Sabah Snake Grass : Herbal Cancer Treatment

Sabah Snake Plant (Sabah Snake Grass) in my garden


Sabah snake grass : Herbal cancer treatment

This article is more for local readers in Malaysia. However the information is useful wherever you are located. It is about a herb called Sabah snake grass, effective for curing cancer. So this article is aptly titled “herbal cancer treatment”.

I got this from a viral email and I traced the source as well as other sites that featured this similar subject on this herb locally called "Sabah snake grass". It is about this local herb that has cured many cancer patients. As I cautioned in my other articles on “alternative cancer cure”, this particular herbal treatment is no exception. It is not likely that one method or a single herb can cure everyone of cancer. Each individual is different and the condition of the disease is also different. In this article, I merely like to share the information that some cancer patients have been successful in curing their sicknesses by using this herb. Who knows, someone reading this article may also benefit from this piece of information.

The name of this herb is locally called in Malaysia as the "Sabah Snake Grass". Sabah is a state in Malaysia. Apparently the “scientific" name is Clinacanthus, or Clinathanus. But I don’t think it is, as I can’t find such terms in the internet. The Chinese name is Yu Xun Cao. There are also "local names" like Belalai Gajah and Gendis. But never mind; you can take a look at the photos on the right.

Herbal cancer treatment : Traditional uses of SSG

Sabah Snake Grass has traditionally been used for the following health problems:

  • Sore throat
  • Uric acid
  • Gout
  • Uterine fibroid
  • Kidney problems
  • Prostate inflammation
  • Skin problems like eczema, shingles, and psoriasis

Herbal cancer treatment : SSG cures cancer

This is the piece of information that might save lives. Who knows. So no harm sharing here. I shall give the links to the relevant sites at the end of this article.

It was reported in another site that Sabah Snake Grass has cured so many types of cancer:

  • Lung cancer
  • Uterus cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Dialysis patients

Others with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high uric acid and diabetes have also benefitted from Sabah Snake Grass.

Mr Liu holding the Sabah Snake Grass

Herbal cancer treatment : As reported in a local newspaper

A local newspaper reported that a 56-year old Mr Liu Lian Hui was confirmed having stage 4 lymphatic cancer in 2008, and was given only 3 months to live. Today (19 April 2011) he is still alive! He cured himself by drinking Sabah Snake Grass juice. He blended the Sabah Snake Grass leaves with green apples and drank the juice every morning after breakfast. Within 3 days 6 tumors disappeared, and after 13 days, he was cleared by the oncologist that he was 96% cured!

Herbal cancer treatment : The recipe

For cancer treatment:

Stage 1 cancer : 30 leaves daily

Stage 2 cancer : 50 leaves daily

Stage 3 cancer : 100 leaves daily

Stage 4 cancer : 150-200 leaves daily

Reduce dosage when condition improves.

Direction for juicing SSG

  • Pour half cup of clean water in a blender
  • Add 1 or 2 ice cubes to prevent heating during blending
  • Add 1 quarter lemon or half a lime (provide Vitamin C and prevent oxidization )
  • Wash the required fresh SSG leaves and put into the blender
  • Peel a green apple and remove the core/seeds, cut into small pieces and put into blender
  • Blend and drink immediately or within 5 minutes

This is an update by cancer survivor CT Chang on intake of SSG leaves :

"The recommended dosage for SSG should not be more than 30 leaves, added with a slice of apple before blending. After blending, it is advisable to warm the SSG blend before drinking. "

For more information please read his posting HERE:

This is from one of the readers "Thiva" . You can contact this person at the comments section at the end of this article:

"It is best to grow about 50 plants for continuous supply of 150 leaves per day,plucking 3 leaves from each plant a day.That way the plant becomes less stressed.It prefers semi shade and grows profusely after 3 to 4 months of planting.Cancer patients can't wait for such a long period.So buy mature plants of a year old.Chemotherapy works for some people only and so is it with snake grass."

Leaves of Sabah Snake Grass and Indian Snake Grass

SSG in my garden.


Two varieties of this plant

Apparently there are two varieties of this plant. The effective one is the Sabah Snake Grass (SSG). The other variety is the Indian Snake Grass (ISG). The leaves of SSG taste sweet, whereas those of ISG taste very bitter. From my personal tasting, it is neither sweet nor bitter, but bland. The leaves of SSG are longer than those of ISG. I have not seen ISG, so I really don't know.

You can take a look at the photo on the right.

Herbal cancer treatment : Where to get SSG

This is going to be a big problem if you are not in my area. Apparently those living around my area can obtain the Sabah Snake Grass at the Penang Snake Temple, Ayer Itam Market, and Desa Rambai Market in BM. Usually I will have a few small plants available to give for free.

For those in KL, I was told Sg. Buluh nursery is selling the Sabah Snake Grass.

I hope in due course, readers may provide more information on this by putting their comments in the "comment" section at the end of this article. Some readers here may also have ample supply of this plant and may be generous enough to share with others within their areas. Please make known in the “comments” section for the benefits of all humankind.

For those interested to obtain the plant for free within your area, please go through the comments section at the end of this article and I am sure in time to come, there will be others near you who are happy to share for free. There are also some commercial suppliers who commented.

For testimonies from readers, please also read through the "comments" section at the end of this article.

(Initially, for ease of readers' reference, I tried to collate all the "suppliers" inside this article as they gradually appeared in the comments section. However, Hubpages Admin felt that this was "over promoting" my site. I had no choice but to delete them. So you need to patiently go through the comments in the "comments" section at the end of this article to find out all the available suppliers.)

Mulberry and SSG leaves


My daily "breakfast munchie"

It is now my daily routine to pluck a few SSG leaves and chew them after my breakfast. Whenever I am able to pluck the mulberries from my mulberry plant, I will wrap the mulberries with the SSG leaves and munch them. This is a healthy and delicious combination.

Mulberry wrapped in SSG leaves


Personal testimony on You Tube

Below is a short You Tube presentation of a kidney patient being cured by using a plant which I believe looks like the SSG. It was done on 30 April 2011. Incidentally, this video was shot in Pulau Betong, a remote village on the south-western part of my hometown, Penang Island, Malaysia. The dialogue is in typical Penang Hokkien, my local dialect.

This man is Wong Teck Gee who had suffered from high blood pressure and kidney problem. He initially went to a private hospital (Lam Wah Ee Hospital) but after two years had to change to the government General Hospital which was very much cheaper. He was only given prescription for high blood pressure as he was told there was no drug that can cure his kidney problem. That went on for about another 6 years, and the kidney problem became more acute.

He was inroduced to the plant by someone, which planted but initially did not use it, until when he was acutely sick and out of desperation, he tried the prescription. The initial reaction after consuming the concoction, was severe stomach pain and diarrhea. From that day onwards, he gradually became healthy, and gained weight as well.

I note that there was no mention of cancer or the name of the plant. What I can deduce is that this man was very sick with kidney problem and was cured by this plant which looks like SSG. So this video is solely just a piece of visual presentation that someone has positive response after consuming the solution from the steamed leaves of the plant that resembles SSG.

By the way, the method used by this man was a bit different. He steamed the leaves with 1 cup of water and 7 red dates for 4 hours; then drank it. I notice that the pot showed more than 7 dates. I assume that he now steams a larger portion, as he said he put in about 100 leaves each time.

Take a look at the You Tube presentation below.

Sabah Snake Grass

Link to my other interesting and beneficial articles

If you find this article interesting or beneficial, you may go to my "Profile" page to read my other articles by simply CLICKHERE:

By the way, the copyright to this article is owned by Good Guy. Please do not “copy and paste”! Thank you.


The information provided in this article is sourced from the internet, from friends and contacts, and from personal experience. As I cautioned in my article, not every remedy will work on everyone. So is conventional medical treatment. It very much depends on the constituents of the person and the conditions peculiar to that person. Whatever the reasons, this article does not claim the information provided is totally accurate and reliable and will cure everyone. The purpose of this article is merely to inform visitors that there are alternative cures for all ailments.

You are therefore advised to consult your registered medical physicians as a matter of due diligence.

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Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 5 years ago

Awesome info. Thank you so much for sharing.

This isn't my first time hearing a Penangite sharing herbal remedy to cure certain diseases. Is there a community there in Penang that does this work to help people ?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Ingenira,

"Is there a community there in Penang that does this work to help people ?"

I think people everywhere are quite similar. They like to help others. Maybe there are more such people in Penang. (LOL) Hahaha!!!

Thanks for visiting and comment.

SelinaChan 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this actually i like gardening and plant alot of plant in my garden and i'm interested to plant SSG in my garden who knows maybe i can't help someone who is in need i will give away free to those who need it. Pls let me know where to get it.Thank you so much.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Selina,

If you are in KL, then no problem. Just go to this site and read the comments @

Cheah HL 5 years ago

My wife & I use to plant ISG in our garden. We would dry the leaves, grind it to powder & fill them in capsules. I do take it occassionally when I feel heaty, down with sore throat, after fatty foods & whenever I felt like cleansing my body system. I believe it works for me, and do hope proper scientific research could be done to back it's curative powers. Someone told me it could contain some natural plant steroid, not sure how true though.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Cheah,

I wonder whether I could get a plant from you? What about SSG? Do you have it too?

MAJJHIMA profile image

MAJJHIMA 5 years ago

hi Mr Good Guy,

Thanks for sharing the information. Recently my wife brought few cutting of SSG and asked me to plan. It's growing quite fast, i gave some to my friend in Penang who was looking for it. I didn't really know the benefit and the 'SSG' name until i read your hub.

"kam siah".

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Majjhima,

I am very happy to "meet" you. I like to communicate with people sharing the same interest.

By the way are you from Penang? Is there a possibility that I can get the plant from you or from your friend in Penang?

MAJJHIMA profile image

MAJJHIMA 5 years ago

hi Good Guy,

I am from Kedah. Will prepare one and pass to you when i go to penang. You may leave me your email or contact. My email is

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thanks Majjhima

michael lee 5 years ago

I am staying in subang jaya and i just planted few SSG in my house. I plan to plant at least 100 plants so as to help any cancer patients. I find this plant really marvelous.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Michael,

I am trying to get them in Penang. Failing which perhaps I might be able to get one from you.

michael lee 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy,

You are welcome to get it from me.I got some last week from my neighbour in Subang and my SSG just started to grow. If you need more, i will get it from my neighbour, and they also has another good herbal grass called" dark general" which is good for some more diseases. My email is " "


soo 5 years ago

may i know where can i get this sabah snake grass?

profile image

cure seeker 5 years ago

Dear All,

Trying to help my dear friend's mom whom is at critical stage.

Would appreciate if anyone can provide the seller contacts which I don't mind to pay a small fee for it.

I can collect in Singapore, Johor Baru (city) or Aiyer Hitam even.

Am reachable at

Your Sincerely

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Soo,

You didn't identify your location.

If you read through the comments, a few have the plants for distribution.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi cure seeker,

Please contact the links I provided, also read through the comments.

soo 5 years ago

o...sorry...i m from Teluk Intan, Perak...i just know that penang has this kind of where is the nearest place that i can get this sabah snake grass? tq..

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Soo,

Up to this time, I only know of KL, Kedah and Penang.

jimbokenya profile image

jimbokenya 5 years ago from kenya

i have a plant that looks so much the same but i know mine as lemon verbena. could they be the same?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi jimbokenya,

I think it is not the same.

SJKSJK profile image

SJKSJK 5 years ago from delray beach, florida

Good information. I will pass this on to those who need it.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author


Good on you.

Skeptic 5 years ago

See my name

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Skeptic,

You shouldn't be reading this since you are a skeptic. You are wasting your valuable time here.

Have a good day.

bengbeng 5 years ago

i can vouch for it. it has brought much progress in my fight for a healthy normal life. at first i was skeptical but i had nothing to lose anyway after undergoing three surgical procedures n dr wasn't of any help except giving painkillers.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi bengbeng,

Thanks for sharing this positive information. The best "advertisement" is from personal testimonies!

rajaramravi profile image

rajaramravi 5 years ago

well done. good information.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi rajaramravi,

Thanks for the encouragement.

Sun-Girl profile image

Sun-Girl 5 years ago from Nigeria

Nice information which carries alot of meaningful teachings and lectures that really got me informed.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Sun-Girl,

Glad that you like this hub.

wt 5 years ago

dear good guy,

thnx for sharing the info. it's really helping a lot. As for people in Johor Bahru, i think u guys also can find it in Antau. if u go there, there is a very generous and kind doctor that can give u these prescription for free. i don't have the idea of the place but as my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, a nice friend of my dad had brought them to see the dr, she is still fighting with her cancer and hopefully she will be totally cured.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi wt,

Thanks for sharing the information.

Francis 5 years ago

Just came to know about your article and I'm very impressed. May I know where can I get SSG so that I can plant and grow it for those who in need of it badly. My relatives are currently suffering from health problems while I'm suffering from angia but I do not intend to go for angiogram and this SSG would be a great benefit to me, my relatives and those who in need of SSG. I'm living in Cheras, KL.

Thank you and God bless you.

cathryn 5 years ago

Hi Michael lee...I read the tread mail above and you mentioned that you have planted SSG. Can I get some from you? I'm from Damansara perdaana PJ. I can be in contact via email

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Francis,

Please read the comment by michaellee above. His email is @

You may be able to get the plant from him.

Good luck.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi cathryn,

Michaellee would most probably not be reading your comment here. Please email him directly @

Francis 5 years ago

Thank you very much Good Guy. Will email to Michael Lee.

Eileen 5 years ago

Hi May i know where can i get this plant as i'm in johor

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Eileen,

Please read the comment above by "wt". Hope you know the place.

Nicole 5 years ago

I know of someone selling SSG @ Singapore, if anyone need it in singapore, you may contact me @

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for the information.

Wwk 5 years ago

A very good frend of my dad had liver cancer final stage, doctor only give 6 months to live

Mr good guy , canvi know where do i get ths ssg in PENANG need this very urgent

And this friend of my dad is a very great person to everyone.

Here's my contact 0143269521 currently stay in KL. Pls HELP

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi wwk,

Someone gave me this man's number who is from Taiping and I was told he has thousands of SSG plants. Please contact him @

"This is Taiping Mr Low's no. who was successful in using SSG to cure cancer - 0103814643."

He doesn't know me, so you don't have to mention my name. Please let me know the results if you can.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Wwk,

Please also read through the comments above for the KL and nearby locations.

Lena 5 years ago

Hi Good day to you, my name is Lena .you mention about the Indian Snake Grass, I think the the scientific name is Hempudu Bumi

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thanks Lena for the info.

fong 5 years ago

Looking for SSG? A friend of me can supply throughout Malaysia & Singapore. Do call this number: 019-7589908

Obscure_Treasures profile image

Obscure_Treasures 5 years ago from USA

Nice one.Its always good to stick to herbal herbs to cure diseases ...

Lyra Carillet 5 years ago

I appreciated what you have done here. I enjoyed every little bit part of it. I am always searching for informative information like this. Thanks for sharing with us.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi all,

Below is the latest comment from my other site:

Hi, my Mom is a stage 4 lung cancer patient & shes currently consuming the SSG as part of her treatment. She buys them from a Malaysian who can deliver to Singapore frequently, for more details/interested parties pls contact me at

lee peck yoke 5 years ago

can sabah snake grass cure for tougue cancer or must do

radiation therapy. pls let me know, very very sad....

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Peck Yoke,

Cancer is no ordinary illness. There is no known 100% cure for any cancer for everyone. It is a case by case scenario. Some got cured while others failed, even using the same treatment(s).

Please carefully follow CT Chang's blog. He is a living embodiment of success in following alternative treatments.

Judy Yuuki 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this information. I am collecting different types of natural medicine for cancer cures. I do realize that not all plants work on all types of cancer.

Would it be possible for me to obtain a growing plant of SSG? I would be eternally grateful for any contributions to the help of others curing cancer with natural medicine.

Thank you

Judy Yuuki

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Judy,

You need to give your location. If in Malaysia, it would not be too difficult. Please read through the comments. There are those who can supply you.

Maro 5 years ago

may i know where can i get this sabah snake grass?

I'm living in California and I hava multiple myloma cancer, please help me.

shteo 5 years ago

Mr Good Guy,

Thanks for all the information on SSG. Would appreciate if you could provide growing plant in Batu Pahat, Johor so that I can cultivate and provide for those who are in need.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Maro,

I am really sorry I can't help you in this. I can only hope in time to come, others around your area may have the information. This article hopefully will provide an avenue for some good people to share information and come forward to help.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Shteo,

Please go through the comments above and also in my other blog @

Judy Adkins 5 years ago

I found the spelling of the Sabah Snake Grass might be: clinanthus - have you tried that?

A person from said that might be what it is.

Is there a way I may get some Sabah Snake Grass to grow here in Montana?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Judy,

I went to that site but couldn't find anything about clinanthus. I searched the web, but found that clinanthus is a bulb. SSG is definitely not a bulb.

Thanks for the information.

About growing in your location, I hope given time, someone might shed light on this. At the present moment, I really have no idea. Looks like SSG is a tropical plant.

michael lee 5 years ago

Sabah snake grass scientific is Clinacanthus Nutans.

ck 5 years ago

I can supply the fresh SSG for Malaysia, Singapore & Overseas patient. contact me:

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi ck,

I hope my readers can take note.

Thanks for the information.

Peterl 5 years ago

We are from australia and do not allow plants imports. Is the SSG available in tea bags or capsules?


ck 5 years ago

Hi Peterl,is fresh leaves without stem & soil permitted to import into Australia? If yes, i can supply you with fresh SSG grasses packed in an airtight plastic bag.

Siti 5 years ago

Non hodges in disease is there any cure for this disease.?

Chris 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy, I happened to be in Penang now. Can you pin-point the exact location of where i can find SSG in Penang? I know where the Snake Temple or Air Itam Market is, but it'll be a lot helpful if i know where in Snake Temple or Air Itam market that i can get SSG. My email is Thanks a lot!

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Siti,

I am sorry I don't know.

By the way I am not an expert in any medical field. I am merely sharing information that I came across, with some of my personal experience.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Chris,

I am not sure whether you can really get them there. The info was given through email. I am a bit skeptical. I may be able to give you a small plant. I shall contact you through your email address.

WWF 5 years ago

Hi all,

My wife is stage 4 lung cancer patient. She took SSG(300 pcs per day) for few days and she felt very painful on her back and stomach. Sometime, feel like to vomit. This pain has last for 1 week already...Is this a good sign or bad sign? Anyone has the same experience?



Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author


Perhaps CT Chang may be able to shed some light @

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

This comment came in from my other site:

"you can SSG at the farm in Seremban. Here's the contact details: Yik Poh Ling Herbal Farm, Pekan Pantai, Seremban YPL Herbal Farm is located near Pantai Town, about 10 km from Seremban Town. It is situated along Jelebu Road on the way to Kuala Klawang. Contact details: h/p No: 012-6773693 or email: The owner of the farm is Mr Khoo Kiang Lin. He has a blogsite at: Note that the leaves of both sour sop and lemon grass made into herbal tea are just as potent anti cancer remedies. It has been found that a substance in lemon grass leaves causes cancer cells to commit suicide. Isn't that simply wonderful - so simple a remedy, no chemotherapy and radiation therapy nonsense! "


Indeed the botanical name of the plant is Clinacanthus, and it's main scientifically documented use has been for the treatment of Herpes simplex virus type 2 strain G, HSV-2.

kelly 5 years ago

Hi my Mom is a stage 4 lung cancer patient, she eats 300 leaves each day, doing well. I can help ppl in Sg who are interested to try the SSG to buy. Can email me @ :) May everyone's loved ones stay strong!

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for sharing the info.

psLee 5 years ago

I just email Michael Lee requesting for some of this plants. My wife has cancer in the bladder. Hope Michael will read it and can help supply the plants.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Pslee,

You should also try the other contacts in the comments and the links I provided.

Since you would need the leaves urgently, planting is not the immediate solution. You need to get them from commercial suppliers. Try this :

You can also contact Kelly @

psLee 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy,

Thanks for the feedback. It's easier to get from Michael since I'm from PJ. My wife completed her treatment, waiting for next biopsy in 6 weeks to she if she recovered. Probably will start to consume SSG then depending on the biopsy outcome. Hope I can grow them myself for long term consideration and also can help any friends that needs it.

aminah abdullah  5 years ago

hello good guy I have tyroid cancer below my chin and undergoing treatment and recently after undergoing a ct scan the doctor suspect that it have spread to my bone and also told me that its on stage 4 already and i learned from a friend about this snake grass and have been consuming/taking it for this last 10 days but it seems that I have a very bad cough and ashma/ oh by the way I had my operation in 2008 please advise me

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Aminah,

I am not an expert or qualified consultant. I merely share useful info. You may like to follow CT CHang's blog and learn from there. I hope you get well.

Joy 5 years ago

my husband has stage 4 liver cancer. where can i get this leaves as i live in shah alam selangor. will this help his cancer. pls advise. thx

Yvonne  5 years ago

Hi All,

I just bought sabah tea bags from Mr Khoo, he owned a herbal farm in seremban, pantai. I paid RM30 per package(20 small tea bags)+ courier charges to JB to my relative house. I have not try the tea yet. FYI, these plant is in high demand in singapore. Need to wait for at least 30-60 days to harvest. Thanks

kosh 5 years ago

Dear Good Guy,

Would you know if SSG in capsule form is as potent? If yes, would you know where i can get it?

My sister has cancer; afraid it has spread to lungs -she can't breathe. I need help. I will be in KL on Sept. 29 just for a day.



Raymond Voo 5 years ago

I wonder for cancer patient MUST take vegetarian ONLY? thx.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Kosh and Raymond, and all other readers,

If your are serious to know more about alternative cancer treatments, you are strongly recommended to follow CT Chang's blog journal, especially today's post dated 6 August 2011 @

kosh 5 years ago

Thank you, Good Guy.

Edyharto Yeo 5 years ago

My friend John sent me some write-up about this `wonder' cure and I read it as usual. I became very interested in it only after another friend's wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer. It was really painful to see her grown thinner each day and weaker as days passed by. I told her husband to take Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) and he told the Cancer Doctor about this. He was advised against taking anything other than the prescribed anti-cancer drug which costs a bomb, each tablet with a price tag of S$92! Definitely anti-cancer drug does not come cheap!

My friend's wife just started on SSG and supply seems to be limited. I found that YPL Tropical Herbal Farm in Seremban has this SSG but I don't know at what price it is selling. A shop in Singapore located at Blk 335 Smith St Chinatown Complex is said to be selling this SSG but when I contacted the operator, I was told that that I have to order it at S$25 per kg!!!

So I come here, hoping readers can give me information on where I could get the SSG at a cheaper price either in Singapore or Malaysia. The pain of contracting cancer is hard to bear and the high cost of the medication adds to the woe! Please help. Thank you.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Edyharto Yeo,

Please go through the links in this article, and read the comments section here and in my Black and White blog.

I think S$25 per kg is cheap. The others are selling by the leaves!

Edyharto 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy,

I have taken your good advice and I gone through the articles and your other blog.

For those who are looking for suppliers in Singapore and Malaysia, just go to Thanks to the blogger Ong Siw Kim has given us all the current information of the suppliers of SSG, in Singapore and Malaysia. Take a look.

I was thinking that instead of buying the SSG, we can buy some pots and plant them. This will hopefully supplement the demand and maintain, if not, bring down the price of SSG.

Just for general discussion: my friend's doctor seems more inclined to western medicine and has again advised my friend's wife from taking SSG. That is a choice she has to take. But from all accounts here I would think SSG helps.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Edyharto,

Don't expect any doctor to publicly advocate alternative treatment for cancer. They may even be struck off from the register. The U.S. have similar problems. The big pharmaceutical companies have very great vested interest in promoting their "cures" which most of the times failed miserably. Conventional cancer treatments are very big business. Any other competition has not been allowed to succeed.

May I recommend you read CT Chang's blog if you are interested in alternative treatments. CT Chang is a cancer survivor using alternative treatments. This is the link to his blog :

I read his postings everyday.

Yes, please plant as many SSG as possible, and try to encourage others to do so as well.

Thanks for your link.

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy, it has been a while since I posted the comment. I have managed to get the SSG from Penang with the help of my sister-in-law. They grow very easily. Even the snail likes it.

Eva 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy, I am from Sabah. Thanks for your Best sharing. I planted Sabah Snake Grass since year 2000 after somebody told me that it is a kind of herbs. But no proper explanation. Now its confirm that it is a miracle herb. I am planting it as many as possible now. Any one from Sabah or nearby state/country need it,can contact me at 0128325290.Thank you. God bless you.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Eva,

Thank you for sharing the good news. We need more kind and unselfish people like you to make this world a better place.

I am sure more readers will take up your kind offer.

tan choon heoi 5 years ago

My auntie was diagnosed with kidney failure late last year, and doctor advised her to go for dialysis. She is poor and kind of reluctant to go for the treatment. My friend’s (Ooi Yaw Sin) mum introduced her to drink SSG, surprisingly, she is almost recovering now. Thanks to SSG and his mum for kind sharing.

Currently, my friend in HK is looking for SSG for her mum whom now is having the same illness, I wonder how to help her. Any advise from you guys?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Choon Heoi,

Hope you are reading this. Thanks for sharing and giving more confidence to others.

Can you please let us how she prepared the SSG drink?

Merin 5 years ago

Nice article and Tips.

More Article about Herbal.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thanks Merin

Shirba 5 years ago

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage I/II). We are trying to find all sorts of herbs treatment for her before she goes for operation. Im living in Kuala Lumpur and im greatful if i can get some leaves for immediate use for her. Thank you. May god bless you all.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Shirba,

Please read through the contacts here and in my blog. There are a number of them you can contact.

Eva 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy, Thanks a lot. you are very kind. Sharing this information is blessings to many readers. Some people had contacted me and get ssg from me this few weeks. My brother was died of cancer last 2008 and actually I already planted ssg but dont know that this is good for cancer patient. Today after reading your article, I am very glad to pass the good news to people.May God bless every one.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Eva,

Thanks for sharing the good news. The setback is the limited supply of SSG leaves. One patient would need several hundred leaves a day.

I think the only way is to go commercial. There is nothing wrong in this. People are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospitals. For those planting SSG commercially, they too need financial income to maintain the venture, plus of course a reasonable amount of honest profit.

By the way I am not selling SSG leaves, simply because I don't have the quantity to sell. But given a chance I would like to plant SSG on a commercial basis. This is the only way where ample supply can meet the demand, and helping people to survive.

Melody 5 years ago


Can i ask -- besides juicing, can i eat SSG on its own and must it be consumed in morning?

i was diagnosed with breast cancer in sep 2009, had finished chemo + radiation.


Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Melody,

I hope you are fine now.

I really don't have the first hand experience in consuming SSG. But as you can read in my writing, there are various ways SSG is consumed. I think the most convenient way is to brew it as a tea drink.

tan choon heoi 5 years ago

Good guy,

My auntie just take about 20-30 leaves, and boil it, drink as we drink chinese tea, 3-4 times a day.

Mas 5 years ago

I am from Kuching. Where can I get the plant?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thanks Choon Heoi. I just read an update from CT Chang's blog. He also recommended 30 leaves.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Mas,

Please read through this article and all the comments, including my blog comments. You may be able to get some leads.

Joan 5 years ago

Anyone who need SSG may contact CK at

I used to buy from him, he can send immediately to my house by courier service. My mom had consumed the SSG for 2 weeks, and she is feeling much better now, have faith in SSG, may god bless you all strong and happy.

jun 5 years ago

do you know someone selling seeds of SSG in singapore..thanks to you guys..

April 5 years ago

Hi, i am looking for the snake plant for my grandma, she is recently diagnosed with stage 4 of lung cancer. May i know when i can get the anti cancer leaves? please help me. Thank you

Shirba 5 years ago

Thank you Mr Good Guy.

Christine Yap 5 years ago

Hi, my sister is recently diagnosed for 3rd stage brain cancerand she just started taking the snake grass. She is having low blood pressure, may I know wheter the snake grass will cause any dizzyness or not. Please help and thank you.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Christine Yap,

I am not an expert or authority on this subject. I merely share information from sources and from my personal experience. You may like to follow CT Chang's blog, and also seek advice from TCM physicians and other more specific sites which I have given links in my article.

henrywoon 5 years ago

mas you can get the SSG from Sunday market or Stutong market. A lady at Stutong market sell vegetables cum harbal plant.

MCC 5 years ago

This Farm sell SSG.

YPL Tropical Herbal Farm in Batu 7 (7th Mile) Jalan Jelebu, 71770 Pantai, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Go to this site / blog for more information

John 5 years ago

Hi GoodGuy

I had SSG plant since 2005. I am from Sg. Buloh. My leaves have run out though I still have some plants for sale/courier. Email:

Ashley Wu 5 years ago

HI There

I am currently in Brisbane Australia

Just wondering if anyone knows where I could get this in Australia?

my email address is

My family member is currently suffering from stage 4 cancer and is desperate to find this.

Thank you very much

Thomas 5 years ago

Sabah snake grass seems work mircale for cancer patient. Alhough science has not proven that, real cases are testimonial to this great natural gift.

Thomas from

bobo 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy or anyone who can help out there,

I just found out about this plant as my friends and family members who are suffering from different kinds of cancer just asked me to look for this plant here. I am here in Malaysia for volunteer work at the Chinese Cultural Educational Center(near The Mines), but will be leaving this coming Monday. We are having a huge event starting tomorrow, but I am still very interested in getting some plants from you to bring back. Please post back here or email me for information on getting the plant. Thank you so much!

Eva 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy and readers, I really like to help supplying the Cancer patient by planting more of SSG here in state of Sabah and any state and country need it.I also like to encourage everyone to plant it for their own use. Anybody need supply you can contact me at 0128325290 or e-mail me at I have thousand of it planted in polybag. we are located at Tamparuli,Tuaran Sabah.Good guy, am on the way to do it on commercial basis as you suggest.Lets do it, thanks.

Tze Jow 5 years ago

Namo Amitabhaya. I was just searching the web for more info. on Sabah Snake Grass, and am very glad to come across this valuable website. Thanks to Mr Good Guy. A friend's wife in Brunei Darussalam also fell victim to cancer, sought treatment in regional hospitals and found the cancer spreading to other parts of the body. She started to take SSG about 6 weeks ago, and a recent scan 3 days ago showed that the cancer has stopped growing. Just wish to share this info. with everybody as Quote Although science has not proven that Unquote. So the real case successful patients/users of this herb must speak up for this wonder herb to give more confidence to other new users/patients. Hope all the cancer patients will recover soon.

Will 5 years ago

I've heard about the grass and a friend of mine has been taking it for many years. It was very effective from him. He's been having constant supply from a lady. If you need, you may call Angela @ 010 515 3186. Apparently she can provide weekly supply and delivered to door step.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Will,

Perhaps you may like to identify Angela's location.

profile image

naturalsolutions 5 years ago

I think it is the solution for the long time suffering of the cancer victim. I know very soon the cancer will be prevented.

Will 5 years ago

I think she's located in KL. I'm an insurance agent so I have clients in a few states. So I basically help my client to arrange to get supplies from her since she can courier right to door step. So I think anywhere in M'sia should not be a problem.

Mary 5 years ago

Hi. I live in Jakarta...if anyone happen to come here, I can give this ss plants in large quantities for free. My number is +628161117789.

fendi abd hamid 5 years ago

Hi. Mr Good Guy

Thanks to you may god bless you always. Where can I find the SSG in Singapore cos my dad had a prostate cancer stage not known yet still undergo further screening. Plse let me know as soon as you read this massage. thanks alot

JENi12 profile image

JENi12 5 years ago from United Kingdom

hi i have use it and is good but i still have somebody that his very good in medicinal is name is BUSH DR AGAGA this man is very powerful in all kinds of problem just contact him with this

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi fendi abd hamid,

Please go through my article again, and also the comment section. You will find the contacts in your area.

Someone in london 5 years ago

hello to all you good people. Lovely to read your comments. Unfortunatley, there isn't a huge supply here in london. Its sounds a great plant to have growing although I'm not totally sure if It would survive our weather or the winter. Does anyone know the regulations about sending live plants from m,sia to UK?

Shonere Bailey 5 years ago

I'm from the United States. Is there a way I can get the SSG down here?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi "Someone in london" and "Shonere Bailey",

I hope someone out there could come up with more info.

I am sorry I don't have the info. Maybe this is a tropical plant.

Lina 5 years ago

Saya berminat untuk menanam pokok ini di sekolah saya sebab saya ingin pelajar-pelajar tahu tentang pokok-pokok herba yang boleh digunakan untuk merawat penyakit.Saya di Penang. Bolehkah saya dapatkan pokok ini? Saya tahu cerita ini dari seorang kawan .

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Lina,

Sila bagi email anda. Saya ada di Seberang. Anda di pulau? Bila saya pergi ke pulau, saya bolih beri anda dua pokok kecil.

Maafkan saya; bahasa saya teruk-lah!

lina 5 years ago

terima kasih kerana melayan saya walaupun saya hanya mengunakan BM . Bahasa anda tidaklah teruk kerana masih difahami. e-mel saya ialah .Ya saya di Georgetown.

anna 5 years ago

hi, all. my dad suffers from tumor. really need to try the SSG. we live in west borneo, the nearest one is kuching. we went to SUnday market, but it was finished. the seller was away. could anyone please let me know where I could find SSG? please urgent. contact me :

ms. novian 5 years ago

hi, can u help me. urgent i need SSG for my mom, she have nasopharyng cancer and was spread to her right eyes, now she treat in china guangzhou and doing chemoteraphy, but i need some miracle for my mom. she was 53 years old. i live in indonesia.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi ms. novian,

All updated available info are in my article and in my own blog. Hope other readers may help with new information.

ma45frost profile image

ma45frost 5 years ago from USA

Hi Judy,

I just started growing Sabah Snake Grass in my back porch after I came back from Sabah in August 2011. I was moved by my uncle's story - he was cured of bone cancer and now started walking. Before that he was bedridden. I am going to write about this miracle plant soon. I live in Tampa, Florida.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi ma45frost,

I am indeed curious who this "Judy" is, whom you are addressing?

This is good news if you can please confirm that you are successfully growing SSG in Florida.

EES HERBS 5 years ago


EES HERBS selling this SSG in Bukit Mertajam Penang. Whoever need this, can contact me Shukri at 019-5407859 or email me to

Herbs supplier ( plant, raw herbs in dry form, powder & extract and also OEM for all herbal drink like coffee, tea, cocoa & soya)

Eva 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy and all readers, its me again. I just want to share about this miracle Plant. Just recently 3 people updates the result of taking SSG which was taken from me last few weeks. One is having 3rd stage lung cancer. Just recently the X ray showed that it is clear and the patient felt more healthy. The other two are gotten skin problem (am not sure which type) but the good news is after taking SSG it was cured. They are very happy and call me up and also introduce this plant to many friends. To readers.... there is hope to many kind of diseases that may be worry you. SSG is a miracle plant. You need supply... am standby to help. Beside SSG, I have a few type of herbs that proven to cure cancer, diabetes, hypertension,etc. sms or call me 0128325290 ( located at Tamparuli, Sabah). God provide herbs to cure diseases. God bless you all.

ma45frost 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy,

Sorry I got carried away with the discussion. I read one of the comments from Judy Adkins. She's curious to know where to get the snake grass and whether it is possible to grow it in Minnesota.

Great info on the Sabah Snake Grass. I have just started growing it in my backyard since I got back from Sabah in August. It's looking pretty good, will update you.

Ray 5 years ago

I am having nasopharyngeal cancer, a common nose cancer amongst southern chinese. Its towards final stage and my doctors said to start chemo and radiation as soon as possible. Can anyone with this condition experienced cure with SSG? Urgent. Thanks

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Ray,

May I suggest that you follow CT Chang's blog. He is a cancer suvivor and has indepth knowledge and personal experience on the subject. @

I follow his blog journal everyday.

Ray 5 years ago

Thanks Good Guy

Confused 5 years ago

My dad had liver cancer stage 4 and was recommended by friends to take sabah snake grass. He blended the SSG leaves with skinless green apple and drink it every morning. In the beginning, he was ok. Three months later, took him for CT Scan...result still the same as before. He continued to take SSG, as usual, but in the 5th month, he stop totally. Vomitted everytime after he drank SSG juice. Why? After 4-5 days later, he tried drinking SSG juice again, vomitted again. Can anyone tell me why? Tks

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi confused,

I am sorry to say that cancer is not an easy disease to contain, lest to cure. Different people will respond differently depending on many factors such as severity, type of cancer and individual constituents.

I suggest you follow CT Chang's blog where you can learn more first hand from him who has survived cancer for more than 2 years already. His blog @

Similar case 5 years ago

Try reducing the number of leaves, and blend 'longer' to make the content more 'finer'. Add water and drink them in small mouthful.

If vomit, stop taking them since it will make him feeling more uncomfortable.

Daniel 5 years ago

I was diagnosed with nose cancer half year ago. Since my tumor was quite bulky, the doctor said i had to do 3 extra doses of chemo. Although with that 3 extra doses, he said that it could be considered very good if the tumor can shrink to half its size. During that time, i took both the SSG and the chemo at the same time and after the 3 chemos my CT showed that the tumor had shrunk around 90%. After another 6 chemo and 35 times of radiotherapy plus SSG, now i`m completely healed already. This can be considered miracle because people whose cases are lighter than me are still under treatment now. Thanks to SSG that i can healed so fast. I would like to share this because i would like people to have more faith at SSG. May god bless all cancer patients.

Mary Ling 5 years ago

Hai! I am very keen in getting the SSG for my sister who disgnose breast ca stage 3 that now spread to the bone.And also a good friend of mine who is suffer from colon cancer stage 4.I really want to help them.Actualy i stayong in Taman Kinrara,Puchong.ANy one who is kind hearted to allow me to have a pot to plant.I dont mind to pay for the plant.And i can be contact thru e-mail or

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Mary,

To start planting SSG is ok, but to help existing cancer patients you need to get sufficient immediate supplies from commercial suppliers.

EES HERBS 5 years ago

SSG for sale RM35/pot/bottle door to door




Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Shukri,

What is the quantity per pot/bottle. You should identify your location as well. By the way you have not responded to my email yet.

Shila 5 years ago


My mum is a stage 4 colon cancer patient. Cancer has spread to liver and lungs. She was taking SSG before starting chemo, however, now that she has started chemo, she is scared to take SSG because the doctors said not to take any raw vegetables. What is your suggestion? I desperately want her to continue with SSG because it is helping so many people.

Thank you for your reply, God bless.

A friend 5 years ago


I can only advise ... just let your mum take her SSG discreetly even though she is going to have her chemo. You don't have to let the doctor knows what you are doing BUT try to give 24 hrs break, after each chemo before you let your mum take her SSG.

Rather strange to hear that doctor disallow his patient to take any raw vege. Next you will hear him warning you all ... if your mum take other alternative medicines and if her condition worsened, he will refuse to attend to her anymore. This is what happened to my friends too.

The above is just an advice. Discuss with the rest of your family before making your final decision.

Wayne JY 5 years ago

can any other fruit replace green apple someone please get back to me asap thanks.

Best Regards

Wayne Jun Yong

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Wayne,

Green apples are just "neutral" fruits for juicing. I suppose you can use any other fruit.

Eva 5 years ago

Hi Shila, let me suggest you something. You can use dried sabah snake grass leaves soak with hot water for 20 minutes and add that water with green apple and lemon to make it as juice just like the fresh one. there is one more herb called Pecah Beling you can use, its similar with the sabah snake grass in term of usage ( camcer treatment) but the special with it is you can make it like tea , using dried blend leave. this plant have research result by University Putra, need more info? sms me at 0128325290. am located at Sabah. thanks.

Odelia 5 years ago

Hello Good Guy, Is it possible to get the SSG dry leaves then, if we can't get the plant into the U.K. Or maybe the capsule. We need it desperately.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Odelia,

I am sorry I really don't know. SSG is not an established and well-known plant/product and there are not many commercial suppliers.

Maybe some readers may help.

daviddwarren22 profile image

daviddwarren22 5 years ago

Good hub, very helpful.

wong 5 years ago

can get SSG capsule form from this supplier :

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Odelia,

Hope you read this comment. A reader "Wong" has commented above this comment, and posted a link to a SSG capsule supplier. @

If you have success in obtaining from this supplier, please let us know in due course, so other readers may be helped too.

End-user 5 years ago

Am indeed happy to note that soneone can now provide SSG in capsules form. As it is, the fresh grass is already so scarce .. how genuine this item can be ?

Sorry for doubting but can someone provide the location and whereabout of this company, so that we could be 100 % sure that we are consuming the right thing.

Can anyone provide the selling prices of 30/60/90 capsules respectively ?

I would like to order a lot to be sent overseas.

A Patient 5 years ago


Appreciate if you could provide the prices as well as the dosage instructed by them.

Am interested to buy them too.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

I have written to the blog owner for more info regarding the source and the prices. Hope she replies.

"......Being a responsible writer in Hubpages, I would feel more comfortable to put your link in my article if you could provide me with the information I requested."

A patient 5 years ago

Dear Good Guy

It is important to have the right information about the existence of SSG in capsules, especially ... 'approx how many leaves in 01 capsule', since many readers might be interested. SSG is so scarce and how is it possible to get them for conversion into capsules. It is our hope that no one will end up taking the wrong dosage. What if ... the content is mixed with other herbs such as 'Black Face General' etc ?

We are not doubting but we must NOT give SSG a bad reputation, if the end users ended up with wrong prescription. I still think every end users in this region, should take the actual grass for freshness, and effectiveness.

Thanks GG ... your Hub has been a great help to everyone.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi "A patient",

You are absolutely right to be cautious. That's why I wrote to the blog owner. I also wrote to the other reader EES Herbs but he did not reply me. I am keeping tabs on him and this new supplier.

It is very unfortunate that humans have many kinds, some are just evil. We need to be careful especially in this internet world. I would not want my readers to be exploited, and worse still to consume something that is dangerous.

Thanks for sharing.

ssg 5 years ago

for local people who can get it easily, i will suggest them to take fresh grass to cure illness, but for those patient in oversea, they unable to get the fresh grass n wish to try this SSG, so the only way is to make in capsule form or tea bag (in some countries, it is prohibited to send fresh plant or not encourage), so capsules is mainly for export purposes or some lazy local people, cos it is convenient to bring along... hope the info will help. :)

MeyMey96 5 years ago

Hello Mr.GoodGuy..

i am 15 year old student studying in sabah..

I need your help.. may i ask where can i buy SSG Tea-Bags in sabah?.. Because i want to help a friend of mine, his father have cancer, so i decided to help him to find some Herbal medicines.. can you please tell me?..

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Meymey96,

Please go through the article and the comments. You will find the suppliers.

A patient 5 years ago

Dear Meymey

I was told that SSG can be found in abundance in Tamparuli (Tuaran District)

Why don't you try to contact someone there to find out more.

Good luck

Dr Clark 5 years ago

I have never heard about this plant but now i also know about its two types, thank for sharing great information!

Dr Clark

EES HERBS 5 years ago

Hi GG,

Sorry for not reply you. I'm busy with my current work as Accountant and also supplier for all local herbs in dry form, tea, powder & extract. Also busy with my current product like herbal coffee, herbal tea, instant herbal tea, coco, soya & goat milk. FYI, I'm still waiting for 50kg supply of SSG (leaves + stem) for my own production for herbal teabag soon. Currently I have 1000 teabag where we sell this at RM35/30 teabag door to door. The leave + stem will be sell at RM200/kg and the plant with 2-3 cut at RM35.00/pot.

Whoever need this can call me Shukri @ 019-5407859 or email me @ or facebook:ees_herbs

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

(My email to ssgrass76 and her replies)

From: justin choo (Good Guy)


Sent: Friday, October 28, 2011 9:35 PM

Subject: Re: I am author of SSG in Hubpages


Thanks for the prompt reply. Perhaps you might like to introduce yourself. As you know, I need to confirm certain facts so that my readers can have genuine info for this very important topic, cancer treatment. Can I make a suggestion? Can you please post it in your blog the prices and your assurance of quality? This way I can just put a link to your blog.

[Her reply : I can put the price in, but how u want me to prove the quality, can u pls suggest? i already take the photo of making the capsule , may be i can say, i will return the money if consumer found that the capsule is not pure SSG and support with proper report or document??]

On a more personal querie, you said you planted in your backyard. Unless your backyard is very big, I can't figure out how you can produce enough to sell commercially. From my personal experience, my 2 plants are growing extremely slow. Your blog is fairly recent. May I know how long you have been selling these capsules, and any experts helping you in the production process?

[Her reply : Actually the SSG is for own use, but after i post my story to facebook, i always receive request from oversea patients, to send them d SSG. I decided to make it into capsule form due to i unable to send them fresh leaves, so it can help more cancer patient to recover. I understand patient feeling cos I myself and father also has cancer history.I have about 1000sf garden in my house, n actually planning to expand it, so currently my stock is VERY VERY VERY limited and while stock last. It is actually not a big commercial business. For local people, i will suggest them to take fresh SSG. In order to let them grow faster, can put some organic fertilizer or use compost. i started on Aug 2011, n the plant already 6 months in my garden. I do it by my own without anyone help me, i harvest it, dried it, blend it and make in capsule. I do this after work or during weekend/holiday. Thats why i put "100% homemade" in my blog. I donot have ready stock, every order will be prepared upon receive confirmation. I m doing charity also , pls visit!/pages/Anti-Cancer-Sabah-Snake-Grass/230022723687984?sk=info ]

I hope you don't feel offended with my questions. As I said, I am actually asking on behalf of my readers. As for me. I don't have any ulterior motive or hidden agenda.

Sincerely, Justin Choo

A Patient 5 years ago


After browsing her blog at, I think she is genuinely processing them for sale, in the form of capsule.

But, I have a few questions for her. If 'she' is reading this comment, and it will be great if she could answer the following doubts :

a) what sort of capsule size are you using (Size 0, or 00) ?

b) what is the estimated content in each capsule (in term of mg) ? Are they 'compactly' filled, otherwise you will have different 'dosage' per capsule ? You need to have the right experience to fill capsule. Filling them is not just filling only. It has to be in the right portion and that is why I am asking you, whether they are compact, or just loosely filled without knowing the content !

c) how many leaves do you estimate per capsule ? I suggest you brief us the followings too :

i) if a patient requires to take 50, or 100 leaves a day, how many capsules do they need to take ?

ii) does one need to take them, alongside with a cup of blended green apple each time ?

To be helpful to others is always a blessing. But, you must be sure that nothing backfired because of your good deed. To buy, or not is an individual decision.

However, if you do produce a lot, we will surely support you due we have friends abroad. As what Justin had said ... no one is attacking you here. We are just being cautious, as well as thorough. This is to avoid anyone using this platform to sell their products unethically.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi "A Patient",

Thanks for your input. I am not sure "ssg" will read your comment here. Why not you email her instead.

MeyMey96 5 years ago

thank you Mr.GoodGuy!..

anderline 5 years ago

Is the ssg can help liver cancer stage 4? Can it drink when still doing chemotrapy?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Anderline,

SSG is one of the many alternative treatments. It is not a cure all. I really can't advice. I can only share information. It is up to the individual to decide. Please read through the article and comments carefully, and CT Chang's blog.

Bee 5 years ago

Hi, We just bought the SSG for my dad who is diagnosed with colon cancer at stage 4, which already spread to his liver.

Today is his 2nd day of drinking SSG and he feedback that he has problem urinate after drinking it and very often feeling hot. Is it normal? Does it have any side effect? Thanks.

THChung 5 years ago

You can get from me. My email

Night Magic profile image

Night Magic 5 years ago from Canada

Excellent Hub. I'll definitely have to pass this on. Thanks for the info.

Xerylleana 5 years ago

i want to ask about ssg..where can we get it at Kuching,Sarawak??

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi THChung,

Where are you located? Are you supplying SSG plants or only the leaves. Are you selling them or giving free?

A Patient 5 years ago


I am from Kuching. You want the plant, or the leaves.

You can get them at the Sunday Market for both, but from 02 different sellers.

CNTAN 5 years ago

I am from Kuching, Sarawak. Is there anyone around this area who can supply the plant?

Thank you.

A Patient 5 years ago


They are sold at Stutong Market, as well as at the Sunday Market.

A Patient 5 years ago

CN Tan

There is none that I knew who can supply. Most people destroyed them instead, because they were worthless and occupy space. Who knows the sudden craze currently, it is sending everyone going for a wild search.

There is a lady at Sunday Market who is selling the plant. She is selling it at RM 6 per plastic bag (around 3 - 4 matured plants). Just 1 - 2 bags will turn your garden into a thicket of SSG grass in no time.

Incidentally, buy 1 - 2 bundles of leaves too, and use the stems to grow. Its easy to grow.

profile image

cisnausa1234 5 years ago

Lo lamento pero no hablo ingles, aunque puedo entender algo de lo que se escribe aqui, y me parece muy interesante. Me gustaria saber donde se consigue en la Florida USA esta hierba pues tengo priente con cirrosis al Higado y me gustria saber tambien si esta hierba lo ayudaria o por lo meno le daria mas tiempo para estar con la familia.



Translated from Arnaldo 5 years ago

I am sorry but I do not speak English, although I can understand something of what is written here, and I find very interesting. I wonder where you get in Florida USA this herb because I have priente with cirrhosis of the liver and gustria me know whether this herb would help or at meno would give more time to spend with the family.



Lily, fsic 5 years ago

I would like to know if i can take SSG to treat a lump i recently found in my left breast. It pains when touched and pressed a little. How many leaves recommended for this and how to take? Another thing can the leaf be eaten raw?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Lily,

The first thing you should is to consult your doctor immediately.

Fresh SSG Supply 5 years ago

Hi all,

I have plant SSG for own consumption. Currently,would like to sell fresh SSG supply like leaves & stem/plant at lower price just to raise some medical fee.

Anyone who need it, can contact me at


Fresh SSG Supply 5 years ago

Hi all,

I will meet up few buyer tomorrow morning (Saturday morning 9.30-10.30am) whereby they will come and hand pick the leaves.

Leaves are selling at RM4 for 100 leaves

If anyone in Klang Valley wish to come please drop us an email at

You can visit our website as well at

Thanks and Good Day!

Eva 5 years ago

Hi Good Guy, I noticed that some readers from Sarawak need supply of ssg. I am at their neighbour state and a few people from Sarawak use to come to my nursery at Tamparuli, Tuaran Sabah to get supply. We also can send it by courier or pos laju.For more info can contact me at 0128325290. Thank you.

sutheina 5 years ago

can it cure water in d lungs ? shrunken lungs ?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi sutheina,

SSG is not a "cure-all" herb.

xethonxq profile image

xethonxq 5 years ago

Very, very interesting. I am going to do more research on SSG. I am always looking for natural ways to combat dis-ease...especially something as devastating as cancer. Thank you so much for sharing this Good Guy!

jonta profile image

jonta 5 years ago from Bangkok

It seems like some people don't make collaboration between what we eat and our health. I want to believe that food is the cause of most health issues. Thats my amateur view

Vegetarian 5 years ago

Jonta .... you are 100 % right. I do agree on the phrase that [we are what we eat]. We are the decision maker on the type of food/drinks/habits etc we should eat/drink/practise.

But, if you say this in front of a Western Doctor, he/she will laugh their head off. They will claim that it is your own gene that causes all the terminal illnesses. If you say some more, they will claim their head are more square than ours and who are we to challenge their superior knowledge

profile image

chiash200 5 years ago

Hi Guy

My close friend have cancer he is asking me to help look for SSG , Anyone can help I in Johor Bahru pls help , Or can I get in Johor .Thanks


SSG 5 years ago


As refer to A Patient question/inquiries, here is the answer for u, hope it helps and provide enough info for u as requested :

a) what sort of capsule size are you using (Size 0, or 00) ?


b) what is the estimated content in each capsule (in term of mg) ? Are they 'compactly' filled, otherwise you will have different 'dosage' per capsule ? You need to have the right experience to fill capsule. Filling them is not just filling only. It has to be in the right portion and that is why I am asking you, whether they are compact, or just loosely filled without knowing the content !


c) how many leaves do you estimate per capsule ? I suggest you brief us the followings too :

i) if a patient requires to take 50, or 100 leaves a day, how many capsules do they need to take ?


ii) does one need to take them, alongside with a cup of blended green apple each time ?



Our website :

Scot Nyman profile image

Scot Nyman 5 years ago from Indonesia

Apologies for not reading the entire thread first, but does anyone know where to find this in China? Plant material is on China Customs Prohibited list. Thank you in advance.

Alex Cheong 5 years ago

I have being growing this SSG for more than 10 years without knowing the value of it until now!!! Should anyone require it in Kuantan please email me at I provide them for free.

thiva 5 years ago

It is best to grow about 50 plants for continuous supply of 150 leaves per day,plucking 3 leaves from each plant a day.That way the plant becomes less stressed.It prefers semi shade and grows profusely after 3 to 4 months of planting.Cancer patients can't wait for such a long period.So buy mature plants of a year old.Chemotherapy works for some people only and so is it with snake grass.If you need a free plant contact me at 0195236681(sms only)

Siti 5 years ago

If you are in Kuching, you can buy SSG leaves or plants from Pantai Timur shop No.6,Kubah Ria Kompleks,Kuching.Contact Siti 019-8563722.

Amin M Shah 5 years ago

I have done many years of research on herbs for cancer treatment. One thing that we must ensure is that the plant is grown exactly in similar planting environment eg soil condition, amount of water etc etc . If this is not followed , the pharmacological properties may not be as potent. It is also important to consider the safety of the product........ unless of course you have nothing to loose. Normally , patients that have cancer in late stages ( 3 and above) tend to have higher risk of relapse. Therefore it is important to continue taking the product over prolong period of time ( perhaps in lower dosage). I'll try to run some experiment in my lab to evaluate the anticancer activity of this plant. Will keep you all posted.

Siti 5 years ago

If you need a constant supply this leaves are available at 500 leaves=$50.00 and growing plants with 10 plants per polybag is =$50.00. Available at Damansara Utama,PJ and Kuching,contact Siti 019-8590000.

A friend 5 years ago

Dear Siti

Please understand the dilemna of sick cancer patients. To sell SSG at RM 50 for 500 leaves, it is rather high, considering each at RM 0.10. The leaves are so easily grown.

I am from Kuching too. You can get plenty of SSG leaves + stalks at Sunday Market at ONLY RM 1.00 a bunch and at the MJC and Stutong Markets, they are selling for RM 2.00 a bunch. Each bunch has approx 200 + leaves. For live plants (about 6 plants) in a black plastic bag, it is selling at RM 5.00 each and you are selling RM 50 each.

Sorry ... no offence but I think you have to be less enterprising and kindly reconsider how pitiful these poor fellows are suffering.

People like you should get out from this blog because you have a bad intention and trying to abuse such opportunity.

eric tai 5 years ago

please help'll get reward from God for doing good deeds!


nizamsculpture 5 years ago

Salam and hi all,

Myname is nizam abdullah, recently ive been diagnose with Hodgkin Lyphomaa desease a cancer in stage 2. Iys a curable cancer.

Mydoc said i have window of time to try alternative ways beside chemo. After few advices, im taking turmeric and sireh juice, home made turmeric capsule, graviola capsule from the america.. And weekly detoxing with vege and fruits..this made me loose weight but in good way.. Next month end/middle january , i got another appointment with CT scan to see the progression.

So i would like to try Ssg juice... Im new with this, just got to know yesterday..:-\ So i need your advices mr Good Guy and EVERYONE... How THE BEST WAY to consume for good result? Where to get nearest to me? IM LEAVING IN KOTA DAMANSARA AREA.

Ive read through the blog and got few supplier a name... But hornestly i have NO IDEA..cause one of them wante to sell me in packet tea it ok?and also plants. Can i get from you mr good guy? Or anyone u can recommand? Or anyone good hearted in this blog? Please email me at



Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Nizam,

Please go through my article again and you will find how SSG is used. For supplies, please read through the comments. Initially I had compiled the list as updates in my article, but apparently this was a "violation" of Hubpages rules as being over-promoting. I had to delete them. I shall compile them and post them in my blog in due course for readers' ease of reference.

John 5 years ago

Hi Nizam

Tumeric and gavriola (soursop) can be found locally in Malaysia anywhere. In my humble opinion, these or other herbals are best taken fresh. Why the need to import from america?

Another friend 5 years ago

Dear 'a friend' and eric tai,

Do you mean that doctors and hospital institutions and governments are not rewarded by charging a hefty amount on the ordinary man on the street?

Are their therapies which cost thousands really help cure or they actually aggravate the situation?

If really given free, will most people appreciate it? It takes time and effort to produce a bunch of stems and that equates to money.

Don't get upset, otherwise you'll have to consume some SSG, and if could not find elsewhere .... !

A friend 5 years ago

Today is such a great day of Joy and Hope, and let's not spoilt it by any misunderstanding.

Maybe, you are a friend of the lady seller who is offended by our remarks and we are sorry if we have offended you, or both. I did made a remark on her offer of SSG for sale at RM 50 for 500 leaves. I think this is rather inhumane and too costly. If there is any cost involving in cultivating the leaves, it will never reach anywhere near that amount too. We are just appealing that she should HELP to reduce the cost.

Don't put words into our mouths about doctors and hospital. The later have every right to charge whatever they want. At the end of the day, it is the patients who decides.

eat healthy 5 years ago

This site is for genuine people seeking help from other good souls. If you want to get rich quicker, then sorry, this is not a suitable place to do so. In the first place, this is not the purpose of this site & its community of readers.

Guest 5 years ago


Nice info.This plant is only in malaysia or in india we can got this plant?

naturman profile image

naturman 5 years ago from UK

A truly amazing hub, for the right person the herb could be a life saver.

aliyun 5 years ago

I agree with eat healthy. This site is not for business oriented people I am from Taiping, most of the people here give free to anyone in need.

TERRY TAN 5 years ago


profile image

tyburski 5 years ago

I live in New Zealand. Cannot bring any plants into the country. Is there anyone who sells Saba Snake Grass in New Zealand or anyone who can advise me how to get hold of it? Thanks, Lisa

Eva 5 years ago

Dear Good Guy and all readers,let me share to you how ssg work effectively to some cancer victim. There are 7 users report to me after taking ssg. One of them is an old lady suffering stage 4 lung cancer.The doctor told the family that she need chemo and that is the last choice. The family didn't let her to get chemo since she is very old already, so they decided to use ssg. They contacted me to get supplies. Here is very special because beside ssg I suggested them to use one more herb. In 3 weeks time, the lady which is very weak(cannt easily move), just stay on bed surprisely become stronger, can walk and able to cook herself. its about more than 2 months now and she is more healthy.The family members feel very happy and all of them using the miracle herb I suggested. Any one need more supplies of ssg and the special other herb can contact me at 0128325290. Located at Tamparuli Tuaran Sabah. For those staying at Kudat area also we have planted ssg nearby you.

Stella Kandaire 5 years ago


Will 5 years ago

Dear all,

Just to share with you all if you are not able to obtain SSG. My supplier are now selling fresh leaves, tea and powder. Prices are reasonably low since they have their own farm as I always buy for my customers as gift. You may contact Angela 010 515 3186 or drop her an email at

Whether they make money out of it, most important someone is making an effort to increase the supply. To be frank, it's not easy to get 100 leaves daily. It takes a long time to grow so much leaves.

For those of you who are planting yourselves, in order to get good leaves, remember three things 1) less sunlight 2) fertilizer (organic preferred eg chicken dung) 3) water. Hope it helps.

Tajuddin 5 years ago

Anyone interested in getting Sabah Snake Grass plants (for own planting)may contact me at I will give you the address (close to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and it's up to you to purchase them from the grower. I went twice already and bought 20 trees. I take 20 leaves everyday, blend them with green apple and celery. Taj

Rajan 5 years ago


I have read through the comments and noted that some are selling the leaf's and some are distributing it for free on a request basis.

I would like to have the plant, grow it and use it for my cancer treatment.

From whom should I specifically request the plant from?

I live in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.

My email is:

Thank you.

Mangaris R & R, Kota Marudu 5 years ago

Encouraged by the successful herbal remedies to help cure various illnesses, we are now planting herbal plants specifically the Sabah Snake Grass, Moringa (Molungay)Trees,and other known herbs. Sabah has a lot of potential herbs used by the natives for various health problems. We'll keep you posted on its dev. Tks.

YC 5 years ago

DOES ANYBODY KNOWS WHERE CAN I GET THE SS PLANT IN JAKARTA? Does anyone in Jakarta has successfully contacted Mary who post on this site months ago? PLEASE HELP! THANKS! 5 years ago

I was wondering if there is any way to get the ssplant I live in Florida in the USA. There are so many people here suffering with cancer and I have a big piece of land to grow some to help these cancer patients. I can not find anything like tea or leaves I really would like the plants ,and how do they multiply to make more plants so I could give them away to people who has space to grow their own. please help if you can thank you.

A Samaritan 5 years ago

I am responding to a comment by WILL. He suggested that ones should use Organic Fertilizer to feed the SSG when nurturing them, such as Chicken Dung. Please note that Chicken Dung should not be classified as an Organic Fertilizer.

When planting herbal plants .. there is a 'pantang' or 'superstition' i.e. NEVER use Chicken Dung. I also use Organic Fertilizers and they are :

a) Compost (use those from Australia, or your own processing)

b) 'Residue' from your blended fruits, including those residue from yellow beans after processing your soya bean

Shyuan 5 years ago

Mr. Good Guy, thanks a million for your sharing. As I am searching this leave for my mum. We are in KL area. But js wonder why can i open this page? Js wonder the Sg. Buloh area where we can buy the plant, mayb I know the add? And where else in KL where we can can free distribution as you say you hv the contact?

I can be contacted at Much appreaciate to have a soon reply from you. Thank you & best regards, Shyuan

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Shyuan,

Please go through the comments and you will find all the info. Sorry I can't identify specific suppliers as the comments have become too many.

Oyeniyi Olatundun 5 years ago

please can somebody help me to get sabah snake grass in Nigeria I need your help now. you can constant me in my email or in my phone +2348032106640.

Eva 5 years ago

Dear Oyeniyi Olatundun of Nigeria. As far as I know, no body plant ssg at your country, my friend is looking for it for long time now but no way to get and its hard for us to send herb to this country. How ever, I suggest you to look for soursop ( leaves, fruits or root). you have this plant there.its very effective herb for cancer too.If you need more info email me at Thank you

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Yes, soursop. You can read my article here :

profile image

blueice8484 5 years ago

Dear friend,

Who need the sabah snack glass urgently can con tact Mr.Chew h/p no.+6590669858.

^o^ 5 years ago

i manage to buy some ssg capsules and tea bags from a sipplier listed in this web. she deliver worldwide and service is good, i can say price is reasonable low with a good quality product. contact her at or 0162198662. she sell it at low price as she is doing part of charity

EES HERBS 5 years ago

Sabah Snake Grass for sale in bulk purchase

Anyone interested to buy SSG dry leaf, SSG dry leaf & stem, SSG plant, SSG Teabag in bulk, please do not hesitate to contact me Shukri at 019-5407859 or email me at

SSG 5 years ago

Don't go to snake temple and ask for snake grass, snake temple's monk has no sympathy for you. We went to Kamunting Taiping, got the snake grass for free.

netida 5 years ago

does anyone know where to get this plant in Canada(ontario)? ASAP!!!

Suibian 5 years ago

I know a Mr. Chew in Singapore who sales the Sabah Snake Grass. His pricing are also reasonable. If you are interested, please call Mr Chew at 90669858

Malinda 5 years ago

Hello everyone. I am selling SSG tea known as Gendis Tea. 20sachets/box. Reasonably priced with the same benefits plus longer shelf lives. (need not to worry of dried leaves etc). I will courier to your address / place/ country. For more info, pls call/sms me at 0166929060, Shah Alam.


Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi cynthia,

You may like to give more info about your claim. I shall then decide whether to allow you to publish your email link here. This is to protect readers, as well as not to allow Hubpages Admin to penalize me and close my account.

Patience 5 years ago

Pls does any one know where and how to get ssG in nigeria? Am in need of it fast. Thanks good guy.

Tony 5 years ago

Thats all just leaves, were is the buds??

Asif Malaysia 5 years ago

Hi Mr Good Guy. Your article is more informative thanks. I would like to know is there any scientific articles to know still more about this plant and work. If sir got articles I request your kind self to send to my email:

Vel 5 years ago

Hi there! Thanks for the helpful information! I'm just confused about the recommended number of leaves to be consumed. Some said chew 7-8 leaves raw daily, Mr Chang advised not more than 30 while others stated 100-300 daily (pending severity). Can someone enlighten please? Thank you!

A friend 5 years ago

Vel ... please leave your email here and I can send the recommendation chart to you.

It is too long to put it inside here. Which version do you want ... English, Chinese or BM

Vel 5 years ago

Hi A friend! English and Chinese please. Thank you very much for responding!!!

T E TAN 5 years ago

I have succeeded in planting quite a fair number of SSG and am giving away for free the leaves or plants to whoever requires them. I stay in Shah Alam Section 13 and my email address is:

MisterH profile image

MisterH 5 years ago from Singapore

I was wondering, are there any large, double-blind scientific studies that have been done on this plant. If so, where can you read them?

Melvin Ong 4 years ago

hi , my mum has pancreatic cancer and docs says she have only about 6 months to live. Tumors have already covered her blood vessel around the pancreas therefore making operation impossible. Due to her age (78), We decided not to give her Chemotherapy. I have read reports of SSG curing lungs cancer, leukemia, breast cancer etc.. but not pancreatic. Is there any cases of Pancreatic Cancer patient cured after consuming SSG ?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Melvin,

If you are interested to know more about the various types of alternative cancer treatments, please visit CT Chang's site @

Nany 4 years ago

My mom has Breast cancer stage 4. Please can come one helpe me how to get ssg.As soon as posible.

cpong 4 years ago

hi Nani,

Are you living in Singapore ? if yes, you could get it form Chinatown Wet Market basement. Ask around and it is not difficult to find the shop. They sell various kinds of fresh herbs. SSG at Sgd25 per kg.


CT Comel 4 years ago

Hi Mr Good guy or other user of SSG,

You can reply me via my email,

Saw the above article on the man curing from kidney failure after consuming SSG but couldn't understand the language his saying therefore needs to know how to consume the SSG correctly.

CT Comel 4 years ago

Hi Mr Good guy or other user of SSG,

Here's the situation:-

My younger brother whose only turning 19 this year dignose with kidney failure and already undergo water dialysis for about 4 months now.

I found out abt SSG from a friend of mine and manage to get SSG. Just recently I gave him 2 piece of SSG leaves. His reaction intially was diahrea with temperature rising to 40/41 sky rocking high. I'm not sure whether shld we continue to get him to continue consume SSG or shld stop.

He also have some complication if his fever gets that high. He will get siezure.

Shld we stop his medication and continue with SSG or shld we stop consuming SSG totally.

You can reply me via my email,

Worried 4 years ago

Where can I get SSG. I lived near Kepong, please advise.

You can reply me via my email,

louromano profile image

louromano 4 years ago

Try reducing the number of leaves, and blend 'longer' to make the content more 'finer'. Add water and drink them in small mouthful.

ANONYMOUS 4 years ago

Hi, my sister is recently diagnosed for 4TH STAGE Lung cancer and I just heard about the snake grass, I did purchase 2 packets at RM 40 I truly can't afford this, is there any way I can get a plant.Thank you.

an 4 years ago

My auntie has stage three breast cancer. Have to go for Chemoteraphy ( 6 times).Her husband gives the snake grass for her to drink..after second chemotheraphy the reading of the cancer shown below than the normal range .

He uses 50 leaves morning and 50 leaves in the evening.

Even the doctor surprise of the sudden recovery.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Anonymous who wrote:

Hi, my sister is recently diagnosed for 4TH STAGE Lung cancer and I just heard about the snake grass, I did purchase 2 packets at RM 40 I truly can't afford this, is there any way I can get a plant.Thank you.

Please read through the comments to find cheaper suppliers. Planting new plants now is too late. They take time to grow.

Szeng 4 years ago

I have friend farming SSG. They are selling at RM 20 per pack (100 leaves per pack). If you are interested, i could help you to buy. My e mail

Samaritan 4 years ago

Dear Szeng

I think selling 100 leaves at RM 20 is totally outrageous. Sounds like, its more expensive than any chemo drug.

Come on .. please tell your friend to be considerate to these poor souls who are already too unlucky to be struck with such illness and here, he is taking this opportunity to prey on such pitiful victims.

darcysim 4 years ago

hi friends,

recently, i found a link as above, in which it compile the info on sabah snake grass, i think it provides a free e-book on how to use sabah snake grass, what kind of response to be expected when using sabah snake grass, and the positive of people who have had use it.

for myself, i have tried taking it myself for some 22 days , about 40 leaves with green apple, each day, i felt wellness on taking this sabah snake grass. My friend , who took it , had a lump on his face, disintegrated after taking it for less than 10times. As he is taking heart medicine, he told me that after each intake of sabah snake grass, his urine and motion would stink. This is the toxin which is being purged each time. I can testify that his health has improved tremendously, his face and skin is radiant which is rightfully so, as poison is being purged from his system.

accordingly, it is also mentioned in the e-book that sabah snake grass is without poison. There is also two links on the above website at which discussed on this grass. hopefully, your doubts can be allayed on the misuse of this grass.


Elaine 4 years ago

Hi GoodGuy,

I am interested to work online for HubPages. How to go about? I've been stringing for a newspaper and am now retired. Like to work from home. Thanks for sharing.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Elaine,

Go to the top of the page, click on "Good Guy" next to my photo. You will see my profile. At the end of my introduction you see :

" Find out how, and to sign-up, just click HERE @ "

Just click on "HERE" and you will be guided step-by-step to join Hubpages.

Good luck and have fun.

Svet 4 years ago

i stay i n Kuantan at d moment, wld like to know anywhere around here where i can find/buy SSG. T.Q

Sempurna 4 years ago

Hi, i know seller of SSG. They are selling RM 7.00/pack. Min 5 packs per order. Let me know if any of you are interested. I will help you guys to order.

YSH 4 years ago

Hi please tell me where can I get in Singapore. I need to help two friends with cancer.

Thank you.

Sempurna 4 years ago


I m not sure any supplier in singapore. But my friend can also supply dried leaf or powder. They are supplying powder to Australia and New Zealand.

profile image

Jocelyntan 4 years ago

We sell fresh ??? also known as Sabah snake grass in Singapore. Please contact me at or mobile 96230269 if you require this herb.

Petertan 4 years ago


I have seen Sabah Snake Grass being sold at Johor Bahru Tebrau Market for RM5 for a bundle. I know of an aloe product "Oncovit" that works well on cancer. Anyone interested in this alternative wholistic natural herbal treatment can contact me at

profile image

Herbasli 4 years ago


I am selling SSG plants in small polibags. I am staying in Ampang area. Those who are interested to buy can cal/sms me at 019-2824764 or email

Heart Transplantation 4 years ago

grass and many other natural things are used in many types of cancer. Tulsi is also giving good results in Cancer treatments. wheat grass and its juice are also best supplements for heart care as well as reduce the probability of heart failure, heart attack and Heart Transplantation.

profile image

cath1924 4 years ago from Puchong, Malaysia

Hi I'm a cancer patient and I read email From Shah Alam Section 13. I really would like to know his address or contact number so I can meet him, I need SSG urgently. Thank you very much.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Cath1924,

May I suggest you read this blog:

London 4 years ago

Is there any one in London, England who is interested in SSG. Please contact me on

profile image

cath1924 4 years ago from Puchong, Malaysia

Hi Good Guy, Your Hub is very useful to the people like us, You're very kind.Thank you

Azhar 4 years ago

Hi, Mr. Good Guy and others, kindly, confirm where I could get Sabah Snake Grass in Pakistan. My brother has advance stage Lung Cancer and unfortunately his wife also has Breast Cancer. If anyone knows I could find this plant in Pakistan, that would be a great help. My E-mail is

HL 4 years ago

Those staying in KL / PJ / Shah Alam, if you need SSG for planting, write to me at I have some spare stems that I just took back lately. It's free and for those really in need. Please contact me early before I give all out.

je 4 years ago

Grate stuff!!!!

We are from California USA We Must find a way to buy it and grow it here!!!!!

nordel 4 years ago

Hi Mr Good Guy we will try your ssg. is this plant available in are such a nice person by helping lots of people.. although proven or not the big comments in here says it is working.. many thanks in you god will bless you more..

SOLOMON 4 years ago

Hi guys,

pls where/how can I get SSG IN NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA. Alternatively, can I get someone in the house that will supply me with SEEDS and STEM for planting.

Pls, very urgent, I need them. You can e.mail at- Awaiting your reply soonest.


Francis Lo 4 years ago

I have some stems and leaves can get whoever needed for free. Call: H/P 0198504890, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Jason 4 years ago

Good Guy,

You had a message from ma45frost [Florida, USA] who had returned from Sabah, Malaysia & was growing SSG in his back yard.

I have been frantically trying to obtain SSG plant/s in the USA, to begin to grow fresh leaves for my Colon Cancer.

[I am also trying to get SSG powder / capsules / dried leaves from friend in Kuching, Sarawak, Mal. to begin SSG ASAP.] Dried SSG can provide a back-up between growth of plants - after I obtain some.]

Can you pass this to him, to enable him to contact me direct?

Thanks for excellent site.

profile image

SSGTeabag 4 years ago

Hi all,

I am helping to sell SSG in Teabag form, per pack in packets of 10 cost Sgd 20, those interested may email me at

I am from Singapore.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Jason,

All info are in this article and comments. I don't have any addditional info that are not published here. I don't have email addresses of commentors.

Raza 4 years ago

Could someone please direct me where I can get SSG in CANADA.

My email:


Sunil Patel 4 years ago

Dear Chea,

I'm from India and one of my friend's father have cancer.Can we get this grass in India via courier or any other optional method.

Please help me.My mail id is

I'm from Gujarat-India.

Looking for your mail and information.


Sunil Patel

Samaritan 4 years ago

I am now clearing my excess stock of SSG at my backyard.

There are ample leaves & stems to be given away (for

free) if anyone needed it.

Unfortunately, I am staying in Kuching (Sarawak...

and if anyone needed me to send from here, please help

to bear the courier fee.

I can be reached at

michael lee 4 years ago

Hi Sunil Patel

I gave few stems of snake grass to my India supplier to replant while he was in Malaysia few months ago and he told me that the grass growing well now in Kochi. May be you can get some stems from him.

gibbs Ajib 4 years ago

Yes Thanks I have seen big quantity of the sabah snake Grass here in Nigeria please for real dealing only contact 4 years ago

I'm in Los Angeles.

Anyway I can get access to this SSG plant so I can grow them in my garden ?

I can be emailed at

Thanks ! 4 years ago

hi guys, will anyone pls tell me where can i find snake grass here in philippines 4 years ago

My cousin took the sabah snake grass capsules for two months. He went from Stage 4 chronic kidney disease to Stage 5 and is now headed to dialysis and transplant. I wish I could reverse time; I would have never allowed him to take sabah sanke grass.

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Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author


I am sorry to hear about your cousin's condition. SSG may or may not be the cause.

A survivor 4 years ago

Dear Texraven

It sounds so unfair to blame SSG especially when it is not helping your cousin's problem.

Remember that your cousin was already in Stage 4 (Late Stage) when you tried SSG. Where were you during the early stage ? Probably, the situation could be better.

PM 4 years ago

Hi michael lee,

Do you have the contact info of your friend in india? Thanks.


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junmilette 4 years ago

I have SSG in Philippines. Thanks Mr. Good Guy for this info. The cost of it is not for the price of the SSG but for the delivery from Malaysia to Singapore then to Philippines, propagation and raising them.

Our plant is free from any harmful chemicals, we normally use organic materials like vermicompost and composted leaves and manure to grow in natural way and result even more effective.

But it has said... this plant may or may not be a 100% cure for your cancer/illness but we believe it may help in some ways...

west 4 years ago

where can i get this herb .the patient in australia.

Steve 4 years ago

Hi all bro & sis,

My father is suffering from lung cancer 4th stage. Whenever he coughs out, there are blood stain. He also finds it difficult to take in solid food. I have been feeding him with SSG blended with apple & lemon as recommended every morning for the last 52days. He told me he is still coughing out blood. Can anyone with similar experience tell me what have I missed out? Daily intake of SSG leaves range from 180 to 210 pieces.

Dydy 4 years ago

My mum had breast cancer and has already removed it. Recently just found out that the cancer has spread to her brain, lung and liver. I'm giving her the SSG. The first day was fine for her but the second and third day she keeps on vomiting, she said she can't drink it as it make it puke after she finished it. So instead of drinking I make her eat 200 pieces everyday. She did not vomit and it seems fine for her. I hope SSG will help to reduce her stage and make her fully recover. Doctor gave her 3months, I praying for miracle.

SSGplanter 4 years ago

SSG does not always work for everyone. I know one current case where the SSG is making no progress at all.

So maybe should switch over to Black Face General

Anyone can share the black face general dosage?

SSG must also be taken with a knob of GINGER + green

Apple to balance the "super cooling" effect of SSG.

to the body.

FYI: SSG in singapore 4 years ago

SSG dried leaves can be obtained in Singapore TCM

shops at average price of $2.00. Small plants go for

$5.00 at world farm with 2-3 stalks and big plants go for $10.00-15.00. Ang Mo kio central nursery also sells them. Many are seen on sidewalks now adays. 80% of nursery have SSG EXCEPT far east flora branches as of today.

sofian 4 years ago

Thank You...I am from Brunei, if skin problem (psoriasis) how many snake grass i'm going to use..?

Steve 4 years ago

Thanks SSGplanter for your advice. I heard of "Black face General (BFG)" few years ago. They told me to boil a big bunch of BFG leaves with brown sugar. One pot of water boiled until close to half left (about 6 hours). Let it cool, then drink it daily. I tried once and it taste like "cooling tea" (leong cha). Someone out there who may know better, can you please advise if that's the right procedure? I agree with you that some herbs work on some people. Anyway if we don't try it, we will never know. Whatever advise, I always take it with a positive note. Thanks all.

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darcysim 4 years ago

hi all,

from what i know , those who are successfully recovered from cancers, are those who took fresh sabah snake grass. there are more than a hundred over successful cases documented at, but it is in chinese.

most of them also took a vegetarian diet during these times.


aquaponics1 4 years ago

i understand that the male plant is used for the treatment is this correct.

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Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi aquaponics1,

I don't think there is a male and a female plant.

Save your live 4 years ago


i feel sorry to hear that your cousin's condition. But actually one herb may not bring same effect to everyone or individual.

Since SSG help so many cancer patients and get them recover from illness, but actually some of the patients not benefit from it too. It is not because SSG is not good, this may be due to individual body. Just like chemotherapy or some medication drugs, some patients will have a good respond on it but some not at all...

Some of my friends get recover from cancer after taking Sabah snake grass but i have a friend not benefit from it and she already pass away last year... i feel sad to heard the news and she actually had tried chemo and other medical drugs and SSG, also not help at all...

Even doctor also cannot guarantee every drugs / herbs can bring same effect or 100% recover. We only can try our best to save and more lives

Jc 4 years ago


Kidney diseases are usually autoimune diseases.

Also, it is wise to use a multiprong approach to cure and not just put all ones hope in a single herb.

There is much that needs to be done to correct the body from attacking itself which is what an autoimune disease is doing.

Sorry to be negative...

but your relation needs to ensure their body is ALKALINE. This will put the immune system into the best possible position for correcting any problem in the body.

Meat, dairy, salt and refined foods need to be ELIMINATED... yes, get rid of them.

Do not eat processed foods!.

Add spirulina to your diet...

Sure... the food is not going to taste as good at first.. you will get used to it... it is better than dialysis or steroids!

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aquaponics 1 4 years ago

I am looking for more growing info. We are trying to grow sabah snake grass in aquaponics 100% chemical free growing using fish and water only. having good results with many plants. Now my step father has cancer so I want to try growing sabah snake grass for him. If it works I would like to help people in Thailand.Any info on this plants growing requirements will help in this undertaking. Also any one in Thailand using it please contact me Our FB page is Aquaponnics Thailand.

darcysim 4 years ago

i have reply to your email, look out in your email.

aladn 4 years ago


can you tell me how can i have the clinacanthus nutans in singapore

thank you so mutch

darcysim 4 years ago

u can go to chinatown wet market ,b1-161 to buy it from chinatown herbal shop at $12 per half kg.

aquapinics 1 4 years ago

Thank you for the e-book. I will try to use the inf to bring herbal plants into aquaponics. I think that an important factor is to ensure that we grow 100% chemical free this can only make the plant more effective by removing any outside influences of chemicals from growing media.

I am still looking for anyone in Thailand with an interest in sabah snake grass or who has been using it.

darcysim 4 years ago

hi friend.

in the e-book, there are more than 50 cases of people in malaysia who have used the grass and found it to be effective in their problems. The e-book has english and chinese translations. Those successful cases are those who used fresh sabah snake grass.


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darcysim 4 years ago

those interested in the e-book, can find it in the above link.

hope it helps


nicliu 4 years ago

it is good information you posted thanks, i would like to ask you if you drink the snake grass drink would it normally cause gastric problem? as my relatives is drinking it and he said cause him pain gastric..can you help as he is following the method peeling green apple, put 20 leaves in and half lemon, for info he has lymphatic cancer

eric 4 years ago

Seia Yip (snake leave) we grow in our garden in ipoh & s'pore in a pot.

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darcysim 4 years ago

hi nicliu,

i don't know about sabah snake grass causing gastric pain, but quite a number of my friends have tried it, and found it to be effective, it is very effective against swelling, and it cleanses your blood, if u take it for some two weeks, u will find your face glowing with health, this is my personal experience.

Those who are taking sabah snake grass should avoid taking certain kind of foods such as seafood, durian, which are poison to the body.

I myself is taking alkaline water from water ioniser, which is very good in balancing the acidicity in our body. Cancer cannot thrive in body which is rich in alkaline. Maybe , this may help in solving the gastric pain while taking sabah snake grass.

It is advisable to take it in the morning and afternoon one hour before and after food.

hope it helps.

aquaponics 1 4 years ago

To help balance the alkaline try eating


cayenne pepper


kelp almonds


aquaponics1 4 years ago

things to avoid in balancing alkaline

white bread


red meat

sam 4 years ago

.Hi everyone. I can provide you with the extract of SSG. 1 gram equals to about 120 leaves. I sell 200 gm in plastic bottle for RM350. It can easily be mixed in any drinks. Smells nice too. contact me at or sms 0175193770. Have a good health everyone!

Samaritan 4 years ago

Dear Aquaponics

Your recommendation is good in alkalinization ... but bad for those with high uric acid/gout lah !

I would suggest fresh fruit juices as the best and of course, don't forget fresh coconut juices too.

Good rest by sleeping early and happy-go-lucky attitude are good examples too.

aquaponics1 4 years ago

Samartan. You are correct. I also agree the state of mind is just as important maybe even more so.

GilbertPH 4 years ago

Hello everyone

Can SSG cures Pancreatic Cyst ? or anyone knows have cases pancreatic cyst ? My father is now suffering pancreatic cyst and he is interested to buy SSG after he reads all comments here..

SSG Juicing is highly recommended ?

Need a ASAP response my email

GilbertPH 4 years ago

Im from Philippines

michael lee 4 years ago

Hi PM,

Below is my friend's contact in Kochi, India.

He has successfully grown SSG from the stems that i gave him.

michael lee (

Lenie 4 years ago


I am also interested to have SSG plant for my father, I wish that someone can share it to me, here is my email add: lenie _cfrias I'm from Philippines, and if I could have this plant to grown, I promise to share it to others who also need to be cure. Thanks.

gendistea 4 years ago

Hello I am selling Sabah Snake Grass Tea / Gendis Tea in a tea bag form. Visit my website: or email me at: Will courier or mail to your address/home.

Contact: 0166929060 (Malinda)

Jonathan Foong 4 years ago

Sabah Snake Grass ! Why so great it can cure Cancer patients and other dieases ? Please refer to Bone Marrow and Thymus, functions of T cells and B cells. You should have some basic idea WHY cancer cells being killed ? T and B cells are produced from Bone Marrow and Thymus, so if patients who do not have much response with Sabah Snake Grass juice, they should look into what is happening with their Bone Marrow and Thymus if both are functioning ? Can they be corrected to function ? etc........ God bless all of you.

htching 4 years ago

I am from Singapore and looking for the pure SSG tea bags. Where can I buy them in Singapore ? I can be contacted at email

Thank You.

maria 4 years ago

for how many days have to take? 4 years ago

My father, aged 92 is at stage 4 of bone cancer. this is consequnce of the prostate cancer exploded two months ago. Where can I purchase teabag organic sabah snake grass in England- I am in London- or in Italy - in Padova where he lives.

Do any one know the address/comntact detail of a reputable seller?

How long does it take to get the SSG shipped to England or Italy?

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LeeHW 4 years ago

I just planted a pot of SSG a few days ago and let's hope i can grow more for others to share.

Jacinta 4 years ago

I was reading about the SSG the last few week my dad who is 84 has and has stage 4 cancer of the prostate and it has spread to his hip bones and limpy notes and bone marrow so i had this person address in KL who sell the tea leaves and we had bought them and started to give it to him now is been two weeks since he is take them. But would like to have the plant if someone could give to us please email address is .....i live overseas in Australia and also would like to know if i could get this plant here

thank you so much

January 4 years ago

Hi, I need constant supply delivered to Singapore address, according to the quantity indicated, would have to be 150-200 leaves a day. Contact via please, million thanks.

michael lee 4 years ago

Hi, I have been giving out fresh SSG for the past one year but due to the constant demand for the fresh leaves which my supply unable to cope, i decided to supply the SSG in teabag so that overseas patients also able to take this miracle plant. Recently i couriered the teabag to an overseas patient and I felt encouraged when the the patient told me experiencing some improvement to the body after 5 days of taking the teabag. It shows this miracle plant really works. Those who need further information can email me :

Judy Liew 4 years ago

Hi..i am from Miri Sarawak. I have SSG plants and if anyone interest pls contact me. My email is or sent an sms to me 0060168796556.

Messkena Matawie profile image

Messkena Matawie 4 years ago from Singapore

I've started planting this plant for giving away to those who need them. Unaware of the use, I usually trimmed off the stems and placed them in my compost box. If anyone need a small pot for their home, message me here. I'm most willing to help some baby plants for free.

Patrick 4 years ago

I am a Nigerian,is it possible for me to get the plant here?Please help my email is

Darren 4 years ago


Anyone need SSG for free within Kuantan Pahang area,

Kindly contact Email :

Jocelyn 4 years ago

Fresh Sabah Snake Grass available in Singapore.

If you wish to order, msg Jocelyn at 96230269 during office hours or call after office hours for enquiry.

Order weight:

Date and Time to meetup:

Delivery is made to Woodlands MRT taxi stand. Turn left after exiting from Woodlands MRT. Next to the postbox.

Delivery time is between 6-7pm on weekdays. Specific time can be arranged for weekend meetup.

1 kg of Sabah snake grass has approx 1500-2000 leaves, sufficient for intake of 200 leaves per day for at least 1 week.

Shelf life is 10 days in the fridge. You can choose to get 0.5kg if you are consuming less quantity.

There are various recipe to consume. Recipe can be sms to you if you require them.

Michael Lee 4 years ago

Welcome to visit my new blog on sabah snake grass matter.


Magiclife2u 4 years ago

Hi, I am selling SSG capsules and tea bags (Make from Pure SSG). Please visit my website or drop us an email if you have any queries.

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Diaz Ida 4 years ago from miri, Sarawak

Hi, i plant this SSG and would love to help others who really need, for free. im from Miri, Sarawak. Just email me at May God Bless us.

Pankaj Kumar 4 years ago

Hi, I have been giving out SSG in teabag to indian patients to cure cancer. Indian can also able to take this miracle plant. Recently i couriered the teabag to many Indian patient and I felt encouraged when the the patient told me experiencing some improvement to the body after 5 days of taking the teabag. It shows this miracle plant really works. Those who need further information can email me :

salehuddin. ipoh 4 years ago

hi, my auntie was suffering ovari cancer stage 4 which was disclosed by hrpb ipoh a few weeks b4 this year hari raya. almost a month after admitted, we took her back. it so happen mother inlaw to my cousin brought to us these sabah snake grass and we started to give her to dink it. the problem is at that time was from where can we get the supply of the sabah snake grass. with gods will, step father to my aunties grandson told us that he can get it from somewhere. and my aunties condition much much better now. she can eat now, she can lay down by her own and the best thing of it she chew the ssg when she had her meals other than the blended ssg and the green apple. 4 any info do not hesitate to email at

janice 4 years ago

hi! I'd like to ask, why is it that green apple is used or should be used in blending with the sabah snake grass? Can I use red apple instead?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Janice,

You can use any type of apple. But green apple has more juice.

Harry Oh 4 years ago

Dear Good Guy,

I started searching for this SSG early this year or so as I have a classmate who told me he had cancer but didn't tell me what cancer. I found that there are 2 types of Snake Grass, namely Sabah Snake Grass & Indian Snake Grass. Both the plants & leaves looks almost identical except that the ISG is bitter when you chew the leaves. My Indian colleagues says that they use the ISG to cool down heaty babies by blending the leaves & add to milk.

Then my aunt told me she also plant the Horse Grass which is also good at cancer curing which was confirm by a factory worker where we now plant both the SSG & HG.

Anyone staying in the Klang Valley who are in need of the SSG or HG, can drop me a line on, we have 500-600 SSG plants & 6 HG bushes. It is free of charge but you need to arrange a time & place to meet & collect. I can give you saplings or leaves and if you can help me with weeding my SSG plot I'll be most grateful.

All above stated by Good Guy is true, as I have friends & relatives who have been cured.

Harry Oh

Eilynn 4 years ago

Hi, my mum is also suffering with stage 4 gastric cancer and I would like to have the contact of get the SSG for her to try out. She had a big operation and half of her gastric had been cut off as the tumor is bleeding. With her age of 82 and I don't wish to give up on her and I also wish to get the plant so I could plant it in Singapore to help those who need. Please email me if anyone could help me at God Bless

Thank you



Hew 4 years ago

I have been taking this SSG tea and it helps to reduce my uric acid level. Recently, a colleague of mine told me his dad has experience great improvement on his high blood pressure after taking SSG tea.

I have been buying from fresh leaves and tea bags from Will 010 525 7782. I think his products are mostly available at organic shops. You may check them out at They are based in KL and delivery to worldwide should not be a problem.

Messkena Matawie profile image

Messkena Matawie 4 years ago from Singapore

Hi Eilynn. You might want to visit Green Valley Farm at Bah Soon Pah Road. Plenty of this SSG is being planted by hobby farmers there.

Janice 4 years ago

Thanks Mr. Good Guy

Is the effect the same if I'll make a juice (using a juicer) out of the SSG instead of blending it? I always make 3/4 glass of juice out of 200 leaves with 1 green apple and half a lemon for my mom to drink everyday. I tried to use the blender but my mom won't drink it because its bitter. But she'll drink it if its made into juice.. My mom is stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.. And our other problem before she took the SSG leaves is she's having a diarrhea for 6 months now. No medicine could stop her diarrhea. The result of her stool exam has no problem. Does anybody know of any other herbal plant or alternative medicine to stop the diarrhea? She tried drinking the decoction of the rind of mangosteen but it didn't work. She also tried taking ginger + red dates. Still no improvements..

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Janice,

I don't know how you can "juice" SSG leaves. So long as you get the juice, I don't think there is any difference.

For diarrhea, try this :

Janice 4 years ago

Thanks Mr. Good Guy for the informations. I'll try to let her drink the rice water. And if it won't work, I'll also try the noni juice and the pomegranate rind. Hope one would work. Thanks a lot. :)

audrey 4 years ago

My friend in Western Australia Perth, diagnosis with breast cancer six years ago, after two weeks of radiation, she was clear of cancer. Now she had 2 stage cancer came back. Can she able to take Snake Grass? And how can I get hold of to grow snake grass in Perth Western Australia?

Michael Lee 4 years ago

Hi Audrey,

I think it is a bit late to plant SSG now to provide the grass for your friend as it will take at least 2-3 months with at least 100 plants in order to have adequate supply of fresh leaves. The best option now is to take the SSG teabag (which i am promoting now) while i can attach the SSG stems together for you to propagate. Pls visit my blog for more information. Pls also go thru the testimonials section.

JO 4 years ago

Hi Audrey

Please email me . I have plenty of fresh leaves stock and also dried leaves.


Andria 4 years ago

I was wondering if there was anyone i could get some from. My father has just ba re been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer can anyone help.

Sinyi 4 years ago

My wife has metstasis brain cancer, she's running out of time and I desperately need fresh leaves for her. Can anyone help, please ? My location is in Taipei, Taiwan.

My email is

Portiahfernandez 4 years ago

Any one here selling in phillipines? To mr good guy. Are familiar with sheep soreel? That nice too. Search for it too

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Portiahfernandez,

I searched images for sheep soreel. It has unusual shaped leaves.

Portiahfernandez 4 years ago

Yes to all concern . Mmm maybe should try to do some research on sheep soreel herb. Maybe this could add as help also . I found it has a cancer attack elements .

Michael Lee 4 years ago

Hi Andria,

I am able to render the help you are looking for. Pls search my comment just above your comment.

rod rod 4 years ago

hi, where can i get ssg leaves or plants in new mexico usa?

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cath1924 4 years ago from Puchong, Malaysia

Dear Good Guy and all,

I was diagnosed with third stage breast cancer last March. I have gone through surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and now is ongoing hormone therapy.

I have been taking Sabah Snake Grass since after my surgery till this very second. I can feel that taking this SSG on a daily basis is really helping me recover.

In the beginning, I purchased 3 small pots of SSG from a friend. I couldn't re-plant them as I live in an apartment. So I handed them over to my brother-in-law in Shah Alam as he has a garden. He grows them and that is where I take my supply from.

Now, he grows them into small pots and is now selling them for RM5 each to those who need it.

For those who are interested, please contact any of these numbers :

a) 017-6987283

b) 016-2526738

c) 016-6794623

Thank you.

Save others 4 years ago

Since you are benefitting from it, why don't you just give them away to help others. This way, it could speed up your recovery too. Who knows !

Milind 4 years ago

I would like to have Indian Snake Grass plant. I live in INdia. Plz contact me.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Please note : I am away for a secluded retreat, where there is no internet connection. I can only communicate when I return on Dec 18, 2012.

profile image

cath1924 4 years ago from Puchong, Malaysia

I would like to thank those who bought the SSG plants from my brother in law in Shah Alam recently. Because whatever the sales he received were used to support part of my expenses for my ongoing hormone therapy for the next 4 years of my recovery. So that's why I can't afford to give away the leaves as I myself would be needing it, health and financial wise. Because if according to my wish, I would love to give away a big farm of SSG to those who needs it, for free.

Therefore, I believe that God knows ! He knows the content and intentions of my heart and He will help me recover.

Jeff 4 years ago

I try plant SSG. I notice the leaves are always attacked by small white type of leave mites, attacking the underneath of leaves, vital joint of leaves stalks, and new young leaves.

U got that problem? How to solve this? I can't spray insecticides or any other poisons to rid these white mites as we need to eat the leaves.

How to solve this white mites problem?

Mr Chew 4 years ago

Contact me at 90669858 for fresh SSG in singapore. Delivery provided

jonn 4 years ago


Chew Lai Hock 4 years ago

Do contact me Mr Chew at 90669858 Home delivery, after 5pm, in singapore provided. My face book page.!/pages/Sabah-Snake/572623279431259

greenie 4 years ago

Hi Janice,

To cure diarrhea, my mum takes the tender leaves (the youngest portion of shoot) of a guava tree, preferably the 'kampung' one.

She normally takes 3 young shoots for 3 times per day and the next day diarrhea will go.

If you have seen & followed this tip, let share ud of your mum progress.

profile image

pearl600 4 years ago

i am new to this and would like to know more how to eat for lung cancer with bone metasis

michael lee 4 years ago


The small type of leaves mite is called Dysmicoccus Neobrevipes (Beardsley). Pls visit my article on SSG affected by plant disease " in

sofea 4 years ago aunt has breast cancer.. Im at kedah.. Can I please know how do I get the sabah snake grass leaves over here?

michael lee 4 years ago

Sabah snake grass teabag can be couriered to any part of malaysia or the world.

Bora 4 years ago

Hi All ,

My dad is prostate cancer at last stage which goes before 3 years , so not too much time left .We live in ISTANBUL and I want to buy some and grow my self but heard that it can only be grown in Malaysia or nearby . So how can i get some , I am willing to pay the amount you offer.My contact email is best regards to all

Raymond Chong 4 years ago

I been growing a few plants of SSG and usually i gave away if peoples need it. It very easy to growth, just water and sunshine and very fast , cut the stem and pluck to the ground . Contact me at - Penang.

Jay 4 years ago

my husband 62 years old having prostate cancer PSA result is 98.7 born also got black mark on Ogos 2012 Every morning i give him drink 100 pc and a green apple up to date


my husband age 62 also having prostate cancer his PAS result show 98.7 on 13-08-2012 so every day we give him sabah snake grass to drink up to date the PAS result show on 05-12-2012 the PAS show 0.08 yea !!! thank SABAH SNAKE GRASS

nor 4 years ago

saya tidak berapa faham bahasa inggeris.boleh encik bagi resepi cara guna ssg untuk di minum dalam bahasa melayu. terima kasih

jef tan 4 years ago

i do grow quite a bit of ssg in my garden and i am residing in penang island. Do contact me at 0194467360 or if supply is a problem.

Raymond Kg 4 years ago

I do have a fair amount of SSG in my garden in Kuching, Sarawak. If any one need it, I can be contacted via my email :

profile image

yflau 4 years ago

Anyone know where to get fresh SSG in sydney. urgently required for liver cancer patient.

Michael Lee 4 years ago

Hi yflau, I dont think you can get any fresh SSG in Sydney since it is a tropical plant. The only possible way is to get dried SSG which can be couried from Malaysia. To increase the chances of recovery for liver, lung and leukemia , this Elephantopus Scaber herb can be combined with SSG herb. You can read my latest article in

kk 4 years ago

is this plant available in ipoh? need it urgently

yflau 4 years ago

Hi Michael Lee

Thanks michael for your kind info. Will look for alternative ways.

Jojo 4 years ago

Anybody needs SSG in polibegs, fresh or capsule can email me hp 019-2824764 We have supply in Ipoh

and KL area.

hamdan 4 years ago

hi all

we sell extract ssg to solve yr problem. just mix with 100ml of.

water & 1 tea spoon of ssg.

call me 012 3459001


Susan gatdula of the philippines. 4 years ago

How can i avail the ssg plant. I need it very badly. My husband has a stage 4 non samll cell lung cancer.

Aris Tan 4 years ago

Dear Mr. Good Guy,

Thank you for your Sharing, Kindly advise for Penang contact which we able to get the Sabah Snaka Grass from them. Appreciate if you can advise soonest.

Thank you very much.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Aris,

If you are referring to supplies of leaves, I don't have any more info than provided above. If you want an SSG plant I can give you.

aris tan 4 years ago

Hi mr good guy, yes. I would like to have the plant, pls advise where I can collect from you?

Appreciate for your help.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Aris,

Please give me your email address.

Aris tan 4 years ago

Hi MR Good guy,

My email address is

Thank you

Joe 4 years ago

Hi Mr Good Guy,

I would like to have the plant. Can I buy from you? I am from Singapore. My email is Thank u

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Joe,

I am not selling the plant. I give them free of charge. But you are too far away. Please read through the comments, perhaps you can find a supplier nearer your location. What you need is just a little twig. Just poke it in the soil and it will grow.

Joe 4 years ago

Dear Mr Good Guy.

Thank you. I manage to find a supplier in Singapore.

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 4 years ago from sunny Florida

It would be wonderful if this powerful plant could be used world wide. My daughter and grandson both have cancer. I wish that I could find a way to help them get better.

Sending you Angels :) ps

Sana Ratio profile image

Sana Ratio 4 years ago from Reading, England

Great hub. I hope it will helps to my friend Cancer as well.

Georgee 4 years ago

Hi, I'm just wondering if there is any sabbah snake grass in Hong Kong or macau? Or if anyone could distribute it to there as my young 20yr old boyfriend has 2 internal tumors (osteosarcoma)

Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks :)

Michael lee 4 years ago

Hi Georgee, I don't think you can get any SSG in Macau or H.Kong since it is a tropical plant. The only possible way is to courier the dried SSG from Malaysia. You can visit my blog and i can supply the dried SSG.

Eileen/Canada 4 years ago

I have briefly scanned through this page, but have not seen any distributor for Canada or the USA. Do you know if there is one?

Or, how much would it cost (or would it even survive the mail) to mail a couple of roots?

Vern 4 years ago

Mr Good Guy,

I am off to Penang in few days' time. I would like to grow the plant for my parents, can you advise where I will be able to collect from you? My email add at

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Vern,

Please read your mail. I just messaged you.

Michael lee 4 years ago

Hi Eileen,

At the moment, i doubt there is any distributor for this SSG product in Canada or USA since the public knowledge of this miracle plant in these areas is still very very low.

Even a professor from the US Cancer defeated website also claimed that my SSG website is a scam website. This professor claimed that it is impossible that one herb can cure so many types of cancers and i can simply engage few persons to act as fake testimonials. This SSG is a tropical plant and it is unlikely able to grow whole year round in 4 seasons area.

In 2012, Professor Hsieh from Taiwan's National Pingtung University of Science and Technology tried to grow this plant (stems taken from Malaysia) in Taiwan and although it can grow there, he discovered the plant grown under Taiwan's weather and soil conditions lacks some nutrition which are essential for cancer treatment using herbal method.

antoinette 4 years ago

hi mr good guy i am living in st vincent and the grenadines is it possible that i can get SSG from anywhere

Georgee 4 years ago

Thanks Michael Lee for your help, I'll check out your blog :)

If anyone else can help me out with this it'd be great thanks!!

Rick Syo 3 years ago

I want to buy fresh SSG plant to grow my email

Hariharan 3 years ago

Hi, Im from India, I need Sabah Snake Grass asap... can anyone help me finding the source and also for sending it to india...

Michael Lee 3 years ago

Hi Hariharan,

Pls email me for SSG supply if you interested.

Prem Kandy 3 years ago


I was exposed to SSG when my mum-in-law was diagnosed with stage2 breast cancer. Now, a neighbour friend is consuming everyday for his kidney problem. I've also introduced it to Sirdi Sai Baba Center in Seremban. They've set up a herb garden behind their centre. Hopefully I'll get the landscaping job for all the other SaiBaba centres in Malaysia and I plan to introduce and have SSG in their herb gardens as well

babyuki 3 years ago

Dear all,

I am frm Singapore. Currently my grandfather diagnose with lung cancer stage 3. Need to know how can I plant the ssg or get them in Singapore.


intan maznah 3 years ago

hello Gd Guy...

truelly worried about my sister just adviced by Dr to go for Chimmotherapy once a week.She couldn't take it..her Ca is stage 2,I got to be strong n be her pillar so happy to get SSG from Mr.Khoo in Seremban..(got his No will cl him Immedieatly)i can drink it too right to control my Collestrol as well.I love planting plants n herbs in my garden,n will share n let others benefit SSG from my garden later ...TQ gd guy I learned something really worth today..thanks again..god bless U and everyone of us...

devi 3 years ago


my mother is suffering for bone cancer...earlier she suffered for liver cancer...after done the surgical, she gone for chimmo for 18 circle doctor confirm she got tumor in back bone after the scan & ex-ray...she also suffered for back ache past few she admitted in hospital. please advise me on this matter..thank a e-mail address is

Jaypho 3 years ago

I live in the USA, I am wondering if anyone can send me some of this ssg, or know anyone that resides within the USA. I need it for my mom dad, he is diagnosed with cancer. please let me know as soon as possible! Much appreciated. Please reply back to me on here, or my email-

Shvel 3 years ago

Can you take the Sabah Snake Plant concurrently with chemotherapy?


Kenzie 3 years ago

Free potted baby SSG plants available in KL area for distribution to the desperate and needy. currently 30 pots still available – 1st come 1st serve basis. View or contact

Hi 3 years ago

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has seeds that can be mailed to USA... Thanks!

Hi 3 years ago

Hi I forgot to put my email:

Thank you very much!

iantan 3 years ago

anyone in penang can give me a plant ?......

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi iantan,

please emial me at :

sharmane 3 years ago

Thanks for the sharing site. I took 150 leaves blended with green apple for water cystic in my breast. It is about 1.5cm in diameter. It was gone the next day. Really amazing.

It has more use then curing cancer as mentioned in this blog.

rms 3 years ago

hi, you can order the Sabah Snake Grass sapling from the Nilai Landscape's Online Garden Center at RM3.60 per plant, visit

Rhoda 3 years ago

I live in Bangalore India and am looking for a way to get hold of SSG- if anyone has information pl let me know- my mobile number is +91-9845431319. I am under treatment. Thanks.

ken 3 years ago

Hi Rhoda, please checkout this site for more info or contact hem directly at +6018-785-2768 for SSG suppliers. Hope this help :)

YY 3 years ago

You said that the SSG is sweetish?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi YY,

I used the adverb "apparently" implying someone said so. From my own tasting, it is neither "sweet" nor bitter.

John 3 years ago

I've got SSG for sale at RM2.50 a plant. U can contact me at: 012-2768577. Pls sms first as i'm always travelling. Ta.

antoinett such as caribbean queen 3 years ago

i found sabah snake grass in st vincent and the grenadines in my own back yard.

RuthJ 3 years ago

Checkout the above link where you can find it in Negeri Sembilan

Yeny 3 years ago

Mr. Good Guy,

My mom’s thymoma re-grows after she operated it on year 2013. Now she is so sick and doctor found other cancer in the colon area and lymph node surround the intestines. We refused to do biopsy because doctor informs us that is in advance stage, already spread and 98% is cancer. We afraid by doing the biopsy it will make it worse. My mom keeps having fever on and off. We discharge her from Singapore’s Hospital last Thursday 06 June’13 and start gives her SSG on 7 June’13, there is improvement within 1 day taking the SSG (we gave her 300 leaves /day). She is not shivering when she is fever and start to have appetite (could eat more compare to before). However until now she still has fever on and off. Every time she has fever she takes panadol and it helps.

She starts to lose hope and not having faith because she keeps having fever. Any advice regarding the fever she is suffering?? Currently she is taking 150 leaves/day (3 times a day) and we blend 50 leaves with 1/4 of an apple each time. She has gastric problem can’t take apple too much. Any fruits we could substitute for gastric patient? we cut down to 150 leaves per day because she has gastric issue. a

Pls help us my mom still very young. I am Indonesian and start to plan the SSG at our house at Batam, Indonesia. For whoever needs the leave at Batam, pls do not hesitate to contact myself at

michael lee 3 years ago

Hi Yeny,

I suggest you to replace the green apple with red apple (since she has gastric ) and increase the leaves to at least 200-250 pcs per day (blend the leaves with the soft stems also). I think the main function of the SSG can increase the body's immune system to fight the cancer cells. Hope the SSG will work well in 2-3 weeks time for your mum. Pls feel free to visit my blog www.savelifenow,

darcysim 3 years ago

hi yeny,

it is recommended that if u find the green apple and ssg too cooling, u can add in a slice of two slices of ginger, together with the blending.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Michael Lee's blog should be

Please note I don't know this Mr Lee and I am not promoting his blog/products. Be very careful and use your utmost discretion.

Michael Lee 3 years ago

Hi Mr.Good Guy,

The purpose of my blog is not to promote or sell the products, but to educate and inform those cancer patients what other alternative treatments available to them and things they need to consider before going for chemo.

There are more than 15 visitors per days to my blog to get informations and view those testimonies, some of which are from your blog. I will only help those who want to help themselves and will not try to sell the ssg if they dont ask for it. So Mr.Good guy, pls note my message.

I have been sending fresg ssg to two stage 4 cancer patients in India since 2 months ago and their conditions now have been very encouraging. This prove for myself that SSG is really works and not a hoax or just a hearsay as mentioned by recent article in Sin Chew paper on 23/5/2013 by Dr.Ho (UM Tumor & Cancer specialist). He doubts the effectiveness of SSG since he only relied very limited knowledge and frankly speaking he is not authoritative to give an accurate comments on SSG except the cancer diseases.

I am contacting Mr.Liu (former stage 4 cancer patient) from Taiping regularly for further advice for the benefits of other cancer patients.

sharmane 3 years ago

I am a strong believer of this wonder herb. I planted loads of them in my garden too. Have been giving away for those who need them. Recently a lady with stage 4 colon cancer(spread to both lungs and liver) has been taking this ssg(200-300 leaves blended with green apple) daily for about 3 weeks. Her coughing was relieved after the 3rd day. Unfortunately she passed away 5 months later. It does help some people but not all.

Malinda 3 years ago

Hello. Am selling Sabah Snake Grass Tea. Pls. Mssge or Whatts App me at 0166929060. Good price.

alf 3 years ago


I am from the phil. And I was diagnosed with liver cancer stage 4 and spreading on my liver. Iam on catheter bec i cant i cant pee properly. IS SSG not to late? If i will be taking it, will i start with 150 fresh leaves or more?


darcysim 3 years ago

hello friend,

the recommended number of leaves is 300 pieces of fresh leaves per day, blended with a green apple, u can split them in two sessions per day, as blended mixture may be too thick. Also recommended not to take any tonic s when taking sabah snake grass.

KASHMIT 3 years ago

Hi Mr Good Guy,

I would like to obtain the SSG plants and grow to give free those who

need them.

Please give me Mr NG Contact number to my e-mail

Your assistance will be very much appreciated .

Thanks and best regards


alf 3 years ago

Im having pains on my shoulder and back. Do i have to lessen my dosage? Im taking 150 only for 7 days.

darcy 3 years ago

according to some users, those pain are temporary, try to drink plenty of water. See whether it continue for another week 3 years ago


Where can i get the SSG? I would like to grow it in my garden.

Please advice accordingly.


profile image

Wenly 3 years ago

Hi Mr Good Guy and all,

I am from Penang island and I need a supply of 300 SSG leaves a day for my father's stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Do you know where exactly can I find SSG leaves in Air Itam Market or any contacts of supplier in Penang? It would be helpful if someone from Penang could offer me this plant as I would like to grow it in my home as well. My email is Thanks.


Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Wenly,

Please go through the comments section. You may find commercial suppliers there.

Kian Soon 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm here to help. It looks like the free supply for SSG is never enough to satisfy the demand. There is a commercial supplier that grow many acres of SSG that supply fresh and dried leaves and even in pure SSG tea.

Log on to or like their

Hope this helps. God bless everyone and your love ones.

profile image

Wenly 3 years ago

I have another question, can SSG be consumed daily with Maitake Mushroom Extract? My relatives bought this extract and I was wondering if it would interfere with the effects of SSG if used together (but taken at a different time of the day).

ong kong seng 3 years ago

Dear Sir,

Please tell me where can I get "horse grass" or ma chao in mandarin?

thank you

Susan Tan 3 years ago

SSG is easy to plant, cut the stem and push it into the pot or ground, water it daily and it will start shooting. Method is similar to planting "Sayur Manis"

michelle 3 years ago

Hi, I've just derooted a big bunch of SSG from my garden. Instead of throwing it away, anyone interested to have them and the leaves can contact me. Will need to collect from my place in Petaling Jaya ideally by tomorrow morning. I'm residing near University Hospital, section 11. kindly text me if interested 0162430049.

Yusufbash 3 years ago

Hye Mr. Goodguy,

I was just shown your article and I'm really impressed by what this plant can do to cure cancer patients as I have a few in my family. I have stayed in Malaysia for more than three years but unfortunately during my stay i never came across any information about this plant. I am a Nigerian and I'm sure you know I live a million miles away. I just want to ask you how I can get this plant, do I have to come to Kl. to get it or can it be sent via courier service? I would also like to know whether you have any seeds of the plant that I can bring back to my country as there are so many patients here and would like to help them with it too. I would like to have your phone number if possible so that I would call you and we can discuss about it more because as I said I have an aunt and a brother in law who have cancer and would like to offer them this plant to help them. Thank you.

My email add : yusufbash@

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Yusufbash,

Please search through the comments to find the suppliers.

Michael lee 3 years ago


My correct blog address is : not .sg

Khun Siwalai 3 years ago

We just found out that Sabah Snake Grass in Thai "Salay Pong Pon" is very effective in treating Herpes.

A Friend of ours came down with Herpes she went to hospital received some Creams but they did not bring much relief.

She found out that we have Sabah Snake grass in our Garden, Siwalai made a potion of it and after using overnight on her Face our Friend Herpes had immensely improved.

Being that Herpes is a Virus it can be assumed that it will work for other Viruses as well.

There are numerous articles on the net that talk about it, research for yourself

Patcharapat Hua Hin

darcysim 3 years ago

Hi Patcharapat Hua Hin,

Thanks for sharing, how do u make the potion of sabah snake grass, why is it being applied on face, and not eaten. What is herpe?

Rozibul 3 years ago

I have collected plants from Malaysia YPL Herbal farm now available at Bangladesh ...............

Lou 3 years ago

Hi, Mr. Good Guy,

Can i ask where i can get SSG to plant here in the philippines,or have already here in the philippines? because my sister inlaw have breast cancer and i like to help her..

Thank you god bless

Heres my email add

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Lou,

There are so many comments here. Maybe if you go through them, you may find one who is near you. Or you may contact the commercial suppliers who have made comments here.

Pamela 3 years ago


I am an undergraduate student studying in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Seeing the usefulness of SSG as a local herbs, I'm planning to conduct a product development out of its use. Anyone could guide me to the availability of this SSG as I'm not a local here in Sabah. Very much appreciate that, thankyou.

Mabel 3 years ago

Hi Justin, I came to know about SSG and its wonderful effect from my patient who has cancer. He is recovering well.

I do constitutional prescribing for my patients and can very well understand that not everyone can benefit from SSG. But to these people, don't be discouraged. Instead, seek other cures from your own land/soil. There is always something for everyone, we have to make the effort to find that out for ourselves, and yes, sometime, time is not on our side.

Even though this wonderful plant may help people with cancer, don't forget life's basic principles - exercise, watch what you eat and eat in moderation, enjoy healthy hobbies and get proper sleep.

I know some people from different regions are trying to grow SSG. I think planters need to know that local plants may not suit other region's climate and soil. It's just the way it is. There may be some instances of successes though but you will notice the size or character or even effects of the leaves may slightly differ due to soil conditions.

I hope those who have received SSG plants for free will continue to help others in return and not for greed. If you have recovered or recovering from cancer or other terminal illness and you have benefited from SSG, make your life useful and meaningful to others in return. If you cannot plant SSG, you may like to sponsor a plant in some religious grounds or something like that to help those who need them. Even one or two plants that you leave in the wild to grow freely can help others in time to come. Otherwise, just let others know about SSG.

It is a blessing to be able to help others with little or no returns.

May all beings be well and happy.

With Metta.

Assad 3 years ago


I am in Qatar from Pakistan. Where can I find this in Qatar or Pakistan. My father has Lymphoma. I want this grass for his treatment.

Michael lee 3 years ago

Hi Assad,

I can supply you this herb which is the best quality from Malaysia and we use organic fertilizser , pls contact me -

noordin 3 years ago

Hi Mr. Good Guy,

I hava been trying to locate the YPL Herbal Farm in Johor. Until today I am still trying to locate it. Can u help me. I am suffering from prostat cancer which is at stage 4.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Noordin,

I googled and found this :

Florante Valenciano 3 years ago

We grow this plant (SSG) in our farm in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. If anyone who suffer from serious ailments please contact us thru my email address:

Jiaxing 3 years ago

I'm in the Singapore area, any idea where I can get the SSG plant?

darcy 3 years ago

u can buy 500gm of sabah snake grass at $10 at chinatown herbs at blk 335 smith street chinatown complex #B1-161 tel 62226156

Herbalhills 3 years ago

BLOG is awesome, and things you have enlighten, are extremely helpful for healthy health great Blog is hard to find…

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thank you for the encouragement, Herbalhills

profile image

YuEnlighten 3 years ago

Mr Good Guy! Ur good deed will be blessing!

My father had diagnosed 4th stage of lung cancer n had been metastat to brain. It's been two mth fr now.

Im so sad that I found out that most western medical, I mean those oncologists are more concern of $$ rather than the patient. One day if I'm more free I will create a blog like u to save n give sharing to those who needed.

To cut it short I'm now given my dad to practice TCM alone n I found it really works to him. I'm glad I found the greatest Tcm doc, my opinion.

I go through all this post and comments n I realize many is suffering of cough n etc. FYI the first week my father ongoing his chinese medicine he's in terrible cough n vomitting till I send him to hospital. I'm glad I had faith to let him continue till now he healthier n no more cough now.

However, bout last week he started to behave imbalance while walking again. My good friend intro SSG to me. After 3 days taken I can see a lots improvement n I can see her face aura is better ever.

I would like to give advice to anyone out there which ever they consume traditional medicine, I found out there will be diarhere or vomit, I think is natural n some sort of detoxication. Pls warn that it's base on my own opinion n I'm not such a medicator.

Final n not least I hope my father at least hv 3 to 5 yrs life to go which oncologists estimate he got another 3 to 6 mths life span. Also I hope my dad going without suffering.

P/s: I hope all u guys out there who suffering this cruel disease may found ur most suitable potion which suit u n recover. Those who takes the opportunity to grab profit here pls be compasion but not only $$$. Life is happier when u do good deed!!


Yu Enlighten

Anyone if needed to contact me to share opinion u may contact me at

Michael lee 3 years ago

Hi Yu Enlighten,

I totally agreed with you about your statement "those oncologists are more concern of $$ rather than the patient". I have mentioned the same in my article last year about this in my blogspot on SSG. Now i am writing a new article to be posted soon to counter claim one article written by an oncologist who question the effectiveness of SSG to cure cancer diseases based on their team members' findings.

Jason Low 3 years ago

Hi everyone....i found this website selling SSG in tablets form...much more convenient and concentrated effects...

Herbal Hills 3 years ago

Great Blog!! Herbal Ayurvedic Herbs are really good for health. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.

Tommy 3 years ago

Hi! Where can I get this herbs from Singapore?


Soo 3 years ago

I just like to know where can I buy this plant in Petaling Jaya. Is there any nursery selling it?

Kesavan 3 years ago

My brother in law has been diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer. We live in Tanjung Bungah. Where's the nearest place to get the SSG leaves. We would like to get some plants too. Is it possible to grow them from seeds? I heard that it's also grown near The Pagoda. Can anyone confirm this?

Thank you.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Good evening Kesavan,

If you search around even in your area, you would most likely find one, infront of someone's compound. Just ask for a short cutting, poke it into the pot or ground, and it will grow. It's a weed.

Mae 3 years ago

Kesavan, you can buy Sabah snake grass from Ayer Itam wet market in the morning.

CF 3 years ago

Hi Tommy,

I come across a florist stall in Toa Payoh Lor 8 market selling SSG.U may want to check it up. Hope u can find it.

Daniel 3 years ago

Hi Good Guy,

Where can I get this herb in Penang? At the air itam market? Is there anywhere else that is abundant. I need it for my mum's lung cancer stage 4.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author


Scan through the comments and find the commercial suppliers. This is a better bet.

RAJANNA 3 years ago

Hello Dear,

I would like to know about this SSG & ISG. I am from India & one of my sister is at stage4 Esophagal cancer. Can anyone tell me whether we can use Indian Snake grass for treating this cancer.

OR where & how can I get SSG as to start treatment immediately.

Please help me & God will help you.


Rajanna K V.

Liulw 3 years ago

Anyone looking for SSG? Mine is growing wild in my garden and planning to trim and throw away. Wld like to pass some over to anyone who need them to heal . Not for commercial purposes please .Contactable at

Dickson 3 years ago

Hi,I live in Ipoh.A friend down with lymphoma asked my help in planting the SSG for him as his garden is too small.I believe the SSG has played a great part in his remission.Now the bush is very big and I need to trim it regularly.Anyone who would like to plant it can contact me at,it is for free man.

mida 3 years ago

I urgently need the Mr LIU's number or email id or anyone's contact who has been cured of lung cancer by consuming tge snake grass.

jannes 3 years ago

Hi Good Guy. saya dari Indonesia.. saya hendak mencoba sabah snake grasse, saya mengindap penyakit cancer paru stadium 4 di bagian paru kanan dan penyebarannya berupa kelenjar getah bening, bagaimana caranya saya bisa mendapatkan teh sabah snake grasse? terimakasih

Michael lee 3 years ago

Hi Jannes,

Saya bisa kurir anda dengan sabah snake grass yang anda cari. Ada 3 jenis SSG yaitu daun segar, teh celup dan kapsul. Silah kunjungi blog saya untuk informasi lebih lanjut: dan sila email saya jika anda berminat.

jannes 3 years ago

alamat emal saya

Alisha 3 years ago

Just bought an SSG extract liquid online from this company for my mother who suffering from colon cancer. My mom needs to take a lot of fresh ssg leaves and can't wait ssg to grow. Check out their testimonials section too. Alhamdulillah!

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