Opiate Life - Withdrawal & Scoring in Layman

After the Kill
After the Kill

Sickness & Relief From Opiate Addiction , A Metaphorical Analysis.

So you're in withdrawal, why not take this chance to kick the habit?

Because as bad as it gets when you're out, it's even better when you're in.

You're strung out, no girlfriend, from the outside looking in you're a shell, an egg that's been cracked with the life slowly leaking out. But we don't do this to ourselves for nothing.

You have your ritual, the phone calls, begging, borrowing, stealing, crying, laughing, anything else you can do to get the cash together.

So you've made your calls, waited a few hours, seriously considered quitting for the 286787482nd time etc

But now, it's in your hand! A little bag full of magic, of broken dreams and lost innocence. Clenched in your fist is the greatest false hope in the world.

To put this in a way that a "straight" person could understand;

Imagine you've been caught up in some kind of devastating disaster and survived, barely. You walk for days, every step sending bolts of pain through your entire body. You're drenched in sweat with nothing to drink, your tongue is cracked with dehydration, your stomach cramped with hunger, you're in agony.

What's that? You strain your ears, knowing that for the last couple of days you've both seen and heard things that aren't there, but this, this is what you think it is, this is a rescue helicopter. You manage to signal the incoming rescue team and finally you're picked up and on your way to salvation.

You're taken to the nearest hospital and injected with the finest painkillers known to man. A beautiful young nurse (seriously, she'll be the best looking thing on two legs when you notice that she's..) carrying an ice cold 6-pack, steak, fries and a complimentary "massage". You've gone from the throes of agony and utter almost utter loss of hope, to a level of comfort, relaxation and pleasure it borders on hedonism.

I hope this makes slightly clearer the reasons why some addicts go to the lengths they do to fund their addictions, for a more focused explanation of the withdrawal process itself read my next article simply titled, "Withdrawal".


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