Homeopathy for irritable bowel syndrome

Homeopathic cure for irritabel bowel syndrome


Patients with irritable bowel syndrome are literally irritated over their irregular and weird bowel movements. There may be constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, or mere unsatisfactory stools increasing and decreasing in intensity and frequency. Many physicians have rightly labeled IBS as a psychosomatic disease where the person correlates his mental agony or pain to physique and suffers in silence.


If you ask a conventional medicine practitioner, he will usually say that the treatment should involve all the spheres thus catering his physical symptoms, psychological turmoil. Therefore a laxative for constipation (if at all there is constipation) and an anxiolytic remedy is what they might offer. But homeopathy treats every case of IBS as a separate entity and gives utmost importance to mind symptoms. In most cases of IBS, the constipation alternates with diarrhea and there is more or less vague pain in whole abdomen.


In homeopathy, we have different remedies for specific symptoms and when there is some sort of peculiarity attached to that symptom, it becomes the characteristic symptom of that particular disease and so becomes more important while treating that malady. For example, in IBS, if the patient gets excessive anxious spells and increased bowel movements ahead of a social event, the remedy is Gelsemium. If the person feels in suspension as to what to do ahead of a particular event and suffers diarrheic spells during this period, remedy is Argentum Nitricum. Well, there are many overlapping symptoms and homeopathic doctors need to take history of the patient really well to arrive at conclusion about a specific homeopathic remedy.


Also certain lifestyle changes are mandatory while treating irritable bowel syndrome:


(1)   Increase the fiber content in diet if there is recurrent constipation followed by abdominal pain.

(2)   Enhance the physical activity that will have a great power-boosting effect on the body. This will make the person more compliant to action of medicines too.

(3)   If certain psychological setback is leading to such symptoms of IBS, one may opt for effective mental and psychological counseling from experts. Homeopathic doctors are good counselors themselves because they are aware of psychological factors leading to physical setbacks.

(4)   You can choose a peaceful lifestyle over harsh and fast paced one. Choice is yours! If you want to cultivate a healthy outlook towards life, Yoga and Pranayama will work wonders for you!

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