Herbal Cures for Painful Menstrual Cramps

Some Tips to Cure Menstrual Cramps

Most females suffer from a painful menstruation and dread their periods.  As the days approach the memory of headaches and cramps make them cringe.  There has been a significant increase in the number of women who suffer from serious conditions like menorrhagia or excessive flow for a prolonged period, amenorrhea or no periods, endometriosis, fibroids etc.  Medical experts point stress and change in lifestyle as the two important reasons for this development.  When compared to the woman of yesteryears there is a considerable lack of exercise.  Coupled with this is the career concerns of an office going woman that increases her stress levels.  No wonder, menstrual problems add to the woe.

So to cure menstrual problems a stress free mind, a good exercise regimen and simple changes in diet are imperative.  Along with this, a number of time tested herbs can be of use.

Black gram should be added to the diet.  It has been found to strengthen the womb.  For delayed menarche, painful menstruation, etc dishes made of black gram and linseed can help.  There are a good number of dishes in Indian tradition that uses black gram and linseed.  The old nannies in South Indian villages will vouch for the effectiveness of this simple method.

One another way to use linseed is to soak linseed in water for 12 hours and then drinking this water.  Also a decoction made of linseed and cumin seeds is a good alternative.

A pinch of saffron is added to warm milk and taken before going to bed can help scanty menstruation.  In case of excessive flow, a decoction of dill seeds and fennel seeds is an effective remedy.

Ayurveda texts prescribe Asokarishtam for all uterine problems.  Asokarishtam is made from the Asoka tree.  The bark, root, flowers and leaves of Asoka tree have medicinal value.  Ayurveda recommends Asokarishtam along with chandraprabha gulika as the ideal combination for treating all uterine related problems.

To treat the general pain during these days, dhanvanthiram kashayam can be taken in along with an external application of dhanvanthiram oil in the abdomen, pelvic and thigh areas.  Heat the oil and apply in downward strokes.  Soak a cotton ball in this oil and place it on top of head.  Let the oil soak for 30 minutes and then bathe in warm water.

Regular exercise, reducing stress with meditation and the remedies prescribed above can help manage painful menstruation.  In more serious cases, always seek medical advice.

Black Gram Helps

Courtesy Wikipedia
Courtesy Wikipedia

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dynamag 5 years ago

Hi Shaiju

This is a really nice hub. I talk of horse gram in my hub, you talk of black gram. Both Legumes, I think

Interesting info. Thank you

Jay 5 years ago


Can we take this one when we are having other English medicines. And what is the dosage of this?

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