Herbal Incense Smoke or Legal Marijuana What is it really?

Legal High?

 Herbal Incense seems to be all the new rave. They call it legal marijuana, or a legal high. They say you can smoke this and still pass a drug test, if your worried about losing your job or on probation.

Herbal Smoke or Herbal Incense can be found all over the Internet, in your local convenience stores, smoke shops, even on EBay. Prices starting at around ten dollars and going upwards from there.

The most talked about is K2 its all over the news and has been banned form eight states so far. I'm not exactly sure what the big to-do is about, as you would say I am a non-smoker of this type of substance. Some claim it only takes a few hits and your as stoned or better than if you just smoked the real thing. Some claim it made them feel sick while others can do nothing but rave about its effects. Meanwhile each and every package is marked not for human consumption. But they still smoke it. WHY?

The active ingredient to the herbal incense is known as JWH 018, it is a synthetic cannabinoid they gives the same effect as THC but stronger. JWH 018 was created by Dr. John W. Huffman an organic chemist in 1995. JWH 018 is an estimated 5 times stronger than THC. The herbal incense is said to contain organic foliage, extracts, and compounds.

I was a work last week when approached by a wholesale distributor that went through his entire spiel and at the end he stated we carry K2. I will admit I am ignorant to this type of thing and lifestyle. I asked what is K2. As he stood there and explained to me the product and its uses he also explained how his company just this summer alone has already sold 93,000 units. Crap, how could I not get in on this and have a product that is in high demand that would help me pay my bills. That's where the moral dilemma came into play, I already refuse to carry merchandise that is know to be purchased by crack users. So at this time, the moral debate continues within, pay my bills or stand up for what I believe to be good and true. I can at this point tell you I don't know which side of me will win out.

All anyone needs to do is google herbal incense and you will come up with 388,000 result. Herbal smoke incense 667,000 and K2 herbal 532,000. I am most positive this will only grow as people learn about the herbal incense products and it gains popularity as the legal marijuana or legal high.

I have read online peoples personal experiences with K2, some quite interesting and humorous. Some quite disheartening and scary. This needs to be your personal choice and always remember each and every package is marked not for human consumption. Do you think that most believe you just don't eat it and its OK to smoke it. Wouldn't smoking it be consumption?

I would really like to know what you think about herbal incense and my current dilemma I need to settle this, as every product has a life cycle.

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Scooter 6 years ago

It does feel like pot but different in lots of different ways you have to smoke it to k ow what im talking about

ang k b 6 years ago

so i been smoking it 4 a while and im perfectly fine all i say is it gives me the high i look for in weed just legal and more convenient. i like it can u really pass the drug test though?

enzosmokes 6 years ago

yes it really passes a drug test and its pretty strong and you smoke illegal hearbs then this is just what you need.. pot smokers all over america are looking for something legal just like k2 and other blends is just what we are all looking for.. a good legal herb that helps you relax and chill out.. if you have the chance to carry and sell these products you will quickly gain a chain of customers that will talk about your product and increase your intensly

JimBobber 6 years ago

I tried Apex Fusion and did a test two days later... i passed np... it was cheap and good. hope this helps


Herbal Spice Girl 6 years ago

There are so many types of incense with different levels of reactions. As long as you use it moderately these natural herbs can be really enjoyable. And it's awesome that they're legal. No more strapping up and being all paranoid when you have to go by a gram or two. Two thumbs up!

kim 6 years ago

I have been using it for about six months and really enjoy it. Must admit I do worry about long term effects. I have found that It all gets you high but just like weed, intensity varies by brand. Some of the best was from a customer at work who is just breaking into the market with his own creation. Very mellow!

jp 6 years ago

i like it but the cost is high what's the best bang for the buck/.

Jay Slim 6 years ago

I get the best bang for my buck at spiceherbalincense.com

They have discounts on variety packs of Island Spice Incense and they offer free shipping on all orders too

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 6 years ago from Minnesota

Interesing topic and now I can say I am hip with the herbal incense thing. Have you decided if your going to sell this or not? I understand the dilemma and its' pros and cons but it has to be your personal choice. Good luck!

mod2vint profile image

mod2vint 6 years ago from Sunny Florida Author

Hi Minnetonka Twin, Well I did decide to sell this product only to adults. We treat it as an age restricted sale. However, it doesn't look like we will sell it for long as state by state they are looking to ban the products.

joeygee007 profile image

joeygee007 6 years ago from Delray Beach Florida

Good article,

just thought I would update states where Hebal Incense or spice is not legal last time I checked.

Alabama,Georgia,Hawaii,Kansas,Kentucky,Louisiana,Michigan,Mississippi,Missouri,North Dakota,and Tennessee.

Legal Department

I enjoy Fuego Herbal Incense myself


profile image

MistaChrista 6 years ago

I have used this leagal marijuana twice now.Once with one brand and another with a different brand.Each had a different effect,but both got me "high".Ive never smoked ANYTHING else before,not even a cig. so i cant compare,but i don't think its bad.And to the person before me...it is legal in kansas,I live in Kansas and i bought mine at the smoke shop up the street,and ive seen it a dozen other places.They even have radio/tv Ads for the stuff ha ha.

john smith 6 years ago

i smoke spice everyday but live in kentucky if i take a drug test will i pass?

6 years ago

I had a bad trip on this over the weekend i smoked it saturday around 6 pm and still felt effects sunday it was monday morning before i felt normal again and that shit freaked me out i thought about going to a hospital i will never try it again my mind and heart were racing but everything else was in slow motion i felt like i was trying to get my brain to slow down back to normal the whole time and i just wanted time to pass by so it could be over but time was going so slow i know someone who daid they just do one or two puffs and they feel good maybe i did too much i think i did like 4-6 puffs i tripped on acid back in high school and i don't remember being this scared this shit was too crazy for me

drperetz profile image

drperetz 6 years ago

J you are funny. Are you sure this is the only thing that you consumed?

graveyard-rose profile image

graveyard-rose 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

I just heard that they are getting ready to ban it in January... Here we go again! They say its killing people. Do you actually know of a case that k2 killed anyone? I haven't heard of any. Im confused. Hell I haven't even gotten to try it yet~! Where do I get some?

mod2vint profile image

mod2vint 6 years ago from Sunny Florida Author

graveyard-rose, my understanding is Christmas Eve is the last day for sale. And I also have never heard of it killing anyone. Depending on where you live, most smoke shops carry it.

Tyler 6 years ago

I agree with everything y'all have said. Different brands, give you different effects. Be careful. Don't pack rounds like regular. A little dab will do ya. I've over smoked, and felt like i was tripping. I like hallucinogenics, so i enjoyed it, but if your not good with this kind of buzz be careful. My only concern....long time effects. I've done research, but not a whole lot about this topic. Figures, finally come across a legal form of stress release, besides alcohol, and I'll probably find out in a year or two that it makes your dick fall off. Moderation is key here, until we find out more. I think it's great, if it doesn't kill us all. Man, why can't they just legalize the one thing that we all know is o.k. for you. Instead? we run health risks, take chances, and make it all to easy for 18yr old's to get there hands on it. I didn't smoke until i was 21 because of the fear factor associated with marijuana. How scared can an adolescent be of something you can by at the gas station?

vince 6 years ago

hea man, when i smoke it it makes me feel like i did when i wood watch cheech n chongs moovee 'up in smoke' in the 1970s. Wow!

desiree 6 years ago

Yes, on probation so now this is the only thing that I smoke, but no regrets at all. I loove k2 and so does my boyfriend we get it here at headshops in nebraska. Yes it can get pricey but most of the managers here are great, hook you up on deals and make u feel comfortable. Almost like a dealer. The only thing I worry about it the effects it may have on the bodyeverything has its pros and cons. Its been bad for me though cuz I am a regular now going in every 3 days and buying more and stronger stuff. So I'm thinking of going online, maybe that will save money in the long run. So any sites with great prices and strong k2 suggestions would be great!

kevin osborne 6 years ago

HandFed Incense is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products and we want you to become a part of our success story. We created a distribution program that helps qualified distributors achieve good margins while growing a sustainable business. Our products are lab certified to contain no illegal substances.

HandFed Incense can be sold and purchased anywhere in the United States with no restrictions. HandFed Incense products are not sold for human consumption and should be strictly used as incense.

If you are a retailer or distributors and are interested in offering HandFed Incense products to your customers, please contact us and we will contact you shortly.


HandFed Incense

profile image

Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

I am not a smoker, of any substance, but I know many people who are. The real question is, what is more important to you? Your moral beliefs on a product that is perfectly legal, or your bills at the end of the month? My advice is simple, find research on it and the pros and cons. Whichever list is longer and more convincing... go with that. That being said, good luck with your decision!

big q 5 years ago

damn how can weed be illeagul,icant even drive on just a couple whacks of spice,ill smoke an oz of grass and drive cross country

john 5 years ago

i had the exact reaction as j. i felt like i was having a heRt attack. i thought abt calling for help. but like j time passed so slow as my heart raced so fast tht i thought i was going to explode. thankfully its passed now and im starting to relax. ive used weed several times and the only reason y i started using this stuff is becausr its legL. thiz stuff has scared me so bad ill never use it again and its going to be awhile before i smoke the real shit again.

jmb 5 years ago

There shouldn't be any dilemma here. Do you sell beer, or cigarettes? It's legal, carry it. If they make it illegal... stop. Crack paraphernalia its not.

darren 5 years ago

come on people don't you know its all about control by our government isn't everything that is fun banned by our shitty leaders prob pissed they cant join us smoke up and f--- the gov

Alexey 5 years ago

It's even worst, than MJ. That s#%t killing people, and it must be illigal. I'm so happy I realised that not too late...

geek 5 years ago

i smoked one kind of this for approximetely 6 mths(because its legal and cheep) and felt fine THEN i tried a different kind and had a WAY different experience.. 1 hit and i literally felt like i was going to die. LUCKILY it passed in a couple of hrs but for the time it was a HORRIBLE feeling. best not to do it save your money.

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

i've posted on other blogs but here's my story...3 comments long.

here’s my 2 and a half year story. and my near death experience.

it started going to a head shop to get my first pipe, “what's that?” i said instantly drawn to it. big package for 30 i wonder what it does….”oh its like pot” he says. i believed him. that’s when my 2 and a half year addiction begin. within 6 months i was kicked out of my home. at age 18, no car no college. only my life savings. and the savings of those foolish enough to GIVE me money, i never offered to pay it back or stole to get it but between me and others $1000+ a month, and if i could sell it i sold it. except my tv bed couch neccecitys and computer, thank god. by the time super kush came out, after the jwh ban…oh god how i wish the jwh ban was the end, i was at about 1g a day of the most potent shit.

every high until the jwh ban fucked me up bad, heart racing, sweating like crazy, “oh god, if i live through this one i swear, i’ll never smoke this shit again”…of course 30 minutes to an hour later…back to the pipe.

i was put in an institution because the cops stopped me for walking and i foolishly thought i lived in a country with free speech and told the officer if he touched me again i’d take him out.” still pissy on that one, 7 days in a mental hospital, they said in two days i’d be out illegally drugged me, i was calm, and did not want it. they changed my doctor 3 times, and the 5th day i gave my newest doc an either or option, “either you stay and be my fucking doctor, or i’m not going to try anymore, and when that happens you better have fucking eyes in the back of your head.” he said why are you angry at me, “you’re my 3rd fucking doctor in 5 days.” well i got out on the 7th day and lasted a week, then hit the pipe when a friend came over.

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

back to addiction, i swept through demon, super kush, green cobra and many many more brands easily 20, i then tried this shit called lights out. omg 1 hit fucked up every time…for a couple weeks, then i started smoking 3 grams or more a day. at 37 a 3g. then the chemical switched and i had to pay 1 dollar more for 3g of rush.

i blew all my money, my collection of video games 3000+ dollars worth of xbox 360 games let alone the previous systems and games.

well now its the 4th day of quitting and after getting addicted twice for year stretches, i’ve decided to never touch it again…now are you ready for the part that’ll make you put down that pipe, and promptly throw all of it out, and probably make you a little pissed at your head shop owner.

i was told it was safe. i was told its an all natural herb, well when you’re addicted you don’t pay attention to shit, my stomach hurt so bad for 3 days, i smoked the pain away, my craps became loose then turned to a snotty slimy diarrhea.

i was puking and coughing up resin, that’s exactly what it is, your lungs are absolutely covered in resin. think about how nasty your pipe looks after 3-6 grams of incense comparatively to pot, now imagine your lungs with that liquid resin.

i had heart pain, chest pain, and the right side of my chest hurt opposite of my heart, my lungs began to feel like i was not actually breathing in oxygen, i was out of breathe constantly, i caused many family problems, kicked in my locked door then punched a window while on it and severed my artery in my right hand, my grandma luckily was dropping me off, came rushing in said we have to go check it out at the hospital after she wrapped it up, i jumped out of the car mid way there. because i didn’t want to wait at the ER forever. i walked with a blood soaked full size towel through the middle of town to my grandfathers store, my grandmother horrified. nobody stopped me and a said do you need help nothing. i walked in and opened the towel to show my grandpa and blood squirted out all over the cash register, then i started puking, the next thing i remember is him yelling at me in tears “you’re dying god dammit” and calling the 911, then getting up to walk to the paramedics, and joking with them in the ambulance about how i’m the new Frankenstein and i watched as the paramedic eyes watered, but kept joking to try and make it better.

the next thing that happened fucked me up bad…i do not know for sure it was a vision, but in the hallucination/vision, i saw Jesus, or god or whatever in a white robe to the left of a man in a black robe who were discussing me, whether to take me, and i knew it, but i wasn’t afraid, it was so peaceful, imagine no fear, no anxiety, perfectly content. no needs, nothing, with a light not overly bright because the source seemed to be behind the figures, then i didn’t hear but more felt, knew what was being said, its not your time, and when i awoke i was sitting in a chair and directly in front of me was a clock, and my dad to the left, then i was seen by a doctor who sowed the outer skin together, the paramedic had apparently at some point stitched the vein but he showed me it and i watched as he stitched it up, he said i was lucky because had i hit 1mm farther i would of cut the tendon, i did cut the tendon sheath.

then i hit the smoke and i hit it hard, when i tried to redraw my vision/hallucination i cried hysterically, unable to draw more than a basic outline. and before this event i was not religious one bit, all i know now is that when i go, they’ll be waiting.

the way i took it was that the white robed man stood for the good I’ve done, and the black robed man was the evil. the left was only taller by a bit. which meant to me, if i keep fucking up, ima go to hell, and not experience the perfect content i felt during the vision/dream whatever.

4 days ago i quit, the first two days i couldn’t eat much, bread and bland food, then the 3rd i got some appetite back the 4th I’m all good, and ill never touch that fucking shit again, I’d advise you to do the same. it caused health and family problems, and completely changed me while i was on it, i was constantly self conscious, never wanting to do anything. always felt like everybody was watching me. when i would walk at some points it felt like i just dropped to the ground but my legs were still there, like intense anxiety. please do not start this for you’re family’s sake if not for yours.

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

oh and when i told my head shop owner i quit, because i owed him 2 dollars and i said “sorry i couldn’t get it down sooner, i’ve been sick from quitting this shit”, and he replied “yeah right whatever”

lerjohn 5 years ago

i've been smoking for two years now and it's so addicting that i never know when to stop and some time have bad trips. i cough chronically all day, and i'm pretty sure i'm stupid now, like a zombie. i would recommend quiting if you can, if not your just going downhill with me.

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

@lerjohn, i quit after 2+ years, it is possible, and i had insane symptoms. 3g+ a day. just quit. don't make excuses.

Red rose 5 years ago

What's up I've been smoking the super natural and I wanted to kno if it show up as thc on a drug test

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

@red rose. yes it does 100% of the time, better quit now...ok i just don't want people to ruin their lives with it like i did, it will not show up as thc, however, correction facility's have ways to test for the chemicals they lace the potpourri with, problem being there are many different variations of the chemicals, and im not sure the test covers them all. maybe they'll catch you maybe they won't, and don't be fooled, none of it is natural, all is laced with synthetic chemicals.

sources: 2+ years experience, and multiple friends who still can not quit, even after it's killed their body's. got a cough yet? you will soon enough, with black specks in it. diarrhea, chest pain, mucus, stick with thc if you're not on parole, if you are don't get high, easy as that. this stuff is bad news.

tonya 5 years ago

I have tried several different brands of these products and have liked them all... this being said, I also realize that LOTS of people have had a bad reaction to them. I believe that this is because they are more like a short "trip" than your averae pot high. And yyou have to start small and learn your limits... stick to them! Panic attacks are the number one complaint about these products, and in turn cause the user to "feel like they're dying". I don't have this problem because as someone who has dealt with panic attacks my entire life, I have learned to controll them. Basically if u smoke this product worried about having a "bad trip" then u WILL have one. Period. So far I have tried blueberry pinup, mr. Happy 2nd generation, mad hatter, ed hardy super kush, and crazy monkey... all were good trips!

jimi james 5 years ago

Yeah that's just the thing with most of these freakouts people have. either their not given a heads up on the strength it can carry or they go look for some stuff called "APOCOLYPSE 2012 DEATH STAR" and completely underestimate it because they're so used to burning 10 blunts to their face everyday. Like the one above me said, start small ease into it and balance your limit. last night i just had some friends wanting to try it with me. i threw the heads up out there and idiots didn't listen they just did the whole "i don't know it isn't working..puff puff..still nothing..puff puff..what the fuck..puff puff". last night i had the fast heart beating "oh shit cops might be at the door, and im too wasted" thing happen. still i know its my fault cause i zoned the fuck out into my comic book. its good stuff if used properly. slow ride people. tek et eeeasyyy

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

some of you ADDICTS (yes that is what you are) are idiots...its not the high that makes every experienced user want you to quit it...

it has devastating effects on your health, and is very addicting...but believe what you want I'm tired of repeating myself. do your thing don't trust a 2 and a half year user...the highs DO NOT give me panic attacks, i have anxiety and it seemed to ease it up a bit.

that being said...it kills your lungs and before long you WILL have tons of mucus preventing you from breathing clearly, you WILL vomit every morning, you won't sleep all the way through the night, your personality WILL change, you WILL push those you love away, you WILL die....it eats a hole in your throat...just recently where i live, a 27 yr old guy died from that, others are going to the doctors, and its all bloody inside.



that is a link to a different page where they are not enabling each other and making excuses, and some who in the beginning said they liked it, later said they got all the negative side effects, and are or trying to quit.

some of you make me sick, use a gun it's faster and less painful you fucking ignorant fucks.

listenHERE 5 years ago

spiceman...just because your experience sounds utterly ridiculous about this stuff! you must have smoked yourself crazy to get those affects and that's your own problem ya hear! don't be hating on other people and getting all pissed off on this page as your opinion ultimately is meaning less seeings you are mad at the world for your stupid immature actions! you need to go to a psychiatrist after all that u posted..you need help dude!

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

@listenhere, i said go for it, smoke as much as you want. when you do feel the symptoms don't bitch on the forums, you have been warned about what WILL happen, and as far as me seeing a psychiatrist, shouldn't the people committing suicide by spice be the ones getting help. obviously it has already warped your brain.

im actually really happy since quitting, but watching others kill themselves after being warned, is upsetting, sorry i care for others...

now your opinion is stupid. let the body count rise, then maybe some of you who do not have a clue will listen, or wish you did. if you are not addicted, then quit now...seriously, if it's not addictive to you, quit, and just smoke pot. I'd much rather people smoke pot then commit suicide on spice.

but ultimately you have to want to quit, and i understand how blind you are to your addiction.

ironyisabutchbitch 5 years ago

@dontsmokespice I have been trying to get my from to realize that the instant coughing and diarrhea were from the spice. It's good to have some forum opinions, since she is ignorant to her addiction to this crap. I do beliEve that this stuff is dangerous to your health, but then again, so are stress and politics. I have cut back immensely on smoking potpourri if not for seeing her get so involved. Sad thing is that i was the one to introduce her to it and now im oblgated by my love for her to see her get the fuck out of it before she kills herself or does some serious damage. I swear this stuff gives you the fear. Bad trips seem to last longer and longer. You can harness the high and reach a level of mental comfort, but the chances of having a bad trip have nothing short of increased exponentially. I wish you all luck in your endeavors.

unknown 5 years ago

What happens if you do eat it??? Can u get poisened??

shana 5 years ago

I would like to know about the other product's under the k2 bag the herbal incense products. Do they work like spice?

Shana Blackwelder profile image

Shana Blackwelder 5 years ago from Bayville, New Jersey

Anyone here to answer my question?? What are the other herb's listed below the k2 bag? Can you get high of them? Are they like spice?

mod2vint profile image

mod2vint 5 years ago from Sunny Florida Author

To find out about the other products click the links they are random amazon ads.

Shana Blackwelder profile image

Shana Blackwelder 5 years ago from Bayville, New Jersey

I did but it doesn't say anything about it being like spice:( Do you know if it feel's like spice? Also do you smoke it? it didn't tell me anything about that. Please let me know anything you know about those product's. Thank you hun:)

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

@shana blackwelder

go here:


now ask yourself do you really want to use this product?

negative side effects: puking, diarrhea, bloody noses, snot in your mouth and lungs, chest pain, sweating, fear, intense anxiety, addiction, bankruptcy.

should you still want to try it even after viewing all the negatives.....

the positive side effect you can look forward to is:


-oh and not being able to get high on weed again.

now that there is so much more info than 3 years ago when i picked it up (have since quit)

i wonder why anyone would, knowing what the affects are, do this to themselves?

Don't be naïve oh i can do it and nothing will happen...that is not true..you will get affects from it.

but you will do what you want to do, and you will not get affects at first, and think everything is honky dory..well its not. some people hallucinate and have seizures first time!..

if after all this you still choose to kill yourself...(yes that is what you're doing, suicide by spice)...

ENJOY :) 1 less arrogant asshole in the world. i want you to get hooked and die....

so if anything do not do it, just to spite me. prove me wrong, prove that you don't want or need incense. i personally believe you will use it and die, and i will be happy. please don't make me happy.

Shana Blackwelder profile image

Shana Blackwelder 5 years ago from Bayville, New Jersey

Lol! That's funny hun! :) I know all about spice! I have been smoking it for 3 1/2 year's now and have had not a single negative side effect. I absolutely love spice. Some people just don't know how to handle the high.Everyone is different! It's as simple as that. I have had really bad conic anxiety since I was about 13 year's old. I use to smoke marijuana ,that became to EXPENSIVE so I started smoking spice so much cheaper and I found out that when I smoke it it help's my anxiety A LOT!!! Spice is the same feeling but stronger. Spice help's me with my anxiety and I also love to smoke it when Im sick to my stomach,I feel so much better after a couple puff's! :) I think it's Just fine. Been using it a long time and not one bad thing has happened! :) But Thank You for caring:)

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

some people just don't know how to handle it? LOL. i am not one of those people who freaks and does stupid shit.

i am telling you it will cause bad health effects.

ask yourself this, feeling sick, then smoking spice makes it go away....how are you not addicted?

i've had anxiety and much more since age 12....

stop making excuses...grow up and put the death smoke down.

i realize it's hard for addicts to think clearly, however you are just like what you smoke, burned out...

good luck, and i wish you would make a decision to benefit your life, but its doubtful seeing as you brag about your use.

yeah yeah, all fun and games, that should be engraved on your tombstone.

try and think like an open minded individual....

if you had a friend on meth, and they said they feel sick, but smoking makes them feel better, would you assume they are actually that sick all the time, or that they are hitting withdrawal and by smoking it, relieving the symptoms?

I'd tell you to use you're brain, but its as fried as the shit inside your bowl.

Shana Blackwelder profile image

Shana Blackwelder 5 years ago from Bayville, New Jersey

No hun,you don't get what Im saying. When I have a cold or the flu like maybe 3 or 4 times a year spice makes me feel better. Spice is not physically addictive I know because when I run out,I don't care,I just go on with life. When I feel like smoking ill buy some. I don't feel sick from not smoking the shit. Omg! LMAO!

Shana Blackwelder profile image

Shana Blackwelder 5 years ago from Bayville, New Jersey

Please don't be mean and say I hope you die!! WOW! That's fucked up!

profile image

dontusespice 5 years ago

then why smoke it? if you have no physical withdrawal, and are not addicted why put chemicals in your system?

but go ahead keep smoking, you act like you know, when in reality, you do not.

Shana Blackwelder profile image

Shana Blackwelder 5 years ago from Bayville, New Jersey

I like the high that's why!Nothing has happened to me from smoking it for th past 3 years i feel fine!! I don't wanna smoke something that has a physical withdrawal! duahhhhhhhh!

laura 4 years ago

i love it been smoking the real think leagaly now for a year and i think this herb is more intense

profile image

dontusespice 4 years ago

@Shana, already your mind is gone, unless, well maybe you are just that stupid naturally...

"if you have no physical withdrawal, and are not addicted why put chemicals in your system?" - my question.

"I don't wanna smoke something that has a physical withdrawal! duahhhhhhhh!" - your response.

any man made chemical will have more of a withdrawal than natural substances. chemicals inside the k2, is what gets you high. you don't want to smoke something with a physical withdrawal, yet you are.

Go to school, any school, even kindergarten and you'd be smarter than you are right now.

you are queen bitch by the way. somebody tries to tell you truths and you act like you are better and smarter. you are not. not even when compared to a mentally handicapped monkey.

have a nice day :)

Pope boy 4 years ago

Ive been smokin this shit for about a year now I'm starting to feel addicted to it and my tolerance went way up I used to smoke a bag a week now it's a bag or two a day. I'm not saying every one will feel like this but just sayin this stuff I feel is kinda fucked up.

itsnotgood4me 4 years ago

i like the spice,don't know the facts but ive had panic attacts were i said i wont touch the shit again and soon as im better there i go again, telling me for me atleast its very addictive,shit will giv a hell of a buzz,but im convinced its no good.My throat gets really soar,and other symtems not sure if real or my imagination.i hope i can still get a buzz from the real thing cause that's what im returning too

blah 4 years ago

stick to kush if you're going to smoke don't jump off the deep end

rant 4 years ago

shit i smoked that crap for like 6 months it will give u chest pains and its a bitch and a half to stop only reason i could is cause i switched back to good old healthy weed some stuff is better left untouched

unknown 4 years ago

does this show up on drug tests now? did they upgrade it?

recoveryingfromspice 4 years ago

its similar to a heroin addiction but possibly worse for you

chink 4 years ago

I smoke the fake herb I got hurt at work had to take a drug test I passed no problem. Smooth sailing

Will Ferguson 4 years ago

@dontusespice: mind your own fuckin business dude. You're putting up an aweful hard fight for someone who "doesn't care" what happens to people. More people Die from cigs an alcohol than from this shit, now don't get me wrong? I smoke ciggaretts and drink as well. But I wanna be able to get stoned without worry of the Feds man. You make pot legal? Death by herbal insence will go away. "FACT!"

Chaubs 4 years ago

I smoke 10-20 grams a day of zombie matter and I wouldn't be able to function without it anymore, if I don't do I can't sit still for more than 10 minutes.


Texas Rose 4 years ago

I'm a Mom and I have an 18 year old Son who I don't even know anymore. Smoking this crap has changed who he is. He use to smoke the real stuff and I was okay with that, not because he fears a drug test he is hooked on all this shit. I miss him, and want him back. If it were not for people like you promoting the sell of this shit, on the internet, at the stores .... I would have not lost him. He thought it was okay because of all the lies being told about how safe is. He's gone now... and i want him back. You and others are getting rich off of the profits ... and me and a hundreds of other parents, we are just missing our children. You can't do this with a guilt free mind. If the took meth .. and somehow made it legal, would you sell it, knowing it would destroy people and their families? You shouldn't do this.

quaid 4 years ago

is it still legal in alabama to have it shipped from like a website?

John 4 years ago

I tired k2 and it did nothing for me, smoked the entire pack i bought in a matter of 45 minutes because i figured maybe i needed for it to do something. It never did. I've tried black mamba spice which is similar and still didn't do anything. It was really disappointing because i payed the same price for it that i would for a slice of weed. Its 100% a waste, you want a weed high smoke weed, not to mention the flavor of pot is really nice and aromatic.

AF 4 years ago

I have smoked this and the first time, 3 hits, and I tripped out bad. This shit is not a good time.. It gives you crackhead like tendencies, and everything @dontusespice is remarkably accurate. I have a brother who is addicted and he complains of those symptoms. I just stick to good old weed..which is also a true fact that you can kiss your weed buzz goodbye. Shit made in a laboratory shouldn't be trusted.. And don't even try to bring up medication pills. Who the fuck really wants to be a k2, spice or pope head?

Roger 3 years ago

@dontusespice All I have to say is thank you ! I to had all these same symptoms and am dealing with it right now. I been scared wondering what's going on. It started with the addiction and then the waking up every morning throwing up a thick slimey substance, then my wife caught the flu (she never smoked thought) and a few days latter I started get fevers I figured I caught the flu too. dearing this time I could not smoke spice or cigs at all I was so sick. when the fever went away I tried to smoke again and I could not even inhale either still. now I can stand I cig here and there but the pipe was just impossible to hit and it tasted like shit not like before I still cough all the time and some throw up the slimy shit as well as a big lost of being about to eat . So I started looking it up to see if I could find anything about this and im so glad I found this you may have just saved my life. I have not smoked since the Flu thing and its been about 4 or 5 days now. But because of my addiction to I might have picked it back up after I got better. So fuck who is hateing on you cause if any thing you just save at least one life!!!!!!

Kid Sid 3 years ago

Well i just wanna say that right know i am using "spice" and have no side effect besides when i use it i get helllllla sleepy after words like sometimes i fall asleep with the bong in my hands :p but other than sleepyness and hunger from the stuff havnt seen anything really bad yet from it and iv been using it for the last like 4 mounths and im smoking about 3-4 10g bags a week but i also smoke it out of a bong may help like clean it n shit but anywhoo i was wondering if anyone thinks there gonna come out with new spice like i can buy from the store where i live its banned and is harder to find than weed... i want it back at stores so i can just walk to a 7/11 and bam in my hands well if anyone could plz leave me comment i would love it

Ohlem profile image

Ohlem 3 years ago from Fairbanks, AK

I don't know anyone that has got seriously sick from it. I know people who have thrown up but like a hangover. I think it can kill someone but it is not likely. Your more likely to die from alcohol poisoning. I'm publishing a few Hubs on spice cause I know more than most on the subject. You can call me a drug expert and I tried spice a couple of years back... gt me fcked up but not worth the money if you ask me and one tends to build a tolerance to it rapidly.

Tom 2 years ago

Moreover, except for herbal incense, hash-like products are now available on the market. For example www.rc-herbs.com you can see bases which producers of blends use.

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