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Working Out at Home vs. Working Out at the Gym

Its hard enough to find time in the day for a workout, but maybe even tougher if your gym is a drive away from your house. If you consider working out at home, some of the pluses might be that your get some privacy, save some cash on expensive memberships and save time out of your day that you would have spent driving to the gym. Depending on the size of your home, one of the minuses might be where to put put the home gym machines and workout equipment.

Committing to Working Out

Commitment to working out is something that might not change, no matter where you're doing the deed. If leaving the house to workout is the part thats tripping you up, you might do better with a home workout. The other side of that is that when you're at home you might have tons of other distractions that would challenge your commitment. No matter what, it's likely that you'll go through ups and downs. Sometimes you'll crave working out the way you might crave a night on the couch with a pint of ice cream and sometimes you'll only crave the ice cream. You're always going to have to push yourself and having the gym in your house might not be enough. We all know how easy it is to have those workout machines turn into dust collectors.

Setting and Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Before you decide that working out at home is best for you, you should probably spend some time thinking about what it is you want to get out of a workout and what motivates you. Some people really need the gym as a form of social interaction and the workout is simply just part of socializing with friends. Others go to the gym, don't talk to anyone and strictly get down to business and sweat it out.

You can also look at your exact fitness goals and try to make a list of what you'd like to accomplish. If you're thinking that being able to do 100 push ups and hold a plank for two minutes is the end goal, you can probably achieve that goal without having a gym membership. If you're goal is to learn how to play raquetball, meet new people and be dedicated to 3 spin classes a week, obviously you might want to stick with the gym.

Money & Space for your Home Gym Machines

If you're still thinking that setting up a home gym might be for you, the next thing you should think about is what you're going to need for equipment. For some people that might mean moving the coffee table in the living room and putting in a workout dvd, but for others, you might want to buy some home gym machines like a treadmill or elliptical trainer. These are expensive and take up space. If you have a garage or a spare room that has space for a small gym, lucky you! If you don't, think about whether you (and your family) can stand having big pieces of equipment in your living space.

Either way, it's all about keeping your fitness commitment on track.

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