Herbal Medicine: Sambong

Herbal Medicine: Sambong (Blumea balsamifera L.)

Sambong (scientific name: Blumea balsamifera) is an amazing medicinal plant. It is a antiurolithiasis and work as a diuretic. it is used to aid the treatment of kidney disorders. The Sambong leaves can also be used to treat colds and mild hypertension. Since it is a diuretic, it helps dispose of excess water and sodium (salt) in the body. Sambong is one herbal medicine (of ten) approved by the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) in treating particular disorders.

Powdered Sambong leaves are available in 250 mg tablets at the DOH's Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) Telephone # (632) 727-6199.


• Good as a diuretic agent

• Effective in the dissolving kidney stones

• Aids in treating hypertension & rheumatism

• Treatment of colds & fever

• Anti-diarrheic & Anti-gastralgic properties

• Helps remove worms, boils

• Treats dysentery, sore throat


• Boil the leaves as like tea and drink 3 or more times a day.

• The leaves can also be crushed or pounded and mixed with coconut oil.

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bella 7 years ago

what are the components of sambong?

bella 7 years ago

what are the components of sambong?

james 7 years ago

This article and picture is also from:


You should credit your source.

carmel may 7 years ago

what are the components of sambong??

carmel may 7 years ago

may nabasa akong libro!

"painitin daw ang sambong gamit ang fire!"

hindi ba mawawala ang nutrients nya?

rain 7 years ago

what are the components of sambong?

zeny 7 years ago

can i use it continuosly

ailyn 7 years ago


angeline_729 7 years ago

what is itz active constituent????

highly 6 years ago

how can we make sambong tea as our experiment or IP?

louricel 6 years ago

what is the year of publication and page of author of sambong by bluea balsamifera L,?

april 6 years ago

@carmel may- tanong mo sa author sa2gutin ka...hehehe..jowk

avatar 6 years ago

dakoa ug mata uiet

marco 6 years ago

what is the components of sambong?

gale 6 years ago

ano uses ng sambong?

LING27 6 years ago


p@tr!c!@ 6 years ago

saan po ba matatagpuan ang sambong?

assignment ko po kasi!

*IrViNe* 6 years ago

gano po ba katagal i-maintain ang sambong sa may kidney trouble?

Zh@!r@  6 years ago

Try q Na 2 hehehe

b@DbOy 6 years ago

totoo tlagng effective kc suki me ni2

wala 5 years ago

bobo nyo!

KakiBerdaki 5 years ago

where i can buy?

jane2011 5 years ago

Wala po bang "side effects" kapag may iba pang gamot na iniinom maliban sa sambong?

bhea058 5 years ago

mabisa po ba talaga ang sambung sa diabetes? tnx

ouano-@ 5 years ago

Is it advisable to take sambong everyday as we called maintenance? thx

junds 5 years ago

try ko rin mskit mga fingers ko mataas uric acid kc

jen 5 years ago

first time ko iinom nito sana totoo.. thanks :))

viracena 5 years ago

tanong nyo sa kwak doktor and mga tanong nyo.

sam 5 years ago

my hands and feet are sweating excessive before i guess 6 years of suffering pero nung uminom ako ng sambong leaves continously nawala un.Thanks God for he created sambong plant to heal.

Arnold Alvarez 5 years ago

julius 5 years ago

i agree for sambong all benefits has it to cure like hypertension, diabetics, kidney stones/infection and others.

asdfg 5 years ago

walang sasagot sa inyo

dsfffd 5 years ago


f f f

vinz 5 years ago

effective ang sambong para sa my sakit sa bato, hiblood, deuritic din para sa my sakit sa puso na nkakaranas na fluid retention, dahil sa pagkain ng maaalat..!

ggg 4 years ago

makapatigaspara tagalang jer2ran

michael 4 years ago

i try to drink.sambong to day sana gumaling ako

joyce 4 years ago

san mata2gpuan???

triedntested 4 years ago

it helps the male populace. after continually drinking for about a month there will be

a noticeable increase in girth and a harder thing in between their legs

chukoy 4 years ago

ilang days,months or years bago k gumaling

Finfottonfuch 4 years ago

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korina 4 years ago

uminom n ako nyan.kaya lang npatigil.pero pkramdam ok naman.mtaas kc uric asid ko.

HALL 4 years ago


chitae 4 years ago

what part of sambong leaves will we used as medicine

JR 4 years ago

magaling yang sambong kc may sakit ako sa kidney nawala best na best yan

ELOISA 4 years ago


luz 4 years ago

dati hirap ako makabangon sa umaga dahil sa sakit ng likod ko na puro lamig, at kahit anung pa masage ko di mawala wala,ramdam ko tuwing umaga na pag tumagal pa yun ma paparalize ako sa sakit,hanggang sa pinayuhan ako ng isang manghihilot na uminum ng fresh sambong. 2 days lang lang naramdaman ko na agad ang epekto nya, parang di ako dinaanan ng sakit sa likod na halos di ako makabiling sa pagtulog. thanks to God at binigyan nya tayo ng samabong..

geovani cadiz 4 years ago

ang sambong ba ay lakdan sa samar ??

alexis 3 years ago

what is the dozing of sambong for kidney stone using 250mg. capsule?

Meentlivyvier 3 years ago

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Futamarka 3 years ago

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jescyl 3 years ago

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of sambong during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Sambong can cause allergic reaction for people sensitive to ragweed plants and its relatives. Side effects may include itching and skin irritation.

icthyothereol acetate, cyptomeridiol, lutein and ß-carotene that has been found to have positive activity against microbes such as A niger, T mentagrophytes and C albicans. Results also showed activity against P aeruginosa, S aureus, B subtilis and E coli.

TINA 3 years ago


rhesa 3 years ago

May kidney stone ako 1.1cm. Makakatulong kaya ang pag inom ko ng sambong tea..

Len B. 3 years ago

makatulong...totoo yan kasi ang asawa ko ay may kidney stone din noon yr.2003 pa the only medicine prescribed by his Physician is Sambong tab.500mg ..dosage 2tabs 3x aday for 1mo. then 1tab.3x a day hanggang 1yr. after 1yr 1tab 2x aday hanggang 3yrs...ngpa ultrasound ulit ..Tnx! ni LORD may Sambong as instrument nawala ang kanyang kidney hanggang ngayon....

fepose 3 years ago

is it true that sambong leaves is good for curing kidney stone?how it prepare?and what amount will drink everyday??and how do i know na wala na stone?as in ramdam ba na kasama sa pag ihi yung stone?please advise po s mga naka experienced na.thanks po and godbless

felagasca 3 years ago

i felt pain in my left side,sometimes i cant stand and bow quickly due to pain but not everyday,pasumpong sumpong yung pain..and i think kidney stone ito and yung nanay ko ay naoperahan dahil s kidney stone.totoo po ba mabisang gamot sa kidney stone ang "SAMBONG leaves"?meron po kc kaming tanim ng sambong..paano po ito pineprepare at ilang baso iinumin everyday at till when ito iinumin?thanks po..

ivan 3 years ago

saan to matatagpuan?

grace 2 years ago

(Y) this helps me a lot

ALLAN JAY 2 years ago

SA isang araw ilang beses iinumin ang SAMBONG

ALLAN JAY 2 years ago

ITO po ang FACEBOOK ko Allan Jay C. ROMERO gusto ko po sana kung PWD MA INUM ANG SAMBONG para sa BUNTIS .... kasi po may UTI ang MAHAL ko... https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000046641...

Acey 2 years ago

Kung gusto nyo ng sambong maram kaming tanim.. Q.C lng ako.

roxanne albis 2 years ago

pwde b yan xa d nreregla????

marz 2 years ago

totong marami ang magagamot ng sambong kaya naisipan naming gumawa ng cookies made of sa

mae 2 years ago

pede po ba ang sambong sa buntis kasi po nainom po ako ng sambong may u.t.i po kase ako! and buntis pa !? any comment and suggestion !???

letty 2 years ago

pede ba ang sambong sa buntis na merong uti

ZHARHYD 2 years ago


alowa 2 years ago

Ok lang ba kahit di sariwa ang dahon ng sambong?

Juliene 21 months ago

sambong is specially use for treating menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea. This is the painful spasm that is commonly experienced by women in their belly and pelvic region during menstruation. While some menstrual cramps are mild, some are severely painful that they can obstruct hinder a woman from performing his regular activities for several days. Sambong helps in reliving menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea by stimulating blood flow thereby helping women in releasing the molecular compounds called prostaglandins, which causes the uterus to contract and constrict the blood supply that causes the menstrual cramps.

naruto 14 months ago

Pwde ba uminom ang buntis sa sambong

MHY 11 months ago


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