Hold the Bus Seats for the Elderly and Disabled

A bus is a small place to bring strollers
A bus is a small place to bring strollers | Source
No One Should Take Up More Than One Seat on a Crowded Train or Bus
No One Should Take Up More Than One Seat on a Crowded Train or Bus | Source

Common Courtesy Should Prevail

What is the Issue?

There is a problem with riding public transportation. It has been going on for years. People hate it, but rarely do anything about it except silently complain or grumble under their breath.

The main problem is a profuse lack of courtesy. Men, but mainly women refuse to roll up their baby carriages while boarding the bus, trolley or train. As they board crowded buses, they try to push their strollers through the crowd. This makes riding the bus a very unpleasant experience because these riders are fully able bodied and have no excuse for not rolling up their carriages to make more space on the bus.

Just as egregious is the disrespect to elderly and wheelchair passengers. Commuters with baby carriages are taking the priority seats reserved for the disabled and elderly riders. They take up the seats and large empty spaces designated for passengers who use a wheelchair.

Why is it a Problem?

It is the height of rude behavior and lack of consideration to the elderly and disabled. Those special seats and empty spaces are not for passenger with babies and baby carriages. It’s for people who can’t sit anywhere else. That’s why the designated seats are at the front of the bus. It is so disabled and elderly people can get on and off the vehicle with minimum help. They shouldn’t have to push and shove the other passengers to get off at their stop.

Baby carriages used to be small, just wide enough for the baby. They were easy to fold up. Now they are huge. They can take up the entire aisle. No one can get past them in a crowd. Women are also so bold as to get on the bus with double wide carriages. And sometimes there is more than one baby carriage that gets on the same bus.

Women or men get their feet stomped on by baby carriages, double carriages and strollers. When the baby carriages are open, they can’t or refuse go to the back of the bus so more people can get in. They stay at the front. When your stop comes up, you have to push your way through the crowd and past the baby carriages to get out.

People used to respect the elderly and disabled. When a weak or feeble person came on the bus, not only would a man help him or her coming up the steps, but another person would stand and give his seat to that person. Women today get angry when you ask them to get up from the chair designated for an elderly person. They get doubly agitated when you ask them to remove their giant baby bag from the seat next to her so a disabled person can sit down. It's inconsiderate and rude behavior.

How Can it Be Solved?

Those seats for the disabled and the large and spaces at the front of the bus or trolley were established by the American for Disabilities Act. It was enacted to allow disabled people to be able to take public transportation so that they are not trapped in their homes. They can go to a job, go shopping, etc. by being able to sit at the front of the train or wheel their chairs and/or walker into space designated for such.

Either the empty spaces are reserved or they’re not. Able bodied people should not use those seats. The wheelchair areas are specifically designated for frail people. Other passengers on the bus should speak up and complain to the driver when a baby carriage goes there.

Women with baby carriages are not a privileged or special class based on need. A woman or man should be stopped at the door and required to fold up their strollers before boarding public transportation even if for safety reasons.

If the reserved space is empty, strollers should be able to use it. But if a passenger with a wheelchair or is elderly or disabled, the passenger with a stroller should be made to move out of that space. The bus or trolley driver should enforce it, just as he or she must enforce the no smoking policy.

At the End of the Day

Sometimes common courtesy must be regulated. You can see what happens when rules are not enforced. Anarchy is allowed to have its way. The elderly and people with physical disabilities should be given top priority on the public bus, train, or trolley. Anyone else in those areas is inconsiderate, rude, and inappropriate, but essentially out of federal compliance. They should be required to move so a handicapped person can have the space.

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Comments 18 comments

chasemillis profile image

chasemillis 5 years ago

interesting hub, great work!

Carolyn2008 profile image

Carolyn2008 5 years ago from Boston Author

Thank you.

Sophie's soap box profile image

Sophie's soap box 4 years ago from Australia

This sounds extremely annoying! I was born a twin, however my mother had a stroller with the seats facing each other and agrees with the fact that the side-by-side strollers are quite hazardous(they take up too much aisle space).

Luckily, in Australia, nobody ever smokes on public transport (I've certainly never noticed) and people pretty much always stand up for older or disabled travellers. This can work against you though!

I was once travelling on a bus and offered my seat to an elerly man. He was extremely offended and told me that he was 'stronger' than me! I could have had a gender debate with him however I decided against it. At least guys these days realise it's un PC to say something like that to a girl who's only trying to help.

Good luck with the situation and hopefully, people will improve their behaviour.

Carolyn2008 profile image

Carolyn2008 4 years ago from Boston Author

Thank you for your comment, Sophie's Soap Box. As the number of senior citizens grow, we need to be more respectful to our elders. How can anyone see a disabled or elderly person, or even a pregnant woman, stand for sometimes 45 minutes on a bus, and not offer a seat?

Sophie's soap box profile image

Sophie's soap box 4 years ago from Australia

Yes, I don't know how these people live with themselves! How can they sleep at night? I guess it takes all kinds to make a world but at least if we care, that's one more person who does.

b. robinson 4 years ago

if a disable person is sitting down already in the disabilty seats on the bus can they be made to move so others passengers can sit down there , even it not enough space on the seat.

Carolyn2008 profile image

Carolyn2008 4 years ago from Boston Author

I don't think that is fair to the disabled person who has a medical need to sit down as opposed to just being comfortable. We need to stop being so selfish to think we healthy passengers are better than a disabled person when it comes to sitting down on a bus or train.

rose 4 years ago

nice work

Carolyn2008 profile image

Carolyn2008 4 years ago from Boston Author

Thank you.

Bruce 4 years ago

Old person are not disabled unless they are disabled. So mums to be are not disabled. So why do the get the seat on the bus? I am a disabled person and do require a seat on the bus but a lot of the time it is taken up by people who are not disbled.

Carolyn2008 profile image

Carolyn2008 4 years ago from Boston Author

There are a certain number of seats available. If the bus is crowded, I think the most disabled person at the time should get a seat. The overall issue is that after a hard day at work, everyone wants to sit down. What makes us civilized is when we see another human being clearly in distress or needs to sit down, we let that person have the seat.

Bobski606 profile image

Bobski606 4 years ago from U.K

I've recently become disabled and I take the bus daily to get to work. I need 2 crutches just so that I can walk and I am often forced to stand for 30 mins on the bus because healthy people are in the disabled seats. People can quite clearly see that I'm struggling to stand up safely but still refuse to give up their seats. Fair enough if you also have a problem but when you can see someone struggling the it's just nice to help and give up your seat.

Carolyn2008 profile image

Carolyn2008 4 years ago from Boston Author

It's such a shame that people in this country are so much into personal entitlement that one won't even allow a disabled person to sit down on a crowded bus or train. I think we should just ask the person if he/she will allow you to sit down. Maybe shame will make people think before they sit.

Bobski606 profile image

Bobski606 4 years ago from U.K

I've been refused after asking directly having been curtly told that they're tired, or even just a plain no.

Carolyn2008 profile image

Carolyn2008 4 years ago from Boston Author

It is so sad that people can be cruel in order for their own comfort

Shu 4 years ago

Baby strollers used to be SMALL? Have you seen the size of the old fashioned buggies? I had one someone tried to hand down to me...I swear the thing was a damn crib on wheels...

me 2 years ago

i am elderly and disabled and mothers with strollers always get the front seats and bus drivers say nothing, nada, not a word.

Carolyn Gibson profile image

Carolyn Gibson 2 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

It's time for people to stand up for our elderly and disabled on the bus. They have earned a place of dignity. We need to speak up and teach younger folk to respect our elders. Otherwise, how will they know they are doing wrong by not giving up their seats?

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