Hit and Run

I know I am going to discuss something of a rather sensitive nature, but three days ago I had a friend that lost a child by a hit and run driver. Her child, a teenager, was riding his bike, got hit, thrown several feet, and laid there without assistance, because the driver left the scene without even stopping to see if the person they hit was ok or in need of help.

My friend sat at her child’s bedside, while he laid there in a drug induced coma for several days, until the necessary action had to be taken to withdraw life support.

As someone that works in the medical field, I have seen many different case scenarios. Yet, one can’t help but wonder what would warrant anyone to leave the scene of an accident, leaving someone injured, without assistance and in need of help.

Was that person intoxicated and unaware of what took place?

Was that person in shock and out of fear decided to speed off?

Was that person afraid that they would get thrown in jail for murder?

Then one can’t help but wonder if the person was intoxicated surely they would have seen the front end damage to their car and would have heard the news releases, about this child, the following day. Why then doesn’t anyone step forward? Do they think that it will all go away? That it will never happen again?

If it wasn’t intoxication, and maybe just someone afraid, why wouldn’t they seek legal counsel, explain their situation and what happened? Do they think life will be easier if they just stay quiet with hopes of not being noticed? Would they much rather constantly look over their shoulder wondering when they are going to get caught?

What about jail? Although this is a horrible event, one in which many may think deserves life in prison, accidents do happen. It was an accident that took place, nothing intentional, unfortunately it caused a death. But what is intentional is leaving the scene, not saying or doing anything about it, and pretending it never happened. Maybe making state law that is so harsh against your hit and run drivers, that running wouldn’t become an option, is the answer.

Either way you look at it, in my opinion, I would think seeking legal counsel, turning yourself in, and facing what took place is the only real answer.

As for my friend. I pray God gives her the courage to move forward, the strength to endure life without her son, and the answers needed to achieve closure.




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Alison Dittmar profile image

Alison Dittmar 6 years ago from PA

First, let me say that I am sorry for your friends loss. Lossing a child has got to be the most devestating event for any parent, so I wish them peace.

Secondly, I agree with your logic here. It is strange and wrong when people leave the scene of a hit and run! The only reason I can see is if they were totally unaware that it happened, which would be due to bad weather conditions and poor visability. Otherwise, do the right thing. You will always have that cross to bear- admitting your mistake/accident will make it easier.

smarty2pop profile image

smarty2pop 6 years ago Author

Thank you Alison for your kind words, my friend can use all the wishes and prayers out there. And yes, I agree with your logic as well.

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