Home Remedies to counter Swine Flu -Influenza A (H1N1)

Basil Leaf (indian Name:Tulsi)
Basil Leaf (indian Name:Tulsi)
Tinospora cordifolia (Indian name: Giloi)
Tinospora cordifolia (Indian name: Giloi)
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Tinospora cordifolia (Indian name: Giloi)
Tinospora cordifolia (Indian name: Giloi)


Today the world seems to be gripped by this widespread menace of the Influenza A H1N1 Virus also commonly known as the Swine Flu.

Slowly this epidemic has taken the entire world in its sway with almost every other country affected by it. Things seems to be really at a murkier & dangerous here in India. The widespread panic and fear this has created is really noticeable.

The Indian Government is taking all the possible measures to contain & control the deadly virus which seems to be taking its toll mostly on children and the elderly. Even though the authorities are trying their level best we as individuals should also support them and ourselves to encounter this deadly strain.

Below are some of the methods which I came across while reading some literature, which I thought of sharing, which could help prevent and tackle the situation;

1. Tulsi (Basil Leaf), a commonly found medicinal herb in India, has a large number of therapeutic properties. Having five duly washed leaves of Tulsi everyday in the morning keeps the throat and lungs clear and helps in preventing infections by way of strengthening your immunity.

2. One more commonly available plant, Giloi (medicinal name Tinospora cordifolia) is being touted to be very helpful in prevention of infections. The concotion, prepared by boiling Giloi & Tulsi along with black pepper, black salt & crystallised sugar added according to taste, is touted to great aide in strengthening the immune system.

3. Another homemade remedy available is Garlic.Taking two pods of raw garlic alongwith lukewarm water in the morning works to strengthen the immunity

4. Milk along with turmeric, taken before going to bed, is another measure which helps.

5. Aloe Vera too is a commonly available plant. Its properties are found to benefit the skin most and hence many skin related cosmetics have it as a constituent. Cutting open the thick and long leaves of Aloe Vera reveals an odourless gel. A teaspoon gel taken with water daily can work wonders for not only your skin and joint pains, but also boost immunity.

6. Homeopaths claim that some homeopathic medicines like Pyrogenium 200 and Inflenzium 200 in particular have proved effective. While these are not specifically targeted at H1N1 either, these work well as preventive against common flu virus. Please consult your homeopathic doctor before though.

7. Doing Yoga-Pranayam daily and going for regular morning walks/joggs & exercises helps to keep your body in fine shape.Also Pranayam helps to keep the throat and lungs in good condition. Regularly performing the above activities will not only prevent diseases but also benefit the mind and the body holistically.

8. Lastly, some very basic and simple personal hygiene activities like,

  • Washing your hands frequently with soap and warm water or with Alcohol-based hand cleaners/sanitizers
  • Use of a tissue to cover the mouth and nose every time you cough or sneeze

will greatly help in prevention of spread of the virus.

The above will help in tackling the virus and you would also feel satisfied of having done something to fight it instead of just doing nothing.

I hope this information might prove useful to the readers.

Note: Readers discretion is advised 

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Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

Good tips, Somesh! Welcome to HubPages.

Yet another homeopathic remedy I have found useful for all flu is Gelsemium 200 - a drop of the tincture in half a glass of water once a week as a preventive.

Somesh Dutt profile image

Somesh Dutt 6 years ago from India Author

Thanks for the comment Shaliniji. Your the first person to comment on my hub. I really appreciate you reading the hub.

Ramesh 6 years ago

are u sure Tulsi is Basil. I use Basil here in Canada and it is not Tulsi for sure!!

Sincreti2012 6 years ago

I would add a piece of dry ginger root or ginger powder with cow milk with halda (turmeric), neem is good also with amalaki

with ghee and honey. (Traditional Ayurvedic scholar)

Somesh Dutt profile image

Somesh Dutt 6 years ago from India Author

Yes am quite sure Ramesh, Basil is Tulsi leaf only

vijay 6 years ago

Thanks for info Somesh. There are several types of basils I guess. Holy basil I guess is the right word(I am not clear abt the differences though).

kamala 6 years ago

hi there,

basil belongs to thulsi famiy but not exactly thulsi it is little lighter in colour and smells different.in Tamil u call it thir neetru pachchai and thulsi is thulasi

thulsi have dark green leaves and basil has light green leaves

ajith 4 years ago

hey ....first let me say this word.


coz , this world needs some natural remedies to prevent this deadly virus though authorites are discovering some medicines to prevent it.

once again thanks.

ll reply u if m alive:-)

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