Homeopathy: What Do You Need to Know?

Homeopathic FAQ-

With a huge history of treating humanity, homeopathic system of medicine is fast becoming popular among masses. This holistic mode of therapy got so many followers for the simple reason that it works effectively yet mildly just to help patient get rid of his disease without creating any undue side effects. Here is an attempt to let everyone know about homeopathy—


Are the homeopathic medicines curative?

The stalwarts in homeopathy certainly believe that it is a curative and not palliative mode of therapy. The simple colds to gangrenes and cancerous conditions have found relief with homeopathic system of medicine. Without giving undue importance to the diagnosis of the disease, homeopathic treatment aims at the individual symptom complex and matches this symptom complex with that of the medicine. Homeopathic material medica is a vast galore of symptom complex different homeopathic remedies can inflict upon an individual as drug symptoms. When these both match aptly, permanent cure can be achieved within matter of few minutes, hours, days or months depending upon the gravity of the condition.

However, in cases of excessively pathological conditions where modern medicine fails to impart any relief, homeopathy can help to alleviate the symptoms and palliate the condition. Virtually there is no condition or disease that is not under the realm of homeopathic system of medicine. Rather in many of the cases, homeopathic medicines are believed to replace surgeon’s knife. The conditions like hemorrhoids, abscesses, fissures, and renal calculi etc homeopathy offers relief without necessitating the need of surgery.


Is the case history so important in homeopathy?

Many people know homeopathy by its lengthy history taking. Well, it is true that homeopathic masters have initialized the move of history taking that we current homeopaths are still following. There are certainly different methods of history taking today but most of the homeopaths do follow or should follow what Dr Hahnemann has taught us. As homeopathy is a holistic mode of therapy, the homeopath needs to know more about the patient as a whole and not just disease diagnosis. Also the causative factors and concomitant symptoms of the patient are equally important. Right from childhood, every individual has a “health character” of his own that involves various milestones on the way. Those are important to know the person as a whole and so is the need of detailed history taking. Patients those are honest and give detailed history are obviously benefited the most!


Is it a long duration treatment with Homeopathy?

Well, in most cases, the patients turn towards homeopathy after trying out virtually everything (though things are changing fast these days). So, many patients already have some impressions of other remedies and those need to be nullified before starting homeopathic treatment. Secondly, duration of homeopathic treatment varies from person to person. To improve the disease-fighting capacity and enhance the immunity of the person, we need to continue the medication for a certain period so that natural immunity is boosted.


Why my homeopathic doctor does not tell me the name of the medicine he is giving me?

Good question indeed! The fact is that the hiding of homeopathic remedy name is not done for doctors’ benefit. It is done purely for benefit of the patient. If the name is known, there are chances that the patient will take the same medicine when he falls sick with similar-looking symptoms next time. This is no doubt dangerous, as the symptom complex may not match the disease complex every time in similar way. That’s why expert homeopath’s opinion is must before you try for any remedy. Especially for chronic cases, one must not try any homeopathic medicine without consulting the expert homeopathic physician.


Does homeopathy recommends too many diet restrictions?

No! This is one of the myths associated with homeopathy I would like to say. According to Dr Sankaran, a stalwart homeopath, the homeopathic medicines are so very potent that nothing can dilute their effectiveness. But some homeopaths do restrict raw onion, garlic, coffee etc. Also mint and camphor are restricted. But today the leading homeopaths believe that the above mentioned items should not be eaten immediately before and after taking homeopathic medicines. This may dilute their action as the medicines are dynamic and have very minute dosages. Also there are some diet restrictions with certain medicines. The generalized restriction of above mentioned items is not recommended.

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