuse to listen to her they say its in her head and she looks healthy, well when she wakes up she can talk for a couple hours sometimes less then her voice goes completely raspy and it's devastating to me ,she lost her husband ( my father ) 3 1/2 yrs ago and we can't handle any more loss .if anyone can help us with some info on acquiring some of this hemp oil we would be more than great full you can e mail me at ( thank you so very much for all of the great info ,you people are making a huge difference in so many lives

Ronnie Smith 4 years ago

Pay no attention to Jack Robbins! I give oil to people who are low income and can show me they have cancer! In the last year, I have given away 60 ounces of oil. and I currently am helping numerous people who can't afford it! I pay $1800 for a pound of indica/sativa cross and sell 2 ounces of oil for $2000. the extra $200 bucks pays for shipping and alcohol as well as gas and packing supplies! So there is hope and help, just keep in mind, I always require some sort of proof of the seriousness of the cancer and the "low incomeness" of the individual. If you want to buy oil I will take your word for it, cause if you have the money to buy it and do so, then you must really be sick cause there is no resale value on the black market. This oil has chlorophyl in it which makes it uncomfortable to potheads who want to smoke it! So if you need oil you are welcome to call me! 678-362-3245 leave a detailed message and I will call you back ASAP!

Barkovich profile image

Barkovich 4 years ago

I live in Ontario Canada and my mom is dying of terminal cancer. Please let me know where I can buy this here

sarah 4 years ago

if someone could please tell me how and where to get hemp oil. i live in Ontario, Canada. growing it is not an option at the moment, so i would like to know how to access this oil somewhere near me. please respond!!! thank you very much.

p.s., love the article!

sarah 4 years ago

was just wondering for the people that had a disease or illness and used this oil everyday to the point where they no longer had their disease or illness, did you stop taking the oil after the disease or illness was gone? or are you continuously taking the oil indefinitely.

guest 4 years ago


guest 4 years ago

Products go on sale nation wide sept 5th.

Karla 4 years ago

I am from Brasil, my brother needs Cannabis oil, please help me. I have been looking for this oil for months , and also I dont know where to get the hamp to make the oil.

Please, help my brother and his family.

My e-mail is

arerom profile image

arerom 4 years ago

Hello. My husband (who has advanced prostate cancer) and I have driven 3000 miles to Washington State so that he can have access to hemp oil. Our M.D. sent along the results of his most current CT, Bone Scan and current PSA numbers to use for tracking the progress of his treatment. We have an INCREDIABLE person here supplying my husband with oil and our hopes are to be able to keep an acurate log of daily doses and my husbands current physical condition . At the 60 day mark all his labs will be rerun to use as a mid point marker of progress. I would really appreciate hearing from ANYONE who has used the oil for their cancer to contact me at with information regarding their current status. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE ONLY WAY TO GET SUBSTANTIAL PROOF (positive or negative) IS TO DOCUMENT YOUR TREATMENT AND RESULTS..... AND THEN BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO PUT YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFO OUT THERE FOR OTHERS.

Sabih 4 years ago

Hi, I was reading comments and watching videos of curing from Hemp oil. I am surprised that people are getting treatment from this. My mother has mouth cancer and doctor where I get consultation they say that no more treatment can given and she may die. Can I have information about this Hemp Oil where and how can I get it. Can please send me detail on my this email address:

That will be great help if any one can assist me.

Thanks alot

steve l 4 years ago

my friends daughter has a terminal brain tumor and he has just started using home made hemp oil to treat her. i will keep updating this site with posts letting you know how she gets on. she is due for a scan in 3 weeks and the scan can be compared to her last.

i learned of hemp oil 3 days ago and this has truly fascinated me.

Steve l 4 years ago

I can make the hemp oil in the uk. My friend is using it on his daughter who had terminal cancer and after 4 days it's having a remarkable effect. If anybody needs help contact me

Mish 4 years ago

I would prefer to buy rather than grow as highly illegal to grow down here in Oz and besides don't know where to get the seeds from. Also is it made from a commercial type cannibas or the regular 'gunja'? Could you email me where to purchase the oil from:

Thanks heaps!

dave 4 years ago

please email me where to get the best oil. thank you

Marinza 4 years ago

Need to get some oil for my husband with cancer, please help. Live in South Africa

Sam 4 years ago

Id like more info please also can you take if your pregnant? I have a close friend that just had an abnormal pap come back and she is pregnant....

john mirray 4 years ago

can some one please call me my daughter has some kind of tumor inher brain ,or email ( phone Birmingham England on 01214154771 thank you from john.

Victoria 4 years ago

Hi my mother has terminal cancer & has metastasized to the bones :( Nothing left to do except be on morphine. She finally accepted to try the hemp oil this past Saturday. I found it at a health store in a bottle format. $8.99 for 250 ml.

It says to take 1-2 Tblsp 3x a day.

Has anyone ever tried it by buying it through a store rather than buying online ?

Thank You

ysz 4 years ago

this is not the right oil victoria its cannabis oil you needs and you cant buy it over the counter

Jack Robins 4 years ago

people read the comments! This is not hemp oil that you buy in is cannabis hemp oil.The only place where you could probably buy it is in the US from cannabis dispensaries with a medical marijuana card.You will not be able to buy the quantities of cannabis that you need to make this oil in the UK without knowing someone high up the drug dealing food chain,your going to need about 3 grands worth of high quality bud.putting your email on here will just see you get scammed from people from Cameroon and no one is going to send it from abroad.

Victoria 4 years ago

Thank you ysz. I didn't know that! Hopefully it will be mind over matter until I can look into the cannabis oil.

Thank You

profile image

Capegirl 4 years ago

My mom has been diagnosed with Stage 3a lung cancer. Can Hemp oil cure herand where can I find it? Is it the same as hash oil and is hash oil cannabis oil? We have no education or knowledge of this stuff . We are willing to try anything and we have a few more weeks before she can start any treatment because she needs a biopsy to tell if its non small cell or small cell. Can someone please respond to me as soon as possible. Thank you...

ysz 4 years ago

have a look at run from the cure on you tube this video should help you capegirl

Will 4 years ago

Where can I buy the hemp oil?

Bill 4 years ago

Where can i buy cannabis oil? Thanks.

kofk 4 years ago

does eating hash not have the same effect as oil?

ronsdad 4 years ago

My son was dx with lung cancer on July 3. Like to know if hemp oil would help and how to get some. Please email

arerom 4 years ago

I have posted here before. My husband with ADvanced Prostate cancer is in the Seattle area, getting Hemp Oil treatment and keeping accurate records of treatment. His is going in for his 1 month PSA test to see how treatment is working.




contact kim or 434 738-5689

kofk 4 years ago

once again does hash work the same as oil?

arerom 4 years ago

Hash/Hash Oil are basically the same chemically. Do you feel comfortable eating the Hash? What you are looking for is a very high CBD/THC concentration in your system at all times.

My husband is religiously following this course of treatment for his Prostate Cancer.

I have to say, even though I have posted on many sites asking if ANYONE has used the Oil w/o additional hormone treatment( as Dennis Hill did and negated his results), NO ONE HAS EVER REPLIED TO DOCUMENT THAT THE OIL HAS HELPED.

Lots of people in the Seattle area are trying to make a buck off of cancer patients desperation though.

We are blessed to be helped by a very genuine and knowledgable person, and that is why my husband is going to follow through and document what happens, so this can all be more than just TALK.

Sam 4 years ago

hi, my aunt is suffering from ovarian cancer since 4 years and it has ben so many times that she has undergone chemo therapy abut every time it recurs.Please let me know how and in what quantity this hemp seed or hemp oil can be taken, and where can i get this hemp there any local indian name for it?... my aunt stays in india.. please help.

HEY SAM 4 years ago

Your aunt should be drinking the strongest BHANG she can get and drink lots of it each day..

Andy 4 years ago

Hi please can you send me information on where I can purchase this miricle natural drug...I have many health issues and would rather try alternative medicines than taking prescribed medication that seems to cause me more problems than it cures. I live in Europe.

Thanks Best regards email:

Jack 4 years ago

Hi Kaabi, I have a relative in his young 30s who is suffering from cancer and has been diagnosed as terminal. I myself have been suffering from Diabetes II and worsening neuropathy since years. I am unable to simulate Rick Simpson's method to produce the hemp oil myself. Is there anyway you can help me find some to save my dying relative and help me, too? I live in Spain with my wife and 2 daughters. Whether you can help or not, I must thank you for all the good you do for people in need.

kofk 4 years ago

So areom, are you saying if you feel comfortable eating hash that are the same chemically that would do the same job!!?

kim morera 4 years ago

Yes, it should. Rick Simpson Oil, is nothing more than hemp oil.

My husband who has advanced prostate cancer, has been taking the oil for one month now and has had very positive results.

profile image

hahnhawk 4 years ago

I am new to discovering the benefits of Hemp. The Health system has failed me with false claims for many years through pharmaceutical medications and treatments. After reading and watching Rick Simpson's story I am desparate for a cure like so many others. I live in Ontario and request wise and knowledgable advice on how to obtain quality medicinal hemp oil. There are so many names and types of Hemp Oil, its hard to know were to begin.

Thank you, Warm Regards...

janice 4 years ago

why dont you just post where to get the dam oil and make it easuer for everyone to get it????????OR IS THIS A GAME TO GET ATTENTION ON THIS WEBSITE

Kara 4 years ago

Is the organic hemp oil that is sold in Whole Foods stores the right kind? On the bottle, it says, "Living Harvest organic hemp oil", "Tempt", "Omega 3, 6", "Fresh cold pressed raw hemp seeds".

arerom 4 years ago

Hi Janice,

Here is the real skinny on "hemp oil".

No, it is NOT the hemp oil you buy at the Health Food Store.

What it is ,is highly concentrated marijuana oil, with a REALLY high cbd/thc content.

My husband with aggressive,advanced prostate cancer has seen amazing results in 1 month of treatment.

Now, "why don't you tell me where I can buy the oil?"

Because you (and whoever sells/gives it to you will go to JAIL in any states that do not allow Medical Marijuana).

My husband is currently living in Washington State while I live in Virginia so that he can legally get the oil.

If he tried to make or buy the oil in the State of Virginia, he'd end up dying of Prostate cancer in jail.


The cancer doctors have been making my husband's life hell ever since he was diagnosed in 1998.

They have burnt his bladder so that he feels like he has a constant bladder infection.

Surgical scarring has made it difficult for him to urinate, and all the while, his PSA numbers just keep going up.

One month (actually 3 weeks) taking the oil and his numbers have stopped going up and the only side effects are a feeling of "well being".

Hope this sufficiently answers your question.

BTW, you can follow me, Kim Morera on Facebook.

I am not afraid to put my name out here, if I can help save a life.


Kara 4 years ago

Thanks for the info, Kim. I looked and there are a handful of Kim Morera's on Facebook, which is you? Feel free to add me, Kara Guire, the url is just karaguire after the facebook domain name. I am in Chicago. PS, I am also researching into Graviola. Looks like I can get it much easier than the hemp oil. So I will probably start with it, since from what I am seeing, people are reporting very similar results as the hemp oil. Screw big pharmaceuticals and their 'treatments' like chemotherapy and their suppression of REAL actual cures, all in the name of greed. Nature is the way.

profile image

terryheller 4 years ago

Can someone please post a link or email me a way to buy hemp oil? Two hours of searching the 'net has come up empty. :)

Trip 4 years ago

I'm the same way terry. Stage 4 Lung Cancer here.. through my research this seems to be a logical step for me. I'd really like more information.

kofk 4 years ago

surely people can buy hash easily for the purpose of eating?

moms only hope 4 years ago

Hi , my mom has stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to her other lung after removal of her left lung completely, as well as her eye and tongue and throat. She is having radiation but it seems like that is all they can offer other than more chemo down the line. I want to help her survive this she is only 59yrs old. Can someone please let me know where i can get this oil? We live in NY, much appreciated.

moms only hope 4 years ago forgot to list my email :)

moms only hope 4 years ago

Please email me any info on getting this oil... I live in NY

arerom profile image

arerom 4 years ago

I have a big problem with referring to this treatment as" hemp oil".

It is NOT made from hemp, nor is it really"oil".

It is made from marijuana and a more accurate name for it should be "concentrated cannabis extract". Many people also call it " Rick Simpson Oil" or RSO.

It is the combination of the cbds and thc in the compound that fights cancer.

I KNOW about this because my husband is curently getting treatment with the extract for his cancer, and, IT IS HELPING.

I cannot say it is curing him yet, but, hs PSA has stabilized after 3 weeks on the oil.

Marijuana MUST be changed from a Class I drug to a ClassIII drug (medically useful) so that the research /clinical trials on humans can be completed.

All of you that have suffering loved ones need to be a voice to this cause, there is no time left to be silent.

Tonya 4 years ago

I am so intrigued by this thread and grateful to each of you for sharing your stories. I have a unique issue: I am looking for a cure for my dog's cancer. She has had three very invasive surgeries and I was told today that a friend cured her dog's cancer with cannabis oil. I know nothing of it, how to get it, make it, etc but am so inspired by all of the stories online. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

kofk 4 years ago

folks by the sounds of things eating hash/dope does the same job, durely that must be easier to get?

arerom profile image

arerom 4 years ago

The oil is VERY concentrated. It takes 1 pound of marijuana to make 60 grams of oil , which is the equivelent of a sixty dat supply or full course of treatment.

terryheller 4 years ago

I ask again, can someone tell us where to buy this oil? How hard is it to answer "yes" or "no"?

buying oil 4 years ago

call Ronnie Smith 678-362-3245

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

Please remember this oil is illegal and I personally cannot openly advertise people's names or where to get it. Several people have posted comments here about who to call/where to get it, and if you want to take that route, that's up to you. No matter what, it is ALWAYS advised that you make your own oil. It eliminates all risk of shipping and ensures known quality.

You can also move to a medical marijuana state, get a card, and get cannabis legally to start producing oil. There are some places in Colorado, California, and Washington that sell oil directly. Those are your best options!

David 4 years ago

Please help. Where can I obtain this oil. I live in the UK and my partner suffers with terrible arthritis. It is awful to see her in so much pain everyday.

My email is...


kofk 4 years ago

as far as i can gather eating hash does the same job, which maybe easier to obtain, ?

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

From the one person I've heard who had experience making oil directly from hash, it didn't seem to work as well as that from bud. However, that's only one person, so no conclusions can be drawn from that. Furthermore, people have had success eating massive quantities of cannabutter, a relatively weak extract. As long as the hash gets decarboxylated, then it should work well.

For those who don't know, decarboxylation occurs when cannabis is heated. It is the process of a carboxyl group being removed from THCA and CBDA (the acid forms of THC and CBD), so they become THC and CBD. When making oil, decarboxylation often automatically occurs during the removal of the solvent, when it is boiled off, but if you are eating bud or hash straight, then it won't have been decarboxylated.

The only exception is if you have access to huge amounts of cannabis plants. Juicing the plants raw has proven very beneficial, despite an absence of decarboxylation.

kofk 4 years ago

surely consuming (eating) hashish and it doing the same job, means you dont have to turn it into oil!!?

arerom profile image

arerom 4 years ago

It is extremely easy to make the oil with Butane as the solvent and a few inexpensive items. This is now becoming a perfered method.

My husband has been forced to relocate to Washington State from Virginia to have access to the oil and has learned to make his own. I know that this sounds like a drastic measure, but, he was very close to having his cancer metastise and after only a short time on the oil, his cancer appears to be halted.


christine 4 years ago

hi my sister has been diagnosed with cancer and has been given six months to live at the most. shes only awake for two hours a day at the minute and is extremely ill and will not last much longer. I need to source this oil!! She is dying in front of us and i have tryed to source this oil. someone please email me on

Ali Khan 4 years ago

My name is Ali,

I live in Karachi Pakistan, I am very concerned about the what is happening with us, Why our governments do not want us to live with a healthy life, I read about the posts and I felt very sad that people seeking help for each other, The words are crying, Its terrible, I might can help people who need hemp oil because Pakistan have a large cultivation of hemp, Accept this, that it is illegal, But its easy to get it, And I am also very thankful to Mr. Rick Simpson for his concerns & efforts, I am working and keep researching on what Mr. Rick have told in his lectures in Croatia and his documentary Run from the cure, I still did not extract an oil, But I am sure that I will extract it very soon, The first one for my Mom, And after I will give it anybody who desperately needed this oil, Anyone who need this please contact me at the same blog.



helene 4 years ago


I have been diagnosed with final stage 3 cervical cancer and it has spread. In about 2 to 3 weeks and after a kidney surgery I will start the radiations and chemo "treatment". I do not want to undergo that nightmare but I'll have to. I know it will not do any good and I will die anyway. Doctors told me 2 years maximum without the "treatment". I have been reading about Rick Simpson and the oil and I have been desperately searching for it. I leave in an apartment building in New York and I do not know if it would be a suited and ventilated enough place to make the oil, if only I could find what I need to make it, which is as hard to find as the oil. If you can help me, please, contact me at:

Thank you.

kofk 4 years ago

once again im just looking for some clarification here, hash or bud contains THC, im not wanting to smoke it, but will eating it do the same job as the oil?

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

The thing with oil is it is much more concentrated. Eating hash may have the same effect but oil is more potent. I don't have any experience with hash so I can't say whether it would be the same. Eating the buds definitely is ill-advised because that is even less potent. However, juicing a cannabis plant a day and drinking that seems to be effective for healing, but very few people have access to that much cannabis.

Danielle 4 years ago

I purchased organic cold-pressed hemp oil imported from Canada at my local health food store in the US (the brand is called Manitoba Harvest) . My intention is to ingest it daily in an effort to rid my body of a dermoid ovarian cyst and possible uterine fibroids. Is the brand I purchased the right kind of hemp oil for my goals? If not, where can I find hemp oil that would suit my needs? If anyone knows, please E-mail me at Thank you.

profile image

Alisa Said 4 years ago

Dear Kaabi,

My father has got lung cancer and after 7 years of therapy there´s quite nothing left to do anymore.

I found all of these articles about the hemp oil and I need to know where I can get it from and how it has to be used.

Could you please send my any information about it? You can mail me at

Thank you very much!

Sheree 4 years ago

Hi Kaabi,

Look i do have something that you can try but at this time i do not have time to type it all out, I have a few things to get done but you can email me at i can send info to you.

jack robbins 4 years ago

Please,please for the love of god read the comments on this blog! It explains everything you need to know.

There seems to be a lot of confusion between hemp oil and the cannabis hemp oil that you need,you can buy hemp seed oil legally for about £5 anywhere and although nutritively beneficial it is not what you want.

The cannabis oil that this page describes is the currently illegal type that is sold on the black market or that you make yourself,you will not be able to buy it from a health food store like whole foods or hooland and barrett.

There are already Nigerian and Cameroon scammers reading this board and you guys are asking for information and leaving your emails up for them to rip you off.

h10879 4 years ago

Stage 4a LUNG CANCER. Just completed 6th round of Chemo that is

killing me. Planning on moving to a friendly Cannabis state, Colorado, Washington or California. Does any one know if any of these states make the medical grade cannabis oil based on thr Rick Simpson method?

arerom profile image

arerom 4 years ago

Hello h10879,

Contact ME: Kim Morera -

My husband is presently in Washington State getting hemp oil treatment for his advanced prostate cancer. I can give you details on the MMJ card process and help you with contacts.

No one should be forced to suffer because of rediculous laws.

Austin 4 years ago

My Mother -in-law has got breast and lung cancer... please let me know where i can obtain Hemp Oil...also im not sure which indica strain is most suitable.

profile image

Smacker57 4 years ago

Is Ronnie Smith reliable ?

arerom profile image

arerom 4 years ago

I will ask someone who is reliable and KNOWS everyone. I have seen some negative postings about him.

profile image

Smacker57 4 years ago


I am in need for my wife......I'd like to do something soon.

marie from France 4 years ago

Dear Ali Karachi

I 'm writing from France and I pray all the time for my syster that is suffering both a very advanced breast cancer and systemic esclerodermy...which is also terrible........ I didn't know it was possible to suffer like that....his fingers have been cutted and theonly thing that can help her is cannabis.....because morphinics are very bad with her....actually with help her with "bediol" a cannabis treatment wich is provided with a german doctor and buy in a holland apothicare...but what we need is hemp oil....I m looking for 8 months to get flowers to do it by myself but didn't Rick Simpson said even if we cannot cure her she has the right to leave this world in peace and with dignity....thank you and excuse my english is so poor.......merci beaucoup Marie ......good luck for every body I pray for you I love you

CJM92592 4 years ago

My 19yr old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and she has had a long battle with immune deficiency but has continually battled back but this time it's different and I would like anyone to email me where I can get hemp oil. If I could give my life I would to sustain the life of my daughter so I sure as hell would go to jail to do what ever it takes to help cure her.

profile image

Wattooo 4 years ago

If anyone needs advice in anyway about hemp oil in the uk feel free to email me. I have seen the potential this oil has with my own eyes and would be happy to help. 4 years ago

Ronnie Smith is an angel. I need to get ahold of him so if you are reading this please email me. I can't get into my old email account. Thank you for helping me with my mom. I can never thank you enough. 4 years ago


I am 39 years old and have recurrent Breast Cancer with lung mets. I am a mother of 2 and have just been blessed with a Grandson.

I am too young to die and DON'T want to die.

I am a student nurse and have done so much research regarding THC and cannabis oil and I need some!

I smoke cannabis regularly but need to know where I can buy the oil that will rid me of my aggressive tumours.

I beg you, if anyone can help me then please email me.

Yours begging and hoping, Tracey x

profile image

jadwigah 4 years ago

Please tell me how and where can I purchase or obtain hemp oil with PHC my email Thank you

Mikehall66 profile image

Mikehall66 4 years ago from Inverness, Florida

Please tell me how and where can I purchase or obtain hemp oil with PHC my email is Thank you!!

profile image

mitsunobu 4 years ago

Hi, I recently got diagnosed with cancer and got operated. I also would like to know where to buy hemp oil.

My mail is


Best regards….

kimorera 4 years ago

Update: After 2 months of taking butane extracted cannabis oil, myhusband's PSA has continued to rise. The doubling rate has slowed a bit, but, it is not the results we were hoping for. It has been suggested that he stop taking Turmeric, as that seems to interfer with the cannabis , and , I have always been concerned that the oil itself was not potent enough , since my husband has had no problem from the start handling a gram a day dose. We are staying the course by eliminating te Turmeric and will double the dose. I'll report back in 30 days with an update.

h10879 4 years ago

Thanks for the update. This must be a very difficult time for you and your husband and we are praying for you.


Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

That's unfortunate to hear Kim, but I know if you can get more oil into your husband's system, he can start to heal! It's definitely hard to hear that it hasn't done more in this timeframe, but everybody is different and sometimes this treatment takes longer for others.

kimorera 4 years ago

It bothers me that in July and August using the Turmeric and Bee Propolis , his PSA did not move and then between September and October there was a big spike. He has added mixing the oil with coconut oil (and doubling the dose ) it see if that will help this month. We are NOT giving up. There are just so many unanswered questions when it comes to protocol for this.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

It is indeed unfortunate how little is ultimately known about this treatment. I wish it could be studied to the extent that it deserves, so all of this could be cleared up. What strains work best, what other supplements work best or interfere, what cancers does it work best on... it is extremely frustrating.

profile image

mitsunobu 4 years ago

Hi again…I see that I wrote a wrong email….

My email is

sorry for the error….

If you could give me information about hemp oil against cancer and where to buy it, thanks!

tret104 4 years ago

Please can you email me on how to purchase hemp oil in Australia

C l 4 years ago

My dad has stage 4 cancer dvd I want to help. Please #bal

ziva 4 years ago

Please email me any info you can give me on how to purchase. My dad has cancer, stage 4.

My mom and I have been researching, and this gives us hope.


derick 4 years ago

i would like to get some hemp oil in Ontario Canada for my dad can any one help thanks

Luke 4 years ago

Pure natural hemp oil available in western kenya.

rt 4 years ago

Hi there, i need an urgent help please, can somebody tell me how i can get the oil in Hungary for curing cancer, (pancreatic cancer with metastasis on the liver and on the lung already too ) ? Or can anybody help me to get it somehow ? Many thanks for every help !!

luke 4 years ago

For assistance email or call +2540710469495 thank you.

luke 4 years ago

For assistance call +2540710469495 or email

profile image

RickwasRight 4 years ago

I live in WA state, where I-502 recently passed. Do you live in WA, have a marijuana card and know someone that needs RSO? I have access to organic high grade medical strains of Indica which is highly sought after for Rick Simpson style Oil. I use the most effective frozen flowers and everclear method which produced strong healing medicine. Email me at if you live in WA or CO and hang in there..real help is available!! 4 years ago

please people, becareful of most people out here, i hope you can rely on the admin to recommend some good source to you, i have been ripped ones before but i was lucky i didn't send much, i later contacted when i saw his post here and he showed me a source, i have the oil now and have started using it. thanks to lexicopento..

profile image

spavl 4 years ago

Hey everyone, my husband was just diagnosed with pancreatic devestating as this news is I know there is some glimmer of hope and I want to start him on cannabis oil but I have no clue where to get it ! Can anyone suggest where I go from here? We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!! my email is

NewParadigmIsNow 4 years ago

Hi, i am nearly 28 yrs old and have had MS since i was 19. I have been in denial about the whole thing till just recently and have started on my journey into alternative medicine. I haven't ever liked nor do i trust mainstream medical science due to the profiteering coming before HUMAN LIFE! I first started smoking pot when i was 13yrs and quit when i became a farther at 16yrs. Just over a year ago what was always said to be inevitable my relationship after nearly 11yrs and two kids later (11yrs & 7yrs). I started smoking again and did hear about this but like i said DENIAL. Now the denial is gone, being out of work for around 5yrs, surviving on the poverty line and as a result my health is not good to say the least. I feel i am heading towards border line progressive though still relapsing remitting and scared shitless. Sadly all i can think about now is my two beautiful children and MUST get my health in check for my 11yr old daughter Chloe & 7yr old son Riley if not for myself.

I live in Sydney Australia and after just reading a small amount of info about hemp oil in the early hours of this morning i really do truly believe that this is the answer for me. I need to know where i can get high grade hemp oil in Sydney or anywhere in the world for that matter. I care not the cost as i will do whatever it takes (what do they say if there is a will there is a way) to get hold of the best potent hemp oil. I kinda don't feel like blowing myself up as after the small amount of info i have read i am under the assumption that this is the way to get the highest grade of hemp oil (plz correct if i am wrong?).

Not sure if necessary but i will just list some symptoms that i experience:

Increased vertigo, server fatigue, pins n needles/ numbness of limbs, weakness of linmbs, loss of balance, shaking (at times uncontrollable), Bladder problems, Bowel problems, depression, anxiety (which i think heavy pot smoking can cause again correct me if i'm wrong), panic attacks ( though could an affect of other life troubles but who knows) , erection problems, raynaud's disease (which they say is linked to my MS) , memory loss and i could go on and on. Past relapses have resulted in Optic Neuritis, double vision, loss of mobility, complete numbness from my abdominal down, and lost of the current problems that i have now.


ps i am to tired to proof read this so plz forgive and sorry for the massive sob story lol

NewParadigmIsNow 4 years ago

I forgot to leave my email

Sara 4 years ago

Where can i buy this oil in germany or europe? My email z 9733@, thank you!!! 4 years ago

Where can i get this oil?

Teresa Minty 4 years ago

My husband has just been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus which has spread to the lymph nodes in the stomach and around the esophagus. Can someone please email me with info on how to obtain the hemp oil to treat cancer. He is in alot of pain and discomfort. Please email me at

eileen 4 years ago

Where can i get this oil - desperate 58 year old diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. Please email me on

kim morera 4 years ago

Update on my husband's progress :

David just got his most current Labs back. This past month he stopped using Turmeric (believed to block THC absorption) and began decarboxylating the Cannabis Oil with coconut oil. His test results for this month showed a RECREASE in his PSA of 24 points. This is AMAZING news. For the past 1 1/2 years his PSA has been doulbling. It slowed down from progressing so rapidly when he started the Oil and now with some additional changes in proticol, his PSA is actually being reduced. I can now truly beleive that Cannabis can cure cancer.

Angela 4 years ago

Hello, My name is Angela and I live in Romania. I have skin cancer and I want to avoid common medicine methods, using instead hemp oil. Is there any possibility to purchase this oil? I think it is too dificult and dangerous to try making it myself. Could you please answer me on Thank you.

marima 4 years ago

Hi Kaabi, I am so happy that you have put a light to this, It gives me hope which I have not had for along time.... My sister was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30. She removed the infected breast and had 1 year of chemo and was in remission. 2 years later the cancer came back and spread to her liver and bones. She is now 37 and fighting for her life, she has had so much chemo that at one point she was hospitalized for 10 days with 3rd degree burns on her hands and feet and was screaming in pain. If its not the cancer that is killing her the chemo will. I am in desperate need of this oil. I have tried many ways to get the resources to make it but it is impossible..... I know this is the answer. Please she has 2 small children that need her and i desperately need my sister. I will go anywhere. Please answer ASAP My email is Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

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ysz 4 years ago

please beware people emailing you trying to sell it to you there are many cons out there, do your research this can be made yourself

Glenn 4 years ago

After years of suffering from this cancer. I have been able to survive it with the hemp oil . This is really like magic, i didn't believe it the first time but wow, its really working. You can contact me for my source and i will give you their web site so you can order from there.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 4 years ago from Maryland Author

There have been recent posts for these doctors who have hemp oil (including a Dr. "Mac Donald") and I'm not sure if these are scammers or not. I hope they aren't because that is the lowest of the low that someone can sink to. Once I find out I'll make another post, but for now please beware of the above posts because something about them seems fishy.

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John Paul Monaco 4 years ago

Hello, I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme stage IV in March 2012. So far, I have had 2 surgeries to remove brain tumors, undergone radiation and Temodar chemo therapy and then a treatment of Avastin and another chemo regimen CPT-11. Right now, my 12/7 MRI shows "suspicious" looking areas in 4 places but NOT recurrance in the original extract sites. I have been doing the traditional therapy but also incorporating as much natural therapy as I can find. I have seen numerous testimonials about hemp oil and not just from this site. I would like to be able to acquire some hemp oil so if you can provide me a source, that would be fantastic. I live in Oregon currently and medical marijuana is legal here. I cannot find any sources for hemp oil however. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

curious 4 years ago

hi, how do we contact you -- there does not seem to be a contact box on this page

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h10879 4 years ago

Kabbi is absolutely correct!!! I have offers from Uganda and a dozen other places offering to separate me from my hard earned income. It appears that others prey on those trying to obtain RSO.

Ok since the recent passage of laws and medical dispensaries in Washington, New Jersey, California, Oregeon, Colorado and other statest there must be a legitimate source of the RSO (oil) for those who don't have the ability to grow and process the correct buds!! So hopefully legitimate source (one that can be verified) will step forward and provide the legetimate location where the RSO can be obtained. Then it will be left up to the individual, on how to qualify for that particular state's laws, for obtaining the product.

I personally have talked to numerous dispensaries in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area on obtaining the RSO and believe 99.99% have no idea of what I am taking about. With the demand you would think there would be a legitimate ready source for the RSO. Also don't believe the E-Mails obout doctors that can provide it to you-just another Scam!! So any legitmate, verifiable, and medical grade source of the RSO it is now your opportunity to step up with the name and legitmate location to obtain the RSO. Let us determine how we would qualify to obtain it from your facility. I know of one dispensary in California that sells it in 3 gram tubes. For me it won't work! Colorado would be better!

profile image

luvingwife3682 4 years ago

We are in Colorado as well working with a large "supplier" trying to get him to make the oil for my husband who has stage4 lung cancer . He has knowledge of it and said he can legally get it made for us. I will keep you updated.

kimorera 4 years ago

I can EASILY find medical grade Cannabis Oil in the Seattle, it sells for around $ 30 a gram here, and, I will be more than happy to help people with getting what they need. If you live in Colorada, it can legally be mailed. My husband and I have relocated to WA state so that Dave can have consistant access to the Oil which he is using for his prostate cancer treatment. My husband is now making his own Oil, but, it has been a long process to get to this point. We came to WA in August. The biggest drawback is the amount of plant material that is needed to make the Oil. I can be emailed at for help w/ Oil contacts.

profile image

h10879 4 years ago

Ahhhhhh Dr. Henderson again. This in my opinion has tooooo many red flags on the posting of this alleged doctor. In adition just a web site and no physical location. Checking multiple sources indicates there is no such person/Md. The perfect example of a scam. Go back and read the posts related to Dr. Henderson they all have the same connotation and flaws. I don't believe theY come from within the USA or Canada. If I am incorrect PROVE ME WRONG. SEND ME A E-MAIL TO MY ACCOUNT WITH A PHYSICAL LOCATION AND VERIVICATION THAT DR. HENDERSON IS NOT FICTICOUS!!! iF YOU CAN'T IT JUST PROVES IT IS ANOTHER SCAM ARTIST!!

kimorera 4 years ago

No doctor is going to prescribe " hemp oil ". I have a husband suffering from cancer, so, I understand how a person can be lured by some of these posts, but be careful. There are honest folks out there that can help with getting oil for you, BUT KEEP IN MIND THAT IT IS NEVER LEGAL UNLESS YOU LIVE IN A STATE/COUNTRY WHERE MEDICAL MARIJUANA IS LEGAL. Otherwise, you and your supplier risk arrest. It was worth the risk for my husband because there were no other options left.

Roberta 4 years ago

Dr Henderson as they post over here, is just a scammer, don't email him or ever send him money. Mr kaabi try and band any post from this Dr Henderson. With him people are at more risk of loosing their money instead of getting the hemp oil.

profile image

h10879 4 years ago

Ahhh Jennifer Onno:

I am from Pennsylvania and will be traveling thru Canada. First stop will be Ft Colounge in Quebec to see an outfitter by the name of Ron Henry. Ron's a Spring Bear Hunt operation and can be verified.

Since I am retired, Have stage 4A Lung Cancer and am interested in the RSO oil and think with 100% certainity that DR. Henderson is a scam I am willling to put my time, effort and money and stop in Canada to see you and your Doctors and check all your medical records and scans, x rays, contrast and PET scans. Since this is at my expense, time and effort it should not be a problem for you!!! I am 10 hours form the 1000 Island crossing and will go anywhere into Canada to see you. Just send me a fan e-mail with the contact information and I will call you and then get information that can be verified that you are an actual live NED former cancer patient! If you are so passionate about Dr Henderson this should not be a problem. I will let the site know if and when you contact me. I don't think you will!!!! Your posts are nothing but a scam to prey on the sick and less fortunate! If not prove me wrong-give me information that can be verified!!! If not stop posting this #### on this site.

kimorera 4 years ago

Is there some way to get rid of these Dr Henderson/Dr Mac Donald scammer on this site ?

I am now getting emails with exactlt the same message , different names, for these two.

How horrible is it to be preying on the misery of others ?

Thankfully, my husband has been supplied with Cannabis oil and is now making his own in order to fight his cancer battle.

Is there SOME WAY to block these posts ?

profile image

h10879 4 years ago

Ahhhhhh Jennifer Onno again. She, if it is a she, did not receive my e-mail or couldn't read it . Never heard from her and it looks like the same scam e-mail, with no changes in format, language or words! Probably someone from a foreign country that can't read english and justs sends the same E-mail over and over that was provided for scam purposes.

If you are legitimate just send me the information that I requested in previous e-mails. Once I verify that you are a live NED former Lung Cancer patient I will contact you and pack my bags and be on my way to Canada to meeet with you and your Doctors and review your scans. I can do that and I am very good at it! Assuming that the last one was a PET scan---Am I correct. Oh dumb question as you most likely don't exist and wont answer any questions to verify that you are not a scam artist.

Ronnie Smith 4 years ago

We have Cannabis oil. check out the facebook group

profile image

h10879 4 years ago


Kate you must be related to Jennifer Ono. And I am assuming that Dr. Nathan Kisper is related to Dr. Henderson. You have my same offer that was given to Jennifer Ono. So it is time to walk the walk and not talk the talk. I will be leaving the family and traveling to Canada for about 5 weeks. So if what you say is true, and I don't believe it, send me a fan e-mail and I will contact you for reliable, verifiable information that I can confirm. If you and Jennifer feel so strongly to recommend someone than accept my offer, it cost you nothing. I don't expect to hear from either one of you as I believe you are scam artists!!! Hope everryone reading this realizes that neither one has replied to the offer.

If they fealt so strongly about the recommendations and cure they should be jumping for joy to prove what they say. As a stage 4a adenocarcinoma NSCL Lung Cancer patient I have everyone of my xrays, ct scans with contrast, pet scans, brain scans and reports of all the blood tests and treatments including all vitals prior to going into the infusion room. Three chemicals, heavy doses every 3 weeks. not a lot of fun!!!! I am looking for a reliable source of RSO. If I had taken it and found I was cured I would put myself out to the world and provided all the documentation to prove I had the cancer and the RSO cured me. These scam artists are just out to steal your money and prey on the sick looking for a cure with their sham e-mails. If I am wrong prove me wrong. Send me a private fan E-Mail so I contact you.

profile image

h10879 4 years ago

Hmmmm! A Dr Mac Donnald again!!!! Hey Ruth read the above posts.

I will be in Naples Florida this coming March!! Miami is a short drive across Alligator Alley(RT 75) and I am extending the same offer to you as the others to prove your above posts. If what you say is true you should be jumping for joy to get the story for your son out to everyone and prove this is not another scam e-mail. Would love to see all the documentation and talk ( I will even pay for the visit) to his Doctors.

However I don't expect to hear from you as I believe this is a scam. For those looking for the RSO please look at my previous posts. To date not one individual has stepped forward or e-mailed me to verify their absurd allegations. Fortunately as I am retired, going thru Chemo and

financially able it is now my mission to expose these scammers! I will go anywhere in the continental USA or Canada to meet with anyone who can prove their cure or show me that they have the correct RSO. To date NO ONE has responded. What does that tell you!!!! Think about this, if you were one of these individuals, wouldn't you want to jump for joy and get the word out and prove that you or a loved one was cured!!! I have put the offer out to check them out but to date I have had no response. In Late March/early April I plan to travel to

Colorado and Washington state to try and locate a TRUE, Verifiable, Medical grade source of RSO.

kimorera 4 years ago

Ruth in Miami, sent me the exact same letter as she posted.

I do not need her Oil, my husband has been taught to make his own, and, it's working!

kimorera 4 years ago

Come visit Washington, and, my husband can teach you to make your own oil ( and, we'll show you his medical records ).

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Pete nature 4 years ago

Hi all,

I would very much appreciate it if anyone can give any tips regarding using the oil for secondary liver cancer (moms). I saw the ct scan, it had multiple light grey areas that the doctor identified as cancer. This was confirmed with a FNA cytology positive taken from small lump lymph node on the neck. Doctor recommend Taxotere first, bot after some badgering on my part they also offered a chemo pill(capditopene ??) - now we have a choice thats making things even more difficult ! She started taking the oil (that we have no idea on the quality or effectiveness) 9 days ago. On a few days in went down to one or two times a day (due to the sleepy effect it has).

I guess I want to know if anyones heard of any genuine cure stories for the liver and whether anyone nows of anything else that would help (i heard bicard of soda helps). She takes a table spoon full of regular hemp & flexseed oil.

Right now she has no symptoms at all and I keep hoping the lumps on the neck are tooth decay related and the grey areas on the CT scan are fatty deposits. Wishful thinking i suppose. Thanks for reading all this info, any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated (if anyone has a particulr type of oil that they think would be more useful, pls also let me know - many thanks).

(PS chemo not started yet, ingesting oil and also a plaster on neck.)

profile image

Momma Bear 4 4 years ago

I wanted to know if there was anyone out there who could help us get the oil immediately. We have a son who has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and it is also in his spine. We are time sensitive and really need some help. If you could help us could you please email us at

profile image

h10879 4 years ago

Ahhhh! Notice how they always come in at about the same time.

This time a Walton Backer & Mrs. Rachear!! Hope everyone knows they are scam artists and that there is no Dr. Henderson. Look at my prior posts asking one of these alleged cured victims to contact me.

I have offered at my expense to visit them and verify there alleged cures.

No one has contaced me at this time. They can do it on line thru the HUB pages. What does that tell you. I was currently traveliing in Canada and had to come back to the states for my Mother in Law's funeral. Will get Chemo on 1/30/13 and then back to Canada to attempt to track down any one who had the cure from either Dr. Henderson or Dr mac Donald. I don't believe they exist. After Canada I will be traveling to friendly Cannabis states to find the correct RSO oil that can be purchased thru a dispensary or other intermediarys that are licensed. I myself, don't live in a friendly cannabis state, and therefore can not grow and process the RSO. I as much as any one else want to obtain the correct/medical grade RSO to fight my Lung Cancer. However I have been around along to spot these scam artists that will do any thing and sell you anything to get your money. Think if they were legitimate why wouldn't they step forward to prove their allegations. Why haven't the producers of the RSO steped forward and e-mailed me. I have every report, scan, blood test, PET scan and note from every Md appointment and treatment. I am sure you have the same information. So where is there proof. Hmmm none because they are scam artists. I will go anywhere, meet any legitimate person and finally I hope to find a legitimate source of RSO for those of you who would like to try it!! Does it work!!! I don't know. But I do know that I have just about had it with Chemo. The two states that are most promissing are Colorado and Washington. Wish me luck. Oh and If and when I find a source I will post all the relevant information! Not a name like Dr.Mac Donald and e-mail address. One that can be verified.

At that point you can decide how you would qualify to obtain the RSO.

4 years ago

Stage 4 breast cancer with mets to liver and various lymph nodes. Need hemp oil. Live in Pennsylvania.

profile image

ysz 4 years ago

i don't no how these sick bastards can come on here and try and scam sick and desperate people , satin will catch up then in the next life :)

profile image

ysz 4 years ago

doctor henderson scam and read somethink today about Ronnie smith selling fake oil and and ripping people off so beware

kimorera 4 years ago

Stay away from Ronnie Smith AND Sam Wayne Smith

profile image

ysz 4 years ago

we all no doctor henderson is scam go away!!

Tiny 4 years ago

Hi, could someone please e-mail me and tell me how to get hemp oil? I have two sisters who are fighting with cancer. Please help me! I live in Slovenia.

profile image

ysz 4 years ago

hi best thing to is make it yourself go watch run from the cure its easy to make

profile image

Smacker57 4 years ago

Ronnie Smith has a sound reputation.

kimorera 4 years ago

Can't the site administrator keep these scam artists off this thread?

Dr. Melemede of Cannabis Science WOULD NEVER sell Hemp Oil.

Ronnie Smith 4 years ago

You can go to the facebook page "cannabis oil success stories" and talk to my patients who have had success! I am compassionate and will help you no matter your income level! Unfortunately I have been scammed by people in countries foreign to America and I cannot do business with anyone outside the States.

Ronnie Smith


Terry 4 years ago

Hello everyone and how we doing, i have head lots of stories regarding scams and other artists on this site and i would like to inform most serious cancer patients that i have a source to cure different kind of cancer with medical grade hemp oil because the hemp oil only will not cure cancer without RSO treatment control and no fees are requested before meeting my source. for further details. come to England.



profile image

Smacker57 4 years ago

I have done business with Ronnie Smith in the last five days. He is responsive and has done what he committed to do. My package arrived when Ronnie said it would. I'd recommend you consider him if you need RSO.

profile image

ysz 4 years ago

I've read a few thing claiming Ronnie smith is a con that sells low quality oil and doesn't refund as he promises so do your research and beware and and to anyone out there trying to con sick and vulnerable people, KARMA will get you con artist so keep doing what your doing and reap what you sow!!!

profile image

ysz 4 years ago

this looks the same as doctor henderson looks like a fraud

profile image

Smacker57 4 years ago

ysz..........prove your comments re: Ronnie Smith. 4 years ago

Dear Ron:

You can see my previous posts. I have asked everyone of the alleged Scam artist posts to contact me directly by private e-mail to prove the cures. That way those in need will not be scammed out of their savings! To date no replies. Just the same people posting the same type of e-mail.

I have seen your posts and various individuals that give you a thumbs up and a thumbs down. I learned a long time ago to not put too much information on the world wide web. So I don't do face book or twitter.

I do have your number and will be calling you in the next couple of days. First I am interested in what State you are locted in as I am currently traveling Canada east coast to west coast. 2nd I would love to see your operation and process-hope it is not using the CO2 method, I am looking for the real RSO for myself. Assuming you are on the up and up I will post it on this site. Assuming you are in a Cannabis friendly state I can also post the information on how to legally obtain the RSO by meeting certain guide lines that most individuals can meet.

In addition for those of you out there, assuming there is a legitimate source of the RSO in Oregeon, Oregeon is a state that will issue a Medical Marijuana card (if you have a qualified illness) for out of state residents so you can purchase the RSO to be used in Oregeon! Ron if you want send me a private e-mail thru the HUB pages and I will respond. Also ysz should not have to prove the comments I think Bernard has to put up the proof. They never do!! If his son was cured he should be jumping for Joy to prove it. I will go anywhere to see the proof!! He can respond by private e-mail also but they never do. Why because they are scam artists.

profile image

ysz 4 years ago

you prove he's not a con artist, go and check rick simpsons page out on facebook and see the post that people put on warning about ronnie smith selling fake oil and not refunding it. Smacker were not interested in you trying to sell and promote ronnie smith your probably his friend or even ronnie him self and shame on him if he is ripping vulnerable sick desperate people off , Ronnie will get his bad karma if he is ripping people ... what goes around comes around

profile image

Smacker57 3 years ago


I'm not trying to sell anything, mate. I've never met Ronnie Smith and it is highly unlikely I ever will. All I'm doing is reporting something positive. I suggest you check your facts before you accuse me of being the same as the rest; I'm not.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Wow... sorry it took me so long to get rid of all that horribly evil Dr. Henderson/Dr. Mac Donald bullshit. I cannot believe people can be so terrible. Luckily you all easily identified the scam and hopefully nobody fell for it. I've sent scathing emails to the email addresses listed but doubt I'll get a response.

Also, in regards to the Ronnie Smith stuff, for one Smackerz57 is definitely not Ronnie. There is no doubt he's had some trouble on Facebook and there was a problem with an international shipment he made, which is why he no longer ships internationally. Nobody is perfect and that's why ordering oil is always at your own risk, and the only surefire way to be certain is to make it yourself or acquire it directly from a professional who has had it tested. I know several people who Ronnie has successfully helped with his oil and his was the first and only oil that I've seen work with my own eyes in real life. So until he screws up big time I will continue to defend him, yet always advise people to use his or any shipper's services as a last resort.

Oklark 3 years ago

I have been diagnosed with stage IV nscc adenocarcinoma of the lung. Was diagnosed in July 2012. Been takin carboplatin, avastin and Abraxane for 8 months now, have one more month to go then maintenance drugs. I have been doing very well thru this treatment and is not that bad for me at all. I still exercise, go out, go to the lake. Hell I am 53 and was tubing on the lake with my grandsons last summer. BUT, while I have high hopes I am also a realist. I have a 3.7 percent chance of living 5 years. I really want to try this hemp oil. My 3tumors have shrunk to non existent almost so this would be a great time to start. I am just starting my search. Thinking about a trip to Oregon . Making it myself scares me and I'm not sure I can get the best kind of marijuana in my state. I looked up the Oregon state site but they wanted proof of residency. I'm hearing different on this site. How?

profile image

Smacker57 3 years ago


thanks for that; I appreciate your comments since ysz has annoyed me extensively with his ridiculous, brainless comments.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Oklark you would probably be better off going to Washington or Colorado because of the recent freedoms realized there from legalization. I hear Oregon is good too, but I'm not sure about that proof of residency requirement. In any case, there are some great oil people in Oregon and it is an underrated state when it comes to medicinal cannabis.

Smacker, I am glad to help set things clear. I'm sure ysz is just strongly concerned with making sure nobody gets scammed. In this movement, with all the scams that can occur (such as the Dr. Henderson/Mac Donald thing), you can never be too careful.

profile image

Smacker57 3 years ago


I thought long and hard before I pulled the trigger. The Henderson MacDonald thing was fortunately transparent but that's not the point here. I wasn't, deliberately. I can only write about what's happened to me.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

It's all good, I certainly approve of all your comments and insights. Your presence in this section is highly valued!

profile image

ysz 3 years ago

smacker my comments arent brainless !! ronnie smith has sold hemp oil to someone and the person tested the oil and said that the oil was dissolving in water which would not happen with proper oil , so ronnie smith agreed to take the oil back and refund the money but never refunded , his excused was " he would refund when he sold the oil " . to me this is a fraudster who has conned a sick and desperate person

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

I'm honestly not completely versed in that situation but I know for a fact Ronnie has had quality problems with his oil in the past and was unable to refund someone in an international territory. Like I said, there's no doubt he's had some problems. However, there's also no doubt he has legitimately helped people and make quality oil on the majority of occasions. He's also donated oil for free to people I've referred to him. It's impossible for me not to defend him with what I've seen, but I'll reiterate - he's not perfect, he sometimes makes mistakes, and people should only order oil from him or any shipper as a last resort.

profile image

Smacker57 3 years ago


your words were........'Smacker were not interested in you trying to sell and promote ronnie smith your probably his friend or even ronnie him self'


Ronnie Smith 3 years ago

I was scammed by a guy in england! I told him no guarantees through customs and he wanted his money back cause he said he was misdiagnosed and did not have cancer! I told him I could not refund his money but I get calls from england and could maybe find someone to take it off his hands. He did not like that idea and 5 days later I received a package from him and in the package were five syringes and one of them had real hemp oil in it and the others were replaced with some kind of grease or something. I told him I would not be sending him any money and then he started saying my oil was bad and I would not give a refund!

I have been doing this for six years and have never had a complaint until I hired Gregory Karl Davis on to help! He wanted me to give him my list of patients and let him telemarket liquid vitamins to them and I would not do it. So he started calling Rick Simpson and complaining about me as if he had bought oil from me!

I let Rick know what was going on with the crazy fucker but Rick decided it was best for him to not talk to either of us!

I quit working with Gregory Karl Davis and he started a campaign against me on facebook under his name and when he got lots of people contradicting him that know me, he created a fake account named James Lovinger and started badmouthing me and harrassing me with that account!

I make good oil and I give away 6 ounces a month in 2 gram tubes for free to people with no money to buy it.

I do not troll looking for people to buy oil from me! I have been selling it to referals for 4 years and that has not stopped! I troll the web looking for people who are dying and need help right away and I give them the oil needed to help them and if they can afford to buy it, I will sell it to them and if they cannot, I will continue giving it to them!

What really gets me is that out of all these people I help for free, there are only a small number who speak out for me, the rest seem afraid I will get busted then they will lose their free supply of medicine!

I can understand that, but i would rather people knew the truth in larger numbers! So if you use my oil and are on facebook, don't be afraid to say you are using my oil!

Thanks Ronnie Smith


P.S. If you are a rich person and want to help a lot of people, send me money and I will buy really good pot with it and make oil and give it to people who are dying!

I keep all the records of people who are cured and those who did not make it,guess which list is bigger???

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Thanks for the post Ronnie. I can personally vouch that he has given oil to multiple people for free, and I've seen it work with my own eyes. As long as oil is made with high-quality starting material and the process removes all the solvent without overheating, it tends to be effective.

Good people 3 years ago

Why do people here listen to someone who can't even help you, because i called this number that i saw here and thinking i was going to be bullshit by them but i successfully receive a first grade hemp oil from them and my son can sleep properly for the past 4days now. please call and you will get real help from them.....+447924590270

PAPA GANJA 3 years ago

Hi folks, I've been a heavy smoker ( 6 to 9 joints a day) for 43 years and always wondered why I rarely got sick, now I know. My friend has stage 4 cancer and while investigating I found the movie (Run from the cure) followed by a hole lot of research. This changed my life. I live in Mi. and used to grow for the normal reasons but now I grow High CBD strains & mix it with high THC strains (BUD ONLY) to make some serious medicine. Unfortunatly I can only grow 12 plants & I'll be busy making oil to get my family right. I made 500 bus. cards with links to these movies 1 Run from the cure. 2 What if cannibis cured cancer. 3 Marijuana actually does cure cancer. PLEASE help spread the word. I hand cards out everywhere I go. Paticularly hospital waiting rooms. SPREAD THE WORD Thanks

profile image

ysz 3 years ago

ronnie are you the ronnie smith that was running for sheriff in gallatin?

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Yes he was.

profile image

ysz 3 years ago


profile image

Pete nature 3 years ago

After great expense we've administered the oil for 2 months now (from a good source). It has not made any difference. The CBD levels of the oil is very low (but high thc levels). I've noted some people say the high THC levels are important and others say hgh THC levels are important. If anyone can get a high CBD strain please let me know (postal to the UK). Its starting to dawn on me that this might be a mass hysterical reaction to one or two cases where a significant change wa made.

I can say that administering using a bandaid to back pain does work, also your insomnia problems will quickly end.

Bes of luck to all

(secondary liver)

Mrs. Bradshaw 3 years ago

Thanks for the delivering of my hemp oil robert, i pray and hope its really works because i'll recommend u to the world for people to no how u cured my cancer and if any of u cancer patients want to try what i did call them for delivery and lets see how their hemp oil cure cancer because im using mine now and i'll no in few weeks. thanks again for the hemp oil robert.


profile image

rach8537 3 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to find some hemp oil for my dad who has stage 4 lung cancer with mets to his brain and lymph nodes. We are in England and I don't mind trying to make the oil myself with some assistance maybe? If somebody could help us please send me an email - Thanks xx

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

I would advise people to be wary of Mrs. Bradshaw and that Robert character, the post has somewhat the same tone of previous scams. Mrs. Bradshaw if you are of honest character please respond with more information about your situation.

Mrs. Bradshaw 3 years ago

U are a scammer urself because u just can't come here and start calling people names without knowing who they are kaabi or what so ever u called urself. i brought hemp oil from this address: 376 francis street, London, SE18 5PZ with their number which is luckily delivered to me from lynn or robert that i spoke with last week. i bought some oil on FaceBook through Golden Organics, it does not help but did improve skin appearance and i brought this to cure my colon cancer which im currently sick of and if u no better why don't u prove ur worth with people u have cured and stop shutting people down with ur inappropriate judgment and comment on the site.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

I don't appreciate the tone of your response. How am I a scammer by inquiring about someone else's authenticity? I am trying to look out for the people who view this page. There have been many accounts who have posted comments very similar to yours referring people to an oil supplier, and they were all scams. The format of your post, in which you thank the supplier by name and post their number, is similar to those formats. However, there were some key differences, such as the provider not being a doctor and the fact you are in the middle of treatment. There was a strong possibility the scammers had changed up their tactics. So my concern with you was, and to some extent still is, completely justified.

To be honest I'm still not sure what to think of you. That address definitely exists but I can't verify it the person there sells cannabis oil. I also cannot find a Golden Organics on Facebook, although there is a Golden Gate Organics.

If you are authentic, I'm sorry for the trouble. But understand there has been a lot of scams posted here and I have the responsibility to be very thorough in verifying people.

profile image

Pete nature 3 years ago

Kaabi, i would very much appreciate it if you could send me an email.

profile image

Pete nature 3 years ago

Kaabi, i would very much appreciate it if you could send me an email.

( i really dont want to get involved but i must agree that there are alot of scammers out there and people should beware.I've seen the Dr Henderson story all over the internet and its clearly a scam. If anyone is buying oil i would suggest getting it tested for solvents, CBD & THC levels - ideally it should also be organically grown outside. (PS it seems incredibly naive or plain stupid to post addresses of potential suppliers on an open forum. (without doubt a red flag).

It would be beneficial if there was a website where people could upload what they have taken ie a lab analysis, the amount taken over what period and upload scans to show any changes. Additional info such as whether they've had chemo in conjuction with the oil would be useful. A 'peoples' study, with all the evidence. I dont want to denigrate personal testomonies but i havent seen a convincing case yet; the closest I've seen to real evidence is:

In my case, there was only some (ie a little) progression of the cancer 7 weeks from diagnosis and decrease in the size and number of mediastinal nodes (a group of lymph nodes located in the mediastinum, which is a section in the central part of the chest) "..which could denote a non specific/ inflammatory cause...) after taking the oil for just over a month. Furthermore the lymph nodes in the neck have reduced in size by approx a third.

Lynn 3 years ago

Hello Mrs. Bradshaw, please do not give our address to people on this site because what we sold you is highly confidential. thank you

Mrs. Bradshaw 3 years ago

I am sorry for posting ur address on the forum page because i was push to the limit and had to prove my critics wrong. sorry guys and i really appreciate the hemp oil u guys sold me and im using it already, just waiting for the outcome of it.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

I'll be calling into the number today to ask some detailed questions about the oil and then I'll let everyone know the results.

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

AHHH! The names change but not the tone of the scammrs E-Mail's.

However it seems that the message is getting out there based on the testy response of Mrs. Bradshaw! I am currently in Grand Prarie,Canada. I have all my paperwork from January/12 to the present. Will be going back to Pa for #6 Maintenance Chemo on 03/21/13. Then traveling to Kentucky, Colorado, Washington and possibly Oregon. I will end my quest at the first location that provides a legitimate source of the correct/medical RSO. Then back for #7 and a scan 2 weeks later.

This scan will set a base line. Starting 1 week after #7 I will start only the RSO for 90 days and then get another scan to see the results. I will post, after taking the RSO, every couple of days any pertinent information on side affects and how I am fealing on the RSO. Note Mrs Bradshaw, Becker, Mrs Rachear, Ruth in Miami, Dr Henderson, Kate, Jennifer Ono and othere scammers my records will be available for you to come see and verify. In addition as stated before "If a viable, legal and relaible source of the RSO is available" I will post that information.

It will be your respobsibility to qualify, based on each state, to purchase the RSO. NOTE!!!!!Oregon will issue a medical marijuana card to out of staters so they can purchase and use only in Oregon. Read between the lines!! So I have not heard a word from any of the scammers or alleged miracle people cured. Again contact me and I will come to you

anywhere in the Continental USA, Canada, Jamica and US virgin Islands. Just send me an e-mail at the hub pages

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

That's awesome! I applaud you for taking such a scientific approach to healing yourself. The only suggestion I have is to start in Washington or Colorado because those are the best states. Look forward to your updates!

As for the scammers, they have no interest in seeing records or anything. They just will do anything to make money. I'm sure they have other cons running too and the hemp oil game is just one of them. Speaking of that, I couldn't reach the number Mrs. Bradshaw provided, probably because I don't have an international plan on my phone, so I can't verify it. But I would be very wary of her because, as h10 said, the names change but the tone stays the same. But there were some key differences so I can't say for sure she's a scammer, but be careful.

milica 3 years ago

Diana 3 years ago

I need some advice as to making hemp oil in my country is illegal. i called the number Mrs. Bradshaw recommended here and i spoke to Robert of a guy who claim to be a supplier, not doctor and will it work without a doctor testing it? i am in serious need of the oil for my sick dad who had a skin cancer. any help will be appreciate...cheers

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

It will definitely work without a doctor testing it, a test doesn't change the oil at any level, only verifies accuracy. It is always best to use tested oil if possible, but if you can't, if the starting material and process is of high-quality then you can be confident in the oil. Also, be very careful with Mrs. Bradshaw's recommendation because it could be a scam, although as I've said, it seems a little less likely than the outright scams that were posted before.

Rosemarie Johnson 3 years ago

An amazing testimony on Hemp Oil which saved my husband and my family....My name is Rosemarie Johnson, i live in Australia,and I'm happily married to a lovely and caring husband, with two kids. A very big problem occurred in my family five year ago, between me, my husband and my family. so terrible that the family was devastated with no more hope for a better life as we all had cancer, including my lovely kids. I never wanted to stay alive again, as there was nothing else to live for, because we knew we where not going to survive the trails of this cancer. But God so willing, on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my family. So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the only way i can get my family back, is to ask for Doctor Steve help with his Hemp Oil, because it has really worked for her too. So i never believed in Hemp Oil, but i had no other choice, than to follow her advice. Then she gave me the email address of Doctor Henderson whom she visited.{}. So the next morning,i sent a mail to the address she gave to me, and Doctor Steve assured me that i will get my family back in full health with 90 days of being his hemp oil treatment. What an amazing statement!! I never believed, so he spoke with me,and told me everything that i need to do and then my family began taking the Hemp Oil treatment gradually, after 3 months, So surprisingly, my family have hope for a better life went for scan of this cancer and with a new face and smile written on the family linage, the scan result showed that my husband and my kids cancer was total killed with a hundred percent assurance from the doctor and they said my was left with little particles!! So this is how my family was healed with lots of love and joy,and the family is the best ever on earth and all Thanks and glory goes to God and Doctor Steve for saving the family. Thank you thank you thank you, you are the saviour of my family Doctor Steve and the family will sing you praise and bring more friend to buy your medication. Please For your cancer cure contact to purchase his Hemp Oil.

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

Dear Rosemarie Johnson:

Un believable!! A whole family with cancer and cured by the Hemp Oil

from the famous Dr. Henderson. You know I always wanted to go to Australia. Since I am financially able I would like to make the trip and I am willing to bring along (who I have never met) either Kaabi or Kimmomera so we can verify your incredible story! If you can post the above I am assuming you are willing to back up the story with a visit so we see your medical records and talk to your doctors. Oh and I am willing to pay for the MD visit!

Just send me a private e-mail and I will contact you directly for information. That way I can verify if you are a legitimate individual, living in Australia, if you and your famiy ever had cancer and your currrent situation as an Australian Citizen. If you check out I will contact Kaabi or Kimmomera to see if they want to make the trip with me.

However as in the past I have never had a response from any of you alleged miracle cancer survivors that promote either Dr.Henderson or Dr. Mac Donald. Maybe you could try changing the names of the Doctors in your next postings.

If your postings are true you will respond!!! Oh and I do an excellent background check when checking you out! If you are legitimate I will be on my way!!

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

H10 if you didn't notice this name had indeed been changed to Doctor Steve. It truly is disgusting to see people spamming and scamming to try and kill others for money. And that story is absolutely ridiculous! If an entire family had really gotten cancer, I guarantee it would not have been described in such an illiterate and unrealistic matter. I am going to leave it up though because it's just so ridiculous.

By the way, is likely also a scam. It's just too fishy. There were some exceptions to them but they share too many characteristics to not be scamming. Avoid them!

kimorera 3 years ago

Hello, I have posted to this site many times and I have a husband that is battling prostate cancer with Cannabis Oil. I live in Washington State where it is legal to purchase and use the Oil. Ronnie Smith contacted me and offered a sample of his Oil. I can now vouch that Ronnie is a man of his word and his Oil appears to be of good quality. I feel that he would be a safe person to procure Oil from, if he has it available.

I DO NOT recommend dealing this HENDERSON person ( a definate scam) or SAM WAYNE SMITH who supplied my husband with inferior Oil that delayed his progress. I am speaking from PERSONAL experience. Kim Morera Camano Island WA

Pete Nature 3 years ago

Hi kimorera, I would appreciate it if you could let me know whether your source for the oil has a high CBD and whether they would consider posting to the UK.


kimorera 3 years ago

Anyone that would like to contact me personally in regards to the protocol involved in treating my husbands prostate cancer using Cannabis Oil should email me at

Kim Morera, Camano Island, Washington

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author


We all know Dr. Henderson and Dr. Mac Donald are scammers. Most "Drs" who provide oil are scams. Anybody who refers a doctor with broken English and saying, "Thank God and praise *Dr. Name* for this" is a scammer.

Also,, associated with the phone number 447924590270 and the names "Lynn or Robert", is a scam. So all that stuff with Mrs. Bradshaw and Lynn is a scam. I've had extensive conversations with the scammers and all signs pointed them to being frauds. Then, on a different email account, I got a spam message from their gmail address that had many other emailes BCCed. That was the final straw and it's sure they are scammers. I encourage people to avoid them entirely or respond to their scam attempts with demeaning comments. I absolutely will not tolerate people trying to kill others for money and it's something that I cannot prevent myself from getting angry over.

Mrs. Bradshaw 3 years ago

I most say that you are very stupid Kaabi, Lynn or Robert were never a scam because my hemp oil was delivered from them and for the fact that what i paid for is received my me. i will always recommend them even if my cancer is not cured. unlike Dr. Henderson who eat my money at first without receiving a gram of hemp oil.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Two things give you away as a scammer, "Bradshaw". First, you use Dr. Henderson as a way to give "Lynn or Robert" more credibility by saying Henderson scammed you. It's common to try and put blame on another to distract us from you. Furthermore, why would you recommend Lynn/Robert if your cancer wasn't cured? That makes no sense.

Beyond the logical proof, I get overwhelming feelings of evil from you. My conversations with Lynn/Robert demonstrated they don't know what they are talking about and their reactions scream scam. You are all terrible people and I can't fathom how hard you must've hit rock bottom to be willing to kill others for money.

Mrs. Bradshaw 3 years ago

Kaabi, you seems to no better than everyone of us here. have you cured anyone with cancer in your life and for your info Dr. Henderson scammed me before Robert and Lynn came to the picture. i tried them with 10 grams which was delivered to me before purchasing more from them and you should be asking for my number to speak with me rather than classifying everyone as scams.

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

Ah! Dearf Mrs. Bradshaw:

This can be cleared up very simply by contacting me by e-mail at the Hub Pages! You know that I have given you many chances to prove your somewhat unbelievable testimonals. Will be traveling this spring for about 3 weeks to verify other sources. Howver I can always fit you in! Assuming you contact me and I can verify that you are a real person and that other sources (I have connections) verify that you had cancer in your family. This is assuming you are in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. The tone of your e-mails indicates a foreign country. Also if what you say is true you should be jumping for joy to prove your story. But no!!! Just the same old posts and no response from you. As stated before it costs you nothing and costs me everything to first verify and then come and visit you and your

Doctors to verify your story. As in the past I don't expect to hear from you so why don't you try some other scam elsewhere.

Mrs. Bradshaw 3 years ago

Hey Hio879, i will be happy to welcome you in Montana because i have the receipt of shipment available from Lynn and Robert when my hemp oil was delivered and i wouldn't classified them like other scammers. please leave your email to connect.

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

Dear Mrs. Bradshaw:

Nice try! But the deal is you leave me an E-Mail on my hub account/ page and I will contact you! The way you post your alleged miracle cures does not allow anyone to contact you directly thru the HUb Pages.

Leave me an E-Mail with a legitimate e-mail address or phone number and I will contact you. By the way I will be in Golden, Colorado in April and Montana is not that far away. More than happy to stop by and verify your alleged miracle cures. I don't consider your E-Mails from an unknown source as proof that you are not a scammer. As stated prior you should be jumping for joy to have such a life threatening illness cured that there would not be any hesitation on your part to prove and meet with me or other individuals and doctors to see your medical records. The fact that you only respond with vague asserations questions your motives to promote names and phone numbers for obtaining the Cannabis Oil. If you are so passionate to promote those individuals then you should feal the same in proving your cure. But you hide behind a Name with no known E-Mail address or phone number.

It is either time to put up or move your operation to another site!!!

brendandale 3 years ago


brendan dale 20749 hiway 299east redding ca 3 years ago

If u call the phone number u will get a realperson whose real name is brendan dale. Let me explain...i live in the emerald triangle northern cal ive grown high grade indica and sativa for more than 20 years.ive been making hash oil for about the same since marijuana here is all but legal ive been making a living.... legaly for 3 years about 6 months ago i heard oil cures cancer now i feel that i should help the terminally ill im not sure how im going to do that but im gonna try i will only be able to help a limited amount of people id like for it to be children but ill help anyone heres the problem im going to.have to charge just enough todo what i do and pay my bills i will try to charge by ability to pay i.wish.i was.well off enough not to charge but im not at this point i.cannhowever give the first dose a couple weeks worth without charge when u are readynfor a refill we will have to come tonan understanding

brendan dale 3 years ago

Im reading some of the posts and one gentleman is asking for proof hash oil cures cancer i dont have proof it works but i will tell u i put it on poison oak and the itching stopped immedately and.healed remarkably quick iput it on a rash with the same results i had a friend put it on his hemmorhoids hope i spelled that right and he was absolutely amazed at how fast it cleared up no i dont have proof it cures cancer but i dont think the testimonials faked

brendan dale 3 years ago


ur Comment...

brendan dale 3 years ago

Why doesnt ronnie smith.put his address and phone number down like i do ive idnjust as.soon drink battery acid than to rip someone off who is fighting for their life those people should be shot not kidding

b.dale 3 years ago

Its been 12 hours no one calling what no one has cancer

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Be patient, I'm sure someone will take you up on your offer of free oil. There's been a lot of scams going around lately so people are on their toes. However I do get the impression you are authentic, so I do thank you for putting your efforts towards this cause. People who treat others and achieve more successes for this movement bring us closer to everyone in the world having access to cannabis extract medicine.

Also, Ronnie has put up his phone number before. It's 678-362-3245. As for the address, that's probably too risky to share, as it is an illegal activity to distribute oil on an interstate level.

I suggest looking for people in your local community who have cancer and treating them directly. The easiest thing to start with is skin cancer, since it only involves topical application.

b.dale 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply I'm not sure of thenlegality of distributing. Oil ugly word lets say helping not distributing id really love to talk to someone about this topic if anyone needs help making it themselves id be happy to help too the person in Maryland id love to visit the antietem that's not speller right sharpsburg or burnside bridge forget it its difficult to articulate on a kindle touch screen

b.dale 3 years ago

Couldnt patients come to Cal go down the road from my house get a prescription come.back to my house and get their mere ill give a tour of indoor hydroponic gro

b.dale 3 years ago

My mother is 73 and has various health problem.s I referee her to the ri k Simpson. I looked away for a sec look at all the typos anyhow she refuses to try the oil its made from pot for chistsakkes she rather have chemo its unproven its goddamn illegal no not anymore mom Cal approved years ago then why r people still being arrested for it and why do they always look like hippy losers cures. Can er. My Ase

bdale 3 years ago

ive seen enough ill force it down her throat if i have to also i keep hearing pesimists saying residual solvents harm im sure my oil has that in it just like everyone elses dip ur finger in denatured alcohol then lick it thats probably 10 times the residual it possibly cures can er give me a break godamn pharmisuti a companies dont want to pick it up so wadda ya expect

b dale 3 years ago

sorry i got so excited i actually started rying the whole uncompassinate corrupt immoral money hungry affair is anathema too me

b.dale 3 years ago

idid not mean any disrespect toward ronnie smith i just read some unsubstationated cllaims im sure hes ok i guess

b.dale 3 years ago

im readi g some of the posts and it seems mr smith.doesnt mind sending oil across state lines what a tropper lm sure id do it too if someones life was at stake does anyone know the law i learned u can carry oil on a plane on upnto.thenfaa and as of latenthey.are not dealingnwith.personal marijuana issues

scott benner 3 years ago

Am scott benner a U.S citizen ohio atwater , my wife was suffering from breast cancer and the doctor told me that there was nothing that he could do then a friend told me about the Rick simpson hemp oil that can cure cancer, although i told him that my wife's breast cancer was in the last stage that i didn't think the hemp oil would cure it and he persuaded me to give it a try which i ended up at first scared it was a waste of time and money but in one month i could not belive my eyes .

I did some research and i found a doctor who helped me with the cannabis oil to cure my wife's breast cancer and he assured me that after 4 months the cancer would be gone.

I bought it and she used it,it worked exactly as the doctor had promised. Thanks to doctor mary morris for helping me with cannabis oil and for his support and care.


Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

The above is so clearly a scam. Now these scammers are grabbing at straws. In a desperate bid to appear legitimate, they put both "Rick Simpson affiliated" and "doctor" in the email address. Disgusting.

b.dale 3 years ago

who ever says hi im joe blow from ohio and a us citizen whatever

im sure hes a scammer from africa alot of them come from there

b.dale 3 years ago

this one is easy im sure he wouldnt mind giving some oil first free then charging the second time around just set it up so the patient cant get burned after all we are all strangers trust no one

b.dale 3 years ago

sorry i havent called u back like i told u bad scene over here right now ....couple more days........thanks ronnie

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

Hmmm! Lives in New Jersey (not far from me) but has a UK address!

Things must be getting desperate out there for the scam artists.

I have had Chemo every three weeks since June/12 and have never thrown up! However after reading the above from"lovespell" I think I am about to lose my breakfast.

Ok: On the road to Colorado and Washington in the near future. Will keep you updated.

For hose of you suffering please google "what is drug CD47" Very interesting and they are going to start Human trials. God Bless and Happy Easter to everyone.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Yeah that Love Spell one didn't even have anything to do with oil... these guys are messed up in the head. I can't believe how far this world has fallen.

alimay108 profile image

alimay108 3 years ago from Geelong, Victoria

Hi Just read this article and watched a video by Rick Simpson. I bought some Organic hemp seed oil a lil while ago thinking that would help my cancer, but then realised that it wasnt as thick as all of the oil shown in the video and that maybe I dont have the medical type of oil.

I have NHL (non hodgkins lymphoma) and have been using an alkaline diet (vegan) and supplements that my naturopath has put me on. My tumor has shrunk half way but seems to have come to a stand still. Could you please tell me where I can obtain some legitimate medicinal hemp oil without having to try to make my own (OMG I can only imagine my neighbors or my parents freaking out about that and then having the police knocking on my door!) Anyway any info would be much appreciated. Thank you. OM Hari OM

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Unfortunately through this medium I can only recommend you make your own or go to Colorado or Washington and have someone legally help you. Hemp seed oil, the kind you buy in stores, is indeed the wrong kind. You need illicit cannabis buds to convert into oil. It truly is a crime against humanity that this cure can get you arrested. I simply can't wait to see all the people who've stood against this fall and fall hard for what they've done.

alimay108 3 years ago

Could you possibly email me any info please? Thank you. 3 years ago

I have cannibis oil that i bought for my dad who had colon cancer but passed away before we could give it to him. if antyone interested inn buying it from me...johannesburg south africa.

b.dale 3 years ago

for real veesasvat

Lalit Kumar 3 years ago

I need this Oil for my mother in law who is suffering from breast cancer stage 1 and undergoing a chmo now a days. Please email me at on how to get it in india.

ALofall 3 years ago

Please help my wife has stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer with spots on liver as the latest. We are trying everything alternative now since 2 rounds of chemo and radiation didnt do anything. please email me only if you have the real thc organic good stuff that can help. Please i have 2 young children and im very worried.



vee 3 years ago


b.dale 3 years ago

vee we all know u r a scam. quit wasting out time i will be in a position to help someone with oil in 30 days that person with the 2 children pleasencall me maybe u can be my first life saved ill give u the first doses free

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

A scammer named "Mr. Cancer Treatment" keeps posting here over and over and over again saying he has cannabis oil. It's clearly a scam. The email he uses is If anybody sees this then AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

MrCancerTreatment 3 years ago

@kaabi" i realize you are the author of this hub thats why every comment on here seems to be a scam and with all due respect. I do not appreciate your comment but apology will do because most people are browsing through your hub in every part of the world. I will personally present my oil to you or anyone you may no in South Africa to come test my oil.

MrCancerTreatment 3 years ago

I am an honest person who does not steal or scam people.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

I will connect you with someone who can test your oil. There has been a huge amount of scams going around with communication styles similar to yours so I can't take any chances. These are people's lives.

kimorera 3 years ago

Hemp Oil Cancer Scammers will test the Oil and post results on their Facebook page. It is also an excellent site for reporting a Scammer and finding out if someone is a Scammer.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Here's what you can do Mr. Cancer Treatment. Contact Bud Buddies at:

And arrange for them to test your oil. Then share the results with us. Unfortunately until you show proper results I will not allow you to advertise here because you share some characteristics with previous scammers and I cannot take any chances.

profile image

rach8537 3 years ago

Hi Brendan Dale,

My Dad has stage 4 lung cancer with mets to his lymph nodes, brain and now possibly his bones. If you could help us please email me at I am from England so I hope that won't be a problem.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

MrCancerTreatment 3 years ago

@kaabi, Thank you for the info and may you please get my email to them as this is a facebook link.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Unfortunately that is the only contact I have for that place. Thankfully creating a Facebook account takes literally one minute so it won't present a problem.

MrCancerTreatment 3 years ago

@kaabi, Thank you again for the info and will do just that.

Nattie 3 years ago


I have a rare form of cancer that is supposedly incurable, i really want to get Hemp Seed oil with THC but have no idea where to get it. I live in Quebec Canada but have no trouble travelling to obtain it. can someone please tell me where i can buy this? Please email me at Thank you !

MrCancerTreatment 3 years ago

Hi nattie, can you travel to south africa and i will provide you high quality thc cannabis oil.

b.dale 3 years ago


l my cell 5303518886 or home 5305495495

b.dale 3 years ago

Mattie u poor dear soul call me my grandad lives lived in Victoria beautiful country

MrCancerTreatment 3 years ago

@kaabi, can i please post an oil to you for a test because i can't seems to get hold of your guys on facebook. Just use my email address on your hubpage if you can. thanks

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

I can't test anything myself but here are a few other resources that may help. I'm sorry for the trouble but thanks for going to this extent!

S.Vaughn 3 years ago

Recently diagnosed with HGT1 bladder cancer. As of right now, am scheduled for surgery at the end of June (to remove the bladder). I'm desperate! Ronnie Smith, if you see this could you please email me! I've got a few questions.

Dr Preet 3 years ago

Hey any one from Pakistan got hemp oil please?

Chino 3 years ago

Kaabi your great !!!

will uk 3 years ago

Hi guys i am from the uk and only 19 I need some help I know I could make some but I really want to avoid doing that. So if anyone knows where I could get some from please could you email me at I

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chaiyc76 3 years ago

hi, may i know where can i get this oil in Malaysia? My mum suffering from lung, pancreas, colon stage 4 cancer .doctor tell us that he have nothing can do to my mum. can u please email me as soon as possible if you see this. my email is

thank you!

Peter 3 years ago

Dear Kaabi,

I would like to contact you.

Can u please send me a mail to this adress:

Thank you very much.

Sally 3 years ago


My Father had prostate cancer 8 years ago and now he has been diagnosed with colon cancer. I live in Los Angeles. Can you please direct me of how can I get this oil for him?

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Xassandra 3 years ago

Marie from France qui a posté il y a six mois, merci de me contacter à SVP. Kaabi, can you forward this message to Marie from France who posted six months ago please?

3 years ago

Contact for oil

Terry Esselborn profile image

Terry Esselborn 3 years ago from Indiana

plz...where can i get this cancer curring hemp oil..i have a close and dear cousin that has 6 to 12mo. to live and found that out 2 months ago..he has a lung disease and also in usa and in desperate need of this oil if u can help and let me know....tysvvm

Jordan 3 years ago

Hi i have a father who suffers from bad rheumatoid arthritis and an aunty who is suffering from lung cancer. I came across hemp oil saying its benefits on the internet. Can anybody recommend a good place to buy from ? also is there a difference between hemp oil and hemp-seed oil ? I have found a website but it says it meets UK standards so this could mean it has been watered down.

My email is if anyone an help. thanks in advance Jordan

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h10879 3 years ago

Ok: I am back and I am 99% certain that Mrs. Bradshaw, Ruth in Miami, Becker, Mrs. Rachear, Dr. Henderson, Kate and Jennifer Ono are all scammers. Traveled for 1 month in Canada and South Florida and found no one that would admit they posted on this site. So if you want to loose your money just deal with one of them.

Spent the late March, the month of April and two weeks of May traveling to California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington State. These are Cannabis friendly states. With Due diligence on your part you can do

your homework fly into a State like Colorado and in as little as 3 days be up and shopping for your products. For those of you who are not US citizens check out Oregon as they do not require you to be citizen of the state to get a medical marijuana card. Note was dealing with a poster on this site that told me he does not use Naptha in the process. A week later I talked to some one who received a sample and it was processed with Naptha. Not that Naptha was the problem but the honesty on the extraction process was. So I decided to deal directly with a Cannabis friendly State with some oversight and testing. Colorado for instance will have separate license for the grower, dispensary, manufacture and testing labs. Everything is labeled on who grew it, name of manufacture if it was altered (Make RSO), who dispensed it and who tested the final product. Contents are broken down into %'s. The nice thing about dealing with a legitimate facility you get to see manifest statements, talk to the grower and the manufacture. As an example one manufacture who uses Naptha extends the manufacture process out to 3 days rather than 3 hours. So! Do it right! Search, Educate and find the info that you need to qualify to order and purchase what you need from any cannabis friendly state. Trying to be careful here. But you can get everything you need on line to become a resident of one of these states or go and search the information on Oregon who issues out of State Medical marijuana cards. With this information it allow you to purchase

your product legally. Note since the RSO requires additional processing, for the finished product, it may take an additional week to receive . Note Currently have 3 weeks left going thru this journey with the RSO. Fingers are crossed and I hope to get a scan on or before August/15. I have all the confidence that the RSO will work for me. I will keep you informed of the results as we and our loved ones all have a stake in the outcome.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Great work H10! That must have been quite an adventure, although with very high stakes. If more people went to the lengths you do to treat yourself properly, this movement would be a lot easier, although there are indeed so many people who simply do not have the means to travel anywhere. It's great you took initiative and found something that works.

I'm sure you weren't surprised to learn those people really were scammers. When it comes to this movement, if there's even a small hint it's a scam, so far it always has been. I've never come across a legitimate supplier who did anything like what scammers are doing. Thankfully the good outnumber the bad, and justice will be served.

sam 3 years ago

is it possible to purchase cannabis oil in australia,my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma one year ago , we have been through all the usual chemo also tried b17 dca and a number of natural cures all with no result other than my wife getting weaker .

can you help ?

Pete 3 years ago

Hi Krabi, can you test oil from outside the US ?

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h10879 3 years ago


Just finished the 60 grams of RSO on Wednesday 07/24/13. Scan will be on July 30th with the reading at 02/20PM the same day. Hard to believe that this journey started over a year ago. After having a diagnosis of Stage 4A Adnocarcinoma Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. After 6 rounds of a 3 chemical cocktail as a primary chemo I graduated to a 7 rounds of a 1 chemical cocktail. No radiation at all! The last two PET scans showed very little change and a stabilization after some shrinkage.

After researching the RSO I thought that was best next step for me. My current journey is like reading a good book with multiple endings. If something does not work I usually have 4-5 different directions to go.

However I am pretty positive that I am going in the right direction. I will know after the afternoon of July 30th!!!!!

This scan will let me and just as important it will let you know if this RSO really works or we have to go in another direction.

I will be posting the results as soon as I arrive home from the consult/reading on 07/30/13. Exciting!!!!! Can't


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h10879 3 years ago

Kabbi I will make sure my cell # is on my profile. Please call me!

See above posting 5 days ago. Here are the results!!!!

I loved that song " I am a Beliver" and I sure to believe. However I did not get home until 8PM from the reading and I have been tied up on the phone or trying get an e-mail done to my support group. The E-Mail is finished! I would like to send it to you for posting on this sight. Lets put it this way I put a lot of thought on today's scan and reading and the results that are in that e-mail. I was happy but if you decide it should not be posted I understand. Note I am not a scammer and have my complete paperwork from day one including this scan and reading that will be available to you for any verification. Since you are the HUB editor

what better person to verify that will be in the e-Mail.

kimorera 3 years ago

Greetings h10879 ! Please reveal what your scans showed !~ I know that you have taken great care in pursuing Cannabis Oil treatment. Also, can you let us know what solvent and plant strain you used ?

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h10879 3 years ago


Will send PM.

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h10879 3 years ago

Unbelievable news from Colorado. As of 01/01/2014 anyone of legal age will be able to purchase RSO over the counter from a dispensary. I am not sure if you understand this!!!!!!! ANYONE!! I asked if it was limited to US citizens. No anyone. So anyone in the world can obtain the RSO by going to Colorado.

This is the location that will provide the real RSO to your specs. Need a % content of THC to exceed 62%.

When calling mention h10879 they can manufacture the same % of content that I received. This is a legitimate brick & mortar location that you can walk into, see the grow rooms and everything they have. No scams making you pay up front and not delivering the right stuff.

REMEMBER to call ahead of time, Fax, E-mail as your product may take up to 1 week to manufacture. Super people that now do everything in house. Toni Fox at Denver's Discreet Dispensary.4305 Brighton blvd., Denver Colorado 80216 Tel #303-297-1657. or E-Mail Tony at Fax303-357-5751. Make sure you bring all your documentation showing you have cancer-you will be happy you did! Hopefully someone can get my e-mail that was sent posted on this site. Please cross out any names. NOTE! I get nothing no money, product or anything for you mentioning h10879. The only reason to use that is that Tony knows exactly what I received.

If you go back and look at all my posts I told everyone to be patient and give me a chance to expose the scammers and find a legal, viable and honest supplier to work for. Well I delivered and as of 01/01/14 with gods grace this product will available to those of proper age, over the counter, no card required, no prescription needed and most importantly

available to everyone based on supplies and demand.

In the event they can't post my e-mail. My latest scan showed all the hotspots, gone except one, thickening of the Plueral just about gone.

the remaining hot spot looks like a dimmed burned light bulb, No more chemo, another scan in 3 months. Once un operable now if needed 50/50 operable and in November if needed 80/20 with the 80% in my favor. Never discussed the RSO with them. My feeling is that the remaining hotspot is dead like a flashlight dying (still lit) but dimming as the batteries die. Remember the RSO kills cancer by causing the cancer to commit suicide.

Thanks for all the support h10879

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h10879 3 years ago


I forgot and I am sorry!! Special thanks to all the Scammers who so P***** me off that I took the challenge to expose them and find a source of the RSO. If it wasn't for them this may have not happened.

This change in Colorado, coming in January, will put them out of Business world wide. So get the word out about Colorado. The entire state-not limited to any one location. Remember there may be a delay in manufacturing due to volume and availability. You can't get it until January but you probably can place the order ahead of time for pick up after January 1,2013.

My deep sympathy for Mrs. Bradshaw, Dr. Henderson and all other scammers who should no longer show up on this site to prey on those that are suffering and sick.

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Pete nature 3 years ago

Congratulations h10879 - what a euphoric feeling you must be having. You've been on the journey & kicked ass. Nice. Also, thanks for the Colorado info, I'll be sure to make a trip there. A few questions (if you happen to know) :

i) do they test on site to confirm solvent residue or do they use independent testers for residue/potency etc

(ii) I noticed there indoor grown plants, judging from your testimony this does not make a medicianal difference (compared to natural sunlight).

(iii) With regards to the Bradshaws & henderson's et al (the scammers) - I've noticed they post on every single medical cannabis related article on the Internet. Their tenacity is impressive . I have been leaving counter comments on most articles I find trying to expose these people that have obviously lost their way at some point. I would like to suggest others to do the same. The formula & tone of the postings are fairly standard & easily indentifiable.

Thanks again for the update.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

That's awesome work H10, you've been doing so much over the past few months and I'm elated to hear it has resulted in you personally healing yourself, while finding more locations to get oil. I'm definitely going to call the dispensary and talk to them about this. H10, you should also message me your number and I'll call you. Thanks for being a part of this!

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h10879 3 years ago

To: Pete nature

1. When I did my purchase, there is the grower, dispensary, re-manufacture (convert to RSO) and a independent testing facility. All licensed and regulated. My manufacture used Naptha. Testing shows that it strips more than the initial oil but also a lot of other cancer causing elements to make it potent. Remember the big Pharmacy Company's have always put this down. A recent study shows they have been spending millions to develop a synthetic version. THEY DID IT!!!

But it doesn't work and can kill you. They just can't duplicate nature.

Anyway instead of a 3-4 hr to make it they took an extra 3 days to make sure all or as much solvent as possible will be gone. The testing Facility did the testing- My RSO was THC 63.45%, CBD 2.36%, CBN .27%. Certified that it was manufactured with 100% from 3D grown product.

On the indoor/out door. Usually outside grown is higher potency. However I weighed the two options and decided 3D was the location. Naturally grown, no pesticides, natural fertilizer and the use of natural insect predators to attack and kill parasites on the plant. Similar to how RSO works.

With regards to (iii). I am not as computer savy as most of you and I am not that familiar with the other websites. So I would appreciate it if you could get the word out concerning what will happen in Colorado as of 1/1/2014. Again NOT LIMITED TO COLORADO RESIDENTS. Any one of age from the US, Europe, Japan, China ANYONE!!!

In talking to Toni she said they now do their on manufacturing in house.

So things may have changed call Toni. This is important to all that are in need to save a loved one and secondly getting the word out should put the scammers out of business.

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h10879 3 years ago


Phone should be in a PM sent to your HUB site. Note if you call there may currently be a time difference but I will return your call. Currently on the East Coast (new Grandson)

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

I'll call you tomorrow night, and if something goes awry then definitely Saturday. I've been in the midst of moving and working so time has been shorter than usual.

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h10879 3 years ago

I had a second reading on Friday morning at the infusion center. I had already made a plan of action for the period prior to, what, I hope will be the end of the scans for ever. I have never relied too much on this location as a third party reads the scan and they usually make no sense

and the MD does not go over the scans with you. I told my wife I was about to explode and my blood pressure was like 186/98. I needed a consensus and I was afraid that they would come up with something else.


Kaabi & Kim: Here I go again on the road. The scammers are unbelievable. MyTrip will be on and off the 95 from New York to South Carolina. They have no conception of who or what they are dealing with.

Imagine the surprise after telling me they have been cured and they have all the documentation and I can see it. That is wonderful!! What is your address and since you will show me your records I will be there Tuesday about noon(11 Hr drive) CLICK they hung up. However two provided addresses, is H10879 bluffing, no he is not. I expect to be knocking on door 1 Monday night and door 2 late Wednesday morning. To date no scammer has passed my test.


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h10879 3 years ago

Still waiting for that phone call!!!

Finishing packing and going off line until about 8PM tomorrow due to travel up an down the 95 corridor.


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Pete nature 3 years ago

Thx for the info h10879. I will look into the option you present. My only concern is the lowCBD levels. I guess I shouldnt be concerned as it worked for you. However, the option described by Dennis Hill is a 1:1 ratio. I'm trying to determine whether his could be a more effective notion.

Good luck on your travels.

kimorera 3 years ago


Way to go ! I would LOVE to see one of those scammers face to face!

I am personally anxiously awaiting the harvest of a 15% CBD strain that I am going to combine with my high thc plants. I am hoping that the combined Oil mix will produce an Ol that tests very high in both thc /cbd at a close to 1:1 ratio.

h10879 3 years ago

Nice drive, correct legitimate addresses but no one had any idea who the individuals were. Two more scammers bit the dust! Pete all my research indicated that for what I had you needed the high THC levels. It is your call. I expect to travel back and forth and if you are living in a close area I would be more than happy to show you all my records and results. I have everything! I just need an approximate location within 200 miles either way from where you live. If that is close to my travels I will contact you and we will take it from there. I heard about the 1:1 ratio. But I could never find any one to validate the results. So I decided to use the higher THC formula. So much has happened it would take a day to explain.

One last thing I have talked personally with Kabbi and I expressed my untold gratitude for this blog and all the work he does as the editor.

The other 2 individuals that were a great inspiration to me, that helped me in this journey, that answered all my questions and so much more deserve special praise. Oh and do I have a surprise for them!!!! Sitting here with watery eyes. The journey that you two are going thru should be made into a book. You know who you are. But just for the public record--Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. I want you to know that my wife and I am for here for both of you THAT INCLUDES FINANCIALLY! Thanks Kim & David.

Looking forward to my November scan!

kimorera 3 years ago

h10879, My hats off to you for not only pursuing cannabis oil as your personal course of treatment, but, for additionally going after those scammers that are appearing everywhere. These scammers are a threat to not only the lives of the seriously ill, but, they are additionally taking away the focus on what , years from now, will be a story that will forever shape the way we look at curing cancer. I am humbled to be part of a group of individuals that are brave enough to think outside the box when it comes to finding a cure for not one, but, hundreds of conditions. Cannabis really is a miraculous gift from our Creator.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

I find it ironic that in between h10s and Kim's post is, or was, a scam posting for a "Doctor Morris". It truly is ridiculous, especially since their activities inhibit a world-changing movement and hurt people looking for the medicine. That's why we need to win this once and for all, and then the medicine will be available through far more effective and traditional means.

By the way, did anyone see this new Dravet Syndrome testimonial on CNN, which was on the front page for hours?! It's amazing! This movement is indeed becoming more mainstream and victory is finally within reach.

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

Yes!!! And I was vindicated at the end of the show!

On Sunday 8/4/13, after an amazing previous 4 days of unbelievable things that were happening to my body. Starting that Sunday for 1 week I only had a desire to eat pure protein and I mean a lot of it. MY wife still skeptical 35 yrs working in the medical field was ready to call the psych ward. I told her that the RSO is working exactly as it should according to my research. I told her the last glimmer of any activity burned out at 2:30AM on 8/3/13. And my body was calling for massive amounts of protein to rebuild and repair any damage done by the cancer and chemo. At that point everyone was ready to take me to a shrink.YES

That show at the end vindicated me as the MD's are mystified, can't explain and don't just know why that little girls body has started to regenerate and make new electrical connections and pathways that were not there in her brain. Wow

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

One thing I learned over the past weekend is that the body is capable of incredible, magical things that most people do not believe in. Whatever medicinal problems people have, to complete paralysis, blindness, anything... it can be healed with cannabis extracts and ultimate nutrition. Thank you h10 for being a part of this!

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

Things really calmed down since we came up with a viable medical grade RSO that should be available to any one after 1/1/2014. See previous post. Hopefully the scammers got the message!!

Decided to use up the last remaining 6 grams (1/5 of an ounce) at a dosage of 3/10s of a gram as I patiently wait for what should be my final

PET scan on or about November1, 2013.

I now know of one individual with Pancreatic cancer and one (11 Yr survivor) with Uterine cancer. Both have had conventional treatment and are now slipping the wrong way and they have decided to use the RSO over a 90 day period.

Will keep everyone updated on my PET scan and the progress of the above individuals.


Nicole Deskins 3 years ago

My father in law was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Please email me as soon as you possibly can. He wants to use the oil to treat, but can't find any information anywhere on where to purchase. Please help me, our time is passing quickly.

h10879 3 years ago


I sent you a e-mail but have not heard from you!

angelo 3 years ago

hi I am looking to buy oil, I am in south Africa do you know where I can buy ? I am starting chemo tomorrow and would want to try the oil. there are so many scammers out there, can you help? - pls mail me ,

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h10879 3 years ago

Up date! October 6, 2013. Patiently waiting for the end of the month and my (hopefully last) PET scan!

Have a new friend who has Pancreatic cancer and had endured 10 months of chemo with no concrete results. Started getting pain after his last chemo session and then decided to not have any more chemo. He started the RSO treatment break in period on or about 9/3/2013. Went to the full daily 1 gram dosage on or about 9/19/2013. Tolerating the RSO and working a full day. Said he was feeling better each day but still had the pain.

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

AHH! And we thought we got rid of the scammers. Don't purchase any of this product from these websites!!!!! You are getting ripped off.

The true Rick Simpson or Phoenix tears should be purchased from a reputable Medical Marijuana pharmacy in a state like California, Washington, or Colorado. All are heavily regulated, everything is labeled, tested and contains the proper percentages of THC!! You need a THC level of 62% or higher. Secondly the best oil works when extracted using Naptha. As of 1/1/14 any body will be allowed to purchase any cannabis product without being a resident or having a medical marijuana card in Colorado. Any where else and you are being ripped off! SO BARRY, LILLIAN AND CHRISTY if you are not scammers send me a email thru the hub pages. I would like to meet with you, look at your records (medical) and determine if your story is true so we can document it for our records. Also the state of Oregon will issue a non resident Medical Marijuana card if your medical condition warrants it.

Any one else can send me an E-Mail thru the hub pages and I will give 2

locations in the Denver Colorado area that can provide the Oil. If you don't currently have a Medical Marijuana card you will have to wait until this January to make the purchase.

profile image

h10879 3 years ago


Scan scheduled for 7:30AM on 10/29/13. However I have to wait until 10/31/13 am for the results. Very nervous!


profile image

h10879 3 years ago

I find it ironic that people are begging for the oil and after due diligence I find a the correct source with the correct percentages and no one is interested! I respond to e-mails and no response. Well my scan is coming up and I will have the results on 10/31/13. My new friend (fingers crossed) is on a 90 day therapy and approaching his 60 day mark and really looks good. He should be finished on or about 12/05/13 and then a PET Scan. His Md had written him off and told him how his body would start to shut down and what to look for in the final days. Won't they be surprised when we walk in and ask them to give him a PET scan. To this date they have refused due to his poor prognosis.

My results will be available for any bonafide/qualified medical doctor or medical facility.


Roger 3 years ago

In response to h10879,

There are a number of factors why people may not have taken it up:

1. The thousands of dollars it costs for 90 days supply

2. No offer to mail the product. (it may cost additional thousands to pick it up and fly back to wherever).

3. There only seems to be 2 or 3 credible stories out there that confirms its working.

3 (i) Even the infamous 'realm of caring' Charlottes Web strain that was talked about in a recent TeD Talk mainly talked about the benefits for epilepsy and mentioned cancer as a side note. Presumably they've being doing this for years and would have had had success stories by now.

3(ii) The facility in Israel, Tikun Olam, have been doing this for years without any significant 'cure' stories.

3(iii) The latest studies from the UK ( ) by Dr. Wai Liu, an oncologist at the University of London's St. George medical school is quoted saying:

" not traditional cannabis oil, which Liu described as "crude" in comparison and generally containing 80-100 different cannabinoids. "We do not really know which are the ones that will be anticancer and those that may be harmful,"

(may need to take that quote with a pinch of salt because her studies are financed ultimately by Bayer; so there may be a conflict of interest.)

Having said all that, I still want to get my hands on the stuff you mentioned , as we are in a desperate heart wrenching situation, and have scraped together the cash required but do not have the funds to pick it up. I happen to know its safe to post it as I have received some in 15gram packages before (that turned out to be very poor quality). So, the people that are willing to post don't have the good stuff and people that opt not to post, I'm guessing, have the better stuff.

I think some kind of website is required whereby people that are trying this are encouraged to describe there story in detail and can anonymously upload results. So we can do some kind of peoples study. A possible project for the 'kickstarter' website.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Roger, there are indeed far more experiential results than listed on this site. I've linked to a Comprehensive Report at the top of the site which indisputably proves these claims. Also, the Charlotte's Web strain has been used for cancer, and other forms of epilepsy besides Dravet. There's also no indication that any cannabinoid is harmful - in fact, it seems the 60+ cannabinoids work synergistically to heal disease. I can't claim that's the case for all cannabinoids, but it seems to be at least with THC, CBD, CBG, and CBC.

If you read this report, I guarantee you'll see how powerful this medicine really is :) -

profile image

h10879 3 years ago

roger: Charlotte's web is a high CBD. My research indicated that you need a high THC of 62% or higher and that is what I hade made for me.

My new friend with Pancreatic cancer is using the same oil and started the break in on 9-7-13 and the full 1 gram a day as of 9-18-13 when he received his full 90 day supply. His turn around is remarkable!!

It took me 6 months to find the correct stuff that is regulated and tested. It runs from$30 to $40 a gram. I get my PET scan tomorrow and will ask Kabbi to post it on this web site. I posted the information on a early posting on where to obtain the oil. Not a big supply and the best time is now to get it. I have no one even you contact me thru this site for any additional information which I would happy to supply with you with any information that could possible help. Most people, and I did the research and talked to them, are afraid to come forward with their stories. To date I think I am the only one that has everything documented on my one person clinical trial with all my tests and scans.

Kabbi: You should have my number! If not I have yours and would like to see if you can post my results that I should have on Thursday on this site. Note if they are mailing it, sending be fed x or UPS you are being scammed. Send me a e-mail thru this site and I will call you.

As I said my new friend contacted me and I made arrangements for his best friend to meet me and go directly to the source and then fly back home. Most people only need 60 grams. However if they have too much damage from the cancer/chemo that may need 90. That was his case! However those that are too far along it probably will not help. Hey I will be willing to post my last scan, that was remarkable, if Kabbi can set it up.

It was so mystifying to the doctors that they called me and set tomorrows scan up at almost the 90 day mark. The PET scan center gives no scans on Sunday or Monday. Yesterday would have been the 90 day mark. So I get the scan on the 92 day.

The decision on what to do is up to you! If it was me I would send me h10879 a e-mail to this site and I will call you. No I willnot mail you any thing but I can arrange for you to get what you need some how.

Kaabi profile image

Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

We'll definitely be in touch! I'll email you through here soon. Thanks again for your courage in all this :)

profile image

h10879 3 years ago


The reason the good stuff is not sent in the mail is that it is illegal to do so in the USA! The people, if you can find them, are usually heavily regulated, the product is registered, controlled, meticulous record keeping due to State Laws and currently you must be a patient to get it.

I would suggest you go back and read all my postings! I did what I said I would do!! Get rid of all the scammers on this site, find a location that would have the best medically grade product that is tested and controlled and a location that it can be purchased, Read the posts!!

I have since found another source 4 miles from the first one. I sell nothing, get nothing in return for providing this information but self satisfaction that those suffering from this terrible cancer will have an additional choice in treatment to make.

Just for the record you can read everything you want on studies but remember for the past 60+ years they have known there was a cure. A cure that cost nothing if you grow it yourself and can make in about 3-4 hours and self medicate the same day. Greek Fire-look it up the formula has been lost and no one can find it or duplicate it to this day. Yes there is a lot of testing but no one could find the correct percentages or the correct extraction process. 6months of research on material that I was not suppose to have gave me the key to what I am using. You need at least a minimum of 62%THC with the extraction method using Naptha!!

Not moonshine, not ever clear, not vinegar, not wiskey and anything else other than Naptha. Yes I know that Naptha causes cancer but made correctly and tested the product that was made for me has no residue.

Not knowing where you live I can't comment on your expenses for traveling. However I know someone on this site that gave up their home and moved across the country to find a cure for their husband and talked to the most intelligent people on cannabis. They were currently working on a 1 to 1 ratio THC to CBN with mixed results. Since they now know what they need they are going to use the same therapy that I used.

Note 5 individuals can make the same oil with a different extraction process and they could 5 different results. The key in the research that I used worked for me exactly the way the research said it would. Note they knew this 50-60 years ago. Remember they make more money treating than curing. You know they can make light bulbs that will never burn out. If they did that there would not be many light bulb companies.

Just came back from the PET scan and have to wait to Thursday for results. I am now on a mission to find a source for mega grams of the RSO. Have the information on the original remanufacture to see if they can supply a lot. Colorado as of 1/1/14 will sell any cannabis product to anyone over 18 even though you are not a Colorado resident and even if you don't have a red card. I will post the results as usual on this site.

profile image

buoyager 3 years ago

My wife is currently receiving only pain management for lung cancer that has moved into her bones. She is a hospice candidate but I would very much like to try the hemp oil treatment. I live in Indiana and would like to contact anyone who could help because 1/1/14 is so far off.

profile image

buoyager 3 years ago

H10879 I hope your PET scan results are positive but my wife's PET scan indicated that her lung cancer has spread to other areas of the lung and into her upper spine and arms. A tumor was discovered during a bout with pneumonia and a biopsy determine it was adenocarsinoma. That was over 2 years ago when she started alternative treatments with herbs, Gerson style juices, ozone and vitamin C IVs (to be continued)

profile image

buoyager 3 years ago

(my coments seem limited to a few lines) Everything was fine until 3 months ago when her back started hurting and it just got worse so after 2 yrs. we decided to see an oncologist who did her PET scan and prescribed morphine pain pills and hospice care. My email is We want to try hemp oil. Out of lines again...

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Me4Ray 3 years ago

I tried to post a comment earlier but I'm not sure if it posted or not. My husband was recently diagnosed with metastatic melanoma that is now in his brain. I need some guidance with Oil and I'm hoping to hear from Hank about his scans yesterday. Is anyone still following this thread?

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h10879 3 years ago

Sorry for taking so long!

I haven't had chemo for over 6 months and stopped the full 60 day dose on 7/15/13. The results of the scan were not 100% of what I wanted but still good. First of all everything that was killed before remains dead!

The one exception was the one area of small uptake. That is still there but the amount of uptake has decreased. Like a piece of crab grass that just won't die.

Planning on a D day invasion on that last area of uptake. Will get a 75 gram supply, go back into the break in period, finish it on or about 2/1/14 and schedule the scan for 2/11/14. Also the wholesaler/manufacture that makes this Oil has informed me that their facility is the only one that they know of that makes it the correct way. Most others use ever clear as the extractor. Unfortunately as a wholesaler they are licensed only to sell it to a dispensary. This has helped as I now have about 4 locations that may have it or can order it depending on availability.

The wholesaler also (note this whole journey is continuing to evolve) told me to include, at the time of ingestion, 1 tablespoon of hempseed oil.

It can be purchased at nutrition stores. The oil helps the body to increase the absorbition rate of the oil directly to the blood stream. This allows more to get to where it needs to be rather than expelled thru urine or feces.

Fly in the ointment on Colorado!! Wholesaler has informed me that as of 1/1/14 the amount of rec use product will be limited to a small amount on a daily basis. Medical use will be limited to a purchase of only 2 ounces per day and will still require a red card.

BOYAGER!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TALK TOME DO THE FOLLOWING! Send a fan e-mail to me with a contact number and I will call you. I will not reply to you thru e-mail. If you were on this site prior you would have seen all the postings of the scammers trying to sell crap.

We have pretty much have gotten rid of them. KAABI has done a great job of removing the postings but I think I am not on their like list. They have said some not nice things to some suppliers about me and have tried to find out who I am. So I am very cautious to who I contact and will contact you on my terms. Very simple double click on h10879 on one of my postings and send me a fan e-mail with the number.

Please note the oil can only do so much!! If the damage from the Chemo, Cancer and or surgery is too advanced it may not help.

However my new friend with Pancreatic cancer hopefully may be an exception. Age 49, 3 children oldest 8, 10m months of chemo that he ended on 8/22/13. At that point he had beat the stats of 3-6 months to live. The cancer had spread to his liver with a 4" tumor. Right now he looks great. His 90 day therapy will be over on or about 12/10/13 and then a PET scan.

Just for the record I have no financial interest in the oil/suppliers/wholesalers, no I don't purchase it and then re-sell it and I don't charge nothing to any body for information. I am on a mission to provide the most accurate up to date information (see previous posts) on the oil as to where to get the best made closest medical grade medicine so you will have a choice other than cut, burn and chemicals.

Why am I some what skeptical of some of these posts. Well there is a new type of scammer out there that is more sophisticated. Example of such are a posting 5 days ago from Roger. Probably legitimate! But if you read it appears to be from a articulate, well read person and appears to have true caring for someone that has cancer. Wow if someone posted that and got the response from h10879 you would think that you would respond right away!! Seems that Roger has done a lot of research why not look further and send a Fan e-mail for the information he is looking for!

Also Kaabi: Let me know and I can send you original diagnosis, Pet scan results from 5/14/13 (prior to taking the Oil) and the most recent one of 10/29/13. You can then verify and let any skeptics know that h10879 is accurate in his posts.


robert 3 years ago

we just found out that my dog has cancer can eneyone tell me where I can order sum hemp seed oil so I can try and save her

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Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

H10 you have my email correct? I'd love to see the scans, and thanks for being so on top of all this here!

Roger 3 years ago

HI h10879 , I'm not to sure what you were implying (about me!) in your previous post. I did respond to you and sent a message to your hubpage email account (unless I made an error sending, I'll check). I also read your previous posts and think I know the supplier you were referring to. I just need to get the money together to reach that location. I must say I'm still reluctant to 'believe' it seems that there are many people touting it as a definite cure all after watching a few youtube videos and reading technical preclinical medical literature (I don't understand half the wording in those pubmed doc's, I'm guessing some kind of research qualification is needed). The semi-blind certainty seems as zealous as those that are fervently anti-cannabis. I still want to give it a go because we have no choice. (also thanks to Kabbi for the slideshow)

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h10879 3 years ago

OK! I just e-mailed KAABI my scans and original prognosis form 06/01/2012,

So Honey Alexander and Bob Gas are you willing to provide your records and then based on what those records let me interview you and verify your claims. Hey I am an open book on my scans, diagnosis and here I am on this journey.

Red Flags allover your postings. If you took the time to post and make a recommendation then you should be jumping for joy to prove your allegations. Assuming you are not a scammer.

To date I have only received one e-mail from BJ.

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Kaabi 3 years ago from Maryland Author

Thanks for the scans H10! Also there is no point in engaging people like that, when it follows that specific formula it's 100% a scam, plus I delete those comments immediately. Use your energy to follow up with real people. Thanks again for everything and continual progress is being made!

paulo 3 years ago

My father has lung cancer, please tell me were to buy the hemp oil. many anks in adv

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h10879 3 years ago


Received your e-mail. Could you provide a phone # and I will call you.


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