Holiday Health; Tips For Maintaining Weight and Stress Levels.

Holidays Are Upon Us And Stress Is Every Where

The holidays are coming up and there are so many stresses, on planning, family, and events, which we have to deal with. The holiday demands that we endure; often times take time away from what is important to ourselves and our families. We worry about maintaining weight, Weight gain, Loss of privacy, weight gain, and such all mount as the stress of preparing dishes for the enjoyment of the family, to picking out the perfect place settings, can take its toll upon us. Children are scheduled to be here, or there and there are still shopping to make arrangements to worry about. So when does an active family schedule find time to take care of themselves? Most family’s members find themselves becoming lost, in setting of priorities.

We all make promises to return to our physical fitness regiments, and take off excessive pounds and reduce weight gains, when the holidays are done. When the extended family or friends are gone with the conclusion of the events they participate. For those whom are planning on making the regular vows of weight loss, or taking off holiday weight gains off, you can take time during the holidays to help keep those promises and take care of our families.

The rush and the craziness of the holidays, brings stress and stressful situations, to the surface, as we try to please everyone around us, and placing our happiness on the proverbial “back burner.” Taking time to manage these stresses, can allow you to help reduce stressful feelings, that my typically surface at the last moments of preparing for your families events.

Suggestions for reducing stress and taking care of your stress levels, are all around us. The news reporter whom shares ideas from the famous psychologists, and medical doctors, will bombard the air-waves, as they resonate over your television screens. In theory, most of the information you will hear are reasonably accurate, when it comes to efforts you can take to reclaim fitness and losing pounds packed on, during the holdays.  However, When you and your family take time away, from the outside world, to regroup and stay in touch with the important things, in life.

Here are some practical suggestions, for you to take to heart, before you too engulfed in your preparations, of the holidays:


1. Take time for yourself:

Realizing that we all need to feel important, we need that feeling from ourselves about all. We need to have that security of knowing that we are important to us. Take time alone or with a significant other. This can reinforce that you are important part of each other’s life. Taking time to take bubble baths or going to the spa, to spoil you can reduce immense amounts of stress.

During the holidays events, take time out away from the rest of the crowd. A breather can go a long way, in re-establishing a connection with yourself and maintaining what is important to you. This can drastically help, especially when your feelings are on the line and open to being stomped upon. The 30 minute gym work out, or an early morning walk can go a long way.

2. Set realistic exercise goals.

Setting daily goals with yourself and your family is crucial, to reducing the holiday stresses. The majority of the stresses that comes from the holidays are due to unrealistic goals. Goals to accommodate, even the pickiest of family members or in-laws. Trying to Cook to many food items, on the last day, before the gathering.

Keeping physically fit, during the holidays is very important. Even if a complete work out regiment, cannot be undertaken, a reduced version can be as effective, while allowing you to enjoy the festivities. Aim to exercise 30 minutes a day instead of an hour. If more convenient, divide your exercise into eight- to 10-minute intervals throughout the day.

3.  Enlist friends and relatives to help:

Dividing up the responsibility of cooking and setting chores to be accomplished by family members, removes huge amounts of stress on everyone. Shopping can be divided up, between yourself and your spouse, or siblings. Cooking can be divided up between everyone whom is participating in your dinner engagements. Running of errands, can be scheduled and divided up to reduce last minute rushes.

In the area of keeping fit and taking a break, a short walk with the neighborhood friend, or a family member works well. It gives time for social interaction and catching up on the latest gossip, of the home of neighborhood.

4. Create new, more active traditions.

Kids need to be kept involved in the holidays, as well. But at times, even though we love them above all else, they do tend to get on our nerves at times.  Don’t get angry, even through a child may be anxious or excited.   Get the kids outside to play some football, baseball, or some other sports or activity to burn off the energy.

Kids often feel stressed over holidays. New kids coming over, or kids belonging to other family members are often coming to visit.  The anticipation of their expected arrivals, can make the kids unbearable to adults. Getting the kids involved with cooking, or some outdoor activities can take their minds off ever is stressing them out.

5. Avoid an overly restrictive diet this holiday season.

Placing an expectation of watching your diet, before the holidays, can lead to a disastrous result. When we slow food intake, during the holidays by skipping meals or eating less during a regular meal, we are more prone to over-eating during the holidays.   Enjoying favorite foods, in lesser amounts will satisfy your cravings and keep you from piling up the high calorie foods.

6. Drink plenty of water.

Water is a magical weight loss ingredient that most people over-look. Did you know, that by drinking water on a regular basis, you can actually curb calorie intake?  That is correct. It also allows your body to process foods more completely, as it assists in flushing out all of the toxics in your body. Water can offset the effects of alcohol, by allowing your body to process the alcohol faster and removing the dehydrating effects, often associated with drinking these beverages.

Since Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger, drinking a glass or two of water, can often satisfy appetite enough to offset perceived hunger cravings.  Water fills the stomach and leaves less room, I in the stomach for food to occupy. By taking up room, you can find eating your favorite foods does not mean that you are going to pack on the pounds.

7. Spread out meals.

Setting foods out, in increments, can also be a positive way of keeping the pounds off.  On Thanksgiving or Christmas, If you put out portions of the meal or substantial snacks, will allow your body to process the food, over time.    While you are not stressed anymore, because you followed the steps above, your nervous cravings should not play a negative role, in your celebration.  However, If you missed a few steps of advice, in this article, then placing significant snacks out, for your families enjoyment, will still aid in allowing full and fulfilling enjoyment of all the festive foods.

8. Most  Important Of All Tips:

Enjoy your Holidays, and Blessed Prayers to you and your family.

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