Honey + Cinnamon Powder = Acne Cure

I would like to start by saying that I'm not a doctor, a dermatologist or a beautician. Netiher am I certified nor qualified to give beauty advice.

I just would like to share information about what works for me.

I had quite a serious acne problem when I was growing up. It continued until I was in my twenties - which was quite embarrassing. I tried different treatments and beauty products - from the inexpensive ones to the expensive ones - but none of them worked for me.

Then one day, when I was driving to work, I heard the DJ talking about acne remedy she read somewhere. A simple remedy using honey and cinnamon powder. I had nothing to lose, so I decided to give it a try.

Here's what I did. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey (I use New Zealand honey) with 1.5 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This mixture should last for about 2 months.

Wash your face with a facial cleanser (whatever you're currently using is fine) and pat your face dry. Then apply a thin layer of the honey-cinnamon mix to your face in the same way you'd put on a facial mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash your face. Apply toner and moisturiser.

I did this 3 times a week and as the acne cleared, I reduced the frequency to twice a week. Now I only use it once a week.

How long it would take for your acne to clear would depend on how serious it is now. It took almost 4 months for mine to clear.

For most people, the paste doesn't make their skin feel itchy or cause a burning sensation. If you experience either, it's best to stop using it or consult your doctor.

That's the best acne remedy I came across and the best thing is it cost very little and it's very effective.

Try it at your own risk. If it works for you, let me know by leaving a comment below. Good luck.

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Alice 7 years ago

Thanks for the advice, will give it a try! : )

Nicky 7 years ago

I have been trying honey this evening but I will certainly add the cinnamon now as it is something I always have in as I love cinnamon as well. Thank you for sharing.

cece 7 years ago

i have kinda bad acne & im deff. qunna start using this in the morning ! : ) thanks for the great advice

sophie 7 years ago

i used to do this over the summer and it worked within days!

pretty much best home remedy(:

ramya 7 years ago

hi, i don't have acne now but there are scars in my face due to acne..does this help remove scras also??

annoymous  7 years ago

Does this really work? ive read all over the internet that all it does is clog your pores?? Im gonna try it, but is it worth it? x x x

alissa 7 years ago

i just put it on now!! is it supposed to be so thick? my mixture is, and i don't think that it will last very long! but, it feels great!! thanx!!

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 7 years ago Author

How thick it is depends on the type of honey you use. Remember, apply a thin layer.

regina 7 years ago

i just put it on my face.. it burnt like hell till now.. so i think its working.. bday coming up! and typically. got a fit of pimples! is it supposed to burn? no one mentioned it till now... :-!

nana  7 years ago

i have light acne how long do u think it'll take for me to se improvements? :0

rhoda 7 years ago

i have really bad acne on my cheeks and chin around that time of the mth so i tried just honey and applied with a make up brush within 2 days my ance and scars cleared up now im gonna use the cinnamon tomorrow i no it works please try it oh but only use all natural honey 100 percent it wipes off so easy great stuff

Hope 7 years ago

I used a mixture of honey and cinnnamon as Goldimaz suggested. It has really worked on me. The honey I used is a kenyan honey. I am using it whenever I need it and feels good and is working nicely.

Jordan 7 years ago

Right now im using a yogurt face mask, I leave it on all night, it has done amazing things. :) Im sure God has inspired me, since I prayed for help and found that. :) But maybe someday I can use this as a backup plan.. :D Thanks!!

Cybele 7 years ago

I saw this recipe all over the internet. This is the second time I'm using this remedy. I also add in ground nutmeg to the mix to fade the dark marks on my face. The cinnamon burns if you leave it on for too long. 15 minutes should be safe unless you're allergic.

It's slowly working its magic on my face =)

Anonymous 7 years ago

Last night, I tried a honey and cinnamon recipe on the small area of my face where I have had acne for the past several months. I left it on for 15-20 minutes then washed it off. When I looked in the mirror this morning, there was considerable improvement. The pimples were much smaller and less noticeable. I did not have really good honey in the house yet it seemed to work with the pure clover honey that I used. I am happy with the results and will continue to treat the area until clear and use as a spot treatment from now on.

lhea 7 years ago

umm i just put it on but idk if its working .. ill keep trying it ty!

just me 7 years ago

cinnamon will tingle. it should not burn (unless you are allergic or something). text the mixture out on your hand first.

loverinu 6 years ago

woah i just tried it, and i'm going to see if i works for me because i've been using clean and clear and it seems to be working but not fast enough.i'm hoping that this will boost it up.

briana 6 years ago

today was the 4th day i tried this and i can already tell a difference... old acne spots on my face have already faded:) my skin is glowing:):) and redness has also faded... definitely recommend this!

amirat el layl 6 years ago

im gona try it sure tonite ...im xited for it but hope it works... well i don't hav much pimples but it keeps coming up afta time to time so i think this one is worth tryin :D :D

thanx for sharing ..!!

frimania 6 years ago

hii i tried it once when i was in the shower and it burned like hell but i think it was because i rubed it like a face scub ill try again

gg 6 years ago


Ashley 6 years ago

Well I didn't use this exact remedy but sugar and cinnamon together mixed with just water and used as a scrub has helped my skin. I used lukewarm water first on my face and put the sugar/cinnamon mixture in my hand and just scrub on my problem area, forehead and cheeks for me and a then a little bit everywhere else. Then I rinse it off and splash my face with very cold water and pat it dry. It helps the acne but also exfoliates the skin. My skin felt better that same day and the next day my pimples were already fading a bit. I do it every other day or so because to much exfoliation can cause irritation.

anonymous  6 years ago

Works great for my skin

Jes 6 years ago

Can we apply this overnight. We should wash with cold or warm water?

Js 6 years ago

Hey I am going to try this. This is very easy. Thanks....

Someone 6 years ago

Well I had recently put on the honey and cinnamon , I had notice a tiny difference but I'll keep trying

lauren 6 years ago

I suffer a lot from acne too..so i also thought of giving it a try....i'm abit confused with the mixture should last for about two months....can u please clarify that part....should i have to leave the mimxture for 2 months and then start applying?

Sumil 6 years ago

Lauren, he means that the mixture you make using 1 tablespoon of honey and 1.5 teaspoon of cinnamon powder would last for about 2 months. In other words, you have that much of quantity that you can use it for 2 months! Though it depends on how much you apply everyday.

Good luck :-)

Preet 6 years ago

For how long are you suppose to leave it on overnight or 15 min?

Which honey and cinnamon to use?

Alexx 6 years ago

I've been having pretty ba acne. sometimes my face is so clear then all of a sudden its like BAMMMMMMMMM! acne all over. SOO right now i finally put some honey and cinnamon on my face. It smells good :p and i sure hope it works.(:

nkie bri 6 years ago

i want to try cinnamon and honey ,to see if it will burnt the excess fat in my belly.cos am weighting 126kgs.

Nickk 6 years ago

It's verrry effective if you leave it on over night!

Sheetal 6 years ago

hey Hi... Thanks a lot yaar... it really worked and one more thng marks also disappeared

cacia 6 years ago

is it pose to burn or not mine doesn't is it better to do it in the morning for 15 min or over night

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 6 years ago Author

It's up to you when you want to do it. I do it at night.

christina 6 years ago

how are we suppose to wipe off the honey & cinnamon ? do you usually see results right after the first time ? or it takes a couple of days ?

Tazz 6 years ago

Hi, Thanx alot for posting this remedy. I m having bad acne. I just bought pure honey. I will try this remedy today. Hope it gonna work.

Tazz 6 years ago

I have a question from goldiemaz

i have search net and found that the usage of honey and cinnamon powder is recommended to use overnite and to wash face next day with warm water.

So wat do u prefer overnite or just to use it for 15 mins.

My Next question is the other treatment of honey and cinnamone powder has different propotions like 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder with 3 tablespoon of honey

So wats the correct propotion to use honey with cinnamon powder and do we need to have warm water to wash our face?

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 6 years ago Author

Hi Tazz,

I tried using it overnight but I didn't like it because it's sticky. If you don't mind it, you could leave it on overnight. I found that using it for 15 minutes works well.

Sophie 6 years ago

I have acne all over my back and front ( body pimples ) and my face is also all covered with pimples..i have been using it from the past 2 weeks but i cant see any difference..i leave it on for overnite but yet it doesn't work..i mixed 3 tablespoon of honet + 1 teaspoon of honey as mentioned in most of the websites !! can i know why it did not work ?? though i apply it daily !!

Tanya 6 years ago

yeah, i've been leaving it on overnight for a few weeks and it works like magic! i luv it!!!

Tanya 6 years ago

yeah, i've been leaving it on overnight for a few weeks and it works like magic! i luv it!!!

Tazz 6 years ago

I tried it once leaving overnite but my t-shirt n bedsheet got ruined :(

I think applying for 15 mins will work. Now a days am working on sumthing else. It is reccomended to use it for just a week. So will reveal the results after a week :)

Paige 6 years ago

Does ground cinnamon work too?

krystle 6 years ago

hi thank you for posting... i tried the solution like 20 min ago and it feels like i applied a peeling lotion. it burns. was it suppose to burn? or is it because i was out all day under the sun that's why i had this reaction?

Callie 6 years ago

I used honey and ground cinnamon last night and already I can see a difference,!! I recommend it. :).

Sydni 6 years ago

I mixed honey and ground cinnamon... If I put it all over my face even though I only have acne on a couple spots would it be good for my skin or just stick to putting it on the acne spots?

tat 6 years ago

I've been doing this remedy for about 8 days now and already i can see a difference! I apply it before i go to bed and in the morning for about an hour or so and it's seriously working! My right cheek (problem area) has already cleared up significantly (although i still have brown spots but they seem to be fading) and it's reduced the redness and imflammtion on the rest of my acne so it now looks less "angry." However i do add a squeeze of lemon to reduce my oiliness (I've heard that's affective for oiliness because of the absorbic acid it contains). But I use this combined with my acne regimen as i wouldn't recommend it as a treatment alone. I've also been drinking LOTS of water and exercising daily as well (water and exercise help to detoxify your system which in turn causes the acne to come out). I have moderate acne so i think it does actually work for those with moderate acne but everybody's skin is different and it wouldn't hurt to try it. By doing this along with your regular regimen im sure you'll see results! :)

Unknown 6 years ago

I tried this and it made my skin burn and now my face is really red and my pimples are worse why is this is my skin too sensitive

Maggie 6 years ago

I heard about this rememdy on youtube.

The honey is great for acne and the cinnamon is good for getting rid of acne scars.

taylor 6 years ago

honey will only clog ur pores if it is overprocesed and strained honey, Go for raw honey, which is the best for your face and to eat.

medontlikeacne :( 6 years ago

Unknown...That's suppose to happen right after it happens. that means your doing it right. i did this last night and im gonna keep doing it...ill let you know if it works.

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 6 years ago Author

Hi Sophie,

I have no idea why it doesn't seem to be working for you. If you don't mind, try it for a little longer. May be in your case, it takes a bit more time.

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 6 years ago Author

Hi regina,

In my experience, it doesn't burn. If you're allergic to honey or cinnamon, it's best not to use it.

henrey 6 years ago

i used it on my butt it does work

shaquille 6 years ago

thanks for the advise i am gonna try it now

Alexis 6 years ago

I've read several things on honey and cinnamon and I'm totally trying this infact it's on my face right now and I just want to lick it all off! It has this feeling that just clings to your face but in a good way and the aroma of the cinnamon just clears you're head I am hoping that it works because I have school pictures coming up so I hope it dies down!! I'll get back to u tomoorow and see how I like it! :)

Rashi 6 years ago

Hi all,

After reading all the comments i m giving it a try ( it's on my face right now :) ) hope this works for me too :)

Shelly 6 years ago

I have been using this for 3 days now and I could already see the difference in my skin.

Surya 6 years ago

i too add acne in face, after following this mask it really helped me within 3 days. Thnx a lot

Kasumi 6 years ago

I just tried this, and my face got itchy ! And after I washed it off, it's still itchy and a bit red. Is that supposed to happen or am i allergic to cinnamon ? I shouldn't be though 'cause I've had cinnamon before...

melissa 6 years ago

i have moderate acne and i always tend to overwash my wash my face and it turns really really dry!!

with the honey and cinnamon can i use it everyday?or will it over dry???

Tazeen Khan 6 years ago

is cinnamon & honey pack effective for black spots caused by acne?

Erika 6 years ago

when i was in junior high, i had pimples on my forehead and on my cheeks. my roommate had a really flawless face and she had been using this mixture... i then started using the mixture and in a week, my face was very smooth and it bloomed. my cheeks were pinkish and on pictures my face was really fair.

i stopped using now that i am in college. the pimples came back and im now suffering from really fugly blemishes from both acne and chicken pox marks...and unfortunately, we are going to have our organization pictorial in 3 days. i look like CRAP. i have been using different kinds of lightening cream, but i see no difference at all. so i searched about this in the internet, and found this and remembered this very effective mixture.

soooooo.. im going to use it tonight. and hope that it would lighten my face ready for the picture day :)

wish me luck u guyss :)

PS. to everyone, IT DOES REALLY WORK! :D

erika 6 years ago

ohh. sorry i gave the wrong url and it reffered to a different erika. lolsss

erika 6 years ago

ohh. sorry i gave the wrong url and it reffered to a different erika. lolsss

Shiro 6 years ago

Waah my forehead is a nightmare,hv made the paste,waitn 4 2nyt 2 apply en hopefly results wil b positive:)

Shiro 6 years ago

Oh i forgot 2 ask,afta i make the paste,how cn i store it? In fridge or just in a cool enviroment

Vava 6 years ago

I used it last night and my pimples were less visible! This works guys I never leave reviews but had to for this one. Acne is not fun to have so go for it!

carina 6 years ago

i used it n it was really like a burning/itchy/irritating feeling....then wen i took it off my face turned darn red....like hellboy's sister! is that suppose to happen? i'm 99.9% sure tat im nt allergic to cinnamon... i think it burnt like a layer of my face...i mixed it wit water n milk powder...is tat why the reaction wwas so violent? PLEASE REPLY!

Nayee 6 years ago

okk.. wil i jst applied it on a small piece on my forehead jst to make sure it doesn't ruin my skin... nd im really hoping it works its seems like it has improved a little bit bt i jst hope this works... i only have a little bit of acne bt i get really fustrated when i brakes out nd im a freshman so i really hate braking out because i get really embarased to talk to people so hopefully this helps my skin..! thank you for the advice..

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 6 years ago Author


Thank you everyone for the comments. I'm sorry I can't always reply promptly.

If you skin feels itchy, it's probably best if you stop using it and consult your doctor to see if you have an allergy.

You can store the honey-cinnamon paste at room temperature.

erica 6 years ago

Is it best to use raw local honey, or store-bought clover honey? Also, should I use organic ground cinnamon, or buy cinnamon sticks & ground them myself?

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 6 years ago Author

Hi Erica,

I use New Zealand pure honey. Raw local honey is also good, I guess. I use ground cinnamon. If you don't mind the extra effort grounding the cinnamon yourself, that's probably better.

reah 6 years ago

hi...i"m 21 years oof age now and badly a lot of pimples growing on my face & one of my friends telling me about the honey & cinnamon powder.so,i tried it & i felt an improvement on my face..it was so effective....i used to put it on my face!

ashleytobin profile image

ashleytobin 6 years ago from dutchess county

i just read about this and i am using it right now lol

hope it works but before i used the honey and the cinnamon powder i used a home remedy for a facial scrub which is 2 tablespoons of white sugar and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and add water not to much and then i put the honey and cinnamon and i feel it tingle a little bit but it feels good on my face hope it works!!!

tia 6 years ago

i have had acne since i was a teenager, as soon as one goes away another would come out. i have the remedy on my face now and ill keep using it. will give feedback with improvements.. i hope it really works

profile image

Lilprincess28 6 years ago

I just started with the honey mask mixed with plain yogurt today..hope it works!

Also has anyone considered the fact that the reason u have acne is because of your hormones? Masks like this can help externally but 99.9% of the reason u get breakouts is from a hormonal imbalance in your body . Xo

aby 6 years ago

can you leave it overnight?..i don't want it to get worse..sooo was wondering if its okay to leave it overnight?

someone 6 years ago

I simply applied it by dabbing with a smaller amount just for this night tommorow is picture day so I want it away its just a simple mini zit,I'm gonna leave it on over night it feels great I'm getting use to the feeling.So far great I recommend this!

flora 6 years ago

hey everyone...i hv used this paste it does wrk bt my skin feels itchy after applying the mixture...bt it doesn't become red...so shall i continue applying this or not??/

KHONA 6 years ago

Hey! Guys thank u 4 speaking about cinnamon & honey i tried it few days ago it left my face fresh & much clearer,I dan decided 2 give it a break & go back 2 my old face carring routine DAMMMM! I woke up with a rash on my face,i knew dan dat i'm gonna be using only cinnamon & honey only for my face.I went back on my home remedy emmediately CINNAMON & HONEY IS REALLY THE ANSWER I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE ;-)

red 6 years ago

i also using this remedy, my face feel smooth and healthy.. love it...

celeste 6 years ago

Should I put it just on my acne or on my whole face? And is it alright to use it everyday?

Benz 6 years ago

it worked for me but my sister has oily acne will it work for her as well?thanx

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 6 years ago Author

Celeste, I put it on my whole face. I've never used it everyday, so I really don't know. You can try it and see how it turns out.

Benz, the only way to know if it'll work is for her to try it.

Ty 6 years ago

I really dig these natural remedies. I have been washing with vinager and sea salt then applying the honey and cinnamon. It really works I don't feel any burning maybe a little tingle. think about it God gave us everything we need in nature why wouldn't it work. Good luck

joanne 6 years ago

so what exactly makes this work? what is in the honey/cinnamon mixture

scherlton 6 years ago

i've been trying this for about one week and 4 days, i can see an improvement, but i observed that since i started this remedy, my face is always itchy, , ,is this natural? or it means that my acne is serious?

sam 6 years ago

if i use this will my face start inching ?

sam 6 years ago

and how long will it take i only have acne on my forehead

mimi 6 years ago

if i use this everyday how long will it take im just lyk sam i only have it on my forehead.

Ashley 6 years ago

Honey on face does wonders, I have used it for a very long time. Believe it or not you can put it in your hair as well. Makes your hair soft shiny and healhty. You really have to make sure you get the real stuff. Raw honey all the way, as any other "honey" that is not raw has corn syrup in it and is processed in a way that most of the nutritional values are gone... I have been purchasing my honey from www.ecohoney.info great customer service and their product is truly raw! You can taste and see the difference.

lala 6 years ago

my face started breaking out worst when i started using this

euny 6 years ago

thanks i will try

cynthia 6 years ago

my face started breaking out worst ! this ishh suckss

carry 6 years ago

i agree with cynthia

heather 6 years ago

...here goes nothin....

heather 6 years ago

I just made it but Cynthia and Carry make me second guess... maybe i'll just stick with the egg. =\ ughh idkk!

joe 6 years ago

i have couple of bad acne on my cheeks..

hpfly...gna give try to mixture of cinamon n hny tonite..

wish me luck i shud wke up bit frsh in mrng..since hav date tom..!


Sheila 6 years ago

I 2 hav acne ön my both cheeks and my school s also strtng.im scared 2 face my school wth ths acne on my face.so i m gng 2 try the paste.i hope it ll wrk soon without any skin effect.im 13.so wsh me al the best!

Manny 6 years ago

hmmmmmmm....you know what? im gonna try it, what the hell i got nothing to lose. cross your fingers! i want this to work and it smells so goood :D

Natasha 6 years ago

If all of you would READ carefully, the author does say it took FOUR months for their acne to clear up. FOUR months! Not right away. This is how using natural products work - you have to be diligent and your skin may eventually balance out in a gradual fashion. I have been using a paste of honey and turmeric on my face (will try cinammon next). It's been 15 days and I see a slight improvement. I would have liked to have seen it all gone the next day but as it is, the paste is helping to keep the inflammation down significantly BUT it is not preventing more new spots from appearing right now. They are just less red and visible which is a good thing compared to the huge red/purple bumps I have had on my chin now for a good 6 weeks. I was going to quit doing this when I didn't see anything after Day 3 but I decided to persist and I will keep doing it for a few more months before I decide if it really works or not.

Jyo 6 years ago

Hello Everyone!

I want to share a very strange case of mine... I was troubled with acne till 6 yrs ago. on the advise of my mom I applied honey+cinnamon paste on my face at nites and washed it with lukewarm water in the mornings. the acne and their marks cleared in 2 weeks. I know it sounds unbelievable,but it has been a wonderful experience when people were stunned looking at me after 2 weeks. I cannot begin to tell you the compliments showerd on me!. Well, that was 6 yrs ago... I still have a pimple or two on my face, though not troublesome, I still want a smooth face.2 years back when I applied the same honey+cinnamon paste I got rashes on my face which looked like I had goosebumps all over my face, though it cleared off in an hour, Thankfully. Now I really want to know why the same thing which worked for me to clear my skin some time back ceases to work now?! anyone has an answer, I would love to know. But believe me, honey+cinnamon paste is worth applying. leave it all nite and wash off in the mornings . you WILL see results. just be careful with the bed/pillow sheets!


anny 6 years ago

i dosent work an not worth applying the next morning i had a H U G E rash and didn't cum off for 3 weeks !

hilary 6 years ago

ive use it and it made my face get more bumps then i could ever imagine! it took 3 weeks of drinking water and washing my face with warm water to get back to the way my face was before i started using this! i don't recommend it :(

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NDJONES27 6 years ago

So is fresh honey okay? I have some in a jar with the hive will this work?

Robb 6 years ago

@NDJONES27 Dude That's pure honey, I have the same stuff in a jar with the honeycomb & the whole shot.

I take 3/4 Part Honey and 1/4 Part Cinnamon & Mix it up together And I apply it on my face only in the spots I need it Before bed & I sleep with a towel on my Pillow " To avoid a mess " When I wake up I have found amazing results. Highly reccomended.

vickey 6 years ago

this stuff is messy dosent work ive tried it &nd well it gve me more bumps dnt recommend it

Kaela 6 years ago

Hmhmh; well after reading people comment idk what to believe my acne isn't bad but it still makes me feel bad about myself. I hope this works more people have said it does than people who say it doesn't!!

It's on my face now!! D:

*here goes nothing!!!

Michelle 6 years ago

I have really bad acne on my forhead, hopefully this works then.

sumera 6 years ago

i have been suffering from pimples/acne since almost 6 months from now on and noticed that day by day number of pimples on my cheeks jus keep increasing.Before 6 months back my skin was perfectly fine but suddendly its gotten worse.i have tried almost everything.(i used garlic on pimples,few natural basin mixtures,tomatoe slice,rose watar and lemon,neem paste and water...) nothing seems to be working. but still now a days m stuck to slice of tomatoe in the moring and honey+cinnamon mixture.i too felt that haoney mixture is somewhat effective.i found my pimples smaller so jus hoping for the best and gona stick with it for a while.

joe 6 years ago

hey..i tried dis mixture nxt mrng it appears 2 as if dey hv grwn bit more.hell..

still i blv it mite nt wrk 4 my oily skin.

.mixture of besan(powder of grined yellow pulse)+ turmeric( haldi) + lime juice +glycerine

aftr washin yo face wid facewsh aply its paste n masage it lightly..fr smtym thn lve it 4 15 - 20 min wash it and apply sm good cream(i apply betnovate)

it literally made my complexion bttr.smooth skin stoppd grwth of pimple (if it dzn wrk altleast dsnt nt increase it grwth) so it safe to try

BR 6 years ago

I have really bad acne.. and I am an adult, do you think this could really work for me?

Joaquin 6 years ago

This is actually working for me. I'm a teenager and I think it works on all skins, because it doesn't matter how your hormones or whatever are acting. It just helps your face.

bobby 6 years ago

i tried this remedie for the first time last night I've had moderate acne for a while now and I'm turning 23 this week so im desperate to get rid of it and all the dark marks. i left it on overnight at first it was very weird having the mixture on my face as it is gooey and sticky but it was worth the mess. i woke up and rinsed off the mixture and immediately noticed the difference in the texture of my skin and even my pores appear smaller and a pimple that was forming has been reduced. SO I'm DEFINITELY going to stick with this!!!!

emma, :D 6 years ago

about to try it out now. hope it works :)

Amir 6 years ago

I'm 27 and i had never had acne problem before when i was teen... but since few months ago my skin started getting really bad (I have very oliy skin and i used make up although not oil based ones)

my cheeks and chin was really bad and every day was getting worse to the point that after trying all the antibiotics ,creams and treatments my doctors suggested me to use Accutane....but I've read that this type of medicines can couse a lot of damages to your body so i read some reviews on internet on natural remedies and i decided to try those instead since i didn't have anything to loose.

I tried honey as a remedy for 2 week now, the treatment i use is in the morning wash my face and then use honey as mask for about 30 min and rinse off, then i keep (when i can ) the honey on the spots all day or all night.

my skin didn't change so much in the first week BUT in this second week i'm noticing that my skin is getting a lot better..i'm gonna continue this habit for another 10 weeks at least and see how it goes.but so far i'm very impressed with the results.

Cheryl 6 years ago

I started usin this mixture yesterday @ my pimples seemed smaller today.Am not gettin my hopes up but its definitely worth a try.I have my fingers crossed nd hopefully it'll work 4 me.SN:i put the mixture overnight.

Tiffany 6 years ago

Trying it tonight, will let ya know how it goes.Was kinda red upon removal but that went away fairly quickly, huge mess in the sink . . will use a lot less cinnamon next time around I read somewhere 3 to 4 tbsp was needed for the whole face, lil' over kill there.

noe 6 years ago

i tried honey mask befor , it works , but it leaves my face itchy and red in some areas but it disappears in a while ... Would that be allergy ?!! :/

Haley 6 years ago

I have it on right now and I'm going to wear it overnight, I hope it works:):):)

Haley 6 years ago

When I take it off should I splash the water in my face or use a cloth???

Jack 6 years ago

Ive only been using it for one night and boy oh boy does it work!My acne was quite flamed around my nose but now they seemed to have calmed down thank you!

lisa 5 years ago

A few years ago I had a small stomach ulcer that would always flare up, my boyfriend suggested I try honey and cinnamon and I did. I made the paste and ate it in the am and pm, about 2 weeks later and up to this very day, I never had that ulcer again, Im willing to try it for my severe acne also. Its worth a shot.

Julijana 5 years ago

All of you here: Honey does works wonder, i've never tried cinnamont but I will soon. However!! some of you are saying,all of a suden my face started breaking out. You all shold be watching what you eating, there so many foods that cause breakouts that you would never think of. Like allergies! Oh yea. I had a long way of bad hive on my face before I realize I am allergic to soy. Than I stop soy but I continued with dark cocholate wich is made with soy, and there you go hives again. Take fish oil suplements it will help a lot. Good luck

Pennie 5 years ago

No lie this does work, I used this remedy years ago and it did clear my face, but I added lemon juice and nutmeg to the mixture, my skin was at its best, I also drank a lot of water it work within a month. My mom and sister complimented me on my skin now I have broken out again cause I stopped using it so now I'm gonna go back to using it

Greta 5 years ago

I use plain low fat yogurt(greek or fage because it is thick), a dab of honey, sprinkle of cinnamon and pinch of ground flax seed. Leave on 15 - 30 minutes.

Dampen hands and pat on face then gently rub for a minute then rinse really well with warm water. My skin has improved (had bad cystic acne) and it feels SO smooth and fresh.

Poonam 5 years ago

hello...to what i have heard, does it really kill from the root?

Jade 5 years ago

Thanks for providing how to do the mixture. Home remedies like this probably depend on the skin type. But if it worked for you then it's good. What I use is oreganol. With it's antibacterial properties, Oreganol is very good in treating acne.

Morano 5 years ago

try this home in your face. It works cus you'll see improving Face better and better..Honey and Cinnamon!!

Beka 5 years ago

I used these items to form a mask. 2 parts Honey & 1 part fresh lemon juice. And SMALL almost equal parts of: banana, green tea, honey, olive oil, cinnamon. I combine all ingredients in bowl, mash the banana first. It's ur call on liquids. I waged my face, splashed hot water for 1 min 2 open pores. Applied the honey/lemon mixture, worked in2 my pores, it will sting. NOT for sensitive skin. Then applied my mask, left on for 15-60 mins. Again ur call, wash with hot water, mask will be dry. Then if applying at bedtime, apply 2 parts water & 1 part FRESH lemon juice b4 bed. Then simple rinse & wash. U can do this 2-3 times a week as an astringent, but will dry out face, then do a simple 2 parts oatmeal 1 part honey in morning 2 help moisturize. Again ur call on portions! Not 1 persons skin us the same!!! This is what I recently started using, I have VERY oily skin. So I can handle the mask 3-4 a week, so it's however u see fit! Hope this works for u, if not hope u find 1 that fits UR SKINS needs. ;)

Maria 5 years ago

The burning is what helps the acne.

I have some step by steps to add to this if you don't mind. I mixed mine with jojoba oil:





Keep the washcloth on there until the redness is practically gone. Since the cinnamon heats up your skin, you will get to use the hot/cold method on your face. This combo helps with inflamation. You might see a zit or two liquify and pop on their own.

watever 5 years ago

I just put it on and feels great. i only put it where i needed it. im going into swimming so i really want to clear my face up. Q:- How long do i leave it on? -When will i start seeing a difference? -Do i wash it off with cold or hot water? -Can i do this more than once a day like a normal face wash?


Shaquonda 5 years ago

It is on my face as i am typing! Thanks so much

Mike Jones 5 years ago

is it ok to use organic raw honey? or do i have to get that cheap s*%t?!?

precious braun 5 years ago

im turning 17 this summer and i have really bad acne since i was 12 and ive tried so many things already, and nothing is working for me, so i wwent online to find some home remadies, and this one came up so many times, so im hoping it works :)

me77 5 years ago

It works for me. I put it on at about 5 pm and rinse it off right before I go to bed with and exfoliating facial cleanser.

nanrubby 5 years ago

i tried it fr a couple of days...it sur doz work...i lft it on fr half an hour cnt risk d overnyt thngy coz i slp on my face

Sam 5 years ago

Okay well i'm doing it right now, and it looks like i've been eating chocolate er sumthing... xD it's pretty weird because my acne is on random places on my skin... VERYYY bothersome (the acne) and usually i have small acne all over or if i finnallyy have mostly clear skin, A HUGE PIMPLE COMES ON MY NOSE FOR NO APPART REASON....gahh... it bugs..! But anyways, i'm trying it right now, hopefully it'll work *cross fingers* i looked on yahoo answers as well (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=100605...

and there's like over 30 ways to help clear acne! it's amazinngg, check it out :)

Franceska 5 years ago

Im 16 and I have had mild acne before taking birth control and now my face looks like a war zone.... :( but I have been reading all of your comments that you guys posted and I might try this when I get home from work. But just out of your experience.... which works better? Leaving it on for 15-30 minutes, an hour, or overnight? And for the people that say that they leave the mask on overnight, can you use a bandade over the affected area where you put the mask over so it wont go all over the bed sheets or clothing or do u need the affect area to breath? But I will totally use this.... :D Crossing my fingers!!

Erika:) 5 years ago

i'm gonna use this too. Most of the comments seem pretty positive so why not give it a go:) how long does it usually take to see the difference? (i got my fingers crossed too;D)

A Girl 5 years ago

Im gonna try this! I have mild acne and the solution i use isn't really working and the majority of these comments are a thumbs up. I just have one question though: where do u put it when your done? Like in the fridge? Or pantry?

Sherry@pimples remedies 5 years ago

Thank you for your post.

I simply need to try that too. How long do we have to wait to see results?

jennifer 5 years ago

i'm trying this as i type :) i sure hope it works! acne isn't bad, but i'd love to have clean & clear skin :)

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 5 years ago Author

I keep the honey-cinnamon paste in the pantry.

TJ 5 years ago

Hello All,

I have been trying this for over a week now. It is very simple to do as a daily regime. I strongly recommend to try this out.. it works great!

Ratasha 5 years ago

I have a question for goldiemaz

Did you watch your diet or do anything else while doing this natural remedy?

Did this get rid of all your acne scars after four monthes?

Tammy 5 years ago

Ok...well I just mixed up a batch, and will try this tomorrow. Good luck everyone. Will keep ya posted:) Cheers!!

girly 5 years ago

i hope this realli works because i am breaking out like crazy this year with the big pimples that hurt like crazy...im also getting a lot of scars from them too and im not even popping them.wats the reason 4 this.so i have the mask on my face rite now.i will keep u updated.

hollyz 5 years ago

I tried it about ten minutes ago and my face feels different I'm gonna keep trying it. I did use more cinnamon then was suggested.

bookersgirl1 5 years ago

trying it for the 1st time tonight maybe it will help i have it bad and it makes me have very low self esteem so i am prying this helps!

Travis 5 years ago

Yeah my face seems to feel nice ive just finish using it ill keep updating

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 5 years ago Author


I don't do anything special with my diets. Just normal, healthy diet.

monique 5 years ago

ok so i have this stuff on my face but what i don't understand is how putting this on my face is going to help anything....it smells good though:}

Natalie 5 years ago

They use honey in wound care clinics now! The natural honeys help with healing, which is probably why it works so well with acne! Im trying this tonight!!!

Justine 5 years ago

I use this mask quite frequently, and it seriously works wonders on my acne. It's gone down so much in the past few months.

Though I will recommend perhaps adding a teaspoon or more of yogurt to the mixture - yogurt is good for the skin but also honey and cinnamon together seems a bit too thick for me and doesn't apply as nicely as I like; adding a bit of yogurt makes it a bit easier to apply.

But still a great mask :)

komal 5 years ago

i started it just yesterday on the advice of my grnadmother who of course has spotless skin..she suggested me to do this for the pimples scars as i don't have anymore acne problems thanks to no cosmetics and besan flour to wash my face..left it overnight and the very next day i am seeing clear skin..have put it on right now as i am typing..i actually googled to see what nutmeg can do coz my mother confused me that it was nutmeg that my granny suggested..to my surprise i found out that nutmeg also clears your skin..am gonna mix that powder as well from now on..but this cinnamon+honey..defintely works!..:)

Girl 5 years ago

I read that you should only apply this to spots not to whole face. If you apply this to whole face it will make your face very dry! The purpose of this mask is to dry the spots so when used to the whole face, not good! Well of course if you're ready to moisturize your face many many times, you can do what ever you want :)

freeblaze profile image

freeblaze 5 years ago from South Carolina

Wow, I have never thought to try honey and cinnamon. I typically mix honey, sugar, and lime juice for a mask because it is supposed to make skin more vibrant and luminous, but I will definitely try the cinnamon and honey regimen.

Nero one 5 years ago

tnx 4 D advice...now my face is clear... and rough free.. :) i really love cinnamon & honey

profile image

lindsay1090 5 years ago

ADVICE: For those who are not allergic to honey or cinnamon (me) and are wondering why the concoction is burning: your face is not dry enough...I noticed after licking my lips (and some of the honey+cinnamon) it started burning. It also burned like hell when I tried to take my time in washing it off...the rest of my face was dry but i still noticed a very slight burning or tingling sensation...I have somewhat sensitive skin and it didn't really bother me much. This is my first night using it and my boyfriend says i smell like christmas haha... i like it a lot and hope to see some good results soon =]

lana101 5 years ago

im gana try it bt i use a lil bit of water and lemon juice and it help a lot wth some pores and lso a lot of pimples it reduces swelling an makes it smaller

Hajar 5 years ago

thnx dear 4 the advice .. I wanna ask u .. now since 2 years u r using this .. did all the scars disappear ? and is there new pimples come with the treatment ?

hihi 5 years ago

can you use other acne products while doing this?

nanabanana 5 years ago

in process of this method right now, everytime after I applied it and rinse off could feel the difference from using different types of products. I guess this should help in no time. :) cheers and thanks for sharing. :D

DiDi 5 years ago

Definitely gonna give this a try!!!

Chris 5 years ago

Is it normal to feel a tingly sensation in your face from the cinnamon? It feels invigorating as opposed to burning. Also, I don't see any burns on my skin or other bad side effects. Just want to know if anyone has experienced the "tingly" sensation as well.

ann 5 years ago

will definitely try this tonight

cait 5 years ago

I have made up a mixture and started it tonight. after washing made my face feel soft. will see how it goes

Bristol 5 years ago

Ottis on my face right now!!

Milan 5 years ago

I have this thing on my face right now :D so it's my first day :) I'll try to inform you guuys in like a week if there is any improvements on my face and all :D I really hope it heelps! PS. Put some towel cause this drips a few minutes after you apply it :)

Kaz T 4 years ago

The use of honey as a wound dressing goes back to ancient times and has now been ‘rediscovered’ by modern medicine, according to Dr. Peter Molan of the University of Waikato, New Zealand. “It is a common observation in the many reports in medical journals that numerous benefits result from using honey to dress wounds,” says Dr. Molan. The antibacterial properties of honey may help clear infection in wounds, and the anti-inflammatory action of honey may reduce pain and may improve circulation which hastens the healing process. According to Dr. Molan, “Honey stimulates the re-growth of tissue involved in healing, making healing faster and reducing scarring.”

Mimi 4 years ago

Also heard it on the radio by a DJ,will try it

Laura 4 years ago

I've taken a look at the comments, done my research and watched countless videos. The negative comments aren't enough to put me off, I just hope I don't make a massive mistake by applying it, and look red all over! Fingers crossed it works wonders for my skin!

Devaria 4 years ago

I'm doing it right now!! My skin looks soo browner than it is.lol. Cuz of the cinnamon. Doesn't burn or itch. Can't wait to take it off!!

divya 4 years ago

The negative comments aren't enough to put me off i have to go to school tomorrow and if something bad happened then what should i do ?? i will try it in my holidays but i am trying turmeric + sandalwood powder + curd this to helps try it

someone 4 years ago

My mom said that cinnamon is known to cause rashes. I just put it on so I will see if it works but if you tend to have rashes a lot or are prone to rashes don't try this for your skins sake. Otherwise I would try it. :)

Taylor 4 years ago

I tried it last night and it worked perfect ! I had a lot on my chin and some on my cheeks but anyways , this really works. I left it on overnight and it made my face clear. You should try it unless it causes you to itch or have a rash.

Zee 4 years ago

Am using nly honey i pray it works

mariata 4 years ago

i tried it a while ago and it worked magic


lucy 4 years ago

i tried it yesterday it really worked

irena 4 years ago

maybe the people that had breakouts are allergic or they didn't use 100% organic raw honey. honey that isn't organic usually has corn syrup in it and preservatives, which obviously aren't good for your skin. try it with raw honey and see how it goes.

greg 4 years ago

Natural honey is surely better. For people who are allergic, there are other natural treatments out there

Britany 4 years ago

I think that the people who had break outs in the beginning this is normal. just like if your were to use a new face wash and you break out bad at first because that shows that it is working, its pulling all the piples that were under the skin up to clear out your poors, from my experence with using different face washes that was normal.

This honey mask works wonder for me though, i don't normally break out ill maybe have one to two pimple on me at one time, i started using the mask about two weeks ago and my face just looks flawless, its so soft and smooth and i use it every other day before i go to bed. only for about 15 to 20 min because i don't like sleeping in it over night. also if you just have one problem pimple i find honey to work for that as well just put honey on your pimple and place a bandaid over it over night and in the morning its not even noticable or anything if you can still feel its there keep doing it till its gone.

on the other hand my boyfriend has always had really bad acne and he has very bad scaring. his pimple from high school left bad scars and i started using this on him, he also got dry skin every once in a while and after just one week you can really tell the difference and the change it has made. i would strongly recomind this for anyone having problem.(:

xxx 4 years ago

thanks!! i shal try tis:)

kirstendoeseverythinglikeaboss 4 years ago

does it work if you are 13?? c:

AK Rajput 4 years ago

I'm gonna give it a try.

Hope to get best results:)

sweta 4 years ago

it burns lyk hell...... should i stop using it?

AK Rajput 4 years ago

seems really thick.

i should apply this only on effected area. Right?

Margaret 4 years ago

I just rinsed it off my face a few minutes ago, and it feels great! Making the paste was amazingly simple and easy--I had everything right in my pantry. I'm keeping it in a small, covered bowl in my bathroom cabinet and plan on using it daily or every-other-day, depending on how it's working. I'll post back in a week or so with results!

(Also, it makes your skin smell GREAT.)

morgies 4 years ago

i was putting it on as i was reading the comments but i think i put to much on bcuz it kept dripping and it got in my hair but i saw a huge improvement thank you so much i tried ice but it didn't work and the toothpast made my face all dry

jezzy 4 years ago

If you take a dip in the pool that helps 2 because the chlorine drys out your skin

Sarah(14) 4 years ago

I am just trying it and I hope it really works. It is starting to itch on only one part of my face. Should I lesve it on for 15 min. or leave it on all night. I am afraid my pillow will get all sticky.

sami 4 years ago

i have used this for 1 day&i can already see the difference,my skin is glowing&feeling fresher,i'll be using it for the 2nd time now

Darsolah 4 years ago

Infact, i was really impressed when going thru d comments,plz i'm having pimples on ma face, pls can u tell me d common name of d cinnamon cause i've asked everybdy beside me here nd i cnt get itz name. Pls waiting 4 d reply

Eric,NYC 4 years ago

I am 48 and still occasionally plagued by zits that seemingly do not want to come to the surface and had one coming out on my schnoz. I lanced it and it came back.

I have been using honey and cinnamon for 3 nights now and I can definitely see a difference and my pores look tighter after I wash.It definitely works.

~I also use cinnamon with green clay/water for my tendinitis/sports injuries and it's good for arthritis. Apply overnight to painful joints, it's magical. And no risk . Good luck to all.The zit stuff is great !!

Jacob5318 4 years ago

I know Goldiemaz said she uses pure NZ honey for this, and I want to make 2 recommendations:

1. use Manuka Honey (generally only found in NZ)

2. buy it from Airborne Honey.

Why manuka honey? It's proven to be some of the most antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant honey in the world. Which is why the price is quite high relative to other honeys, but it's worth it!

There are many companies that sell Manuka, and most would be ok, but...

Airborne Honey is the only company that produces their honey without much heat used in the production process (patented technology), which makes their honey the most natural honey you can find of any larger company. Heat kills the natural beneficial enzymes and nutrients in the honey.

jacob5318 4 years ago

I'm currently reading a book called, "The Honey Prescription", which discusses Dr Peter Molan saying Manuka Honey has been demonstrated to kill every bacteria they have tried it on. Amazing natural product :)

cess 4 years ago

im using this treatment as my uncle suggested this to me..it has a good effect on my face. my acne turns smaller in 2 nights used of it..scars lighten and it smoothens the face..it really does.

Esther 4 years ago

After using it, my skin feels brand new!!!! Id advise those who haven't tried it to try it because you aint got nothin to loose, it doesn even dig deep in your pockets!!

Junbugg 4 years ago

I am in mid-30's and have had very severe congestion(clogged pores) , acne, scarring (sometimes I feel as if my skin had a meat tenderizer was used on it!!). I believe that our skin has many impurities that need to be purged, and it wont scare me off if I experience any additional skin issues for the first few times of trying this honey-cinnamon concoction. I will do it nightly....possibly every other night so I don't over do it. I will report back on how it effects my different concerns ( active acne, clogged pores, scarring that's old and recent...some indented and ice-pick type.). I think its very helpful to read specific, detailed healing testimonials!! :)

shivanta 4 years ago

when i put the mask on my face starts to itch so should i stop using the mask

Abigail 4 years ago

I wil it a try....

Sheridan 4 years ago

ok i read half the comments but gave up, i tried to leave it on overnight last night but ended up rubbing it off because it just went everywhere, i ended up putting it just on my pimples and blotting a dot of paper towel on them (like when men shave and cut themselves? or whatever they do) and i was wondering, how are people sleeping with this on? do you cover your pillow with a towel? or i dunno. im seeing an improvement just from using it for like an hour last night. definitely worth trying. thanks.

Preeti 4 years ago


i have a health problem.. which is causing my acne.. its nt a normal skin problem . wud it still cure it ?

kesa 4 years ago

today i will tyr

person 4 years ago

when i tried it it made my face start itching then turn red...should i just try honey? im afraid to because school is in just 2 days!!! i have a few bumps and a few scars. I tried garlic and then put ice on it...i don't know what to do.

Vanessa 4 years ago

If your skin gets red easily put some lemon juice from actual lemons in the mix. It helps A LOT!

goldiemaz profile image

goldiemaz 4 years ago Author

You don't have to sleep with the mask. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

jess 4 years ago


Madison 4 years ago

Just tried the mask! Already feel like it's working!!

grace 4 years ago

im only 13 but have lots of pimples. is this good for young skin???

edward 4 years ago

it is totally bakwass ....

racheal 4 years ago

any other way that doesn't involve me getting lighter.

anonymous 4 years ago

hey m jus 14 years old and m having lot of pimples as i love to eat sour and spicy things but right now i had applied and lets see if it works for me....hoping for the best.....

charles 4 years ago

i'm 17 and have had bad acne for a while. i will try this and see if works. i have it on right now! thanks

Uzzzi 4 years ago

Im scared to try this because my skin is vert sensitive :( but i will try tonite

Pole Panic 3 years ago

Hey Goldiemaz! thanks for sharing! I'm now trying it. hope for a better result. : )

Liya 3 years ago

hi everyone.. just want to tell you all that honey and cinnamon is really a good remedy for acne and scars. if you have start using this paste continue to use it till ur acne ends. dnt stop and try later else it will stop working.. you can leave it overnight and in the morning wash it with warm water. i was 16 when i start having pimples problem and now am 23 am still having it.. only this paste is being a good remedy..

Dove 3 years ago

I have it on right now xD i accidently put it on to tjock so i!ts dripping off my face lol. I really hope it works thanx

Dove 3 years ago

I have it on right now xD i accidently put it on to tjock so i!ts dripping off my face lol. I really hope it works thanx

Windy 3 years ago

Robertson ground cinnamon is also good for the mixture.

Is fine when I apply the mixture during the night and wash it next day.

windy 3 years ago

How about any ground cinnamon,I can't find cinnamon powder.Which honey must I used.

snehakokku@yahoo.com 3 years ago

can we rub tomato juice also along with applying the above paste??? or we should only use the above paste and nothing else????

anonumous 3 years ago

i am seeing rats comin out my face

helpmeplease 3 years ago

Hey, i started using this for about a week, it worked perfectly and my acne was starting to go away. Then i went out of honey, and didn't get a new one for about 2 weeks. Then i tried it again with big hope it was going to fade away, but it only started to itch and my skin got irritated and i got only more acne, please help me :(

FortD09 3 years ago

I used this technique for a week now. Suddenly I have more pimples than before, I guess it will work if we use pure honey only.

Vicky 3 years ago


PrincessF 3 years ago

This mask made me breakout terribly and totally regretted trying it. I guess it was the cinnamon that caused the disaster because I have applied plain honey before and nothing ever happened. oh well..

Cookie x 3 years ago

My mum found this remedy when she had a bad acne rash on her face and it worked wonders for her. She tipped it off to me because as a 14 yr old teen i have been getting a lot of break outs. I tried it out and the next morning my acne was noticeably clearer. I use one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey and leave it on for 20 mins, so far any honey I have tried has worked. I apply it after I have washed my face with hot water. I also rinse it off with hot water and then once the cinnamon and honey is all off i apply some cold water to close the pores.

Nina 3 years ago

Hi Goldiemaz after using the mixture do I have to use a mosturizer or toner

gal 3 years ago

I tried this nd i had pimples all over......

Kaylah 3 years ago

I DID THIS AND MY FACE BURNT SO BAD NOW IT'S EXTREMELY RED, LIKE SUNBURN OR AN ALLERGIC REACTION, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. (This was not my first time trying this, I have done it plenty of times beforehand, but I wan't to know why I burnt my face just now!!) It really hurts.

amrit 3 years ago

Is it needed tp keep this mixture of honey and cinnamon pd. over night or 15_20 minutes

Kaleigh 3 years ago

I made a small batch and dabbed some on my biggest problem spots on my face, and covered them with a bandaid so I can sleep with it on. Fingers crossed!

Hellen 3 years ago

My face itch and burn after using the c i n a m o n and honey marsk.

profile image

raisamabelle 3 years ago

Sorry but that was a mistake that I put cinnamon powder and lemon on my face. When I tried it just for a few seconds, I can't endure the pain, I washed it and I was shocked that my face was red like I have a bad sunburn. I tried washing it again maybe because of the cinnamon but oh no, I was still red, I really panicked but thanks to sunflower oil, my face was less red and I'm praying that I'm back to my normal face again tomorrow.

Daniela 2 years ago

I try everything on my skin! from home remedies to beauty products. non of them seem to work. some work only a little. I will try this, please have this work! if it does I will love you all forever!

mistermisses 2 years ago

I am confused if I should use this method, there are so many comments of people who use this method and helps them but their are also some of people who says it burns?! should I try this or not... my skin is really irritating and nothing works on it. please answer my question if this has helped you or not.

Kelly 2 years ago

Tried this today, I have struggled with very hard to treat acne for years, my skin is oily but dry as can be at the same time and I get awful breakouts and cystic acne very often. Not many products or remedies that don't irritate my skin or make me break out more. After using this for about 20 minutes there was already improvement. My skin tone is more even and pimples are considerably less red will definitely continue this treatment

profile image

seohyun 2 years ago

This home remedy works wonders for me. I have been using it then since I don't have a lot of money to buy products for acne. My pimples got smaller and less visible, thanks to honey & cinnamon. :)

Erika 2 years ago

Can this work for redness as well?? I have a bit of acne here n there but my face gets red. Thanks for the info I hope this works I'm almost 30.

twincle 2 years ago

Hi frnds.

Shiru 2 years ago

I have had acne since 2012 and i feel bad about it am going to try this and report

Danny 2 years ago

Do NOT use this mask. I tried it yesterday, and woke up this morning with a HUGE rash all over my face. I know it had to be the cinnamon because I've used honey on my face before with no problems. I don't know how long it will take for this rash to go away but I look terrible and I really regret using cinnamon. Please use oats and honey in the mask only. The cinnamon is really harsh, and you run the risk of burning your skin or developing a rash like I did.

For anyone else who may have had the same problem as me, what did you do about the rash and how long did it take for it to go away? Please help, I start school in another week and I don't want my face looking like this. Email me at xoxo_danny@yahoo.com

syl 23 months ago

started using the honey mask for 3days now. seeing rash all over my face,pls what do I do to make the rash go off

anmol 22 months ago

I just started using from today as I have small pimples on my cheeks and chin. Hope it works! Will post the results shortly once I start feeling the difference.

Goldiemaz- I need your help on treating hyper pigmentation naturally. I am suffering with hyperpigmentation on my chin. Tell me something which is effective.

Thank you.

anmol 22 months ago

It is burning after applying. So I m discontinuing.

anmol 22 months ago

Goldiemaz waiting for ur reply

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