Home Remedies for Insomnia

5 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

This hub follows on from my previous hub “Herbal Remedies for Insomnia" and as you would expect from the title it is all about home remedies for insomnia. As I explained in my previous hub if you are suffering from chronic insomnia (which is when your insomnia has lasted for more than three week) or if you see no improvement in your condition after trying any of these suggestions for a few days then you should consult your doctor without delay. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use these remedies just that it would be better to speak to your doctor first.

I‘ve split the home remedies in this hub into two groups the dos and the don’ts.

Things to do to help you sleep

· Do drink a glass of warm milk sweetened with honey just before going to bed.

· Do increase your consumption of other foods high in calcium. This is because calcium has calming benefits on your nervous system and is known to induce sleep

· Do eat foods with high levels of vitamin B6 such as carrots, sunflower seeds and avocado. Vitamin B6 is needed for our bodies to synthesise serotonin which is in turn needed to produce melatonin, an important sleep controlling hormone

· Do make your diet rich in complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread

· Do leave a gap of at least four hours between your last meal and going to bed

· Do have a small high carb, low protein snack about 60 minutes before bedtime

· Do eliminate/reduce caffeine in your diet. Remember that tea and coffee are not the only sources of caffeine, cola drinks and chocolate also need to be avoided.

· Do eliminate/reduce alcohol in your diet

· Do have a long warm bath before going to bed

· Do persuade someone close to you to give you a massage

· Do play soft music or one of the special relaxation CDs such as sounds of waves lapping on the beach

· Do have a regular sleeping pattern going to bed and getting up at the same time each day

· Do take regular exercise each day

· Do create the best environment for sleeping in your bedroom. A clutter free zone, without a television with good but not excessive ventilation at the optimum temperature of 18 degrees C or 65 degrees F is ideal.

· Do consider using a sleeping mask and earplugs if environmental problems such as street lighting or noise are stopping you sleeping. Remember that you still need to be able to hear your smoke alarm should it go off.

Things not to do if you are having trouble sleeping

· Don't eat a heavy or spicy meal in the evening as this can cause indigestion that prevents you sleeping

· Don't eat highly processed food such as white bread or white rice or which contain high levels of sugar

·  Don't consume excessive amounts of caffeine. This is because caffeine stimulates the production adrenaline in the body a major sleep blocker.

·  Don't consume caffeine in the four hours before going to bed.

·  Don't  consume excessive amounts of alcohol. Whilst alcohol may actually help you get off to sleep it destroys your levels of vitamin B and it can make you feel irritable and restless, so even if you sleep through the night you don’t sleep properly so you wake up in the morning feeling cranky.

·  Don't work too late. Leave a gap of two to three hours to allow your brain to settle down before going to bed.

·  Don't have a nap in the afternoon. Taking a nap during the day can make your body think that it has had enough sleep and then prevent you getting sufficient sleep when you do go to bed.

Sweet Dreams!

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Raitu Disong profile image

Raitu Disong 3 years ago

Hi Amber, thank you fro sharing:)

Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 4 years ago Author

Hi Cyndi

Thanks for commwnting. I'm pleased you found my hub about treating insomnia with natural products informative.


profile image

cyndigreen 4 years ago

Very informative tips about sleeping.

Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 6 years ago Author

Hi katie

I'm so pleased that this helped your daughter. Your idea to add the magic sleeping dust was inspired. I think your idea for a hub giving parents tips on overcoming sleeping problems is another inspired idea.

Thanks for being such a great friend.


katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

My twelve year old was feeling a bit off last night and didn't want to go to bed. I fixed her your warm milk and honey remedy, told her it would relax her and help her to sleep, she loved it and was off to dream land in no time. I sprinkled a wee bit of cinnamon ontop and told her it was magic sleeping dust...

Thanks for the home remedies for sleepless kids and adults.

Whew this is a great secret all parents should know about. Have you ever thought of writing a article on how to get kids to sleep and over come the I don't wanta go to beds???

Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 6 years ago Author

Hi katie

Sleepless in Seatle is one of my favorite films and when I first wrote the hub it seemed like a good idea to include this in the title of this hub. Then I found out about SEO!


katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

A good nights sleep is vital for good health I know this but had no clue as to the cure. Thanks for the helpful and proven home remedies for sleepless in Seattle and anywhere else in the world, sleep is sleep no matter where you come from and it's a much needed medicine.

Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 6 years ago Author

Hi Lita

Home remedies for insomnia are quite easy to follow and aren't that expensive either but it is important to seek medical help if you have a long term problem as insomnia can be a symptom of more serious conditions. Thanks for reading and rating up.


Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

I don't think my bouts of insomnia have everything to do about my age, partly it is. And so, I'm glad I found your hub. Great tips. I'll give this a try. Thank you! Rated up, useful!

Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 6 years ago Author

Hi shil

I appreciate you stopping by and rating up and grading my hub as useful. Cheers!


Shil1978 profile image

Shil1978 6 years ago

Some nice tips in here Amber. Would try them out. Thanks for sharing this useful hub. Rated up and graded 'useful' :)

Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 6 years ago Author

Hi prasetio30

I'm glad you found my hub useful. Thank you for taking the time to read my hub and leave a comment.


prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

you have great tips here. It useful for us. And I really liked to follow your advice. Thank you very much

Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 6 years ago Author

Thanks for the kind comment. It is much appreciated.


hypnodude profile image

hypnodude 6 years ago from Italy

Many great advices, very good hub Amber. Both thumbs up.:)

Amber Allen profile image

Amber Allen 6 years ago Author

Hi Wren

Thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things.

Amber x

wrenfrost56 profile image

wrenfrost56 6 years ago from U.K.

Good advice Amber and well written, I'll have to try a few for myself. :)

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