Hip Joint Pain Information

Hip Joint Pains Can Be Due to Arthritis in the Hip

The most common cause of hip joint pain is arthritis. Luckily, today there exist a number of ways to treat and ease these pains. The invasiveness of the treatment will depend on the severity of the pain.

Arthritis in the hip is something that is gradually developed. Often it occurs in people, who through many years have performed hard physical labor, where they have walked, or stood upright, a large percentage of the time. People who as children had hip problems, are also at a higher risk.

In treatment, it's important to maintain the best possible movement of the joint and make sure that the surrounding muscles are relaxed.

Exercises for Arthritis Knee and Hip Joint Pain Relief


The first symptoms of arthritis in the hip joint can actually be pain in the butt, the groin, and/or the actual hip late in the days and after longer walks. Some people feel no pain in the hip joint, but they experience pains around the knees after strain on the hip.

Therefore it might be difficult at first to know whether you are developing arthritis in the hip. Apart from pains after strain, many experience a lot of morning stiffness in the joint and have a feeling that the hip needs to be warmed up to function properly.

After suffering of arthritis for a while, the pains can become "deep" and "drilling" or come in excruciating "flashes", lasting anywhere from hours to days. Often nightly pains occur around the hip or the knees.

The Daily Load

Every single time we take a step the hip joint is exposed to strain. Thanks to the body's fantastic structure, our hip joints can take many years of strain without problems. But just like all other things, the hip joint has an upper limit to how much strain it can tolerate.

When this limit is reached depends on the size of the daily strain on the hip, whether you are genetically predisposed to arthritis, and whether you make sure to have enough vitamins and minerals, thus giving the body enough building blocks to maintain health.

Last but not least, a change in the structure of the hip joint due to a disease as a child/young adult, may contribute to developing arthritis in the hip later in life.


In some cases the arthritis is so pronounced, the pains so strong, and the daily activity so hampered that a "new hip" is the only solution. But when the arthritis is not so painful as to require an operation, there are other treatment possibilities.

E.g. with your chiropractor. With the chiropractor you can be examined, have x-ray pictures taken and be treated for pains caused by arthritis in the hip. Specific joint mobilization of the hip and stretching of the surrounding muscles, has shown to soothe the symptoms of arthritis in the hip.

It's important to maintain the best possible movement in the hip and the knees, and to avoid that the muscles in the butt and thighs tighten up.

Consult Your Doctor

If you suspect that your hip pain is caused by arthritis, it is important to consult your doctor. Together you can settle on the best course of action and make the condition as manageable as possible.

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