Home Cure For Itchy Watery Ears

Home Cure For Itchy Watery Ears

Are you being troubled by a chronic ear infection? You try to sleep at night and the itching drives you crazy and if that's not enough , the constant drainage will also keep you awake.This condition is sometimes called swimmer's ear.I lived with this for several years.It would go away but before you know it , it would come right back.I went to doctors, got and used the drops that they'd prescribe, again only for it to return a week or two later.Due to the cost I stopped going to the doctor.

About a year ago, I had been up all night being bothered by the itching and the drainage.I decided to check out the medicine cabinet just to see if there was anything that may provide a little relief.after looking at everything I decided to try a little hydrogen peroxide.If nothing else it would help to clean the ears.I tiled my head to the side and pored a cap full into my ear.After letting it stay there for about a minute I lifted my head to let it drain out.Next I took a q-tip swab to dry my ear and what I found was shocking.The peroxide had softened and broke loose a lot of wax that was deep in my ear and I didn't even realize it was there.I washed my ears daily but obviously not that deep.It was amazing the large amount of built up wax that came out.Immediately the itching ceased and my hearing was so much clearer also.The next morning there was no sign of the infection whatsoever.

I recently met someone that had the same symptoms that I had experienced.Without telling him why I suggested that he try the peroxide as well.The next morning he came to work, shook my hand first thing and went on and on about how much wax had came out of his ears and also the immediate relief that he was experiencing.

I know this hub is not the most pleasant one to read but perhaps if you suffer from ear infections also it just may be of some benefit to you.

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vanitha 6 years ago

even i have the same problem..initially i felt like something is struck in my ears..when i went to doctor, he cleaned and it was wax..later my ear got infected and i went to doctor again..he gave some medicines and drops..after few days, the pain got suppressed but iam feeling very itchy and watery sometimes..

will your way of self treatment will help me??

Is there any side effect??

redwards54 profile image

redwards54 6 years ago from North Carolina Author


I am not a Dr. however this sure helped me with no side effects. My problem was the wax, but since you have had that fixed I really can't say.

GoAskSue profile image

GoAskSue 4 years ago from California

So nice to share what worked for you! Hydrogen Peroxide also helps to kill ear infections. It will bubble and bubble for the longest time, making all kinds of noise, and when it's over, the results are amazing!

tori 2 years ago

I swam a lot as a kid, and my mom would do this whenever I had ear troubles. Rather than just use hydrogen peroxide alone, she would add white vinegar to it as well. She would tell me the peroxide would clean my ear out and the vinegar would dry it out. Worked every time! Also, as a kid I thought the tickling and fizzy sound from the bubbles was fun.

Antonio 2 years ago

I tried the peroxide my ears feel much better thank u

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