Home workout routine - It only takes 10 minutes to get fit

10 minute Workout Routine

Having a workout routine is crucial for staying fit. Of course you need to eat healthy, but that's only half the equation. You need to be active and have some sort of workout routine that you do consistently. But if you're like me, then you don't want to travel to a gym or pay a ton of money to be able to do this. And I also don't like to spend a whole lot of time on my workouts. So I wanted to see what home workout I could do in ten minutes.

I found out that, yes, ten minutes a day can keep you in good shape. It can be done right when you wake up, after school/work, or even right before you go to bed. The best part about this workout is that it usually doesn't make you sweat significantly, so you won't have to take a shower when you are done either.

Another great part to this workout routine is that it you don't have to buy anything at all to try it! So that means that you can test it out for free and see if you like it! Aren't I nice!! You get a full body workout routine for free. After doing this simple and short workout for a couple weeks, you should start seeing some results.

What muscles are you going to be working?

Obviously, with ten minutes, you aren't going to be able to work every muscle in your body. But you will be able to work the main ones. By the main ones, I mean the ones that look good when they're strong. And that's what we're going for, right? I'm going to give you workouts for your arms, legs, and abs. There are tons of workouts to do for each of these body parts, but I want a home workout that's less than 10 minutes.

The 10 minute workout routine consists of 2 leg workouts, 2 arm workouts, and 4 ab workouts. Each of the workouts should last 1 minute long except one of the leg workouts (squat matrix - it should be 2 minutes long) That adds up to 9 minutes. The last minute is just transition time, which should be 5 seconds for each home workout. Let's make that easier to understand:

  1. Leg workout routine - 2 total, one is 1 minute, one is 2 minutes
  2. Arm workout routine - 2 total, both are 1 minute long
  3. Ab workout routine - 4 total, all exercises are 1 minute long
  4. 5 second transition time in between each home workout
  5. Total = 9 minutes 45 seconds
  6. Man you're going to look good by the end of this

It really is this simple


  1. Push ups - You can do either normal, incline, or decline push ups, depending on what specific muscles you want to target. This home workout mostly works your biceps and pectorals, but it does work your entire arms. You want to do as much push ups as you can in 60 seconds, making sure to not touch the ground, even if you have to hold yourself in standard position for 20 seconds. (Burnout = doing as much as you can do)
  2. Dips - There are two different ways to do this, but the way I am talking about doesn't require any equipment. All you need is some sort of bench or chair. This part of the workout routine works your triceps and the back side of your arms. You want to try to get at least 45 reps in the given minute. But don't sacrifice form for speed. You need to get a full 90 degree extension.


  1. Squat Matrix - This is the one workout that takes 2 minutes. If you have no idea what this is, which I'm assuming you don't, then check out my Hub about working out without weights for a detailed description about it.
  2. Wall Sits - You should know what this is. It works your quads and the muscles around your knees and it concentrates on basic endurance. The key thing to remember is to keep a 90 degree angle with your knees and to keep your arms straight out. If you finish the squat matrix early then just start the wall sits early.


  1. Sit ups - Work on getting your shoulders high off the ground and your elbows touching the upper part of your thighs. Try to get at least 50 sit ups in this time period, but don't stop until the minute is up.
  2. Bicycle - To see how to do this, look at my Hub about workouts without weights. This home workout is important because it works the side part of your abs. That six pack is important, but you have to get rid of those love handles to achieve true sexiness.
  3. Toe touches - You want to get your shoulders high off the ground because just touching your toes with your hands does not work out your abs very well.
  4. Flutter Kicks - These are important because they work your lower abs. It's hard to find a workout routine that helps with lower abs, but this is what I have found to be the most efficient.

Why this is so awesome

Doing these 9 simple workouts with a 5 second transition time in between will be more than enough for you to stay in shape. And plus, it takes no time at all. So while all your friends are getting gym memberships and talking about their intense workouts, you can just look at them and laugh at their unnecessary effort to stay fit. If someone starts talking about their great 1 hour workout that they do every day, just show them your abs and say, "10 minutes a day every other day. Boom"

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Comments 18 comments

nayrbsnilloc profile image

nayrbsnilloc 5 years ago from Sugar Land, Texas

This works great! I do this everyday now!

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca

were you in the Military by any chance... I just realized I might have asked a stupid question cause you might have answered it in your profile page... oh well... it will stay because I am already here. Your workout seems very familiar. In fact, all the stuff we used to do for our physical training when I was in. It definitely works.

Good hub!

chasemillis profile image

chasemillis 5 years ago Author

No but I am actually applying to West Point! I'm 18 and heading off to college next year (and I have no idea where I'm going - I've been accepted to a bunch of places but I don't have any preferences yet), but if I get into West Point then heck ya I'll be in the military!! I'm actually glad you said that because now I know that at least I will be prepared for the physical struggles of being an officer when I get there. Hopefully I get in

sophie_allen profile image

sophie_allen 5 years ago from Washington D.C. USA 20002

Great hub! This is an effective routine if done consistently. Best of luck to you as you go to college.

chasemillis profile image

chasemillis 5 years ago Author

Thanks sophie_allen

babybrownfox profile image

babybrownfox 5 years ago

Fantastic.. I'm doing 5 minutes before dancing, then do a couple push up afterwards. Thank you for sharing.

chasemillis profile image

chasemillis 5 years ago Author

I know, and it's suprising at how much only a couple minutes can get you. The reason I wrote this is because I spent 3 minutes a day doing ab workouts, and I went from decent abs to six pack in two weeks.

erlyn m. profile image

erlyn m. 5 years ago from texas

i do this every 3 time a week

MosLadder profile image

MosLadder 5 years ago from Irvine, CA

Great hub. Those short workouts can be killers, and definitely effective!

edw4rdcull profile image

edw4rdcull 5 years ago

I love to know which are the most important exercise routines and so make

chasemillis profile image

chasemillis 5 years ago Author

This is a workout mainly for people looking to get stronger. It's not really that effective for losing weight. But for the most all around workouts, I guess I would recommend Dips because they work almost your entire upper body (including shoulders) and bicycle or flutter kicks (they also work multiple muscles)

If you want to lose weight, cardio and dieting are your best bets

ForestBear profile image

ForestBear 5 years ago

Great information, no gym needed! Thank you for sharing

jerin 3 years ago

Please give the images for the workouts.....

profile image

Johnuno11 3 years ago

Great home fitness routine, I also read http://www.hundredpushupss.com to get my pushup knowledge up since pushups are good for males and females to loose weight and look sexy.

joecseko profile image

joecseko 3 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

Looks like you spam it, too, Johnuno!

Nancy 3 years ago

Its great exercieses and it helped me! Thanks!!

stanmurphy profile image

stanmurphy 3 years ago from Kansas

Great article. I wrote a similar one recently and I did it because I kept seeing all the ads for short duration workouts and was skeptical. What I found is that there are some great, blast exercises you can do when strapped for time. Thanks for reinforcing what I have found to be true!

Sam_Hubbard profile image

Sam_Hubbard 3 years ago from UK

Great information, i'm not convinced that ten minutes a day is enough to lose weight by itself, however...any amount of exercise is better than just sitting around on a sofa.

Voted up and useful, great stuff here.

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