Look out! Malnutrition might be coming your way…

Codex Alimentarius – All herbal medicinal products to be banned across Europe on 31st, March 2011

Codex Alimentarius is an International Commission created in 1963. Its role is the development and co-ordination of food standards with associated guidelines aimed at protecting the health of consumers and to ensure that fair practices are adhered to in the trade of food. I guess you will all be aware of them…

Well I had not until a few months ago when I received the revelation that all herbal medicinal products will be banned across the European Union. Certainly, I was made to sit up and take note of this sweeping legislation where from the 31st, March 2011 it will be illegal to buy or sell herbal medicinal products, which have been in existence for thousands of years, anywhere across the entire EU member continent.  It will also be illegal to grow or produce the stuff and if you wish to do so, I am informed that you can expect to pay a license fee of somewhere in the region of £120,000 (One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Pounds Sterling) which will probably wipe out the majority of mainly small practices.

Codex Alimentarius is seen by those who have been tracking their activities as the slightly less than obvious PR department of the immensely powerful international pharmaceutical industry cartel that allegedly are slowly but surely taking control of global health. This latest move is being perceived by users and suppliers of herbal medicinal products as their capture and future exploitation of a potentially lucrative market. For health activists, it is seen as part of an ongoing malnutrition programme aimed at population reduction where all natural organic foods are being replaced by deliberately less nutritious and more synthetic products . I have heard the figure of one billion people mentioned as the ideal World population so that sounds like most of us will be up for the chop.

I am no expert on this area and not a regular user of herbal medicinal products, although I have used them on occasions to great effect. I am also not clear on how far reaching this ban will go i.e. whether some off-the-shelf products may also be affected. However, it seems to be a significant development with a surprisingly low key implementation which has impelled me to share this knowledge with anyone who uses the effected products and are not ware.

You may be interested to watch the Youtube Lecture by Ian R Crane via the above link which provides a detailed insight into the issues behind the alleged conspiracy centred around Codex Alimentarius.


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