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Home Fitness Equipment

People who are alert of body fitness can go to Fitness Center but if it is a rainy day our time table would not match with that of Fitness Center, so everything goes out of control. If there is a Fitness Equipment in your home, it is easy to solve this problem. Body fitness can be maintained in home itself by exercising in morning or evening.

Fitness In Home

Fitness can be achieved in home itself with the help of Exercise Bikes, elliptical, trade mill etc.

  • Cardio machine & resistance machine are the 2 types of fitness machines.
  • Resistance machine gives shape to our body whereas Exercise Bikes, trade mill, elliptically are cardio machines which burn up extra calories & reduce the fat deposits.

 Exercise Cycle
Exercise Cycle

Fitness Equipment - Exercise Bikes

Riding Exercise Bikes for 30 minutes a day gives the necessary exercise for the whole day. Regular cycling is good for women to strengthen their muscles. The cost of this bike varies from brand to brand . Life fitness introduces c-series, club series bikes which is apt to be used in homes.

Workout programs are a specialty of club series. It works on magnetic power. Different types of bikes is available in this series.

Afton exercise Bikes are specially designed for people with back pain. The height of the machine can be adjusted according to the height of the person using it. Fan, speaker can be connected to this.

Health track exercise cycle includes exercising bikes, spin bike etc. Spin cycle burns up extra calories. Health track exercise bikes includes facilities like counting heart beat, amount of calories burned, work out time etc.

Top Brands in Exercise Bikes

  1. Schwinn Exercise bikes
  2. Confidence Fitness bikes
  3. Stamina Exercise bikes
  4. Marcy Exercise bikes
  5. Body Max Exercise bikes
  6. Nautilus Exercise bikes
  7. Phoenix Exercise bikes

How to Buy a Exercise Bike

  1. Buy a bike which is apt for the weight of the person using it for example, a 90 kilo person needs 2 HP continuous motor capacity machine.
  2. Height of the person & height of the bike seat must be noted.
  3. Person with back pain should select a bike with back rest option.
  4. bikes working on magnetic power should be chosen which is long lasting,
  5. bikes with strong wheels must be chosen.

Elliptical Cross Trainer

Elliptical cross trainer gives exercise to both hands & legs simultaneously.150 calories are reduced while working on elliptic for half an hour. Program can be adjusted automatically in life fitness elliptic. It has provisions for music, watching TV, connecting i-pod, USB cables. 18 workouts are programmed in it which gives exercise to various muscles.

Life fitness elliptical cross trainer is very expensive

Program can be set according to the health of person in Afton elliptical cross trainer. Also it has workouts for increasing the muscle strength. Calories, heart rate, distance, fat burn can be seen on elliptical.

Morning Walk in Morning Walker

Do not worry to leave your morning walk in rainy season, here comes morning walker which gives the same effect as that of morning walk. It also gives effect of swimming. Usage of morning walker for 15 minutes gives the effect as climbing 15000 steps; says producers. These are more effective for knee pain, rheumatism, diabetes patients.

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